Skyrim Remastered Gameplay on Xbox One: Let's Play Skyrim Special Edition on Xbox One

Skyrim Special Edition is Skyrim Remastered. The Elder Scrolls remake we've all been waiting for, it's been graphically remastered for Xbox One and contains all the DLC released for Bethesda's epic open-world RPG.

This is our first look at proper gameplay from Skyrim Special Edition and the graphical upgrade is obvious if you're used to the Xbox 360. And yes, Mike accidentally calls it Definitive Edition, but then he also calls the Dark Brotherhood, which we join in this Let's Play, the Assassin's Creed Brotherhood, so it's clear that he's generally pretty confused.

The other cool thing about this Skyrim Remaster is that, much like Fallout 4, it supports mods on Xbox One meaning you can bring all the weird and wonderful add-ons available in the PC version to your Xbox One or PS4.


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  • Browncheeze

    Now show us the remastered version...

  • Marius Merchiers

    Isn't this the regular Skyrim?? Looks nothing like the trailer

  • Authentic A

    Is there supposed to be a diffrence? I cant see any at all.

  • RyderGuy

    Everyone's mad about how the graphics are almost the same as they were in the original, but what's even more disappointing is that they STILL didn't fix the loading screens!!

  • Sageroy

    LOL, I can see the improvements but I'mNot impressed. It's a shame when your average Joe can make a mod with better graphics than the company's own graphics.

  • Anthony Mejias

    Skyrim already had good graphics, they should've made an oblivion remake

  • NotKnowing Hats

    It's annoying how people ask for the remastered version of skyrim, and when they get it, they start complaining like little spoiled brats. I thinks it looks great! I've noticed a lot of little details that they've improved. What'd you expect? A brand new game? Get over it.

  • Walsh

    This looks A LOT better you can't sit there and tell me it doesn't look incredible plus YouTube compresses footage

  • johnnyisfun21

    Modded Skyrim on PC look 5X better

  • LexaHex

    Full damn price for an exact same copy of the original Skyrim? This is a rip off, it should only be 2/3 of the full price

  • Jonathan Brake

    any chance that this guy is full of shit and just uploaded a video of the 2011 version?

  • Anthony Picariello

    Barely see a difference damn

  • urmonator

    LOOKS EXACTLY THE SAME. WOW. I'm blown away by how much the same it actually looks.

  • Kevblack.

    Am I the only one who doesnt give a shit about the graphics? I just wanna play this great game again, I probably couldn't tell the difference without a comparison even if the graphics were much better

  • Twilleh

    Console plebs will LITERALLY pay for the same entire game again.This is why the video game industry is in the dumps.

  • YouthEnergy

    Much better textures, better lightning, better shaders, and 1080p. How can you people claim it looks the same?

  • skurr

    wheres the remastered edition.

  • Jason Meyer

    Can someone help me I tamed sahrotaar and he won't let me ride, I reloaded still nothing

  • Where Is Your God When You Suffer Inside

    you remind me of vannos 😂😂😂

  • Ritz handles

    This is the only commentary i dont hate. Nice going guys :D

  • Joey Wild

    3:15 Yeah the guard outfits (including Stormcloak) always make the character look fat, or at least having a chubby belly.

  • Svide

    I no longer dislike console players. I honestly feel bad for them. They barely get any games, they have subscription fees, all the games cost over $60. And they truly do not understand what's really underneath the concept of modding. They say they have mods. But really they just get diffirent colored armors or something. That's not really a mod.

  • Tj Hariharan

    actually that is a good question i never thought of, how the hell did the kid get a skeleton and human remains?

  • Weeb

    it does look better than the last gen consoles but the trailer looked A LOT betterno mans sky type of shit right here

  • Cameron Armstrong Music

    this remake is so bullshit for one reason: Skyrim never looked bad in the first place. Besides sometimes being able to see the grid pattern of grass on hill sides, the game generally looked fantastic in it's vanilla state. I never once thought to myself, while playing skyrim, "i really wish this looked better". The game looked fine. This remake looks better, but just in terms of added textures. The fact that so many people can't tell the difference between this footage and vanilla skyrim just goes to show that the game really didn't need a face lift. In short, this is a cash grab. Just play vanilla Skyrim, there was nothing wrong with that game. Bethesda should have remade Morrowind or Oblivion

  • Joey Wild

    You mentioned marrying a giant cat, but there aren't any marriageable Khajiit in the game. I don't think so at least. But you can marry a giant lizard!

  • Zackster

    For all the fuckheads who are saying there's no difference. I don't know how long it's been since you played skyrim on last gen consoles, but you seriously have to blind or ignorant to not see the difference. I recommend exclusively playing skyrim this week on your xbox 360 or ps3 and then play skyrim remastered this Thursday. For us PC players, yeah it doesn't look as good as maybe we hoped, but that's because our view of skyrim has been tainted for the past 5 years with graphical mods... Un-install all your mods and play skyrim this week vanilla and then play skyrim remastered. You'll see a difference, trust me... To be honest though, this whole special edition thing is for console players who never got to experience skyrim on PC. You know it's true...

  • Rocketjumpingspy

    Am I the only one who sees a difference in graphics?

