12 Minutes of Horizon: Zero Dawn Gameplay (with Commentary)

We take you through some of our favourite moments from a few hours' hands-on with Guerrilla's upcoming future-cavepeople epic.

Horizon: Zero Dawn Official Story Trailer:

Horizon: Zero Dawn Trailer - PSX 2016:

Horizon: Zero Dawn Official Creating a New World Trailer:

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  • DavijoMan

    I love how every time people mention performance issues in videos I'm just sitting here like "where?". lol

  • Gabriel Plays

    Walking Ubisoft tower, omg 🤣🤣

  • Zwergz 112

    It's simple, I see Horizon: Zero Dawn, I click

  • I may be mentally challenged, but

    Was concerned at first, but everyone who played has said it's superb.

  • AutisticWhale 2

    Definitely a day 1 buy for me.

  • liquid cyberpunk

    turned the volume down,gameplay was way better then the commentors opinions.

  • thebestgame ever

    Good graphics doesn't mean necessarily a good game. I hope the game is fun 😃

  • kcvriess

    Why do the vids on IGN always look so grainy!?!?!Do they use a different compressing technique for uploading to Youtube?

  • badmaaash

    Choo chooooooo All aboard the hype train

  • Tony, The Stark

    When they revealed this in E3, and as a PC gamer at the moment, this game alone made me want to get back to Sony!

  • Ivan Ramos

    March is goin to be an amazing month for core gamers not so great for our wallets.

  • Matt Something

    It's like Tomb Raider and Far Cry Primal had a baby.

  • Rito Rodriguez

    will there be a Merida skin?

  • Sergio Danvers

    this game looks brilliant can't wait!

  • Eduardo Martins

    Remember: dont pre order!

  • polter geist

    Daniel Lingen, EA’s Senior Community Engagement Manager, has twitted #Skate4! unnoficially confirming it?

  • bSTEALTH Bas

    it looks like a farcry primal version directed by kojima :)

  • German Game Informer

    This Video looks bad, but it's youtube compression.I'm hyped and i look forward this game.Perhaps like a Witcher 3?

  • Skippy Paccino

    This is going to be something special and that's why I only skipped through the video. Lol

  • Alexis Javier

    this is one of those game that would be best to play on the pro.

  • Nadav Tron


  • ark13700

    Tallneck? You mean Longneck Treestar craving intensifies

  • exile

    Please tell me that you can disable the HUD.

  • Harsh Singh Virdi

    This character sure does love talking to herself 😂


    Brave + witcher + far cry + assets of uncharted (animations and graphics)

  • MarvPharaoh The Jedi

    What happened to demos? Developers want you to pre order but can't deliver a demo for us. Tsk tsk.

  • Grapejam

    Futuristic FarCry Primal?

  • João Vitorino

    Is this being played on an OG PS4?If so, it looks pretty damn good.

  • Didledee

    Everything looks so good, looking forward to March!

  • UniverseTheory

    hello comments readers !

  • Red Ripull

    3:01 stick in their WHAT? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Avalon

    Technology has gone too far, man must go back to his savage roots, I've heard it before.

  • mrblackbeard18

    this game looks pretty badass. the main character looks like lindsey lohans long lost cousin or somethi g.

  • DonkBonk

    'Joe, what the hell do you do in Horizon- this game" LOL

  • DonkBonk

    'Joe, what the hell do you do in Horizon- this game" LOL

  • Shai-Hulud

    It has good look but quite boring game, another far cry primal but with machines.

  • Keep6ix

    The sickest game I ever seen anyone thinking otherwise doesn't know Guerilla

  • Keep6ix

    The sickest game I ever seen anyone thinking otherwise doesn't know Guerilla

  • hazimsone

    they should've shown the photo mode: u can customize the field of view, zoom, perspective, time of the day.owh i'm gonna travel to different area just to take picture. then do wallpaper for pc/ps4

  • michael jones

    Looks like john snows girlfriend such a wildling

  • GuyGamer81

    Got this game, it's amazing game,great vid

  • Ronald McDaddy

    Looks like Ubisofts favorite open-world game

  • Kev Urbie

    What far cry primal should have been? How bout no.

  • Paul Snelling

    Seems A Lot Like A 3rd Person Farcry Game, As Well As A Assassins Creed Game.(In A Way)

  • Racoon Guy

    Too bad I get a Ubisoft vibe from it.

  • Trey Lo

    Just to say the collector's edition looks nice for the price :) Gon look good on the wall~

  • Herman Hollander

    ancient indians with lightning arrows fighting robots, WTF ?!

  • god

    we need a quality mode on the pro, 1080p 60fps 4k 30fps . ill pick 1080p 60fps over 4k 30fps any day for horizon dawn

  • MyOldCookie

    Says 1080p only gets it in 360p

  • Patogallina Alvarado

    do 12 minutes of scaleboundoh wait....

  • Ishaan Gupta

    The legend of Zelda:Breath of the wild is the best

  • chaosthunder

    its like far cry and monster hunter had steamy coitus.which is a good thing lol(but i don't think i'd play this for the story loool)

  • solarneddy

    My new favourite game after twenty years and hundreds of games played

  • Stefan Myers

    Man, judging from this gameplay, Horizon: Zero Dawn is looking a bit framey. Yikes.Beautiful nonetheless.

  • Younus Iqbal

    Horizon zero dawn and nioh going to slaughter halo wars 2 lol !!!

  • Shaquille Oatmeal

    This is a mix of breath of the wild and shadow of the colossus and I love it

  • warrior100girl

    omg march will be so great. Starting with Horizon and Ending with Andromeda

  • Moshugaani

    Looks so cool, very interesting!This and Zelda: Breath of the Wild both in March? We're in for a treat!

  • Raggedy Exynos

    Too bad this game was overshadowed by BotW...

  • ShadowSkrillMau5

    THE HUMANS ARE REALLY ROBOTS enjoy your game

  • Feon Jun

    I see the game designers caught the JJ OVER-HYPED Abram's lens flare bug.

  • Nasser Mouneera

    I don't know if i should buy this game or mass effect

  • Philip Almqvist

    Looking forward to this BUT... that UI is atrocious! XD

  • Snorri Svellingen

    The problem with horizon zero dawn is that it comes out same day as Nintendo switch and the legend of Zelda botw

  • Guhsteh

    I hope the story is memorable.

  • Simon Delott

    That looks gorgeous. I don't know that I'm interested in playing, but I'm certainly interested in watching someone play it.

  • Ptolemy336VV

    A-mazing. I am so hyped. All the video's I have seen, all the people loooved it. I can't wait. Day one!

  • mui muhadresh

    THX.Can´t wait anymore

  • Marcin ZicO

    What about diferences between PS4 PS4 vs PRO? I wonder if it's just only the resolution, or maybe quality of the texture, number of frame rates and argument for PRO, even in the case of TV 1080

  • cLaryzen

    Who's gonna buy this game? IM READY!!!

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