Avenged Sevenfold - Hail To The King [Official Music Video]

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Directed by Syndrome

Lyrics to Hail To THe King:
Watch your tongue or have it cut from your head
Save your life by keeping whispers unsaid
Children roam the streets now orphans of war
Bodies hanging in the streets to adore
Royal flames will carve a path in chaos, bringing daylight to the night
Death is riding into town with armor, they've come to take all your rights
Hail to the King
Hail to the One
Kneel to the crown
Stand in the sun
Hail to the King
Hail, Hail, Hail the King
Blood is spilt while holding keys to the throne.
Born again but it's too late to atone.
No mercy -- from the edge of the blade
Dare escape and learn the price to be paid
Let the water flow with shades of red now, Arrows black out all the light
Death is riding into town with armor, they've come to grant you your rights
Hail to the King
Hail to the One
Kneel to the crown
Stand in the sun
Hail to the King
Hail, Hail, Hail the King
There's a taste of fear
When the henchmen call
Iron fist to tame the land
Iron fist to claim it all
Hail to the King
Hail to the One
Kneel to the crown
Stand in the sun
Hail to the King
Hail, Hail, Hail the King
  • fznny rr

    13 k dislike fcking Justin bibers fans

  • A odd box

    This should be triple h's new theme song

  • Johnny Owens

    Wrestemania bought me here

  • FrenchyplayMC

    This would go well with when u do the war in skyrim

  • avengaurd

    first time I heard this song was by accident. I was looking for King of Kings by Motorhead, clicked here instead. best mistake ever.

  • ffemt 92

    I feel invincible each and every time I listen to this song

  • Kiss Is goodsoishairmetal

    the only modern band that are not pussy emos

  • Kyle Manocchio

    So this is my first time listening to an Avenged Sevenfold song. I love it. I'm definitely checking this band out.

  • Foxtrot Elite

    Da doooooo... thank youuuu..!!🎸

  • Seems Legit

    the guitars are fucking beast

  • Roger Rabbit

    Anyone else get a thunderstruck vibe from this song?

  • Brennan Harkrider

    Thought I'd check the song after watching a dooo video

  • Chained Wingz

    Thanks Smite for making me discover this overly dope ass song.

  • thechico1979

    sound like a song wwe would use.

  • Jonal Myscar

    I'll be playing this if Trump wins

  • Parker Williams

    This is the first time I've ever heard someone make music that sounds almost identical to MetallicA. I've said for a long time that no one quite does music like Metallica, but these guys have actually managed to make something that sounds exactly like one of my favorite bands of all time! Well done!!!

  • Daniel Chapa

    i dont know about yall but i think he looks better whit long hair

  • ThatGuy WhoPlays

    2K more likes guys. Come on

  • Tekonix

    Only if the Rev was still with us..... we would have those kick ass drum beats with AWSOME double bass

  • HannahDakotaGaming

    Can not wait to see these guys in January! My all time favourite band!

  • Jose Manzanares

    They need to do a cover of "Enter Sandman" by Metallica

  • Xenofere

    How come M. Shadows looks like Ozzy Osbourne?

  • LeCaissie

    I don't understand the purpose of a dislike button. If you don't like the video get the fuck out, no?

  • Warren V

    Dear God, forgive me for my Unholy Confessions, Crimson Day is upon us, Planets will collide, I'm not ready to Die but I'll Carry On. Fiction in my mind as the Nightmare goes on. Feeling Betrayed as the Forgotten Faces consume me, Remenissions are all I have. I grasp a Second Heartbeat as the Demons attempt to take over me and the Girl I Know. I'm at the Crossroads of the Afterlife and Eternal Rest. It's Almost Easy to forget I've Lost it All, but at 4 a.m. Tonight the World Dies. Save me Shepherd of Fire but I know you are Shattered by Broken Dreams so I'll Turn the other Way from the Heretic and Seize the Day while the Strength of the World is still with me. I feel like I'm Blinded in Chains as the Tension rolls over me and unfortunately St. James I Won't See You Tonight for there is a Radiant Eclipse And All Things Will End. The Fight commences as the Dancing Dead are Buried Alive and now So Far Away. They will be Coming Home, not Lost but understanding that they were Doing their Time and experiencing a Little Piece of Heaven. Sidewinder swipes til the Wicked End and currently I'm M.I.A., feeling like a Victim. Acid Rain begins to pour down while I'm standing on the Danger Line so of course, This Means War as I Scream cuz there is a Gunslinger on the Streets in front of me. Darkness Surrounding as he shouts Hail to the King! Almost like a Clairvoyant Disease it's an Epic of Time Wasted. Seeing the light as the Unbound Wild Ride Continues. Absolutely Trashed and Scattered, facing the Beast and the Harlot, as I drink my Brompton Cocktail. Avenged Sevenfold

