10 Things Skyrim Players HATE

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (PC, PS4, Xbox One, 360, PS3) is already a beloved classic full of fun and frustrations. Here are some things that bother even the biggest fans.
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  • gameranx

    We love it, but there's always something to complain about.

  • Named Namer

    I hate it when I'm saving a village from a fire-breathing dragon, and one of the guards runs in front of me so he gets shot from an arrow, and suddenly im a bigger threat than the dragon which is burning them to a crisp.

  • Norbit Rice

    When you can’t fast travel because there’s a slaughterfish in the lake behind that mountain

  • Abdosamad Mussa

    You forgot the worst thing ever........................"You are carrying too much to be able to run"

  • Landon Holmes

    Or when you are trying to talk to someone and accidentally steal something.

  • Frank

    A Draugr lord using the shout that knocks your weapon out of your hand and you cant find it ever again.

  • Jonny Pope

    walks into solitude wearing armor made out of deceased dragons that is cloaked in flames and wielding a sword made out of the heart of a daedra after previously defeating Alduin The World Eater, son of Akatosh, and the harbinger of the end of timesKid: I thought adventurers are supposed to look tough.

  • IceClawZCD MoonClan

    When you have a full inventory and a dragon shows up -_-

  • Kody Krawczuk

    Quest items you cant drop having carry weight.

  • I Play MLBB

    When you just accidentally punch a chicken and then Lydia goes berserk on everything

  • rommells white

    I hate how i saved tamreil from evil dragons trying to destroy everything and i stole an apple and now the most wanted man EVER

  • Absence of Doubt

    When you can't fast travel because there's a crab somewhere that's mad.

  • Flabby

    The damn ice troll in front of high hrothgar

  • julian fox

    When you brawl and accidentally punch someone else and get arrested for it.

  • Timothy Gosnell

    There should be a "F you, I'm the Dragonborn. Show some god damned respect" option in the dialogue. I would use it every time.

  • Shootingstar Of The NightWings

    All the children are always saying 'I'll go easy on you' and I'm just like seriously I have a sword 😂

  • Seppe Desmet

    The voice of the Thalos worshipper in Whiterun

  • Heavy weapons guy

    When your horse decides to go Leeroy Jenkins. When followers walk infront of your attacks or walk on pressure plates and get themselves killed. When you have to experience that slow demounting animation while you're getting attacked. When you're trying to experience the nature of Skyrim but then wolves or bandits start attacking you.When you get infected with deceases from Skeevers.When you almost managed to unlock a master/expect lock but your last lock pic breaks.When the chicken reports your crimes to the authorities.When the Thalmor are talking to you with their smug faces and their smug accent & tone.When you miscalculated how many materials you needed to craft that specific item so you have to back and get more.When you're sneaking and it says they can see you but you can't see anything/anyone that sees you.

  • Dark Steve

    You know what else is annoying?Me: (Does literally anything)Dragon: SURPRISE MOTHER F*****

  • ghost doctor

    “I took an arrow to the knee” is actually a Nord saying for getting married

  • erdei gergő

    You've done us a great service. Here is your reward.Gold (100) added

  • Landon Holmes

    I hate it when you kill a dragon and then bandits start attacking youbandit oh he just killed a dragon we can take him.Lol

  • Eric Adams

    A New Hand Touches The Beacon

  • Matchington 1

    Quests that make you go back and forth and back and forth, through countless loading screens. Really, just loading screens in general. I wouldn’t be surprised if 50% of my playtime is consumed by loading screens. I hate them.

  • Someone And something

    I, hate, NAZEEM HES LIKE “Ever been to the cloud district, oh who am I kidding of corse you haven’t.” IM THE THANE OF WHITERUN WTF NAZEEM

  • CanadianGuy34

    i hate how you have 10 fingers but u can only have 1 ring

  • Fanserker

    Cannot fast travel because of slaughterfish nearby.

  • Soniks

    When your shout is stuck and it says you cannot shout while casting a spell even though you are not even using one

  • Alita Berserker #99

    I've only started playing the game recently (I know, I'm super late) and while most of it is great, yeah, there's stuff I hate...- Carrying weight limit- Companion blocking your way- Companion getting lost or stuck- Your house chest not having any divisions whatsoever- Accidently looting your entire house chest- NPCs initiating a conversation while you are in combat, and your subsequent death- Awful and finicky item/dialogue menu (on PC)- Not having direct control over a companion's gear

  • Oskar Keith

    What bugs me is when I have something worth 500 gold but end up getting it off for 150

  • Kevin Chavez

    Everyone still bitching about the war after you ended it

  • michael50351

    I know it's my fault and not the games, but when I accidentally hit the shout button instead of the run button when I'm in town and launch everyone down the street and the whole town attacks me.

  • Andrew Holman

    when you open the door to your house but an npc walks in front of you while you do and ends up entering the house with you. like hey... gtfo my house

  • The Crimson Gnome

    when u get a kill cam but they glitch out and you stab the air

  • Crypto

    Has 2 coin bounty..."You have committed crimes against Skyrim and her People. What say you and your defense?"

