5 BRAND NEW Console Mods 79 - Skyrim Special Edition (XBOX/PS4/PC)

In today's video we have 5 console mods to look at including Mortal Harvest, Perky Alchemy & Skyforge Steel Armor. Let me know what your favourite mod showcase was!

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Skyforge Steel Armor - https://mods.bethesda.net/#en/workshop/skyrim/mod-detail/3406251
Perky Alchemy - https://mods.bethesda.net/#en/workshop/skyrim/mod-detail/3406395
Necromancy Overhaul - https://mods.bethesda.net/#en/workshop/skyrim/mod-detail/3408988
Mortal Harvest - https://mods.bethesda.net/#en/workshop/skyrim/mod-detail/3385014

Skyforge Steel Armor - https://mods.bethesda.net/#en/workshop/skyrim/mod-detail/3406250
Sisters of Betrayal - Follower Pack - https://mods.bethesda.net/#en/workshop/skyrim/mod-detail/3406325
Mortal Harvest - https://mods.bethesda.net/#en/workshop/skyrim/mod-detail/3409806

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  • Mon

    I don't know if its just me but I hate having a follower. I like to keep all the kills to myself... more exp for me ;)

  • Mr. SassyDuck

    How are Knights of the nine not been ported over yet?

  • TheStutteringSpartan

    3:30 "Vagina's Bow"I have several questions

  • Area-51

    vaginas bow, paralyses pubescent males indefinitely charming for 100pts against malescommand male up to lvl 1000 for ever

  • The Sarcastic Wolf

    Vagina's bow??? HAHAHAHAHA 😂😂😂

  • Kylo

    not gonna lie, those girl followers are pretty ugly

  • Nazhoni T.

    I laughed so hard at 3:30

  • HURK Guides

    Daaaaaamn really like the name of the bow at 3:30 it's fantastic

  • Beast Within Gaming

    The straw guys look like resident evil enemies

  • Mr Gold


  • Zachary Newton

    the best mod is the gourd race mod it's just so stupidly funny watching a gourd beat up everyone

  • justin the Iron-side lothbrok

    hey in the last mod what mod is that where the bats where flying around you

  • Jolakotturinn

    hey lunar i've been watching your videos And Now that i see your character apearence changed And i was thinking that, ir you can tell me what mods do you use for that.

  • Dr Killmore

    love these videos. wish ps4 had more mods though.

  • Nico Nölle

    is there a similar mod like the perky alchemy on Xbox one ? I mean with the longer lasting poison

  • wastelanders friend

    What's a mod where you have as many followers as you want

  • TheRealL.K

    0:56 what this mod is fir ps 4 and he plays on xbox one.how you did it?

  • Dj Otsirave

    Hey Lunar, saw you did a top buildings mobs, but think you can do a top Player Home mods? And say weather or not its supported by marriage . Like you wife can live there or not

  • Leong Mun

    Still no external asset fk this after month and month we still get crap mod

  • vailismyname

    I'm not sure why, but all those followers looked fugly :O I wonder how/why the creators made the followers have such downgraded faces?

  • D-Nasty's Noise

    Where are all the graphics mods?

  • ꜱɪʟᴠʏɪᴏɴ

    I lost my shit at 3:30

  • Macintoshgetti But without Ravioli

    Why must you cater to ps4? They can find their own sucky mods.

  • louthegiantcookie

    Why do people make new followers who are clearly a transparent attempt to just put female characters in skimpy clothes? There's no effort to it, no real thought, and it cheapens the whole game.

  • Kruicifix Gaming

    Hey Lunar, Great job with these videos. Definitely setting the bar with gaming channels. As a PS4 user these videos are damn near essential. Side question for ya, what was the name of that mod where you fight the four horsemen and is it for PS4? I can't remember.

  • The Gaming Snake

    I need a kill everything mod to Xbox and children BECUSE I'm needing that for my cosplay

  • Justis Aroche

    LunarGaming is actually a super fun dude to watch. He gives us console blokes a home to go to.

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