  • Frater Xavier

    Hi guys!! Just here to say.... Xbox sucks!!!!!!! #pcmasterracek, I'm done, bye. :P

  • Braxton Shields

    Looks just like the 360 version!

  • MIchael Chivers

    i have both versions and the wait time in the remastered is glorious!

  • CaveBobSpongeMan

    my modded skyrim looks way better lol

  • Tirahmisu

    You can definitely see the difference once they hit Whiterun outskirts. The weather clears up and it actually looks like there's a new ENB or something. The sky looks really nice and blue. Looks like shit when it's cloudy and dark though. They've also upped the amount of grass, which is nice addition. There isn't that much grass in the original Skyrim, trust me! I use Verdant Grass to get tons more grass added to my modded Skyrim. Kills my FPS a little, but it's super pretty.

  • Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria

    an argonian with stormcloak armor... really? ?

  • Christopher Weaver

    Remastered Oblivion or Morrowind would have been better

  • Andrés Figueroa

    I can't believe this game goes on 30fps.........

  • WheelBite ASMR

    this is more of an xbox one port not a remastered lol

  • Aztec MC

    So sad... there's no God rays like fallout or amazing new lightning... it's literally the same if not flatter softer textures.

  • Sam Reynolds

    you could have just killed grelog the kind straightaway

  • dec lan

    Best game of all time imo and i am going to buy it but the trailer is a straight lie...

  • Smoke

    How do people not know he is playing on pc, this is NOT the remastered version.

  • Crazze

    People: We want a Skyrim Remaster!Bethesda: Here ya go!People:: WTF WHY A SKYRIM REMASTER!!!Grow up, appreciate the mods and not the mole detail on Lydia.

  • Iosif Stalin

    My modded skyrim with enb and ugridstoload set to 11 looks 100 times better than this recoloured bullshit!


    Am i the only who has a problem with this selling for $70+ ????

  • Juicy Mango

    No more PC master race. Console version looks good imo

  • Jacob Crone

    You can kill all three prisoners in the shack and Astrid will like it.

  • Xavier Roberts

    Seen this game in person. The graphics look the same. Sooooo not worth $60. Maybe $30 tops. Wait on this until the price drops.

  • wthrill

    I can't decide, Battlefield 1 or Skyrim? I haven't played Skyrim before, but I've played every fallout since fallout 3, and I'm sure this is a great game.

  • jeff jeff

    why didn't they just make it backwards compatible. what the actual fuck

  • ldmt1995

    Bethesda riping people off since 2006

  • Sam Reynolds

    Have you heard the tale of Mathieu Bellamont and the great treachery of cheydinhal? kill a boy's mother, and vengeance festers in the son

  • skyboundpilot

    This versus Withcher 3? I've had Witcher 3 for about 10 months, but haven't played it yet. I'm also getting Skyrim on PC so I can play the remastered version. I just don't know winch one to get into first.

  • Dan Shive

    This doesn't look so great! "You're watching it at 360p." It should look exceptional at ANY p!

  • nictimus

    is just me or are consoles this bad? because this looks exactly the same

  • darkfight light

    it looks the same......

  • Di General (Why do people always argue in my reply/comment section)

    I only care about one thing. How did your achievement pop up on the top right hand side rather than the low center?

  • Ziko bruh

    Everyone complaining go watch a let's play video of skyrim then come back you will then see a big difference

  • Brent Tutana

    Will skyrim be 60fps on next gen?

  • Talons015

    I thought the game released on the 28th but ok

  • Charlie Wright

    I bought this today and you can't really tell much of a difference, except for the water and the lighting etc.

  • Briar Hopper

    Mods on Steam have existed for years making the game look better than this. This is the only bad decision I recall from Bethesda. Rather they make a new game instead.

  • Defeatedeye

    errr i really wanna get this game again, on the 360 i put so much time into the game beat all the dlc i was to the point where it was hard to find quests,but idk now i have work now i wont have as much time but i will still have some time idk this is my favorite game ever though i will let u guys decide if i should get it

  • Joe Yummiestanimal

    they definitely used a different engine for the trailer. just another highly modified engine far better looking then the actual game.

  • OurTacticalNoOb

    HA Game still looks shite compared to PC, can't believe people will spend more money on this for basically nothing

  • Blake Herrmann

    for all of those lucky people who can afford this game, I would really appreciate it if someone would gameshare it to me. unfortunately I cannot share back until later in the year, but when I can I will give : call of duty black ops 3 with Der esiendrache map pack, terraria,mine craft, and tomb raider. I know this Is not particularly in anyone's favor but i, yet again would appreciate it if someone was willing to have a big enough heart to help a fellow gamer out. reply if interested. thanks!

  • harold colloton

    For everyone who's commenting about how bad the game looks, they didn't download any mods. There are thousands you can download to do thousands of things. You can make the game look nicer, download extra quest lines, new followers, really anything you want. That's why you should buy the special edition.

  • Jakob Bran-flakes-N-ham

    Honestly, I really can't see the difference between this and the original. Sure there's a few more bushes around, but that's about it. The only reason you'd want to get this is if you didn't play the original. I love Skyrim, but this isn't for me.

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