Skyrim: 5 Things You Probably Didn't Know You Could Do - The Elder Scrolls 5: Secrets (Part 6)

Skyrim is a game with a vast array of options to keep you busy. Anything from slaying dragons to tipping the balance of a civil war is on the table. However, six years later The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim may begin to feel like it’s shown all it offers. So today, we’ll be assuring you that is not the case, as we take a look at five more things you probably didn’t know you could do in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim.
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    You always ask us how we are doing...But how are you doing, Nate?

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    M u r d e r e d t o d e a t h

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    Last time I was this early, Todd Howard was still working on Redguard.

  • dragonson04

    Recently discovered a hidden detail! The Puzzle Door in Snow Veil Sanctum, the combination before it is opened shows two Symbols of Kyne, (Hawks) and one Symbol of Orkey (Snake, also a trickster/traitor god in the Ancient Nordic Pantheon) So, with the reason for being there clearly stated, you have two Birds (Nightingales) and one Snake (Traitor). Thought this was interesting.

  • VokunKendovJosh

    I want to talk more about Lemkil and his daughters, as there is some interesting interactions you can get in Rorikstead.If you kill Lemkil, whether it being known or not, you will receive a note from Sissel that reads "I know you killed him. Don't worry, I won't tell anyone. In fact, I wanted to thank you. He will not be missed."On the other hand, you can do a broken quest for Lemkil. If you kill Sissel's friend Jouane Manette, you will receive a note titled Request from Lemkil. He will not give any quests when approached, but if you assault one of his daughters, a quest marker will appear saying "Report success to Lemkil." He will then give you 50 gold.

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  • The Marine708

    I also love how Nate talks about how you can take things from the Thalmor and its not stealing, then immediately gets caught stealing.

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    Thanks like always these videos are like skooma for the ears

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    Nate has uploaded? I have been murdered to death by happiness.

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    I'm starting think Nate is a bethesda developer.

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    After a quicksave I killed my boys pet skeever and both kids ran to their rooms crying and refused to talk to me.... slaying dragons is one thing but being a parent.. now that's tough!

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    Your videos are the reason the like button gets...MuRdErEd tO DeAtH

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    I always find it satisfying when he says murders to death. ☺

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    I watched this before I was MURDERED TO DEATH

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    start a series about oblivion please

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    Top 10 crazy facts about grass in skyrim.10. It can be green or brown9. It sways in the wind8. You never notice it (Senpai)7. Not all grass is the same6. Grass can be burned5. Grass makes up more than half of Skyrim4. You can't eat the grass3. You walk on grass all the time2. Grass cannot be M U R D E R E D T O D E A T H1. subscribe to TheEpicNate315 cus dank memes

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    I don't think you have covered this one, but I'll mention it nonetheless.There is a way you can fall from High Hrothgar all the way to the bottom without dying. The way you do this is you stand at the edge of a cliff and wait for one of the Greybeards to use the ice form shout at you, this will cause you to fall all the way down in so many weird ways without taking any damage.I don't know if it's a bug, I don't know if it's been fixed, and I don't know if this belongs in this series of videos you are making but it is worth a mention.

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    do you get to the cloud district very often? what am i saying of course you dont

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    I ALWAYS adopt Sissel. Lol

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    I don't know if this is only in my game, but I Believe I play with Skyrim: Legendary Edition, and whenever Serana reincarnates a Reaver from Solstheim, rather than the generic, "Ughh," they talk as though they were still alive. I got stuck for ten minutes thinking that there was an enemy I couldn't see.

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    Skyrim is a such a game that you can even make Porn from it. The perfect game

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    2:12 Rollen is now playing Rising Storm 2 LMAO

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    The Lemkil thing is literally no different from killing Grelod the Kind.

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    Just when I thought there was no more for you to uncover. You never cease to amaze Nate

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    Very little space for boredomCombat puts down its beer and walks in

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    Your channel has made me realize how much of a fool I was when playing rushing around when the game is HUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGEEEE elder Scrolls 6 I will take my sweet ass time thanks

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    And the god of countdowns posts again! Thank the devines

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    If you mine an ore vein, it respawns after about a month. I've heard though that attacking the vein instead will glitch it and it will never respawn, even if the textures do. Just a warning!

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    Yes you have already mentioned #1

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    Insert joke about Nate doing this forever or something like that

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    7:34 how dare you!! I will murder you to death!

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    Last time I was this early the Uriel Septim was still alive

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    Hey man whatever happened to your amazing outro?

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    I'm playing skyrim right now

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    Hey guys you can also give the little guys great-swords if they are your follower

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    Never clicked on a notification so fast

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    How do you keep track of everything A robot you are

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    like count was 666 and dislile was 6 for this 6th part video


    the elemental fury w/ duel axe is genius, thanks

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    It is actually possible for your kid in Skyrim to get a skeever as well, and when mine did the skeever killled my damn wife

  • Greg Thomson

    About adopting recently orphaned children. I was strolling through Riverwood when a dragon attacked one day, and the beast murdered Hadvar and his wife to death during the fight. I adopted their daughter Dorthe on the spot. I didn't have to find her at Honorhall.

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    i'm gonna go murder a man so i can save his daughters

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    Im almost certain you’ve used that thumbnail like 100 times lol

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    Rollen is now playing Rising Storm 2: Vietnam.

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    If u hit the ore slowly with a pick axe u can get 3 ore instead of just 2 not sure if u ever said that one @theepicnate315

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    That is, matter of fact, a female mudcrab. I'm pretty sure at least.

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    Never had my kid bring home a Mudcrab. I've had these so far:Windhelm - SkeeverWhiterun - RabbitFalkreath Homestead - Fox

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    Use a bound bow against rieklings!Good luck to them trying to pick up those arrows…

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    Thank you, Nate! Did not know about the reiklings and arrows. Time for new tactics.

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    I discover something If you jump into a forge fire it's increase your destruction

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    finally i could not wait to see another video from the awesome nate starts freaking out KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK

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    No way I'm letting a mudcrab into my home, I'll accept rabbits or foxes, but not a mudcrab!

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    "... perhaps you're looking for some other purpose in life."That sentence is both very terrifying and true in the same time.

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    I love your videos. Please keep them coming.

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    So early lol not even available in 480 yet lol

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    "Someother purpose." I still need to find mine first

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    When I first got to Rorikstead I found Lemkil was already murdered to death by a random vampire before I met him.:)

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    Pincer will also create large holes in the floor for it to live in.

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    Hey your videos! Can you list out the mods you use please?

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    "Murdered to death". That's unfortunate. I usually don't die when I am murdered.

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    I always do #3, including with elemental fury

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    Didn't know the #1.

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    This series is a great source of research info for my own series. Keep it up, Nate!

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    You know which I hate so much...Lydia blocking the door

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    I have been playing this game for 7 years and I didn't know the mining thing!!!

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