Skyrim Remastered Gameplay on Xbox One: Let's Play Skyrim Special Edition on Xbox One

Skyrim Special Edition is Skyrim Remastered. The Elder Scrolls remake we've all been waiting for, it's been graphically remastered for Xbox One and contains all the DLC released for Bethesda's epic open-world RPG.

This is our first look at proper gameplay from Skyrim Special Edition and the graphical upgrade is obvious if you're used to the Xbox 360. And yes, Mike accidentally calls it Definitive Edition, but then he also calls the Dark Brotherhood, which we join in this Let's Play, the Assassin's Creed Brotherhood, so it's clear that he's generally pretty confused.

The other cool thing about this Skyrim Remaster is that, much like Fallout 4, it supports mods on Xbox One meaning you can bring all the weird and wonderful add-ons available in the PC version to your Xbox One or PS4.


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  • Obscure Entertainment

    I don't see the graphical differences. Just a few more plants?

  • Marius Merchiers

    Isn't this the regular Skyrim?? Looks nothing like the trailer

  • Anthony Mejias

    Skyrim already had good graphics, they should've made an oblivion remake

  • Jonathan Brake

    any chance that this guy is full of shit and just uploaded a video of the 2011 version?

  • LexaHex

    Full damn price for an exact same copy of the original Skyrim? This is a rip off, it should only be 2/3 of the full price

  • TheKarabanera

    Wow! It looks literally the same! Awesome!

  • Zackster

    For all the fuckheads who are saying there's no difference. I don't know how long it's been since you played skyrim on last gen consoles, but you seriously have to blind or ignorant to not see the difference. I recommend exclusively playing skyrim this week on your xbox 360 or ps3 and then play skyrim remastered this Thursday. For us PC players, yeah it doesn't look as good as maybe we hoped, but that's because our view of skyrim has been tainted for the past 5 years with graphical mods... Un-install all your mods and play skyrim this week vanilla and then play skyrim remastered. You'll see a difference, trust me... To be honest though, this whole special edition thing is for console players who never got to experience skyrim on PC. You know it's true...

  • johnnyisfun21

    Modded Skyrim on PC look 5X better

  • SharkByte

    No offense to Bethesda... but this shit shoulda been remastered by DICE or someone who knows a thing or two about graphics... whatever

  • Kevblack.

    Am I the only one who doesnt give a shit about the graphics? I just wanna play this great game again, I probably couldn't tell the difference without a comparison even if the graphics were much better

  • Ciaran Thayer

    This is a tutorial on how NOT to play the game........casuals

  • CaveBobSpongeMan

    my modded skyrim looks way better lol

  • Cameron Armstrong Music

    this remake is so bullshit for one reason: Skyrim never looked bad in the first place. Besides sometimes being able to see the grid pattern of grass on hill sides, the game generally looked fantastic in it's vanilla state. I never once thought to myself, while playing skyrim, "i really wish this looked better". The game looked fine. This remake looks better, but just in terms of added textures. The fact that so many people can't tell the difference between this footage and vanilla skyrim just goes to show that the game really didn't need a face lift. In short, this is a cash grab. Just play vanilla Skyrim, there was nothing wrong with that game. Bethesda should have remade Morrowind or Oblivion

  • Weeb

    it does look better than the last gen consoles but the trailer looked A LOT betterno mans sky type of shit right here

  • Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria

    an argonian with stormcloak armor... really? ?

  • dec lan

    Best game of all time imo and i am going to buy it but the trailer is a straight lie...

  • Crazze

    People: We want a Skyrim Remaster!Bethesda: Here ya go!People:: WTF WHY A SKYRIM REMASTER!!!Grow up, appreciate the mods and not the mole detail on Lydia.

  • TrickMasterBlock

    I've seen this stuff so many times, JUST SHOW ME THE REMASTERED GAME, oh wait.....

  • Michael Townley

    Looks just like the 360 version!

  • Christian O

    I mean the game definitely looks like Skyrim.

  • Ragnar Lordbrok

    to be honest it looks like they just added some mods ... i mean it looks kinda like my skyrim on pc and they sell that full price?

  • grummy gramps

    Okay guys, jokes over. Show us the remastered skyrim.

  • andy lawson

    i can instantly see the difference in shaders/lighting and overall graphics. for those who can't see it then you're just fucking blind lol.

  • Tirahmisu

    You can definitely see the difference once they hit Whiterun outskirts. The weather clears up and it actually looks like there's a new ENB or something. The sky looks really nice and blue. Looks like shit when it's cloudy and dark though. They've also upped the amount of grass, which is nice addition. There isn't that much grass in the original Skyrim, trust me! I use Verdant Grass to get tons more grass added to my modded Skyrim. Kills my FPS a little, but it's super pretty.

