10 Things Skyrim Players HATE

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (PC, PS4, Xbox One, 360, PS3) is already a beloved classic full of fun and frustrations. Here are some things that bother even the biggest fans.
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  • gameranx

    We love it, but there's always something to complain about.

  • Justin .Y. EET

    Opening a master lock and breaking like 42 lock picks to get an apple and 4 arrows

  • Godlin

    i hate how you have 10 fingers but u can only have 1 ring

  • emtm 319

    Following someone who is slower than you are and if you get too close they stop and start talking

  • xXMysticXx

    When you're trying to listen to an important conversation and a npc next to you randomly starts talking over it

  • Narko Man

    Accidentally picking up every single item in your chest... >:(

  • RummerChan

    The biggest thing that used to bug me was your #1... I only played 1 character on Skyrim, and I did quite literally EVERYTHING on that one character only quests left are repeatables, so I was the Dragonborn, Leader of the Dark Brotherhood AND the thieves guild, a Nightingale, Archmage of the college of Winterhold, Thane in every city, had a fully upgraded house in every city, etc etc etc... but everyone still treats you like dirt, like someone that ridiculously famous wouldn't be known by the entire land. Because of that it almost felt like an empty MMO... where they can't treat one person like a hero because it's possible that everyone is a hero... but it's a single player game... I AM THE HERO. @_@That and how things you think are big choices... 1. don't effect anything and 2. are really dumb choices. ie. choosing between the Imperials (assholes) and the stormcloaks (racist assholes)... but in the end it doesn't matter, because both factions are still all over the place like they don't know the war has been over for months.

  • Ward Bouslough

    dragon born, Nightingale, werewolf, assassin leader, killer or the emperor, thieves guild master, champion of all daedra and keeper or their ancient artifacts, savior or skyrim, slayer of dragons, tide-changer or wars, defeater or Alduin, master of the thum, aider of the damned, Qahnaarin, master smith, arch mage, badass walkks through townGaurd: C i t i z e n

  • BlueTooth

    When you get a killcam with a bow but miss the shot...

  • Spoons

    "You're carrying too much to be able to run."

  • CosmeeK


  • Absence of Doubt

    When you can't fast travel because there's a crab somewhere that's mad.

  • awoken god

    Walks up to guy the mission sent you to wearing the glowing black armor of demonic gods and the tusked mask of an ancient dragon worshipping ghost priest“Eh I thought you would be more impressive”

  • lolbomb gamerpants

    breathes"By order of the jarl, stop right there!"

  • Gilbert Alvarado

    When you accidentally kill your companion

  • *Gasp

    How nothing changes when you finish main quests. I killed Alduin and there are still dragons. I literally saved the world and the guards still think it's okay to say "let me guess, somebody stole your sweetroll" like dude, I killed The World Eater in three hits do you really think you have a chance against me? And the companions have no idea who I am! I killed the dark brotherhood! (I kind of regret that because you know, quests) there was a dragon in your castle at one point and you have no idea!

  • LuminisK

    Defeating ALDUIN, THE WORLD EATER, and getting basically no recognition? Like nobody brings it up again??? HellO???

  • Nightmare Fanatic

    10 - 2: Nazeem1: Not being able to kill or turn in Maven Black-Briar.



  • LoyalHunter

    You get a quest and its in the middle of the mountains and there are no fast travel points near it. 20 mins later you're there and you literally get like 40 gold and some useless armor

  • Nick Skarlis


  • Join the Dab Side

    Who hates Dragon Riding? It really disappointed me.

  • Suede Trombone

    (Whiterun guards and I just get finished killing a dragon on one of the farms) "Whoa, whoa, whoa! Watch the magic!"?.... >:|

  • garder necro

    I hate these things in Skyrim:1. You are fighting a dragon and it just flies away and never comes back.2. You fast travel to a place and it spawns you high in the air and you fall and die.3. Serana makes you dismiss your follower to do the Dawnguard DLC quests. (I use Teldryn Sero a lot, so I have to go all the way to Raven Rock to get him back AND I have to hire him again.)4. Followers get stuck attacking a dead body and you have to load a save to get them to continue doing anything.5. Faralda sometimes tells you that you have to conjure a flame atronach to get into the College of Winterhold and you don't even have enough magicka for that. You just wanted to talk to Urag for a quest. So you have to repeatedly level up or obtain some mage gear just to get in.6. The Courier shows up and interrupts you while you are fighting some Vampires after fast travelling to a city and you die.7. Being attacked by any Falmer will almost always poison you. If you have a follower and you give them a poison they do not even use it, yet Falmer have infinite uses on their own poisons.8. Orc bandit chiefs with a war hammer seem to have a 99.99% chance of locking you into a cinematic death whenever they attack you.9. Gunmar or Isran can give you quests where you have to murder someone in the streets or in the Jarl's court because they are a vampire. If you are not running a stealth character you might as well just charge up to them and decapitate them and just pay the bounty because assassinating someone in the streets of Skyrim or Solstheim is near impossible to do without getting caught unless you have high sneak.10. Azura's Star is available from the very start of the game even though it is arguably the most dangerous of the Daedric artifacts to obtain because of all the Dremora who spam fireballs in the final area.

