Super Mario Party: Finale - PART 5 - Game Grumps

Here it is! Let's find out who wins!
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  • Mr Shambleface

    I’m SO happy they got to play Slaparazzi, the BEST minigame, before the game ended!

  • Andrew Pappas

    Arin won again, he is the Video Game Boy

  • Barry Bend

    Rematch but on extreme.

  • CaramelStudios

    Monty Mole with his eyes "open" is one of the funniest things I've ever seen.

  • Kohdok

    Arin's the Video Game Boy! He's the one who wins!

  • Cameron Berner

    If game grumps went to exclusively Mario party and monopoly, I'd still watch every episode.

  • Emma

    if arin & dan played nothing but this for the rest of their game grumps careers i wouldn't even be mad

  • Bomboozled

    Slaparazzi has to be the best minigame ever made.

  • Daniel England

    That slap game was really funny. Nice job nintendo

  • Prog MetalDeity

    Looks like Peach threw a wrench into Monty Mole's plans.I'll show myself out.

  • Andydoom

    Play again! Play again! Different characters! Play again! Different maps! Play again! Play again!Edit: I’ve never had 100 likes on a comment, thanks so much

  • BunBoi

    Just ignore that yoshi’s items say 666

  • Jamesie Ghost

    "What do you even do?" Memory of Arin's Pokémon animation kicks MY FCKING KNEE!

  • blueshoals

    5m 27s of Sequelitis Castlevania 1 vs Castlevania 2: "See, these are the kind of analogies I love about videogames: Castlevania 1 is to chicken, as Castlevania 2 is to churches." "What the f--- are you talkin about?"

  • TheRadiantDehd

    You guys should bring in SuperMega or someone to play against you in the next match.

  • TaylorNikole Smith

    10:40-11:40 I've never laughed so hard before😂😂😂

  • jonathan_g

    Slaparazzi is the best mini game in the game.

  • OptimusProvost

    They should play Mario party once every month or so

  • Kujo Jotaro

    They should seriously do another game of this

  • TheHookShot

    its from brian regan: te hell are ya talkin about?

  • Abigail Archer-Addams

    I gotta say, the Slaparazzi minigame is the funniest and best minigame nintendo has brought to these games in a while.

  • Kawaiiest Zelda

    Slaparazzi is one of the best minigames I've ever seen in Mario Party.

  • Eduardo Quintero

    Another! *Throws glass to the ground*

  • The Shamrockin' Bull

    10:51 Monty Mole's face though 😂

  • Lishadra

    Slaparazzi is easily my favorite minigame in this

  • azerlox

    "What the f*** are you talking about?" Is from castlevania 2. "Chicken to Castlevania 1is church is to Castlevania 2."

  • jewels lipps

    “Get that corn outta mai face!” That’s my favorite Nacho Libre quote of all time!

  • Masterbuilder 164 gaming and reviews

    I laughed so hard at the photo mini game

  • Donkey Kong

    10:50 I just busted 8 nuts in my oatmeal

  • Bacxaber

    "What's your favourite episode, Billy?""I like the one where the grumps imitate Francis for a loooooooooooong time!"

  • Judge

    Honestly, I would watch far too many rounds of this. I don't see how they believe ONE 10 turn game of Mario Party is all that the audience would watch.

  • Perunavallankumous

    Danny won spiritually, with 69 coins.

  • Conor McGregor

    Arin not saying he's the video game boy when he won triggered me

  • Jeff

    It's official, Montey Mole is now my favorite Mario character.

  • AdamantineSierra

    Slaparazzi is officially my favorite minigame now...

  • Proto-Kye

    Does this mean we can finish a zelda game now? Not that I haven't loved this, but I've been super missing Majora's mask and Skyward sword

  • Jucab Nubster

    This shouldn't be this short of a series. I genuinely enjoyed this all!

  • KingKrail

    2:05 Brian Regan, Stupid in school

  • FanMakerTelegenics

    1:57 Look at Yoshi's item collection

  • bobz013

    that "WHAT DO YOU EVEN DO?" made my life worth living again

  • Albert Escobedo

    That last minigame was the fukin best!! LMAO

  • Poyo Mods

    I kinda wanted to hear Arin talk about the Bowsette meme... Seems to me that he really liked the fan-arts at Twitter.

  • daemonxblaze

    Do another.Get everyone involvedGrump vs Grump vs grump

  • Gothic Octopus

    That last minigame may have been my fav thing to happen in Mario Party.

  • Raul Ojeda

    I just want dan to win a game for once im tired of arin winning.

  • houseanobis

    arins laugh at 12:30 is literally the funniest thing ive ever heard

  • sun kissed chocolate

    Anyone else cry their eyes out when they saw Monty Mole open his eyes up for that picture?

  • Ubsthecubes

    10:05 is the best part in any video ever

  • Clayton Wilbanks

    Just in case no one has commented on it, the quote you guys are trying to locate comes from the Castlevania Sequelitis when Arin compares Castlevania 1 is to chicken what Simon's Quest is to Churches. After that, he cut to the guy saying with an aggressive groan: "What the f are you talk in' abou--."

  • Silver77cyn

    1:33 “What do you even DO?” This sounds familiar.....😏

  • Zayd A

    Best game grumps episode of 2018

  • SlavenHarkin

    Arin... Donkey Kong Country... You played it so there's little excuse... xD Diddy, and Donkey high-five when switching places when you press select. High fiving in a video game as part of it was never going to be your idea... Lol.

  • TheSwiftGlitch

    Any lovelies out there know what "Dafuq are ya talkin' about?" is actually from? Dan's killing me, cos I recognise it too...

  • Puddi Panda

    Which of the minigames was your favorite? :)

  • Bobpants spongesquare

    Please play this again!! The Game Grumps mario party playthroughs are life

  • John Cummings

    You two should try the team party mode, it's an ENTIRELY different experience. In-fact, it almost feels like that's what Nintendo was aiming for with this game, and just threw up traditional party mode because of it's always there in the series.

  • Alexz

    Dan, "Let's do some other stuff first and then we'll come back to this." It'll be cool to see this rematch in like a year.

  • Mind Wack

    Arin is the video game boy!Danny...Oh no, you suck again! Ha movie references.

  • Josef Riggo

    Yep, we need more episodes of this and one of you should play as Bowser, he is so OP.

  • sprightlyoaf

    I would gladly watch 3 months straight of Mario Party Grumps with no complaints

  • Adam BOMB29

    Oh damn was that a Kicking and Screaming reference i heard at 4:27, I ahavent watched that in forever

  • Dan Wentz

    Dan you lost because you weren’t Yoshi;)

  • Azur3Phoenix

    YAY! Saved the best mini-game for last. :P

  • Retro Lad

    I can't remember the game they played when they said 'I call a tournament!'

  • Jonathan Lee

    Please do another one... I’M BEGGING YOOOUUU

  • Floral Daisy

    please do a super mario game with the supermegas please!

  • Executioner Thel

    the whole “wtf are you talkin about” quote is from the castlevania 2 sequelitis after arin says “the chicken is to churches” when talking about healing in those games

  • Miss Scarlet

    Dan finished with 69 coins. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Mads Halvorsen

    And Dan ended with "69" coins... nice!

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