5 Mods to Get Excited For - Skyrim: Special Edition for Xbox One

In today's video I show you guys some more Skyrim mods, basically speculating some of the best mods to come out for the new Skyrim: Definitive Edition for Xbox One and PS4. These mods will most likely be released on Xbox One and are some of the best Skyrim has to offer, hopefully making an equally sucessful release in Skyrim: Remastered for Xbox One mods.



Immersive Armors:

Climates Of Tamriel:


Helgen Reborn:

Immersive Weapons:
  • Jordan Ceasar

    I really hope when Skyrim comes out that Bethesda increases the the limit of download Space for mods on console to at least 5 GB

  • Chris Hardin

    Wasn't helegen reborn shown at e3 on the mod menu

  • Cancer -

    Thing I'm most exited for FASTER LOAD SCREENS!!!

  • Biam Lutler

    We want killable children

  • Un Nerd Boricua 317

    I hope they port Cloaks of Skyrim for Xbox One!

  • Spaldin Plays

    Skyrim is the best game ever

  • Bernardo BR

    First 1-3 playthroughs, no mods (maybe climates of Tamriel), after that, I'll mod every single corner of the game.Not enough space? I'll find a way to mod EVERY SINGLE CORNER, REMEMBER MY WORDS, EVERY SINGLE CORNER!!!!!!!

  • J_Kill24

    Too bad I prob won't be able to get these mods on ps4

  • Javier Del Toro

    Funny thing is, I'll probably just play the main game and it's DLCs.Which leads me to a question: Are all DLCs on this edition?

  • The Comment Police

    "this is like the modern firearms of skyrim"so you mean the people who developed it are scheming crooks who stole $10k and removed their mod afterwards?

  • Srsly Generic

    I need to avoid videos about Bethesda games. They all make me want to play Fallout 4 again, but I'm too busy to do that right now!

  • Michael LFC 96

    Go to Bethesda.net, to see what mods have already been made for skyrim Xbox one.

  • Slam Madic

    we need to mods for the Xbox One and PS4 that the PC players have I mean PC has way more mods then both Xbox one and PlayStation 4

  • Rando Numba 9

    Hey Console Friends, please dont cause trouble in the Skyrim mod scene like you did with the Fallout 4 scene. Dont harass mod creators, if they dont want to port their mods then thats their choice. Please read mod descriptions before you download mods, dont complain about your console getting bricked because some asshole incorrectly uploaded a mod without permission from the actual author and dont come to the author asking them to fix shit they didnt even upload. Also report stolen mods.-Sincerely: Everyone from Skyrim Nexus

  • deathjoker666

    For those who are worrying about achievement hunting, does mods turn off achievements?

  • zeals vedos

    hum I guess the weapons are for Fallout 4 that is what he said.

  • Max Wetteland

    I hope that the immersive armor isn't exclusive to Xbox or ps4

  • Warhawk76

    I am on Xbox One and I did play a small bit of Skyrim on Xbox 360 a while back. I have been trying to decide if I want to pick it up for the Xbox One or not. Videos like yours that explaining show what the game is like are very helpful for me. And of course they are well made and your voice over quality is high... Very well done! Best of luck growing your channel, your content is certainly good enough for a huge channel 😀. I have a gaming channel too and I know how much work it is to make quality content.BTW I dropped a like and subbed. Looking forward to watching more of your stuff.

  • Valek28

    This video was like listening to Kermit the frog and waiting for a breath to be taken. I had to skip through the video quite a bit, because you talk too much without a pause.

  • Cyprien Cole

    Ugh, I hate to break it to you but there are limits PS4 will only have 1GB of mod space to work with total (which in a second wont matter for PS4) and XB1 will have 5GB which means you're first suggested mod may be the only one you can have if you choose it. The worst news however is external assets wont be allowed to be uploaded you can only use assets within the game (This may not be the case for XB1 owners). PS4 and XB1 owners are also unable to use console commands as no way to open console menu if there even is one.

  • Michael Shoemar

    With the PS4 mod limitations will any of these be available for ps4

  • CleanupChunk 423

    are they going to include the dlc's too?

  • ToiletBrush

    I wouldn't call skyrims modding scene "Mature"

  • -FyreStone

    1:32 I swear that looks a lot like the blue stripes tameria armour from The Witcher 3.

  • rakim Taylor

    what's so good about mods

  • Aku Soku Zan

    lol will estrus be in it?

  • Potato R

    Already pre-ordered,can't wait!