  • Cade III

    The real upgrade here isn't the graphics, it's the transition to 64-bit for PC modding.

  • Bruce Russell

    Wasn't too impressed but at around 4:05 it starts looking real good

  • Chromedude 77

    Who gives a fuck about graphics..I'm just happy I get to play skyrim again!!

  • Hylia Yggdrasil

    "durhurhur looks the same""durhurhur pc better.""durhurhur not worth price"^summary of most of the comments for those wondering.of /course/ the pc version is better, pc games are nearly always better quality because they are more powerful (duh) and have people modding games which going to make things even better (duh)anyone who says that it looks the same as it did on ps3/360 is either blind or a troll, it is in fact the same game, but i immediately noticed that the lighting has been improved (thank god) and everything looks a little smoother and more vibrant. i think too many people were expecting them to completely remake the game which was obviously not going to happenpersonally I am just looking forward to playing this again and losing another 500~ hours of my life.and yes~ i also own the,pc version, mods are amazing. pc owners being elitist jerks however~ not so much ^-^ this is why people hate you~ but you don't care, your computer understands you, your computer will never turn her back on you.. except on fridays, as per your scheduled bonding time.

  • Kodatsu

    Nothing looks different...

  • Jake Lowe

    You guys are hilarious

  • mister meseeks

    granted the trailers make it look more drastically altered than it looks here, but I can see the difference. Albeit minor

  • Hellion Harry

    For everyone who's commenting about how bad the game looks, they didn't download any mods. There are thousands you can download to do thousands of things. You can make the game look nicer, download extra quest lines, new followers, really anything you want. That's why you should buy the special edition.

  • RyderGuy

    Everyone's mad about how the graphics are almost the same as they were in the original, but what's even more disappointing is that they STILL didn't fix the loading screens!!

  • Andrew Markasevic

    I love Skyrim, but this remastered version looks exactly the same as the original.

  • Grant K

    This literally looks worse than it did on my PC 4 years ago. At least I get it for free on PC. lol. Oh well. It'll be a great time to replay the story.

  • Brad Turner

    im sure we're being trolled, or my laptop screen is shit, it looks the exact same, this is what 5 years of difference in game design achieves? literally nothing, unless they didnt just remaster it instead just hoped people pretended it did. i remember complaning when this was announced, i really wanted oblivion remastered with added content, my favourite bethesda game to date, then i was just like, oh well, skyrim doesent look like the best game currently maybe it'll be truly beautiful, this is such a letdown haha.

  • Edward Elric

    No save game transfer? Looks the same? I'll pass......

  • some donkus

    That feel when you get Skyrim Remastered and Bioshock 1 and 2 Remastered for free because you already own the originals on Steam, and people on console need to pay $40+ for both games :').

  • Colin Stair

    To all of the people complaining it's not worth $60 because of the graphics.. Why does it matter. There actually is a difference, and skyrim is a game meant for gameplay, not for graphics. Graphics doesn't make a game good or bad

  • KurasakiBleachigo1

    how in the world is this worth another $60? Game companies these days i swear. We need to boycott

  • wthrill

    I can't decide, Battlefield 1 or Skyrim? I haven't played Skyrim before, but I've played every fallout since fallout 3, and I'm sure this is a great game.

  • ChaseBit

    When Skyrim Remastered on console looks worse than original Skyrim on PC

  • The Gaming Genius

    i tried jumping sideways up a mountain to get to a town faster and when i reached the top a bear came out from the top and killed me

  • G4SHA

    There is no difference cuz its on xbox ... cmon people

  • Ajax 750

    Looks nothing like the trailer.

  • Brent Tutana

    Will skyrim be 60fps on next gen?

  • SPPSports

    All PC users have had "Skyrim Remastered" since 2011; it's called ultra settings.

  • TragicShift

    when you set your expectations to high and pre-purchase the game then see this... 😧