  • Redneck Ghost Gaming

    why does it look like dark souls

  • Callum Clarkson

    I'm going to see avenged in January cant fuckin wait I'm so pumped

  • AxxL

    well im not a king because i am ugly

  • Val Da Bestest

    All these fake a7x fans 😖 This been my favorite band since I was in 6th grade.. I'm 23 now

  • tsukihime _

    its been 3 years since i first heard this song and still gives me the chills

  • NormadBear 1

    A little edgy for my taste but it sound pretty neat

  • Chuck B

    Oh I thought everyone came here from the elections?!!!!! LOL

  • mike killer

    Am i the only one keep pressing replay almost everyday in 2016?


    Bro I wish the song was infinite cause this BEAT IS AWESmE

  • sunttu333

    Gonna play this when Trump enters the White House and starts ridding the US of filth

  • generic mashup of band names

    I got here because I searched in the end by Linkin park and them I accidentally clicked on a bvb video and then I fell in love with bvb and one of the songs knives and pens had multiple comments saying that the riff sounded like unholy confessions by this band so I looked up avenged sevenfold and this band is fucking great the instrumentals are everything I've ever wanted in a band and the lead singer's voice fits in perfectly with the instrumentals

  • John Mead

    how does this only have 70 million views?

  • SchlegelREV

    the rare times of Matt having long hair

  • Infinite Play

    I bet i am the only one who came here by road to wrestlemania 32: triple H vs roman reigns promo

  • Tim Carroll

    the black sabbath of today

  • Candy the cat 37


  • MLG Takkt1cal

    would a7x still be making money if I watched ads? since they changed record labels I noticed they now have a different channel

  • Just a pringle

    The Dooo? Anyone... just me, ok...

  • Tyson TWtiger

    i wish or hope their still doing tours

  • Cley Collins

    The demon is behind all this!!! IT IS TRUE

  • EyBoss

    Thank you for one of the best metal songs of this decade

  • Thandiso Coutinho

    Who is this king they sing about?

  • This Is Janja!

    Love this song The only other metal band I like is ACDC and now they kinda suck so

  • Dangerous OP Nightmare Kids

    Me and my friend LOVE THIS SONG

  • Xx_coreyTaylor_Xx i

    1:10 dross eres tu ? :0

  • godhateskatelynn

    who's listening in 2017?

  • LoneStar97

    Trump's theme music for now on.

  • morgan mckee

    Just a quick survey what is you favorite a7x song

  • Alexander Bruneau

    just thought about it but could this song be a tribute to rob halford

  • Amy Garbutt

    I've had this song in my head for a week straight. I can stop listening to it! 😫 and I get to see them live again tonight!! 2 times in 4 days!!

  • widt width

    who else love justin bieber as much as me?

  • Kate Smart

    Playing one of these guys' songs at my uncles funeral "So Far Away" he loved Avenged Sevenfold

  • Reinaldo Alejandro Miret Laurenet

    Dross en las vocales.

  • Mir Man

    wonder if isis rolled into Mosul blasting this song

  • Thomas Vuorinen

    If you hail to world you hail to Satan, if you hail to King and not the King of Kings, you'll hail to Satan

  • Shawn Gell

    I have come to do all of my Guardian credentials.

  • carmen sierra

    where is the singer from afterlife? I'm new to this band I'm confused

  • Noah Walter

    I love this song do you guys?

  • eli r.

    is it just me or does matt look like ozzy here?

  • Bailey Clark

    This song introduced me to Avenged sevenfold

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