Skyrim - Top 10 Wives

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  • FudgeMuppet

    Was not expecting top ten wives :P

  • Daniel Phillips

    I married Karita from Windpeak Inn in Dawnstar :-)

  • JamesME Dalton

    If only you could marry Sapphire :/

  • Original Juice

    maybe it'll work better for me in Skyrim than it did in real life

  • Arceus Lord of Creation

    You can't marry Serana, no matter how much I love her

  • Alkalilee

    I have a good laugh whenever Mjoll gets mad at the thieves guild.Honey, you're married to their leader.

  • Jorge González-Páramo

    Married Mjoll and didn´t regret it. Great sense of humor, a beast in combat, and she´s quite good looking. I just hate having her cook at home, I think it degrades such a warrior. As of Aerin, well... I heard that he was found in a river near Windhelm with a Dwarven Arrow on his back. How bizarre!

  • Uniform Tango 74

    Married Mjoll, and I got rid of her sidekick by letting bandits kill his sorry ass. LOL!

  • Luke McEwan

    You can't marry seran

  • dominic garcia

    Why does this guy sound like Prismo?

  • Steelhead

    One of the reasons I married Ysolda: It was on Skyrim for Pimps

  • Kaftar Gaming

    actually you can't marry Serana unless you have a mod that let's you.

  • Jesse Sessions

    You can't marry Serena my babe without Mods man.


    WRONG, to marry aela you have to complete all of the companions quests.

  • Colax

    i am imagining lord farquaad watching this

  • Dovahkiin KhajiitMaster

    One wife isn't enough! Sister wives mod please

  • Compilation King

    " Sthkyrim "

  • MrFancyLiving

    how does this guy have 1.7 million subs he sounds like he has kids in his basement

  • Ryker Voets

    You can't marry Serrana

  • SteelTSSteel

    I married Alea the huntress and after the marriage she left and never came back. Help!

  • HellDoggyjr

    You forgot Jarl Barlgruuf


    Mjoll the Lioness also has a sexy accent.

  • Therisius

    u need a mod to marry serana

  • MLS Memes Staff

    Yeah Lydia died RIP :(

  • Francis D. Rake

    After the long interactions with Serana and her entire family during Dawnguard I feel as she would be the only appropriate candidate for marriage. If the game allowed her to marry you I'd place her First on the list, no doubt.

  • BC dreamer

    i need a reguard women

  • Karl Loustalot

    how do you marry serena when she's unmarriable is there some kind of mod I don't know about

  • Elias Sjöbom

    Smike you cant marry Serrana

  • Cancer Cam

    Am I the only one who wishes you could marry Sapphire of the Thieve's Guild?

  • Kronikalrag3

    Lol so yea.... my character is married to rayya the red guard ,and because of that "lovely face" she now wears permanently 1 of the 3 "execution masks",you can steal from the victims , when 1st meeting Astrid in the shack for the dark brotherhood abduction intro , the other 2 are also in her inventory just in case that one falls off ; ).

  • Zemythian

    You need a mod to marry Serana. ive tried pretty much everything else.

  • A Solitary Soul

    Why is Janessa not on this list?

  • CynicalDonut

    Ones handed up to 81One handed up to 82 One handed up to 83

  • Lotus

    disgusting nerd with a lisp that gets wives in skyrim

  • Elijah Flick

    you can't marry Serena life is pointless

  • Cerberus

    man i wish you could marry serana shes a hot vampire


    Did two playthroughs on PS3 and got married in both. Now on Skyrim SE i chose a female character bcuz i had completely forgotten about the whole marrying thing. I wonder if i can still marry a woman. That would be sweet! ;)

  • Barry Tucceri

    One thing about Aela is shell call you brother on occasion.Ruins your marriage.

  • Adam Abdelfattah

    I married Uthgerd the Unbroken cause I had a fistfight with her.

  • Darude Sandstorm

    I can't believe I became this desperate to actually worry about marrying the right woman in skyrim because I know asking a girl out in real life is a hopeless case.

  • Undead Will

    No strong orc men or women? Malacath is displeased.

  • Ike D

    Serana is definitely number one. No questions asked.

  • Racquel Baguley

    am I the only one that wants to marry vex from the theves guild

  • Matheus Victor

    anyone else killed Aerin ?

  • Adit IG

    SERANA STILL THE BESTeven you cant marry her

  • FailedTrojan

    All my wife (Alea) does is walk backwards now. If she keeps this up, I'm taking her to see a marriage councillor...aka a war axe to the face

  • GM Steelhaven

    Aela is also the Master Archery Trainer \m/

  • xeno alpha

    Ysolda with mod bijin wives she is too cute !!!! Ysolda is the best ! ;p

  • theprofromthesky

    nooooooooooo i killed lydia for the 30 septims of inheritance

  • Hellbeast

    Can you marry a high elf? I can't seem to find any that exist

  • Creatus, his Oofness

    Serana = Unmarriableana

  • fenrir7282

    I can't believe I actually went back and created a whole new character so I could marry Serana because this video said I could, just to find out the hard way that I can't after all. What a waste of my damn time!!!

  • Sunset Shimmer Gaming

    I thought the vampire chick wasn't a canadate for marriage, dispite all of the players begging the game company to do so (if you say 'console commands' I'll punch you. I have it for 360 because my laptops are dumb)

  • DeadRomance548

    I thought you couldn't marry serana?


    Guys can anyone help me? I just married Aela and she doesn't call me " Love " n stuff. She allways says when i'm near her " Something shifted in the moons, Brother " . WHY ?

  • pillows2400

    Jordis the Sword Maiden should have been on here. Her one handed is amazing in my opinion and she makes me lots of money.

  • anthony sweat

    Aela always. (since we can't have Serana)

  • Simon O'Reilly

    aerin met with an unfortunate "accident" I was testing my newly forged dragon bone sword and I unfortunately hit him...twelve times.

  • Beaux Rathburn

    Who else think serana is hotter as a vampire than a human?

  • Shubhojyoti Som

    I'm gonna marry Jarl Elisif no matter what.....

  • erasmus420

    That's cool that you don't mind that she goes out and does jobs with Vilkas.........just the two of them side-by-side facing mortal danger......with Vilkas....... maybe huddling together for warmth camping under the gorgeous Skyrim....with Vilkas...........for days at a time......with Vilkas.   I'm just saying, your a good person that it doesn't bother you.

  • Corkoomba The Frog

    Sadly Lydia Went missing on my game.And that makes me sad

  • SkipSt

    If only you could have a harem

  • Owen Richardson

    What about illia in dark light tower?

  • Dire

    Top 10 views in skyrim.

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