Upgraded Shield, How Bulletproof is it???

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Thanks to Hardcore Defense for sending us their Bravo Shield to test!

How did you like my new Auto Ordnance Tommy gun and my new CMMG Banshee in 5,7??? PS.......as always.......Don't tell Mere, there are some things my wife doesn't need to know.

Watch me vlog. http://www.youtube.com/offtheranch
IF you love animals http://www.youtube.com/vetranch

"Club Diver" by Kevin MacLeod from incompetech.com.
Outro music by MDK, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2_t5Lm040Gw
  • DemolitionRanch

    This is the biggest man I have ever seen................ I want to watch him throw things all day long. Thanks Robert Oberst and Nick Irving for coming out to play today!!!

  • blank frankie

    It took a minute for my brain to register the fact that I'd just seen someone pick up a grown man with one hand like he was an empty suitcase

  • jacquon nelson

    Let me just say... That intro was awesome sauce

  • eualadindeal

    I got a sniper too!Actually a 100% correct statement, he did have a sniper!

  • Rufus

    Seeing an AK-47 and Tommy Gun not shot in full auto just hurts me inside.i love how people got angry about this

  • Missin Link

    This video is like the start of a bad joke. "So a super deadly sniper a strongman and a skinny white guy with a ton of guns go out in the woods...." 😂😂😂😂

  • Off Duty

    He picked him up with one arm like nothing, Wtf.

  • Samuel Jespersen

    Having a semiauto Tommy gun is like having a V6 Mustang

  • A sophisticated intelectual.

    WHO ELSE HAD TO REPLAY THE INTRO TO PROCESS ITGuys i have 4 likes this is amazing

  • Giovick

    Robert huge size prevents him from experiencing recoil.

  • Assassinsking 56

    I want to see Robert shoot the 500 magnum

  • Korya Iine

    So much testosterone in one video..this can offset all the soy boys in California!

  • Ryan Davis

    Big dude makes guns look like bb guns

  • jeff yt

    Nick and his totally true stories..😂😂

  • Nuckelavee

    Jesus, Robert has enough Testosterone to dose all the cucks/soyboys/feminist and trannies together and he'd still have a couple liters left, LOL.

  • parkour uninversal

    All the dislikes are from riot shields

  • Justin Y.

    But can it match the power of flex tape?

  • Erwin Rommel

    I want to see oberst with a mp40

  • 프로댓글러

    He picked him up with 1 ✋ hand 😳😳😳😳

  • Andre Pointer

    Yoooooo did I just witness this man lift a grown man up like a plastic bag ???? Do my eyes deceive me

  • Obiwan Kenobi

    Oh shit, we got these earthlings carrying grown men with one hand.

  • 123 456

    I love how much Nick commits to the intros when he’s in a vid 😂😂😂

  • brai brai

    ss1 buatan pindad indonesia dong

  • Olj0n4s

    For future videos like this, to see explicit the damage done, take a photo before and after each try. That would make it easier.

  • ProGamer is awesome

    Man i really love your vids if been here since 100k and i love your content

  • Justin

    Lmao that intro. I love when Nick is on the channel. That Tommy Gun is slick! I want it. Was really hoping to see Robert shoot the .500 magnum, but him making the .50 look like child’s play was satisfying. Looking forward to that standing sniper shot from Nick!

  • Next Gen Gaming

    This man does not have an AR15 that isn't skeletized 😂😂🖒👌❤

  • Five Star

    Kind of reminds me of the "Homemade Armor" video that you uploaded a year ago with the comments disabled because you didn't know what a spall guard was.

  • PickleJoe Productions

    You should have told him to shoot 500 magnum

  • Random_Fat_Weirdo 123452

    What was the nickname for the guy that got shot in the foot with a five seven "foot seven"

  • OuterSpaceBandit

    Why does it look like nick is a little kid trying to touch something and Matt Swats his hand at 14:29😂

  • jrex427

    According to Google, you Matt, are 6' 9"....

  • WoodApe100

    Hey Demo Ranch. Can You Please Fire A Slingshot At Lt Dan In The Next Video With Nick And Robert

  • morten325

    Looks like his sniper rifle had some accidental discharge! Better get that checked out for safety reasons!


    Damn Robert ate the recoil on the bmg 😂 was like Matt shooting a shotgun 😂😂😂

  • The Hoffmeister

    These intros keep getting wackier and wackier

  • vivek raikwar

    Want something hard to stand in front of 50 BMG BC 😤😤😤😤

  • cHiCkEn_BiScUiTs

    It is an obligation to see Rob shoot a magnum

  • Liljojo World

    I love that gold gun bro

  • weaponizer m

    ooo the intro pun is just perfect 0:05

  • 5277erik

    Without the buttstock the 1st gun would look like a usi

  • IMiss_Sol

    I literally just liked this video because of the intro.

  • brandon burns

    That was a nice pun for the intro

  • The Tombomb

    Did anyone else notice the tree behind Robert when he shot the 50

  • fillg

    I like all the fancy new guns but what about the Freakin' Mosin Nagant?

  • AbdulaziZ

    I'm thinking about the aa12

  • Kendall Wallace

    Is that the person off of vet ranch

  • Nat0ri0us

    I dont know if you follow siege at all but you should try to find or get an ar15 chambered in 50 cal like the new op maverick. That would be an interesting video to see. Or at least to find out if that's even possible.

  • One Click

    I would like to be this mans friend

  • MrScottyMillz

    The real question is who was the guy in the blue shirt!!!???!!!

  • Santiago Alanis

    that Tommy gun tho 💦💦💦💦

  • maddog 7983

    Nick ivory news on the TV show now

  • Dreams

    This is my favorite skit

  • Akshay Ravi Kumar

    14:02 Never mess with a man who can shoot a .50 BMG like that.

  • US Marine

    Seeing a tommy gun and a ak being fired semiauto is like watching the kazoo kid 10hrs straight. It hurts me, AND WTF HE PICKED HIM UP LIKE IT WAS NOTHING

  • John John

    He doesn't even move shooting the 50 XDXD like his shoulder flinched a couple centimeters

  • The thin blue line #policelivesmatter

    Make a big one that has a bigger titanium plate and you got something

  • Riley McGarry

    Me: And how much is the tommy gun?Guy at gun store: 44 kMe: Shoot, I’ll be back in a year.

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