The Elder Scrolls Online War in Cyrodiil Trailer (2014)

The war in Cyrodiil has begun !
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  • Affwan Jjr

    kq gk ad yg ful movis sih .payah

  • PenguinZpoison

    trailer is as laggy as the real game lol

  • Ragna Rok

    Trailer looks great, lizard man down.... but even trailer shows that cyrodiil is laggy.

  • Andrew Stalker

    Khajiit are seriously underrepresented in Elder Scrolls marketing. I call racism.

  • ellahues

    lol more like go to do some daily quests and get ganked by 12 kids who have 400+ champion points

  • Igor' Kratossov

    Ffffuck! This trailer is... bad. Looks like lineage or somthing

  • faerzin zeninbeden

    Morrowind, Oblivion, Skyrim...i've played it all, it feels...alive, even when its just single player and interaction with npc, i always had imagine what will it be if MorrOblivSky becomes multiplayer, so much possibility.., but these..hurm..., ill rather get back and kill some chicken in skyrim and enjoy being chased by the whole guard and people of whitrun XD.

  • Jews_rule

    atleast it wasnt cgi and it was  real gameplay even tho  the trailer had crazy lagg lol

  • Carl Squatrito

    I can see this lagging for PC but not consoles.

  • Art

    Impressions on ESO: No lag, whatsoever. The game engine is incredible. It feels like an Elder Scrolls game, and it's vastly fun. Problems: Unbalanced. A Sorc Vampire could solo 30-40 players at once, I shit you not. Unresponsive sometimes, that really pissed me off. Players can kill you REALLY fast, even when your popping abilities like a motherfucker. No real reward for PvP. Thats what eventually turned me off.

  • David Boggs

    Game is garbage. Bathesda is yet another company like lionhead it seems, an amazing franchise with GREAT potential and a fanbase (fable) yet makes each game more linear then the last. then just drops the ball.

  • Ander Yanguas C

    lol this bs video represent 0% of what pvp in that game is

  • USMCMichaels

    Looks like GW2 World vs World. Fucking gay. They should just release an online expansion for Skyrim.

  • Peter Parker

    to be honest your more worthy if you pay $15 per a month including the game. 

  • SirNimrod

    Yes there is going to be an offline campaign

  • jon erdman

    this game has basically gone against everything elder scrolls was suppose to be. just go back to making singlepalyer RPGs!! 

  • Christian Arciga

    Was that guy a vampire?

  • Vixel Fox

    This looks all well and fun, until the insta-death hits you. Then you sit there raging at your screen like "WHAT THE FUUUUUUU-".

  • Vetle Nærø

    omfg! I Cant wait for this game :3

  • Drake Natsu

    NO! don't kill the ebonheart pact! kill the aldmeri dominion instead. :)

  • Nouwd Van den Boogaard

    they really should have made an skyrim-like game instead of this bullshit

  • Drink your tea

    war they say, 12 people on each side

  • saki soldier

    Fuck off guys it's a good mmo

  • noleenification

    i can almost taste the lag

  • MiStEr CrAzYmAn

    I like how the map at the start looks nothing like Tamriel. All the borders of the countries and their positions are completely wrong

  • Tozie

    Its seems like the Daggerfall Covenants are attackers and Ebonheart Pact n Aldermani Dominion are the Defenders.


    why isn't this HD at all??

  • Kristian Celarc

    This franchise totaly deserves a movie! We need a kickstarter campaign to make this real, like we did the deadpool movie.

  • ConclusiveConfusion

    The thing that made me dislike this trailer the most wasn't lag or graphics or the potential wasted. But, rather that Tamriel is a continent not a country...

  • Roberto Padilla

    they forgot to depict the extreme amount of lag when there's more than 30 players in the same area.

  • Andrew Elias

    Shoulda made like a 4 player game, or somthing, woulda put the bullshit assassins creeds trying to pull right out of business, but the games not to bad

  • kenshiro katana has massive lags and fps loss in big battles. Seen it, done that, sux...dont waste one euro.

  • ThePCPlayer

    I LOVE IT!!! I have always been a fan of the dagger fall covenant and they races that make up the organization and this trailer just sets you in the mood to spill Ebon heart or Aldmeri blood under the lion's banner!

  • dylan irwin haywood

    Yeah there will be offline

  • Ren McCormack

    $15 a month plus what I pay for online and internet? Nah I'm ballin on a budget.

  • MrFalaranah

    zenimax is like EAyou gotta pay if you wanna play

  • Devy 私はお尻を食べる

    I am so going Darktus the third in this game.


    Only been waiting n here it comes soon.. pc is were ill be

  • EquestriaKnight234

    I'm guessing you either join the empire or the rebellion. correct?

  • CmcLoudMouth

    Not saying anything about the quality of the game as I haven't played it, but that trailer looked like your average FTP, bored of it in a week MMO. Just a crappy trailer hopefully. The cinematic really oversold it if that's what in game looks like the animations looked awful and the environments looks pretty boring.

  • Elvis Florian

    Some thing about This doesn't feel like an elder scroll game .

  • Victoria Lotze

    Die Grafik ist ja auch relativ bescheiden. 

  • keshera gunesekera

    Wonder what's that ability with the gun -_-

  • RMP Ignacio.

    Which faction will you guys be in? Me and my classmates chose DaggerFall Covenant. I'll see you in Cyrodiil, Ebonhearts. >_>

  • thesamuraiman

    Looks pretty fun. I would get it...if I didn't have to pay $230 a year on top of the $60 to get it. ._.I also feel like there would be immense lag. o.o

  • Shadow Labrys

    I can't get in to this game maybe because I'm not a dragonborn.

  • Chris Roze

    No mmo can be played offline. But most modern mmo have a story mode in form of quest, region event or dungeon

  • Chinese Tigerfist

    I'm good I don't need to be paying monthly for this game, I'll just stay buying PS4 games not mmorpgs.

  • raphaeltrumpetsound

    It'll be F2P and favor PAYERS By month 3.

  • Kenpachi Zaraki

    They waste money making another WoW , with half the budget they could of made skyrim co-op that would be much better.

  • linfo28


  • consumptionmishap

    It would stand a chance if it were F2p or B2p. It will not be worth a subscription. Fun though.

  • Tony Montana

    little less than I expected,plus 60dollars and monthly fee, I think I will wait

  • Jaune Brando1776

    there better be not a arrow to the knee

  • Jacob Whisenant

    This game could of been better

  • keeva2007

    how long before WOW puts this out of commition.i hate mmos all together. i would settle for just a co op story with just 2 or 4 friends

  • Redd Wolf

    I will buy this game only if it doesn't have subscription fees, other than that you got my money +D

  • Yuriy Lavrushkin

    А русскоязычная версия будет???

  • Kenpachi Zaraki

    They waste money making another WoW , with half the budget they could of made skyrim co-op that would be much better.

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