Skyrim: Dragonborn - Rare Armor: Temple Priest Robes

The rare armor set, Temple Priest Robes, in The Elder Scrolls V: Dragonborn DLC for Skyrim.

You can obtain the apparel by pickpocketing it off Galdrus Hlervu and Elder Othreloth (but only Galdrus has the full armor set) if you have the Perfect Touch Pickpocket Perk or simply kill them for it. The clothes reset after a certain amount of time.

The robes are worth little and isn't very practical though the robes increases Magicka by 75%.
  • Soul Harvester

    Of course the redguard is stealing...

  • Aiden Pearce

    Does anyone care? He said it's rare, and it is. He didn't said it's so awesome, or it's the best, you dumbfuck. Whoah, shit. I was really offensive. Seems I have a bad day...

  • Allan Torres

    Cultist hobe do it too.

  • Rhys Sim

    Can you disintegrate it?

  • RaijinHanshi

    I really wish Bethesda didn't do this because it makes the game look more foolishness and unrealistic.

  • 3pac Sagebrush

    The Necromancer robes also have the "Magicka regenerates 75% faster"

  • JordanMeAwesome

    This apparel is not useless, sure the effects are, but they look really cool, and if you use the wear multiple armor glitch, you can wear your best suit of armor, but make yourself appear as if you're in this robe+hood by wearing it as well. I love the wear multiple armor glitch because you can look however you want, without having to give up your armor rating.

  • Derrick Wade

    Yes I love taking things for souvenirs, I even took the Dunmer outfit because it looked rare lol

  • DogOfWar64

    Could you mind explaining to me why this DLC favors mages? the only thing I found useful for my mage was the dragon priest masks that increase fire, frost, or shock damage and those are pretty useless to me since I don't use Armour.

  • Kirokill

    no they achieve the 100% magicka regen with the boots or the gloves. This means you absorb all magick, posion, disease, and many other stuff. So that even dragon priests are nothing but magic drink.

  • TheSgtkite

    These are not the best robes in the game. Magicka regeneration is not as useful as reducing the cost of casting spells, so the best robes are still the arch mage robes.

  • Vinyl Lover

    uhh no you cant say that, you can do everything in this game, mix a heavy armor user with stelth etc. destruction magic in this game is underpowered as hell in skyrim and a lot of magic is useless in this game, steatlh is useful:P

  • Pugglen

    no way they give way more armor and weapons for warriors and archers

  • toxicfork

    I don't care what they do I just think they look cool.

  • Jonny Live

    *COUGH* Dawguard DLC *COUGH*

  • Varien

    Warriors are not the easiest if you play on legendary or master difficulty..

  • Varien

    IF! you can echant headpiece

  • Tempo

    It's spelled *Mannequin

  • Gemini Sigma


  • Moonlight Insomnia

    What's the bast con spell?

  • Critz Xtremus

    Miraaks robes look nothing like the sick outfit on the main picture of dragonborn, I feel annoyed

  • Green

    It's funny how they don't give a shit

  • Tewthpaste

    I wish someone would go perfect touch me. If I go naked I definitely know something is going on. Lmao

  • Tame Goku

    You can buy a Rope that has 125% magika regeneration

  • Cole P

    looks epic though. Great job. :)

  • MsThatguywiththeface

    I killed the one that kept sassing me and took all his stuff from his lifeless corpse :) and THAT'S how I got my temple priest robes.

  • MsThatguywiththeface

    *these *robes *pathetic *two *robes *without *that *magicka

  • Arctic IceFox

    i have robes that can regen my magic by 150% then I have one of the dragon priest masks that boosts that by another 100% and if that is not enough I have a ring that boosts it even more. (if I'm feeling crazy I put on a necklace)

  • MsFunnyStuffz

    I think he means look wise...

  • Moist Kittenz

    Ahizdal's mask improves it also alchemy has fortify destruction potions (which are not hard to make because of hearth-fire you can make one with a nightshade and glowing mushroom)

  • Itazura Gekido

    This game favours none, you can be a stealthy mage, a rambunctious bastard mage whom runs out in the open and sets everyone on fire, a stealthy melee/bowman, or an upright viking whom rips everyone to shreds, it's all about personal preference.


    What's the music used in the intro?

  • SuperMikeWalls

    Damn wish they weren't enchanted i would equip it on my mage!

  • the great old one

    Regeneration 75% of magika blah i got the royal vampire armor and it has regeneration of magika 125% now that's kick ass

  • Pungmaster Flex

    You're drunk Louie, go home.

  • Pungmaster Flex

    No it doesen't, are you drunk?

  • Pungmaster Flex

    It's ''I'' not ''i''.

  • Numen


  • ThisMannDann

    well you have to have the the right things equipped, then you can kill things in 1 hit or 2..

  • XHeavyfireX

    Use enchantments that will reduce costs to zero, then use the stagger perk for magic in the perk tree and your golden right there! Plus you do have perks to increase damage as well as potions (for which there are ways to make game breaking) and all are in the vanilla game.

  • XHeavyfireX

    I can agree that destruction spells are pretty weak, however if you use the right enchantments on your gear and get the right perks it still can prove quite powerful. However, conjugation and illusion spells are extremely useful as well and should not be ignored by any character class.

  • XHeavyfireX

    Wat... Warrior and other related class styles get SEVERAL SETS of gear (heavy and some light armors and plenty of swords and other variety of close range weapons). Not to mention all the unique items offered by the quests.

  • John Brown

    *You're The irony here is unbelievable >.>

  • Michael, Vuong

    its in the dlc called dragonborn

  • Confusing Zeus

    I have Miirak's clothes on a manikin in my house that I built in the pale. It is a really nice plot of land that you can buy fron dawnstar. I put it on a manikin to remind me of one of my great achievements killing the first dragonborn also the armor looks cool and is a nice decoration for my house.

  • Jonathan Edwards

    have you ever heard of the arch-mages robes?

  • BrainSlugz

    The telvanni robes are really nice aswell

  • uziipad

    Cheers mate ...gonna grab that asap

  • Daniel Smith

    oh its daedric and dragon bone armor for each school

  • TK .Torkildsen

    Those robes are in Morrowind as well and that makes them even cooler

  • sentinel

    i like the way it looks :D

  • Avery Morrison

    Unique Armor: Telvanni Robes? Fun quest for Neloth.

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