Avenged Sevenfold - Hail To The King [Official Music Video]

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Directed by Syndrome

Lyrics to Hail To THe King:
Watch your tongue or have it cut from your head
Save your life by keeping whispers unsaid
Children roam the streets now orphans of war
Bodies hanging in the streets to adore
Royal flames will carve a path in chaos, bringing daylight to the night
Death is riding into town with armor, they've come to take all your rights
Hail to the King
Hail to the One
Kneel to the crown
Stand in the sun
Hail to the King
Hail, Hail, Hail the King
Blood is spilt while holding keys to the throne.
Born again but it's too late to atone.
No mercy -- from the edge of the blade
Dare escape and learn the price to be paid
Let the water flow with shades of red now, Arrows black out all the light
Death is riding into town with armor, they've come to grant you your rights
Hail to the King
Hail to the One
Kneel to the crown
Stand in the sun
Hail to the King
Hail, Hail, Hail the King
There's a taste of fear
When the henchmen call
Iron fist to tame the land
Iron fist to claim it all
Hail to the King
Hail to the One
Kneel to the crown
Stand in the sun
Hail to the King
Hail, Hail, Hail the King
  • Kenzie Marshall

    This was published 4 years ago but I can still see comments from like 47 minutes ago which is honestly great.

  • limp bizkit

    Rammstein and Avenged Sevenfold are my favourite metal bands

  • The Beast & The Sandman

    avenged is the lead of modern Metal Band.

  • 17 04

    < puts on Burger King crown >kneel before me

  • kaitlyn Gauthreaux

    i blast this on my way to school and people look at me like im the antichrist😂😂😂

  • Joey's eleventeenth jelly roll

    Some kid covered the drums of this song in our schools talent show, he fucking killed it.

  • Nathan Binns

    I'm more a fan of classic metal, but I appreciate talent when I hear it. I'm glad metal is continuing on to a new generation.

  • Daniel Wolfgang

    In every avenged's concert when this song is being played there is nothing to do in the Intro part but shouting " hail". it's just so fucking exciting as fuck.

  • Lindsay Fortin

    This is avenged sevenfold's best song i

  • Jeff Horton

    Good music is always underrated fuck drake and all this pop shit.

  • Mohammad Ahmad

    i'm still trying to figure out why this song has over 19K dislikes...

  • Sean Cook

    20,000 fuck heads which I'm glad I don't know 😂

  • Ljupco Jakjovski

    You say Taylor Swift, I say Metallica. You say Lady Gaga, I say Disturbed. You say Miley Cyrus, I say Avenged Sevenfold. You say T-Pain, I say Iron Maiden. You say Ke$ha, I say Rise Against. You say Justin Bieber, I say Fuck you. You say Flowers, I say Slipknot.92% of teens have turned to pop and hip-hop. If you are part of the 8% that still listens to real music, copy and paste this message to 5 other videos. DON'T LET ROCK N ROLL DIE!!P.S. thumbs up if you agree

  • KingShadows

    such an underrated album..

  • Station 43 Productions

    This shit just made me feel like donald trump right now...

  • Thomas Brent Tripp

    You guys are such a great example of godlike powers supporting music

  • Jake Strong

    lets be honest, there isn't really a guitar solo here...the whole thing is Gates' fucking solo lol

  • Deneil Sampath

    R.I.P Chester Bennington you will be missed

  • PlanePlanetGaming

    For all the people who only listen to "mainstream a7x". There's so much more to A7X then this. City of Evil and Waking the Fallen (older albums) are masterpieces that put this song and whole album to shame. That's not to say this is bad, but it's no where close to their older stuff or even their newer album, The Stage, in my opinion. The biggest thing that kills this song is the simplistic drumming. It's a shame because everyone is on top of their game here, but the drums just don't add anything to the song but keeping the beat. That's fine of course, but it's a big change from someone like The Rev who adds so much more to every song. That's what kills this album for me and a lot of the fans who like their older stuff. That's big reason why there's so many dislikes, also because it a tribute album (style change).I guess HTTK was just a tribute album anyway, and attracted more fans because of it's similarities to classic songs and bands. But I highly recommend checking their other stuff, especially City of Evil Waking the Fallen, and The Stage if you like this song.Recommendations:- And all things must end: waking the fallen- Blinded in chained: city of evil- Sunny Disposition: The stage - Secone heartbeat: waking the fallen- Trashed and scattered: city of evil- Higher: the stage - Chapter Four: waking the fallenThese are just to name a few.

