5 Mods to Get Excited For - Skyrim: Special Edition for Xbox One

In today's video I show you guys some more Skyrim mods, basically speculating some of the best mods to come out for the new Skyrim: Definitive Edition for Xbox One and PS4. These mods will most likely be released on Xbox One and are some of the best Skyrim has to offer, hopefully making an equally sucessful release in Skyrim: Remastered for Xbox One mods.



Immersive Armors:

Climates Of Tamriel:


Helgen Reborn:

Immersive Weapons:
  • Regal Viewer -

    Thing I'm most exited for FASTER LOAD SCREENS!!!

  • The Comment Police

    "this is like the modern firearms of skyrim"so you mean the people who developed it are scheming crooks who stole $10k and removed their mod afterwards?

  • Jordan Ceasar

    I really hope when Skyrim comes out that Bethesda increases the the limit of download Space for mods on console to at least 5 GB

  • Spaldin plays

    Skyrim is the best game ever

  • Biam Lutler

    We want killable children

  • Chris Hardin

    Wasn't helegen reborn shown at e3 on the mod menu

  • J_Kill24

    Too bad I prob won't be able to get these mods on ps4

  • zeals vedos

    hum I guess the weapons are for Fallout 4 that is what he said.

  • Seminole Gamer

    Damn Grandma took two sword strikes to the head like a champ.

  • Bernardo BR

    First 1-3 playthroughs, no mods (maybe climates of Tamriel), after that, I'll mod every single corner of the game.Not enough space? I'll find a way to mod EVERY SINGLE CORNER, REMEMBER MY WORDS, EVERY SINGLE CORNER!!!!!!!

  • Srsly Generic

    I need to avoid videos about Bethesda games. They all make me want to play Fallout 4 again, but I'm too busy to do that right now!

  • Money Was Made Money Was Lost

    Go to Bethesda.net, to see what mods have already been made for skyrim Xbox one.

  • TehDankKnight

    i hope skyrim remastered has a faster door load speed for consoles like if you agree

  • -Bryson- R

    Already pre-ordered,can't wait!

  • Jamgram Corkster

    Immersive Armors hasn't been updated since last November...what are you talking about?! lmao

  • Dragon Fat Deposits

    If the mod requires: SKSE, FNIS, External DLL files (which generally need SKSE) will not be ported to consoles. These are third party external plugins/programs that run outside of the game, which MS/Sony do not allow.Immersive Armors needs SkyUI and that needs SKSE. The SKSE free version of it, wouldn't have the ability to control what armors spawn.Immersive Weapons is the same story as above.

  • TragicShift

    lol I can't even remember how many times I restarted skyrim to make new characters just for fun

  • ToiletBrush

    I wouldn't call skyrims modding scene "Mature"

  • Zane Hunter

    how come its so hard to watch video's from your channel Juice head i just want to watch your content and i cant because its always stuck on loading or has to buffer again and again.. but u could watch anyone else with no problem??

  • Square Kiwi

    6:15 and 6:23 - Fallout 4? Really?

  • Thales Pimentel Zuanazzi

    do more a maybe some video with top ? mods whit 2 GB in total to kind help the console users

  • Cyprien Cole

    Ugh, I hate to break it to you but there are limits PS4 will only have 1GB of mod space to work with total (which in a second wont matter for PS4) and XB1 will have 5GB which means you're first suggested mod may be the only one you can have if you choose it. The worst news however is external assets wont be allowed to be uploaded you can only use assets within the game (This may not be the case for XB1 owners). PS4 and XB1 owners are also unable to use console commands as no way to open console menu if there even is one.

  • Shane Klein

    most the dlc sized mods cant be ported they need skse

  • Crazy Chicken

    Is immersive armors and immersive weapons mods coming to the xbox one? And if so will it be soon?

  • algebra

    This game skyrim made me cum 2 times in 5 minutes

  • TheWolfPaladin 1

    let see my mod list for console Run, Jump, and Sprint it change the way your character runs and jumps and changes your third person camera to hack and slash style camera instead of a third person shooter camera like fallout Apachi skyhair adds more hair choicesEnhanced Blood Texture Immersive ArmorClean Up your corpse Cloak ModHDT cloak physic mod

  • James Thomas

    Was the pysker power mod for fallout 4 removed from Xbox oneI can't find it

  • Cj Cj

    3rd or 4th Playthrough.... pfft more like 209th

  • maks 195

    I'm getting a PC so idgaf about PS4 mods but sorry my fellow PlayStation players who don't own/can't get a PC. On a different note most of the best mods you won't be able to get because you won't be able to get the script extender on console.

