Skyrim - 5 Khajiit Facts - Elder Scrolls Lore

5 Facts about the cat people you all know and love, the Khajiit!


Scott: newberrycrunch
Michael: oldberrychew


  • The One Eye God of Rain and Storm

    my cat is vary religious he worships the almighty laser pen

  • Jesse McCree

    I did not expect Khajiit to live where they did, I thought they lived.. Elsweyr.

  • Richard Harden

    K h a j i i t a r e t h e b e s t r a c e

  • EpicSheepGamer

    Khajiit stole nothing. Khajiit is innocent of these crimes

  • ShinGallon

    My favorite random Khajiit fact is that one of the names they have for Sheogorath is "The Skooma Cat".

  • Italics

    Khajiit have wares if you have the coin.

  • Cole Jenkins

    For the next Elderscrolls game, I don't want new races, I want to be able to select more variations of the existing player races

  • James Lane

    the khajiit are so cool. I really want to play an Elder Scrolls game that focuses around them

  • max van dijk

    nords are so serious about Beards, so many beards. Mai'q wishes they had glorious pubes like khajiit

  • Sebastian Olivas

    I thought jokes about Elsweyr on YouTube were found...In other vids.

  • Ghavarus

    plays as khajiitmet a group of khajiits outside a cityMe : "Why are you out here?"Them : "They don't like us. They sees us as thieves"Me : "Citizens hates you?"Them : "Mostly Nords. They don't trust everything that isn't Nords"Joins ImperialTONIGHT, THE RACISM ENDS

  • Nyghtking

    You know what would be interesting, The Elder Scrolls: Elsweyr.From what I heard it's a place of both greenery and sand, with ancient cities and deep forests, as well as having all the different kinds of Khajiit living in it.

  • squeaiker

    Hehe, love that country's name."Are you from here cat?"-"No. I'm from Elsweyr" >=P""Where then?" 0_o-"Elsweyr!" >=(

  • Shadow88

    "Khajiit are, without a doubt, the furriest race in the Elder Scrolls".I'm sure there's a few Nords who could give them a run for their money, though. :P

  • Mr. Frack You Man!

    you give khajit honor by making this video. maybe khajit forward some moonsugar your way, yes.

  • Scott Glennon

    They're all like "Oh, the other races do not often accept us because they think we're all skooma dealers." To this day I have not met a Khajiit merchant who didn't have Skooma on them. Even Ma'iq has skooma!

  • Comrade Barca

    The Mane sounds like he could be an Elder Scrolls protagonist.

  • Paladin Danse

    Khajiit has wares, if you have coin.

  • Bronoculars

    If anyone sneaks up on us i'll smell them coming... Or i might not, we will see.

  • XyerDark

    A furry's best friend.

  • The Baroness Annabelle Lee


  • Prodigy Gamer

    It would be cool if in ES6 we could be subspecies of races e.g being a Cathay Raht Warrior or being a Colovian Imperial

  • Gally

    I wish there was female Khajiit follower

  • SunAndMoonProductions

    I love the kitty people. :3 My favorite race ever. I love their culture and way of speaking.

  • Rusty

    Just recently discovered your channel FudgeMuppet. I love your high quality videos. It seems like guys put a lot of hard work into the videos production and the content you provide. I really enjoy the Skyrim lore, and fact videos. Keep up the awesome work!

  • Luke F

    One mistake in this video, Suthay-Raht is only the most common breed in Morrowind and it is the race played in that game. In Oblivion and Skyrim you play as a Cathay, as that is the most common breed in Cyrodiil and Skyrim.

  • Cactus Jack-Sama

    "M'aiq is tired go bother someone else".

  • Tabby Dowling

    There is honestly no way I'd be able to be around any Khajiit if they really existed. I'd be too busy meowing at them, wanting to pet them, and dangling string in front of them. lol

  • Zack Kerber

    This one enjoys your videos, especially after a hit of Skooma.Thus one also need moar Skooma.

  • Jordan Henderson

    6:01 ah you must be roleplaying a cat version of Chris Brown.

