Skyrim: Dragonborn - Rare Armor: Temple Priest Robes

The rare armor set, Temple Priest Robes, in The Elder Scrolls V: Dragonborn DLC for Skyrim.

You can obtain the apparel by pickpocketing it off Galdrus Hlervu and Elder Othreloth (but only Galdrus has the full armor set) if you have the Perfect Touch Pickpocket Perk or simply kill them for it. The clothes reset after a certain amount of time.

The robes are worth little and isn't very practical though the robes increases Magicka by 75%.
  • Dakota Kaufman

    does anybody know how to lvl up your smithing really fast and easy

  • Soul Harvester

    Of course the redguard is stealing...

  • Allan Torres

    Cultist hobe do it too.

  • Rhys Sim

    Can you disintegrate it?

  • RaijinHanshi

    I really wish Bethesda didn't do this because it makes the game look more foolishness and unrealistic.


    What's the music used in the intro?

  • Tyler Sato

    In every elder scrolls had many armour and that was the best thing about it anyone could wear it

  • Cole P

    looks epic though. Great job. :)

  • Nick Shipman

    Ok,right off the bat,I love how at :40 when you pickpocket the guys clothes and take his dagger as well and the other guy dosent even care. XD

  • Moonlight Insomnia

    What's the bast con spell?

  • shadow assassin

    what if you compine this hood and hide armor you will be like a ranger cool eeand if you are khajiit

  • Not my name

    Mine duplicated itself for some reason

  • ville rautiola

    i just killed galdrus because he was an asshole and turned him into a pile of ash

  • Derrick Wade

    Yes I love taking things for souvenirs, I even took the Dunmer outfit because it looked rare lol

  • Kyle Hearnsberger

    I found a glitch awhile back that kind of ticked me off a little : That temple place where you go to get that Dunmer Outfit, and fight a bunch of, I THINK Reavers in Redoran guard full suits, you can take the Dunmer outfit to the Severin house (if you successfully killed the group of traitorous people who want to kill Counselor Morvayn, then Counselor Morvayn gives you Severin Manor as a reward for saving his life.) that you find in a wooden-stepped area that has like 2 or 3 floors with a long walkway that leads to a temple, and in that wooden-stepped area just outside a temple door, there's a table with a Dunmer outfit along with some Ash Yams and other ingredients and items, and if you place the Dunmer Outfit on any of the mannequins IN Severin Manor and remove it, exit the manor then go back in and the same Dunmer Outfit will be back on the mannequin that you tried to remove, giving a supposedly endless supply of Dunmer outfits that you can sell. (That can have its advantages, but it ticks me off because getting a full set of Redoran Guard armor, or that armor that looks like it has a bit of a silvery tint to it - I forgot the name, but it has a helmet that, when worn, makes your head look almost fully-circular, just about.) That could be a pretty good MONEY GAINING GLITCH, but it ticks me off because of the different types of armor on the game (The armor that is in Glover Mallory's home after doing a quest for him for the recipe for Bone Mold, I THINK - and looting one of those reaver punks of their Redoran Guard armor, and some other cool stuff). :)

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