12 Minutes of Horizon: Zero Dawn Gameplay (with Commentary)

We take you through some of our favourite moments from a few hours' hands-on with Guerrilla's upcoming future-cavepeople epic.

Horizon: Zero Dawn Official Story Trailer:

Horizon: Zero Dawn Trailer - PSX 2016:

Horizon: Zero Dawn Official Creating a New World Trailer:

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  • DavijoMan

    I love how every time people mention performance issues in videos I'm just sitting here like "where?". lol

  • Noctis Kami

    i miss fun games with epic story lines Today is all graphics and dlc

  • thebestgame ever

    Good graphics doesn't mean necessarily a good game. I hope the game is fun 😃

  • Tony, The Stark

    When they revealed this in E3, and as a PC gamer at the moment, this game alone made me want to get back to Sony!

  • Zwergz 112

    It's simple, I see Horizon: Zero Dawn, I click

  • Matt Something

    It's like Tomb Raider and Far Cry Primal had a baby.

  • Concelhaut

    This Zelda DLC really improved on the graphics

  • AutisticWhale 2

    Definitely a day 1 buy for me.

  • They call Me RAIN

    so I have to get the pro too have full graphic Beauty

  • Sabri Gaddari

    this game looks brilliant can't wait!

  • sn N


  • bSTEALTH Bas

    it looks like a farcry primal version directed by kojima :)

  • exile

    Please tell me that you can disable the HUD.

  • Gibbs Gaming

    sony bringing the games while ms cancels them lmao!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mrblackbeard18

    this game looks pretty badass. the main character looks like lindsey lohans long lost cousin or somethi g.

  • Nicholas Joseph

    no tomb raider comparisons yet? looks like she moves and controls just like Lara in rise. graphics look on par with rise too. Will definitely be picking this up.

  • Younus Iqbal

    Horizon zero dawn and nioh going to slaughter halo wars 2 lol !!!

  • ending heartfelt

    hey guys, today is my birthday :)

  • badmaaash

    Choo chooooooo All aboard the hype train

  • Ivan Ramos

    March is goin to be an amazing month for core gamers not so great for our wallets.

  • Gabriel Plays

    Walking Ubisoft tower, omg 🤣🤣

  • Coza288

    Horizon zero DOWNGRADED

  • ano rid

    Am i the only one who thinks aloy's arms are sexy?

  • Bill I Did Not Bang That Woman Clinton

    Was concerned at first, but everyone who played has said it's superb.

  • Holyflame

    I love that ever since the start of 2017, gaming websites and channels like Gamepsot, IGN and Polygon etc, are mostly covering PS4 exclusive games. While the only news came from XBOX is Scalebound being cancelled and Phil Spencer saying Scorpio luk gud... Lmao XBOX has no games literally. 😂😂😂

  • Nadav Tron


  • Raging Doge

    this game will make my ps4 so noise that will take off any minutes

  • Adnan Baloch

    Happy new year everyone..

  • UniverseTheory

    hello comments readers !

  • DCEUMedley

    This and Zelda both great times to be Sony and nintendo fans.

  • Tidus

    dis game look sick asf

  • JustJosh'n

    This could be cool. Comes out the same week as Zelda though, so this might have to wait a month or two.

  • Shovel Fighter

    so it runs 1080@60 on standard PS4?

  • Alex

    HUD is busy af... still looks awesome though

  • liquid cyberpunk

    turned the volume down,gameplay was way better then the commentors opinions.

  • sinchman1

    Horizon has nice graphics but the gameplay not sure.... I'll take Zelda Breath of the Wild any day.

  • PsyGnosiS

    this game will get 6.2 by IGN, too much epic gameplay


    Brave + witcher + far cry + assets of uncharted (animations and graphics)

  • Eduardo Martins

    Remember: dont pre order!

  • Grapejam

    Futuristic FarCry Primal?

  • Skippy Paccino

    This is going to be something special and that's why I only skipped through the video. Lol

  • wind mill

    This makes nintendo switch look like trash.

  • MarvPharaoh The Jedi

    What happened to demos? Developers want you to pre order but can't deliver a demo for us. Tsk tsk.


    It has good look but quite boring game, another far cry primal but with machines.

  • Herman Hollander

    ancient indians with lightning arrows fighting robots, WTF ?!

  • Marcin ZicO

    What about diferences between PS4 PS4 vs PRO? I wonder if it's just only the resolution, or maybe quality of the texture, number of frame rates and argument for PRO, even in the case of TV 1080

  • Nick

    i have no opinion toward this game. nor will i develop an opinion until i have played it.

  • bullsheet88

    i was really hoping this game would be another good rpg like witcher 3, but disappointed its more like far cry than anything, not that i hate farcry, but i already have primal and havent finished it, probably wont finish this too if i buy it

  • pasGedden7

    game looks good but the AI looks REALLY dumb.

  • Paul Snelling

    Seems A Lot Like A 3rd Person Farcry Game, As Well As A Assassins Creed Game.(In A Way)

  • Matthew Welker

    So... Far Cry with robots. The ideas are running slim.

  • Alexis Javier

    this is one of those game that would be best to play on the pro.

  • polter geist

    Daniel Lingen, EA’s Senior Community Engagement Manager, has twitted #Skate4! unnoficially confirming it?

  • Kamille

    Honestly, this game's looking pretty boring. If I had money to burn I'd buy a Switch with Zelda instead of Horizon.

  • Big Meech!

    this games UI is distrating and the gameplay looks to be stale. Hopefully it can prove me wrong.

  • Cayde Six

    4:43 Cloned baby from a secret Human lab deep within the Earth then sent into the primitive Human tribes....maybe?~ 😂😂😂

  • Joanne Hamilton

    So bad story and bad quests but awesome gameplay ?


    Can I shoot a gun or is it just a bow and arrow? Do I get a sword

  • mVpkilla93

    wowww amazing game anyone who thinks otherwise doesn't know Guerilla

  • Craig Harvey-Gurr

    It's like Far Cry Primal mixed with Zoids.

  • Dominic Ray

    i don't know why but i just get the feeling that this game will dissapoint

  • paullucci

    Gameplay loop looks like a Far Cry meets Tomb Raider. I have game fatigue for both of those games :(

  • KING

    not nearly as good as scalebound will be ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Good - K

    Games looks good.But i will never buy a console for playing one game! Like a lot of people!What is the problem, make it for PC! (PS4 exclusif for what? Lost money?)Its rubbish

  • Water Bowser

    I hope it has a good story because I already see some Ubisoft elements here that are boring and repetitive

  • MyOldCookie

    Says 1080p only gets it in 360p

  • ChickettyPingers

    Cool you kill robots and thats it Would never but this over Zelda

  • Triforce44

    Breath of the wild>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>This trash

  • Peter E

    Feels very ubisofty and that doesnt fill me with enthusiasm. I honestly would have been more interested if it wasnt Open world

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