  • Ahsan Zaman

    The first two and a half minutes left me like "wat?"

  • Luxu

    In Khajiit culture, it is customary for the Female to lick herself in the presence of a male

  • Thomas Pease

    It is also a taboo to show chest fur in Khajiit culture Fudgemuppet. :p

  • Dixie Normous✅

    I have never played any other race than khajit... Cats op!!!11!

  • Jenna Zornes

    May your raid lead you to warm sands...Any other khajiit?

  • ForeignPlacebo 8

    Khajiit- The cool furries

  • Darryl Conte

    why are butt pirates butt pirates because they arrrr fruits

  • TIAN

    Sheogorath is also called " THE SKOOMA CAT".

  • Anthony Cruz

    5 facts about the Altmer or Bosmer

  • D.B. Cooper

    You forgot the Inigo subspecies

  • Cody "The Machine"

    They'll always hook a brother up with a good 'ol bottle of very illegal Skooma.

  • Nekolight Furfur

    " I'll smell anyone that Try's to sneak up on us, or I might not we will see "

  • Christian Arroyo

    XD you threw that guy into the fire.

  • FBI

    Rain drop Drop topDraymond the king of the croutch shot

  • Hodenmensch aka Sandichi

    okay that first one was kind of hard to follow through

  • Alimo Eskimo

    What if you play as a Khajiit and they're The Mane AND Dragonborn? >:D

  • Tuna Temiz

    No, the Khajiit in Oblivion and Skyrim are Cathay not Suthay-raht, they are seen in Morrowind and ESO. Ohmes is featured in Arena and Ohmes-raht is featured in Daggerfall. Try double checking your info next time.

  • Vosh Rakh

    the khajiit actually have common features with the ka'po'tun of akavir. i mean both are feline in appearance and share the same traits in battle, like the charging chinese warriors of the 14 century

  • Steeley Gaming

    The way you say Khajiit makes me so triggered. I thought Khajiit was pronounced Ka-zheet instead of Ka-jeet.

  • 89BlackGatomon

    Khajiit the reason i buy and love Skyrim ;D

  • Daniel Barron

    khajiit are my favorite race because they look so much more interesting than human races. I'm a cat person lol and their voiced are interesting. I think khajiit make for a interesting play through

  • noahkarakalololauakiparrytaikato


  • msmissjordan1

    Khajiit, the ONLY decent race in the game.

  • Wehraboo Waifu

    All hail the communist Khajiits. They my second favorite race.Not all of them are communist btw.

  • Panda

    hey can you do a Lara Croft A.K.A Tomb Raider build for Fallout 4?

  • William

    OOO early when I clicked this it said 0 views! OOOO now it says 1000

  • Dickcheese143

    Glad I subscribed you have all kind of skyrim content... Thx! 🤘P. S. My bday was on the 29th

  • Tiago Fermino Cachoeira

    make one about my favorite race, the redguards

  • Jay A

    We need more Khajiit related videos!

  • Stop or else

    Khajiit is a good race if you want to do an unarmed playthrough since one of the active effects is claws, which do 15% more damage.

  • Zambie Pug

    Great video man! (sssss). Keep up the great work!

  • Alduin

    I completed the game's story with a khajiit called fidoYes, fido, the dog's name.

  • Excel Raintung

    Hii Scott..Thanks for uploading this khajit facts.. I like it..The best for your you guys..

  • Gamertroth

    I'm happy you enjoy making these because I enjoy watching them

  • lazyfunguy

    Elder Scrolls 6: ElswyrThe player is the Mane

  • Jason Shane

    fudgemuppet you should to a skyrim SE build based around the mane

  • LeeLos Adventure

    I'm trying to hype myself up to play skyrim again. the only game I have that's even interesting to me lol

  • Jumping Buddy

    drinks 500 bottles of skoomaPOOOOOOOWEEEER

  • ᴄʟᴀɪʀᴇ

    I love Khajiits. Mainly coz when I first played Skyrim I screamed "OMG KITTY". Ever since then, I always play as them.

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