  • IGIprimigenia

    Spending time, a lot of it, to perfectly arrange every single special weapon or object around the house, in the display cases and finding it all messed up at each new load 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Named Namer

    I hate it when I'm saving a village from a fire-breathing dragon, and one of the guards runs in front of me so he gets shot from an arrow, and suddenly im a bigger threat than the dragon which is burning them to a crisp.

  • Animelover66 Way2cool2

    The thing that bugs me the most is when you are talking or looking at someone than you shout by accident and then the whole city is attacking you

  • Elijah Santiago

    What bothers me is the very long loading screen

  • Christopher Coakley

    I hate having to Billy goat my way through mountains, like I know there are roads but damn what I'd give for a set of wings.

  • XxGamerMayKittyGamesxX

    I hate that priest who worships talos in whiterun

  • MarcusofMenace

    When your companion gets lost

  • Lilly Sanderson

    WHEN YOU GET KILLED and the person that kills says oh what happened or what is it

  • Alesii TS

    I was once a adventurer like you. Then I took a arrow to the knee.

  • Robin Glass

    I once decided to test out some spells on nazeem, but after I hit him, a random guard ran over to him and killed him, instead of giving me a bounty. Probably the result of over modding, but it was still entertaining to watch.

  • chris gonzales

    I also hate that u can become super rich yet u can't get better homes to buy. Like say Winterhold where u got all those broken burn down homes and shops. Why can't u buy land there and make a better town ? Smh Why couldn't Winterhold have a quest to rebuilt the town?

  • Jonny Pope

    walks into solitude wearing armor made out of deceased dragons that is cloaked in flames and wielding a sword made out of the heart of a daedra after previously defeating Alduin The World Eater, son of Akatosh, and the harbinger of the end of timesKid: I thought adventurers are supposed to look tough.

  • Tyler hockman

    when you have a bunch of good loot but you are over weight...

  • A SI

    When you enter your house and the house Carl says "You lost?" or "I hope you are not planning any trouble, what can i do for you friend?" Damn thats annoying.

  • Ethan Decker

    My two biggest problems with this game was, 1, the lack of respawn and, 2, the lack of impact you had. I can understand the friendly fire, but if someone dies from a dragon permanently that sucks. I don't know if there is a way around that, I just used console commands. The 2nd bit was always disappointing. Like you kill the Emperor of all of Skyrim during the Dark Brotherhood questline and there is no impact. No election or whatever, the Jarl's don't say anything. etc.

  • Jedikiah

    If your hating on Nazeem, you clearly don't get to the cloud district often.

  • funnyblog100

    In oblivion you had to do a lot of side quests and actually work to gain a leadership position. Each faction had some really great stories especially the mages guild and the dark brotherhood which had the best quests in the game. Especially when you face off against the king of worms himself in an epic duel to the death. The dark brotherhood is also amazing as you try to catch a traitor within the ranks of these assassins and it had some unique twists. You really felt like a hero and npcs would acknowledge what you did. Also the theives guild has you stealing a fucking elder scroll and making a grand escape! On top of that doing the thieves guild quest gives you the most epic item in the game the grey cowl of nocturnal which has an illusion enchantment so whenever you commit a crime the gaurds forget about it after you take off the helmet.

  • Mister Snow

    One thing I hate is how my cousin Jacob is 10 years old, and doesn’t pay attention to the story. Bro, it’s an immersive RPG that always has something to come back to, and you don’t even pay attention to anything in the story. Why?

  • Aaron Carroll

    Finished a quest woohoo! Time to turm it in! Get the the npc you need to turn it in to and they are friggin dead. Killed by a vampire.

  • Mia Alamaras

    I think it's annoying how you SAVED THE WORLD and no one even cares XD, like, from time to time someone will say, "Dragon born! Defeater of the World-Eater, but other than that everything stays the same! No one cares and still treats you bad like THEY saved the world. In Oblivion when you stop the gates everyone applauds you and adores you, it's so different in skyrim XD

  • TamMyBoy

    Going to jail just for killing chickens

  • Your Mom

    how none of your actions affect skyrim even after you finish the war quest

  • Kylo Ren Fan

    I really like Skyrim but I don't like how there's only a few outfits that have capes and the only way to get more outfits with a cape is to use mods.

