Upgraded Shield, How Bulletproof is it???

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Thanks to Hardcore Defense for sending us their Bravo Shield to test!

How did you like my new Auto Ordnance Tommy gun and my new CMMG Banshee in 5,7??? PS.......as always.......Don't tell Mere, there are some things my wife doesn't need to know.

Watch me vlog. http://www.youtube.com/offtheranch
IF you love animals http://www.youtube.com/vetranch

"Club Diver" by Kevin MacLeod from incompetech.com.
Outro music by MDK, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2_t5Lm040Gw
  • DemolitionRanch

    This is the biggest man I have ever seen................ I want to watch him throw things all day long. Thanks Robert Oberst and Nick Irving for coming out to play today!!!

  • blank frankie

    It took a minute for my brain to register the fact that I'd just seen someone pick up a grown man with one hand like he was an empty suitcase

  • OptimisticBleach

    Matt: gives an AR15 to a professional strongmanRecoil: Am I a joke to you?

  • jacquon nelson

    Let me just say... That intro was awesome sauce

  • Andre Pointer

    Yoooooo did I just witness this man lift a grown man up like a plastic bag ???? Do my eyes deceive me

  • That1KID

    5:27-7:30 That’s how mafia works

  • Off Duty

    He picked him up with one arm like nothing, Wtf.

  • morten325

    Looks like his sniper rifle had some accidental discharge! Better get that checked out for safety reasons!

  • Kostas Athanasopoulos

    who else thought it was gonna be a fully auto tommy gun¿

  • pentolp

    wait he picked up a man with one hand, wtf

  • PickleJoe Productions

    You should have told him to shoot 500 magnum

  • Typical Rub3n

    All I know he's gonna survive the Zombie Apocalypse

  • cHiCkEn_BiScUiTs

    It is an obligation to see Rob shoot a magnum

  • VIII Maus

    >Picks up an entire adult male with one arm. Damn, if this main shoots an entire round out of a .50, the gun is going to be the one that's sore in the morning.

  • rehman malik

    that is the whitest black man ive ever seen

  • Justin Y.

    But can it match the power of flex tape?

  • Josh G

    The 57 story at 3:10 sounds made up. Chechens don't use 57. Lame.

  • Oliver Pavlovic

    I like the AK, but the AR 15 looks good in red

  • I-I I-I

    Pffft Americans (this is sarcasm)

  • Josh Duke

    Matt... i got a new sniper rifle. Robert...really i got one too ( picks up nick holding a pistol popping off rounds 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • 123 456

    I love how much Nick commits to the intros when he’s in a vid 😂😂😂

  • Elmo de la Muerte

    Robert deadlifts close to 1000lb so Nick probably feels like picking up a backpack

  • The Kaiser

    No, it was a bank robber named George "Machine gun Kelly" kelly Barnes . Who was the person who said that he could write his initials with a Tommy gun

  • Aiden

    Ohhh they call the dummy lt. Dan bc he has no legs 😂😂

  • il Serpente

    I have a gun like if u are a gun owner

  • Korya Iine

    So much testosterone in one video..this can offset all the soy boys in California!

  • Lagmistic 123

    Why are so many people watching this a year later than it was posted

  • Joe Kin

    Anyone else think nick is a compulsive liar? Idk just weird energy. No doubt he’s seen a lot and has some crazy stories but I feel like he exaggerates and fabricates a lot. I don’t mean disrespect, just calling it how I see it

  • BumbleBeeTuna

    lmao the gold tommy gun has him talking about starting a mafia club, and the other guys insta-responding, "Yeah".

  • The Hoffmeister

    These intros keep getting wackier and wackier

  • kody simpson

    Ok, Nick is so full of it. Jus sayin.

  • Acanadian Dude

    Lol Robert looks like a pretty version of big chungus

  • weaponizer m

    ooo the intro pun is just perfect 0:05

  • Adam Lambert

    I love how that ar15 recoiled back onto itself off the big guy lol.

  • BIG D

    Without the buttstock the 1st gun would look like a usi

  • Louis McKay

    Matt can lift 240 maybe. Pretty boy can probably lift 500

  • Jacob S.

    The gold Tommy Gun is soooooo badass!

  • Eric Wunder

    Robert could probably bend them

  • Justin

    Lmao that intro. I love when Nick is on the channel. That Tommy Gun is slick! I want it. Was really hoping to see Robert shoot the .500 magnum, but him making the .50 look like child’s play was satisfying. Looking forward to that standing sniper shot from Nick!

  • Dan flo

    Let big Rob send a couple down range WITH THE 500MAG🤩

  • Physico Gamer

    solution of every problem barret

  • Zornel Pasague 19

    Try Shooting Sniper Gun with a 50cal.

  • Hell Bender

    That's how Mafia City works

  • Fake account Bekfast

    Who else wanted to see the strong man shoot the 500. Magnum

  • fillg

    I like all the fancy new guns but what about the Freakin' Mosin Nagant?

  • VortexGaming

    Demolition ranch and Slo mo Guys Collab!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Louis De Jong

    he looks like chris pratt

  • Eternity

    You can't expect to shoot the same piece of armor with different guns and expect a legit comparison ..

  • MrScottyMillz

    The real question is who was the guy in the blue shirt!!!???!!!

  • Giratina the god

    picked him up with one hand like nothing


    This man just picked up a whole human like he was a God damn shopping bag, WTF

  • Akshay Ravi Kumar

    14:02 Never mess with a man who can shoot a .50 BMG like that.

  • sanscho1 skelebon1

    Best part about being nick and his stories, u never know when hes tellimg the truth and when he isnt

  • as cancer problem

    That Tommy gun is just like a skin in PUBG

  • Jay D. Anderson

    Love the stories.... hey... just a thought. How about measuring the recoil using an accelerometer (g-Force sensor) on various weapons with various ammunition. Seems the gas operated guns have less recoil? Also, what about recoil compensators (?) and also mercury filled shock/recoil dampers? Another idea I have (yes... you have to give me credit ;-) --- set up a microphone and fire various bullets around it and let us hear what it sounds like to be fired at (the safe way)…. some bullets I hear sound like a very fast bumble bee... some have virtually no sound at all.... what is the truth?

  • Lego Man Productions

    13:34 who is the 4th person in the blue shirt???

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