GamerPoop - Skyrim #5

Episode 5 of GamerPoop Skyrim.

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Mans1ay3r presents ... Gamer Poop! Skillful re-editing of conversations and random encounters in video games for hilarious results! Featuring edits of games just as Skyrim, Mass Effect 3, The Wolf Among, and more!
  • Cherry Trader

    I'll have you know, there's no pusssssy

  • Squidfest

    Embrace the powerful tacos.



  • Harold Duggart

    It's 2016 and there's still no PUSSIEEEEEEEEE.

  • Aroder

    one day.. im gona be a soldier! but.. my father say i dont have the balls to be a soldier.. he's right! im a fawking..

  • Carl Gustav Jung


  • Billy Yoder


  • Tyler Evans

    i just realized, deeez nuts was originally made on gamer poop!

  • Christine Dickson


  • StringStorm ‌

    OH NOENazeem's part had me in stitches.

  • Michael Malone

    watch it RISE UP, RISE UP!!!! into the ass of elves

  • TheMadisonMachine

    Slow, like a sabre cat tears a deer.

  • Matt Giesler

    Do you get to my bank account very often? Oh, what am I saying? Of course you don't. I'll have you no there's no money!

  • Enlightened LoneWalker

    I dont do charity.So why dont take your coin and slip it down the crack of my ass?

  • Dean Andrews

    one day i'm going to be a soldier. but not really. because i'm a fucking pretty princess!

  • Tsukiyama'Saitama'Shuu

    02:31I'll have you know that theres no PUSSSSSIIIEE! XDDDD

  • Jail Bait

    I have been annointed to SPREAD my ass for you! for ILOVE YOU !

  • Mauricio José Osuna

    Heimskr's scene will always be the best scene :P

  • Morphable

    Embrace the powerful tacos.

  • DramaBabe18

    I can't stop laughing. "I'm a fuckin pretty princess."

  • Jesus Olvera

    Embrace the powerful tacos.

  • Shadow Equinox

    I'll have you know that there's no PUSIEEEEEEE!

  • IrrelevantEldrich

    wait doesnt braith live in whiterun tho

  • Baron Ockslite

    The look on the guards face after Arentino says "I'm a fucking pretty princess" is priceless.

  • Cizma77

    I don't do charity. So why don't you take your coin and slip it down the crack of my ass ?

  • Mario Martinez

    They say the Dark brother could help my manhood.

  • Zhiar Merlin

    "Hey, get away from my husband"

  • Nazeem

    Do you get to the comment section very often?oh,what i'm saying,of course you don't,i'll have you know that there's no pussieeeeee

  • First Name Last Name

    Look! someone's fucking that dead body!Get away from my husband!He was right...I'm fucking pretty princess!My favorite quotes 

  • Thundering Typhoons

    goddammit i just watched this again and I laughed so hard i peed a little.

  • Marble Bauta

    idk why i read the comments when i know they will all be lines from the video

  • ThatOneLucario

    Partner rating: No mature contentO...kay then

  • Kyle Jeon

    i'll have you know that there is no PUSSIE (gaurd punches) nazeem (uahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh) hahahahahahahahahahahahahah laughed my ass out of that part

  • DHG Ghoul


  • Red Eyed Kira

    "Hey! Get away from my husband!"Best line ever XD

  • Zonoitan

    Anyone else notice the Halo Ring in the beginning?

  • Darth Revan

    I'm a fucking PRETTY PRINCESS

  • Delta

    Who came for more Pussyyyyyyy!!!!!

  • elderjuniormaster

    "Hey get away from my husband"..... lol wat ahahahahah

  • FistKitso

    I hope Bethesda sees these.

  • Nazeem

    I'm going to use this as my AV audition tape.

  • Colby Parker

    Watch it riiiiiiiise up!.. Into the ass of elves!😂😂

  • Andras Polle


  • Crazii Craft

    "Get away from my husband!"

  • Kenetic Kups

    this is by far the best one

  • Jeremy Chau

    You have The ANCIENT cursed called herpes.

  • scorch775

    Embrace the powerful tacos

  • tmawd20

    I think the spelling of "PAENUS" cracks me up more than the joke itself.

  • Soumava Chatterjee

    "Hey.. Braith""Hey...Bitch""Auaah"dead

  • John Palomino

    RISE INTO THE ASS OF ELVES should be on a t-shirt.

  • francesco tamayo

    There should be a mod where the preacher says manslayers lines instead

  • Milek

    Hey get away from my husband! 😄

  • Alex Wieland

    what song was at 1:30?

  • UN5P0K3N R00M

    run don't look back, huh. aaaaaaaaaaah it burns

  • Pistol Switches

    Yes, yes. I haven't touched myself in days. Can't a man have a bit of butt piracy? OH NOE, it looks like i slipped. What an unfortunate disaster it would be if someone were to somehow rip my clothes and ravage the area. I wouldn't argue! Hmph. Do you get to the cloud district very often? Oh, what am i saying? Of course you don't. I'll have you know that theres no PUSIEEEEEEEE

  • SaarGreninja

    I'm a f😜cking pretty princess !

  • thatguyyousawinasda

    Only the bloodiest beef between these cheeks!

  • Frost

    I'm a fucking pretty princess!

  • Kristine Inscore

    "He saw a girl beat my goddamn asshole!" Me: How the fuck is that even suppose to work?! Sponge bob: Just use your..... IMAGINATION! Why am I so fucked up.

  • Ray John

    OH NOE. It looks like I slipped. What an unfortunate disaster it would be if someone were to somehow rip my clothes and ravage the area.............I'll have you know there's no *ppUUUUUUSSSSSSIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE*ow

  • Trixie Zamolodchikova

    0:34 is that benedict cumberbatch

  • John Chaser

    "OH NOE it looks like i slipped"

  • Winterwind and Lochy

    It's all pretty princess memes here.Nobody's mentioning the"Ah! A dead body!""Look! Somebody's fucking that dead body!""Ah!""Ah!""Ah! Why?! WHY?!"

  • Neuer Ehrgeiz

    Heimskr's got really pretty eyes. :o

  • ChaosAY Designs | Speedarts and More!

    Theres no puuusssiiiieeee

  • Chillbot17

    "embrace my loooong, holy paenus"

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