  • Marvic

    Wait y cant ps4 cant get mods?

  • Błażej Starosta

    As PC user I'm mostly excited about potential performance improvements. I'm gonna test it with mods like Expanded Towns and Cities or JK's Skyrim :D

  • redhound73

    1) isn't mods on console only work if the assets are already in skyrim?2) don't expect console mods to be good.

  • Yung Child $upport

    Armor and weapon mods. Gimme gimme.

  • Spencer James

    Mod's are gonna be pretty great, because I can be nostalgic but also get something new out of the game.

  • Josh Paul

    will immersive armour/weapons work on ps4??

  • Hardstyle Dom91

    New variety of armour and weapons and ill be happy. That's about it for me, I'll be happy.

  • Anthony EagleElk

    Lots of videos about speculation & what not but can we be honest here for a sec, This is bethesda we are talking about. Does everyone really think that mods that already exist are just gonna work on SE? or that this engine is even gonna be stable? I know it sounds like Im being a debbie downer but Im actually expecting it to not go smooth at all even though Im all for this SE as another round of Skyrim actually sounds really awesome!

  • Kakashi Uzumaki

    shouted two times in a row! cheater detected!

  • Bernardo BR

    Is it normal that I had an Skyrim ad for this?

  • Max Wetteland

    I hope that the immersive armor isn't exclusive to Xbox or ps4

  • Un Nerd Boricua 317

    I hope they port Cloaks of Skyrim for Xbox One!

  • logan oslund

    Will there be a light saber mod if anybody knows.

  • Kael 93

    after fallout 4 story disappointment, im happy I can replace it with skyrim, i played that game on the 360 with all dlc and never got tired of it and now that theres mods I'm even happier

  • Tisamon

    Just buy a PC then you won't regret it.

  • stormercody


  • Denver January

    xbox users...I hate the fact I bought a PS4*Hara kiri*

  • The Salmon Server

    Funny thing is, I'll probably just play the main game and it's DLCs.Which leads me to a question: Are all DLCs on this edition?

  • Omega8kilo

    Awww poor PS4 scrubs crying AGAIN.Go get bent losers.Xbox Won, oops I meant Xbox One 😁

  • Bill Cipher

    6:13Yeah, im also really hyped for Fallout 4: Special Edition lol

  • Gratuitous Lurking

    In general, as a rule of thumb, any mod that's going to require SKSE to function is probably going to be off limits. So pretty much anything with HDT available is either going to have to return to static mesh for console release or skip it, certain quests will have issues, and various things relying on the enhanced scripting will be problematic.With that said, pretty sure you'll be seeing the likes of, say, Immersive Weapons and Immersive Armors pretty damn soon after release, and not every major overhaul change requires SKSE so there's still plenty to enhance your game with.

  • Swolelord Nito

    I wonder if a cheat holotape like mod will come. That mod was fun in FO4

  • jan409

    just throw a few "lore friendly"s and "immersive"s in there for good measure.

  • AValientSoul

    what sword are you using in the video, and where did you get it?

  • Miles Scharp

    i hope dovah bear makes it. he would be my main ally. him or like link or something


    I would be most excited for quick-access menu overhaul. That vanilla list-style game-pausing menu ruined my entire Skyrim experience.

  • Angry Alpha

    Very excited for the game! Going to record the gameplay too!

  • Metroid Prime

    I was excited since I thought I would be able to use a lightsaber, but nope Sony decides to not allow external assets.

  • CeaserPrawn

    Wait he said the Weopon mod is for Fallout 4

  • Cytaris

    Why are you saying fallout 4?

  • Ace IsTheShit

    Skywind will piss on skyrim,just wanted to say it pointless characters repetitive quests easy game non harsh enviroment .Lets hope Skywind will remove the markers from the map so we can play a proper game again.Just consider finding the cave of Incarnate with a market ...

  • Alex Hodgkinson

    22 mods have been officially confirmed

  • Mason Rawding

    Does anyone think the immersive armors will be for ps4

  • Keegan McNally

    No immersive weapons or armor yet :(

  • jessy

    So even if skyrim is coming with mods to ps4, we have no guarantees of what mods will be on? How is this decided?

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