  • Leo Buelow

    Going up and down mountains

  • Eve Jasper

    The thing that bugs me is in the hearthfire mod your spouse often gets kidnapped (a ton) dragons randomly swoop by your house and kill you (a ton) and then there’s the giants, who just spawn right next to your house every so often and kill your cows. I’ve gone through about 7 cows...also, then there’s the fact that a giant, a frost troll and a mammoth are all harder to kill than a damn dragon...HOW?! But I can’t say much it’s my favorite game.

  • Snickety Coolstone

    How you're not able to marry Serana. Got this limitless forge-your-own-path game, and I can't even be with my waifu!

  • South Side Comptown

    When you hit an NPC enemy with a strong powerful 2 handed greatsword and he barely staggers and he almost kills you with one hit 🤦

  • BlueTooth

    When you get a killcam with a bow but miss the shot...

  • Susan

    When you're in sneak mode and the courier runs up to you blowing your cover.

  • Crash

    Make this video 5/6 years after it came out, gets 2.2mill vid

  • Eric Adams

    I don't care how many draugr I've killed...even the low level one's still give me the creeps...there i said it.

  • white storm

    There’s a mod that makes it so if you kill nazeem nobody will care (that’s also the name of the mod)

  • verannaca

    When you save the world countless times, then get sent to prison for accidentally plucking a flower from the courtyard .-.

  • michael50351

    Fishing poles laying around all over the place and I can't pick one up and catch a damn fish!! I also got mad the first time I saw a Spriggan head on a post and I couldn't use it as a helmet. Y'all know you tried to pick it up too.

  • curtis mickelson

    The fact it's damn near ten years old and still priced at 60 dollars

  • Totallyahooman

    I instantly agreed when Nazeem appeared. I doubt anybody would miss him if he was killed....

  • Chris Wolf

    Me: Fighting a dragon and does a power swingChicken:*Runs in the way of the hit box of the dragon*Me: NOOOOOO!!!!!!Guards: Attacks me for killing a chicken while killing the dragonLike, seriously! Those damn chickens!

  • Jedikiah

    If your hating on Nazeem, you clearly don't get to the cloud district often.

  • blu_breezy

    I hate it when there is a dragon flying through the sky above a village and im the only one who sees and and no guard or mage is engaging in combat with the dragon and when I try to use dragonrend a random guard comes out of nowhere asking me to stop shouting and I'm like... "THERE IS A DRAGON RIGHT THERE AND U WANT ME TO NOT SHOUT AND TRY AND SAVE YOU!?"

  • Adrian Webb

    I find it so hard to die in the game, there are so many health potions available so even if you do get into trouble in battle just chug a few down and then replenish stock afterwards

  • Mitch Welburn

    I miss imparting skyrim wisdom. My friends two kids just started playing the game in ps3 a little while ago and I love telling them how to play. Their game was broken once by another small child friend and I gave them my legendary edition (i have the game on ps4 as well) made those kids day.

  • Johnny Rabbits Laughing

    "I'm sworn to carry your burdens"

  • SinRinSoldier7

    Dwemer ruins..... that's all I have to say

  • ttherese

    Just a slight annoyance, but the opening when you start a new game. I usually take a nap, do laundry, earn a degree and come back and I'm still not in Helgen.

  • Mr. Bag

    When you are hiding and are somehow spotted. (Dark brotherhood quests)

  • Alex Tomaszewski

    I started out as a big RPG person and I love skyrim! I do know ppl like the example given though, which doesn't make sense to me

  • Cherry Stone

    One thing I hate about this game is the hours it has taken from my life.

  • Dryocampa

    When a horse sees me stealing and somehow tells the guards

  • Marcos Bedevia

    Drop a like if you knew that when a guard says: "I used to be an adventurer like you, then I took an arrow in the knee" he actually means : "I used to be an adventurer like you, then I got married"And the one thing I hated in this game was when Karliah just leaves when she is supposed to open the gate so you and Brinyolf can become Nightingales.I was like b!tch where you goin?!

  • Henrion Arthur

    When the smith says he's got only the best stuff in all Skyrim but 95% is steel armor

  • Whet

    Giants bug me even though it is funny to be flung into the air it just always sucks when you start a new game and you accidentally run into one

  • Invisible gopher

    When the enemy get low health and "beg for mercy" then your like ok then they just heal then attack you again

  • Kookie Potato

    When you accidentally hit a guard and suddenly the whole town goes into war

  • Draco Braving

    The whole ‘door-blocking followers’ segment broke me! XD

  • komiks42

    5:34 Bow is for noobs. Really.I also hate random dragons.

  • Erick Gunther

    Skyrim is a true RPG in classes, you create your own class and not being stuck at an option you click in an interface screen

  • Max Pendlebury

    You know a game is good when people are still talking about it 6 years after released

  • Alana Dunn belladonna1771

    Here's a tip for when followers are blocking a door: Sprint at them and they move out of your way

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