  • Sezume

    Omg Skyrim looks so shitty on consoles

  • somebody doesntmatter

    To anyone else late to the party who is contemplating buying this game, especially for ps4 or xbox - DON'T. DON'T. DON'T.Bethesda has made it a habit to sell unfinished games and this pile of shit is by far the worst offender. The game has been out for like 20 years now and it is still broken to the point that it is zero fun and potentially unplayable beyond certain points. You won't make it ten minutes without getting fucked over by some flukey little glitch that traps you in an invisible box or glues you to the side of a rock. You will randomly get stuck on... grass, pebbles, a leaf, some arbitrary bowl thing sitting in the middle of a room, etc., etc. Your inventory will decide on its own that you no longer need a particular weapon or article of clothing and simply ghost it. Objects, which 9 times out of 10 are quest items, will just sink into the ground with no way of collecting them, for no apparent reason. Your followers are good at only one thing - standing directly in my goddamn way. And when you actually need them... they've disappeared. Often times forever.Dragons. Cocksucking dragons. Dragons appear Every. Single. Goddamn. Time. You. Fast-travel.... Every. Fucking. Time. And while they aren't particularly difficult to defeat - they appear Every. Fucking. Time.But all of that is tolerable. What is not, however, are the dozens upon dozens of quests that you will never be able to complete because this game has more bugs than a sugar-coated crack house. I am currently at level 30 and my quest log has 33 open quests and 19 of them cannot be finished because of the bugs. That doesn't include the 'miscellaneous' log which itself has 12 open quests and 4 of them are unplayable now. Maybe I can just play the main quest line and still finish the game... But I'm not gonna. Fuck this game and fuck Bethesda. You've had forever and you sill haven't fixed this mess of a game? Nope, you just put on a new coat of paint, put it in a newer box and sold it on current-gen consoles which have no way of manually going into the game and fixing your fuck ups. At least the PC players can type in commands or something.I bought the special edition xbox one copy of this game - many years after the initial release - for 60 bucks and I can only play maybe a tenth of it. Bethesda owes me $54. And it makes me sick that so many people talked about this game as if it were something amazing and worth playing when it clearly wasn't. Because now Bethesda and Ubisoft and EA and all the other sellout developers out there know they can get away with making a fraction of a game and the brainless masses will eat it up and regurgitate the same bullshit wolf tickets to everyone else that they fell for.Bottom line is this game is not a game. It's a collection of broken demos for a game. It's a regret, personally, that I can't get a refund for. My advice, at the end of the day, if you really want a good RPG that you can actually experience fully, developed by folks that actually know how to make a video game and who actually give a shit about the people who buy and play them - spend your money on The Witcher 3. It makes Skrotum look like E.T.Just don't make the same mistake I did. Don't waste money on this game and get 10 plus hours in and realize its broken to the point that there's no real good reason to continue playing it anymore. Definitely don't buy it new, because you can't get a refund. And you'll want that refund. I promise.And to all you liars out there telling people this is/was a good game. Stop it. Liars.

  • Flusx Online

    The trailer reminded me No man's Sky, and the gameplay reminded me No man's Sky disappointment. They should remaster Skyrim with Fallout 4 engine, like Infinity Ward did with Call of Duty 4. Charging 60 for this, I see no difference, PC on ultra or modded kills this.

  • TheEvilPanda

    I think I'm the only one that doesn't care about the graphics and just wants to play skyrim again on the new gen

  • Xeonitus Prime

    Wow Looks nothing like the trailer...

  • TheDrunkPencil

    If you think there isn't a difference you clearly haven't played it on last gen, this looks amazing

  • Yazite

    What are the loading times like? That was my only gripe with the 360 version.

  • Cascaesque

    Holy shit it's the same game with barely, if at all, noticeable graphical differences.

  • William Radford

    Remember the game has not come out yet so let's not make any graphic judges so early

  • Grizzly Bear

    So basically what I'm gathering from this extremely in-depth video is that they're releasing the exact same game for full price? That's.. FUCKING. GENIUS! I LOVE REVENUE!

  • Walsh

    This looks A LOT better you can't sit there and tell me it doesn't look incredible plus YouTube compresses footage

  • Imthebush

    the video its self isnt bad But the game is just complete and utter shite it looked no diffrent at all if it doesnt get its shit together this is one game im going to give a wide berth

  • NinjaSaiGaming

    Can you guys please do more of this possibly a lets play, because this was thoroughly entertaining!

  • SlayOnMyFace

    Awww the wood on the iron weapons still looks like plastic.

  • Oliver

    This is not the improvement I saw in the trailer. Definitely not worth the $60.

  • Tyler Hartwick

    ok u cant say this is remastered game play if it looks exactly the same as the original skyrim and trust me i know what it looks like

  • Its1201pm jk

    I see a difference....but a very small one

  • Parker Abrego

    This remastered version is for console users not PC. You guys had mods to make the game look better PS4 and Xbox had to stick with the original. So if your a PC gamer you can't say that it looks the same because it doesn't it looks a lot better and smoother than it used to

  • Briar Hopper

    Mods on Steam have existed for years making the game look better than this. This is the only bad decision I recall from Bethesda. Rather they make a new game instead.

  • joe harkins

    basically everything pc on ultra settings has , consoles now have XD

  • Schuubar

    Being able to see through the execution hood ruined Skyrim for me.

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