GamerPoop - Skyrim #5

Episode 5 of GamerPoop Skyrim.

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Mans1ay3r presents ... Gamer Poop! Skillful re-editing of conversations and random encounters in video games for hilarious results! Featuring edits of games just as Skyrim, Mass Effect 3, The Wolf Among, and more!
  • Cherry Trader

    I'll have you know, there's no pusssssy

  • Cizma77

    I don't do charity. So why don't you take your coin and slip it down the crack of my ass ?

  • Nazeem

    Do you get to the comment section very often?oh,what i'm saying,of course you don't,i'll have you know that there's no pussieeeeee

  • Sniffmy Stiff

    idk why i read the comments when i know they will all be lines from the video

  • Delta

    Who came for more Pussyyyyyyy!!!!!

  • IrrelevantEldrich

    wait doesnt braith live in whiterun tho

  • Baron Ockslite

    The look on the guards face after Arentino says "I'm a fucking pretty princess" is priceless.

  • Korstmahler

    "Partner rating: No mature content"

  • Torganzer

    ha no mature content...

  • Mauricio José Osuna

    Heimskr's scene will always be the best scene :P

  • Derrik Mullin

    Oh... hey braith..Braith: hey. BITCH.

  • Zaya Jackson

    2:34Damn, You got knocked the fuck out!

  • Knut Ove

    Women, girls, BACK to our ...kitchens.

  • Dremora Warlord

    P U S S S S I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I E E E E E E E E E E E E E E

  • Kameron Kekrown

    "Sweet Seamen Glaze"

  • Lizzie Mckenzie

    It's 2017 and there's still no pussssiiiiiieeeee

  • Zach Eragon

    The Halo ring at the beginning of the video. HAHA!

  • Kylo Ren

    prepare the Royal Anus... That's enough YouTube for the day

  • KieManEiy

    I'll have you know there is no PUUUSSSSSIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEE

  • Rodrigo Parra Palma

    1:302:31Captions: So why dont youtake your coin and flip it down the crack of my assOld man: So why dont youtake your coin and slip it down the crack of my ass

  • nicolas mental

    what is butt piracy anyway?

  • AllyLikesDankMemes

    Yes yes I haven't touched myself in days. Can't a man have a bit of butt piracy? OH NOE it looks like i slipped. What an unfortunate disaster it would be if someone were to somehow rip my clothes and ravage the area. Guard: GET OUT OF HEREI wouldn't argue ;)Guard: Silence idiot! Riddled with filth.Hmph. Do you get to the Cloud District very often? Oh, what am I saying. Of course you don't. I'll have you know that there's no PUSSIEEEEEEEEE

  • SmashLiXs

    i bet if i played this game then all i would hear is gamer poop lines. well it is coming to switch

  • Straight_Up_ Mann

    I'm a fucking PRETTY PRINCESS

  • Rico Santos

    The beginning is so nice until the dead body

  • Kate Melody

    I'm a f*cking pretty PRINCESS intense sassier than ever dancing

  • Will Marsden

    1:32Me watching half of Manslayer's Productions.

  • Derp Herpington II

    OH NOE. Looks like I slipped

  • AnonymousYGO

    i alone have been anointed to SPREEAAD my ass for you. FOR I LOVE YOU!!!!! i get weak everytime i hear that

  • Leonard Erdody

    This is my favorite one in the series

  • Pokemon trainer forevor Pokemon fan

    oh of course not I'll have you know there is no pussyyyy

  • MrRand0mGamer

    I am so glad I found these again hahaha

  • Spyro Fan

    1:30 Why you are here and why I'm here

  • zombiekillr007

    mature content for adults, for not very mature adults

  • SlovesL

    Watching nazeem getting knocked the fuck out is the greatest skyrim moment ever.

  • James Roper

    Enough with the damn anti-smoking adds. This is the United States for fuck sake, if I want to smoke then that's my choice. No amount of psychological bullshit adds is going to change my mind.

  • Hardline Gamer

    2:35 man I'm too old for this!!!

  • Where's my car 96


  • Llama_ _Overlord

    2:21 it's what you all came here for, isn't it?

  • LordSodaCan


  • Der Tiger Zocker

    and there it is, friends the ugly truth YOUR CHILDREN have ascended from the DUNGof man i, alone have been annointed to SPREAD MY ASS FOR YOU for i LOVE YOU....LET ME SHOW YOU THE POWER OF MY ASS MAN*goes up to a guy on the bench*BREATHE NOW! EMBRACE THE POWERFUL tacos EMBRACE MY LONGGGG HOLYPEANUS*FUNNY PART* WATCH IT RISE UP INTO THE ASS OF ELVES.bruh i laughd so hard 2:53

  • Umbrace Titan

    this whole episode is so fucking good. the FOR I LOVE YOU and how the guy on the bench just looks up in surprise is so fucking gold

  • Lucas Xavier dos Reis

    im the kid whos a fucking pretty princess as he calls for guards after being called a bitch by braith

  • Devareo Jackson

    OH NOE, it looks like I slipped. What an unfortunate disaster it would be if someone were to somehow rip my clothes and ravage the area. 😂💀

  • Wilsa Wolf

    Aaaaaay.....69k likes! -🐺


    "I was hoping that the dark brother could help my uhh.. Manhood." Haha

  • Soulveto

    I used to be an adventurer like you but then took a arrow to the kneenow I'm a fucking PRETTY PRINCESS

  • Dare Masterchief

    P U S S I E E E E E E E

  • DeadFoolXD

    Has anyone noticed that in the beginning there's a halo from Halo series.

  • KatEternity 2

    Silence idiot. riddled with filth!

  • Callum Watkins

    Does anyone get to the cloud district very often?

  • Christina Maldonado

    but he was right...!!!lm a fu@king pretty princess!!!!

  • Mr man Butt

    dose 30 second unskippable ads

  • Ass Man

    no mature content? in what dimension?

  • M'aiq The Lair

    M'aiq saw a girl that bet up a girls GOD DAMN ASSHOLE!

  • Zeno' Sama

    Hey get away from my husband xD

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