  • Gamingvampireking

    Your not supposed to be in here

  • Lyra Moore

    I hate it when you’re trying to help the guards when something attacks but when you accidentally hit one of them every single one attacks you and you get a fine or something I really miss those five gold coins

  • izzAbizz

    When a horse sees me stealing and somehow tells the guards

  • zane youssef

    And for number 10, the dark brother hood quest line does it correctly. you are made the leader cuzA: YOU ASSASSINATED THE FCKING EMPEROR.B:You are the listener, which pretty much automatically makes you the boss xDSecond to Sithis ofcPsst,Hail SithisNot to mention everyone treats you differently. They go like ' I will follow you anywhere my listener'. ' What do you desire my listener.' Cicero if you choose to keep him alive (which you should because he is the keeper which is a sacred position in the brother hood. Even your spectral assassin who was in Elder scrolls 4 ,Lucian says ' There is a disturbance in the void. i will kill the keeper if you desire but know this, the dread father wont be happy.' and you dont wanna piss off the dread father who youve sworn your soul to for all eternity.) he acts very differently from before you became the leader. happily becoming your companion. also did i mention you get a free pretty good at sneaking and killing companion from it?So you can be an assassin, summon lucian the spectral assassin, then have cicero following you. Now ur ready to slaughter people quietly. EVEN THOUGH LUCIAN LACHANCE THE LEGENDARY SPECTRAL ASSASSIN FOR SOME REASON DOESNT SNEAK LIKE FOLLOWERS DO AND JUST FUCKS UP EVERYTHING. He is a decent distraction because of it i guess. Go Thief/Assassin with bow. grab lucian and sit back and fire arrows while you remain undetected.

  • Michael Busic

    This video bugs me. All of your things are very general, and don’t really resonate with most people. You know 10 things that are ACTUALLY annoying?10. Enemies sidestepping arrows.9. Not being able to improve magical items without the perk.8. Not being able to see in caves without the candlelight spell.7. NPCs getting in your way (the only thing on this list I agree with).6. Missing an enemy with a spell.5. Not being able to decapitate enemies without the perk.4. Blackreach.3. How overpowered some spells are.2. Dialogue you can’t exit out of (I.e. brynjolf talking to you as soon as you enter the riften market).1. LOADING SCREENS

  • Wilderness Challenge

    The loadingJust the loading

  • Marty Mcmarty

    I’ve got 2 things I hate the most1 when you’re picking a lock, be it novice or master it doesn’t matter and you finally find where the spot is and you’re like, I’ve got this now, you turn the pick and it goes all the way except that last pixel and it breaks on you. I f*cking hate that2 p when you’re sneaking up on someone and your silent you pull out your knife or try to pick their pocket and someone walks by. So you wait and when you’re finally alone with them they turn around and spot you meaning you have to do the same sh*t again

  • Invisible gopher

    When the enemy get low health and "beg for mercy" then your like ok then they just heal then attack you again

  • Makayla Kayn

    2:13 why is this so ACCURATE?

  • Immanis

    The moment you killed Alduin, Miraak, Harkon and his edgy vamp cult, and the stormcloak army incl. Ulfric, you did all the sidequests to help people with simple tasks they could actually have done themselves, And STILL... they complain after 1141 hours of gamplay in total.

  • KarleeSue Hasan

    When it freezes😭....... Help me

  • classical fade

    I loved how oblivion let you fast travel to undiscovered city but skyrim make walk or pay gold that annoying

  • erdei gergő

    You've done us a great service. Here is your reward.Gold (100) added

  • rommells white

    I hate how i saved tamreil from evil dragons trying to destroy everything and i stole an apple and now the most wanted man EVER

  • Landon Holmes

    Or when you are trying to talk to someone and accidentally steal something.

  • Landon Holmes

    I hate it when you kill a dragon and then bandits start attacking youbandit oh he just killed a dragon we can take him.Lol

  • Carlo de Sousa

    Not being able to fast travel because "there are enemies nearby"

  • R Gar

    Number 1 is the reason why I can’t take people seriously when they say Skyrim is the best RPG of all time. You do all these amazing quests for these super fancy titles and yet your actions result in absolutely no development for your character. I remember when I got the game back in 2011 and I rushed to the college of winterhold to do the quest. Finally got made Arch mage and people continued to treat me like a student? I turned the game off and didn’t go back to it until 2015 where I completely overhauled it with mods.I love the game but only because of what the modding community did to it. If this game had been console exclusive I would never have touched it again.

  • Julian Sauter

    I really hated when I would be in a dungeon and I hadn’t saved for awhile then a stupid draugr deathlord would use that unarm shout on me and cause me to drop my weapon. I would never be able to find it and I’d end up having to reload a save. The weapon was always something I couldn’t just leave behind. It was like wuuthrad or Dawnbreaker

  • Valicroix

    The thing that drives me crazy is (1) it's so hard to place objects and then (2) they move around by themselves anyway. I've been trying to pick up and put away that chicken leg in Breezehome for weeks. But it just keeps ending up back on the floor.

  • curious gnome

    The #1 gets me the most and ruins roleplay MASSIVELY!!!! If I'm a murderer for the DB or even a thief in the TG, if I have on a full set of Imperiap armor, ACKNOWLEDGE SUCH!!!!! Here I am, an imperial dressed in a full set of Imperial armor, and Brenyolf decides to come to me and say, "Hey bro I got a job for you to do steal this and plant that and blah blah blah." C'mon man, seriously.

  • Moody and Bloom

    That one gold piece you can't get because it's clipped into the texture of it's environment.

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