  • 丅Ɨ丅ᗩN

    Cough cough cough if you want to know why I'm coughing it's look below my comment😉👍

  • Jose Origel

    i downloaded the super kamehameha mod tottaly worth it and fun

  • FuZionGamingYT

    I got ps4 and Xbox one looks like I'm playing xbox

  • Absent Lover

    all of the mods are for skyrim, not for special edition


    I would be most excited for quick-access menu overhaul. That vanilla list-style game-pausing menu ruined my entire Skyrim experience.

  • xSwisher

    Hope Nintendo switch has mods for skyrim

  • TheDeathflows

    anyone know about any mounts mod that are gonna be coming to xbox hopefully?

  • Leto85

    Will the unofficial Skyrim legendary edition patch be compatible?

  • Shaun Bowen

    a friend of mine said elgen reborn is not being ported over. is that true?

  • Dr. Plague

    Im worried Skyrim remastered is gonna run like shit.

  • Bill Cipher

    6:13Yeah, im also really hyped for Fallout 4: Special Edition lol

  • Liam Marsh

    Why won't PS4 get the mods?

  • Mason Rawding

    Does anyone think the immersive armors will be for ps4

  • logan oslund

    Will there be a light saber mod if anybody knows.

  • ghost N/A

    This is on ps4 also right?

  • R0ckkeTT BTL

    It is possible to hope for a skyrim coop mod on Xbox one? It exist on pc

  • James Thomas

    Was the pysker power mod for fallout 4 removed from Xbox oneI can't find it

  • Lucky Man

    I need a prescription for the buyers remorse I got from buying a ps4.

  • redhound73

    1) isn't mods on console only work if the assets are already in skyrim?2) don't expect console mods to be good.

  • Takkar Sasori

    is helgen reborn on skyrim special editioncuz it looks pretty goodXB1

  • Jackmerius Tacktheritrex

    does anyone know if jasus swords pack will be added?

  • LME2016

    Will there be any type of settlement building mod, like if it is possible. I would really enjoy that

  • Thales Pimentel Zuanazzi

    do more a maybe some video with top ? mods whit 2 GB in total to kind help the console users

  • SteelBadger13

    If the mod requires: SKSE, FNIS, External DLL files (which generally need SKSE) will not be ported to consoles. These are third party external plugins/programs that run outside of the game, which MS/Sony do not allow.Immersive Armors needs SkyUI and that needs SKSE. The SKSE free version of it, wouldn't have the ability to control what armors spawn.Immersive Weapons is the same story as above.

  • Crazy Chicken

    Is immersive armors and immersive weapons mods coming to the xbox one? And if so will it be soon?

  • skankhunt fourtytwo

    this video is fucking gay

  • Much Unique Jim

    So, for some reason, this video made me hate the Xbox One even more now. Strange.

  • Bernardo BR

    Is it normal that I had an Skyrim ad for this?

  • RecedingMouse7

    i have the regular game on pc but i dont have dragonborn dlc so i am gonna buy it for Xbox one

  • Gratuitous Lurking

    In general, as a rule of thumb, any mod that's going to require SKSE to function is probably going to be off limits. So pretty much anything with HDT available is either going to have to return to static mesh for console release or skip it, certain quests will have issues, and various things relying on the enhanced scripting will be problematic.With that said, pretty sure you'll be seeing the likes of, say, Immersive Weapons and Immersive Armors pretty damn soon after release, and not every major overhaul change requires SKSE so there's still plenty to enhance your game with.

  • Jim Sharp

    I heard using any mod disables achievements, i can understand this for mods that completely break the game but for mods that add more to the existing game thats just unfair. I already perfected this game on 360 and i dont want to play the same old game again for at least 50 hours to unlock all the achievements before i start using mods. Just stupid.

  • DeRpY xNiNjA

    i cant find helgen reborn i searched it up and tried eveything ;( i crie evrytiem


    Il be enjoying it on my PS4 pro in 4K :)

  • Jakeipoo

    I wonder how much space for mods we will have.

  • Josh Paul

    will immersive armour/weapons work on ps4??

  • Jigonan boss

    is there going to be ineed and frostfall and the survival mods?

  • Beth Rubley

    Will skyrim remastered be on Xbox360?

  • Griffin Lewis

    honestly, the frostfall mod should be added to it, because it would help my character greatly, because my character would be more realistic with a background and no fast travel what so ever.

  • Jake Dragonfire

    Most of these I already have, I am excited. I wonder if Frostfall will be able to go on Skyrim remastered.

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