  • Emmy Rota

    I think I'm gonna sing this for a talent show

  • lisa Lugiski

    This song is life 😂❤️🖤 so much power to it too

  • Fidozo15

    Please, M Shadows, just shave that werid hair and use your hat bro, please

  • kenton Fielding

    Listened to this when it first came out years ago and it's still bad ass!!!!

  • Joseph Kulpa

    Such a bad ass song .....

  • মুক্ত বিহঙ্গ

    fuck despasito! look this is grate song... awesome

  • Matthew Lyon

    I feel that this band could've made great covers of so many classic metal songs and nu metal songs, that would be amazing

  • Arnold Juhasz

    This is perfectly could be a modern theme song of Game of thrones f...ck yeah!!!

  • Chris Beckham

    Totally 80's rock influenced, kicks ass!

  • 2pedro Shakur Rap


  • LoX- aaS

    The Bass Makes mah Pussy soaking wet..

  • Von Gillan

    Guitar player I s sick

  • dinger elohim

    and from the one true mountain of jah he shall reign the heathen and they as their heathen king will fear and tremble before king jahuwa...

  • Mason Ray

    If only guitar hero was still around, this would be perfect for it.

  • Qwert Yuiop

    20k people deserve their tongues to be cut from their heads

  • Fernando Salazar

    fucking great this song !!except I have a hunch the king they are talking about is the antichrist himself

  • Jacques Johns

    Guarantee most the people that dislike this song come back the 3 4 times a day and listen to it when their friends aint around im black and i got no problem with this music


    My top 3 fav bands are avenged sevenfold-disturbed-and the offspring

  • anastasios alexandropoulos

    Little did they know that I am the kingNow all hail me

  • David Ramsey

    I like this song because the guitars are doing so good by playing

  • Tom Hughes

    If I was a wrestler,This would be my entrance music.

  • Eduardo Ramos

    Eu tenho este cdoriginal é muito bom é show. 👍🤘💀

  • Adrian Zapico

    Cara quem é mais velho se diz fiel a rock clássico,Heavy blá bá blá....e tem preconceito com Avenged,chupa meu ovo,a banda é boa demais...

  • james staggs

    Didn't the NBA use this song over video of Lebron James or something? I guess irony is lost on them.

  • Volvo 420

    Avenged sevenfold has the best jogging/running music!

  • FBIimprov

    Sure was nice of A7X to write a song about Jerry Lawler

  • James Quarles

    Obama sucks Donkey Dicks!

  • Emerica RDK

    makes me think of berserk lol guts fighting the new band of the hawk and Griffith being the king

  • Steve Bergman

    Just saw these guys last night back up for Metallica last night. In fuckin real. They fucked shit! I'm a new fan!

  • Adrian Reedy

    I'm absolutely speechless cause that was badass

  • Jakob Hinton

    will always be an iconic opening to a song! the entire construction of this song is flawless

  • Joshua Miguel Atienza

    3:03 - 3:52 love that part.

  • brent Thomas tripp

    online stalkers be loving this hey online stalkers go finger fuck your mothers while i sit and watch this wonderful video

  • Crazy Aces

    Am I listening to a New Metallica or what? lol 👏👏👏👌👍

  • Todd Markham

    top 5 all time na maybe 10 definately

  • hsmetal98

    I'll be seeing A7X later this evening. Going to Ravens stadium in Baltimore City. Omg it's going to be such a fucking awesome concert with Metallica n Volbeat. Is this real? I have to pinch myself!

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