Fallout 4: 5 Unsettling Mysteries You May Have Missed in the Commonwealth – Fallout 4 Secrets

Fallout 4 takes players to a brutal wasteland, rich in characters and tales. However, Fallout 4 also leaves many questions unanswered and these unsolved incidents offer some of Fallout 4’s most interesting content. So today we’ll be taking a look at five spooky Fallout 4 mysteries.

    I'm going to stort off by saying, Nate, me commenting on your channel and you giving me a lot of hearts has gotten me mildly famous (and I mean very mildly). Whenever I comment on another channel a lot of the time I'll get someone who replies "oh I know you from Epic Nate's channel" or "murdered to death" without any context. Which is pretty cool. So thanks for that dude!

  • Clyde

    The dead postman could be a ref to the “The Postman” movie starring Kevin Costner, same settings

  • Zach Baker


  • BigNathGaming

    More 5 things we didn't know we could do in fallout 4?

  • RACCOON Jack

    I think it's a reference to the movie the postman

  • Peter Wojo

    I feel like Fairline Estates was meant to be an actual player settlement at some point but for some reason the idea was just scrapped or unfinished. I mean think about it:- all the houses are empty, still in great condition, and the player is able to enter all of them- there's crafting stations all over the place; the first time I found the place I looked all over the place for a workbench to no avail- it's arguably big enough and has a simple enough layout with level enough terrain to be a settlement- lots of potential scrap items- centrally located and a great potential hub settlement for the southern half of the map and the Glowing Sea- all the other settlements in the southern half are weirdly far apart from one another; assuming this place would've been a settlement, it makes it a lot easier and makes more sense

  • Twan Aker

    I think with the elder maxon one, by advanced technology they are referring to power armor, but that’s just my opinion.


    5 more unsettling murders to death

  • roe

    Number 5: listen to X6-88 response to arriving there and remember prior to you being his partner, he was part of the synth retention bureau.Number 4: there were artificial enhanced paladins in fallout 3(Star Paladin Cross)Number 3: there are crazy references to movies and comics everywhereNumber 2: Vault-Tec was aware that it was inevitable but did not tell all their Vault-Tec employees if they knew the exact time the bombs would drop.Number One: It is a pre-war disease that was being tested and west tek and other companies tried to find a cure the disease somehow survived even though one of the possible cures was a version of the FEV, and this virus probably adapted and mutated with the FEV instead, that is just a possibility it could also be a left over from the Enclave tests to cure the wasteland of irradiated life as blowing up a highly technological and possible biological staging and containment site with no proper disposal of the material can cause alot of problems Cough*RAVENROCK**Cough***BROKEN STEEL DLC**If you want to get technical Point Lookout was at the time the bombs dropped was quarantined because of a outbreak of The New Plague and was made into an isolation zone so those boils and deformations of the swampfolk might be more than just inbred genetics it might be how the FEV and the virus formed a stabilized carrier and as we leave the DLC we have opened the land up through the mother and daughter now owning the ferry so if a version of the virus is still there than we could have also been responsible for it being spread back inadvertently.

  • Kenji Bomar

    Isn’t the Elder Maxon quote just talking about his use of power armor?

  • Blackwolfufk

    I'm still trying to figure out how caps got into a bank vault before the war.

  • rikulight90

    I just find it funny that Arthur Maxson the leader of the brotherhood of steel is in fact the very same kid that we saw back in fallout 3 over in the Citadel.

  • Kaden Vier

    0:42This seems familiar, remember in Fallout 3 when you go in this weird virtual world to save your dad? This looks a lot like it. It almost seems unsettling

  • The Emo Emu

    "Murdered to death"Are you doing this on purpose? lol

  • Ryan Schuster

    MacCready actually mentors a traveler and his friend with a disease just like his sons looking for the cure at Nextel, but the friend with the disease dying before they could retrieve it

  • jpennell5555

    The delivery boy is probably a reference to the 1997 film "The Postman" about a post apocalyptic postman.

  • vevesumi

    for the first myth, maybe some of the settlers ARE the ghouls? and the dead person couldnt let them go?

  • Nana Orihara

    Fast travel to the Old North ChurchFace the statue nearby head on and take the left pathFollow it until you find a mailbox and trash can lining along an unmarked train station entranceI won't say what's inside but check it out Nate. I'm not sure if you've placed it into a video before but I thought I'd mention it anyways. Hopefully i have good enough directions. :/

  • Platypus Power

    for the first one, if you have PIPER as your companion, she'll say the following; "Something's not right, blue Something's not right, blue Something's not right, blue Something's not right, blue Something's not right, blue Something's not right, blue Something's not right, blue." and, at least for me, will never stop as long as you're there

  • Aleks Sierżant

    The "New Plague" and "Blue Flu" are the same thing. It is definitely canon, in Fallout 3: Point Lookout DLC the swampfolk are the result of this plague, look it up.

  • Brandon Stanley

    I think the courier in the postman's uniform is a reference to the movie "the postman". In the movie, the world has ended and a survivor finds an old US mail van with a postal uniform inside along with some letters. He takes the uniform and, to gain entry to a town, he claims that he's with the remnants of the government of the United States. By coincidence, he actually has letters that were supposed to be sent to the people in the town or their ancestors. That's all I really remember though.

  • Sparks Legends

    I wish Fairline Hill Estates was a settlement you could've unlock.

  • Dante Inferno

    I think the postal man is an Easter egg for the postman movie with Kevin Costner

  • HexManiacMaylein

    Star Paladin Cross was a cyborg and it was supposed to be contriversal Maxson is similar. theyre implants under the skin. And yes the Vault tech sales man was just trying to get you to sign its a marketing ploy for vault tech. Also The girl named lucy is the same lucy from little lamplight the way you worded it sounds like he met her in bigtown. hes know her his whole life. As for the cure its basicly like currie's cure all only someone might know about it. Hypotherically there are 3 things in fallout 4 that could be used for duncan and they are Currie"s cure for the molerat disease Lorenzo's serum and the think maccready actually gets.

  • spoder man

    OK I will stop to ask you to do a Witcher video

  • IOnceAteAPinecone

    You never see Maxon sleep, just sayin'.

  • Scrotor

    The Brotherhood's beef with synths is that while humans take many thousands of years to evolve and adapt, synths can do so instantly via software upgrades. This would effectively make humanity obsolete, with the potential to accomplish what a nuclear war couldn't. This is also the reason they hate super mutants - the organism best adapted to it's environment will thrive.Cybernetics wouldn't be any sort of existential threat. Given the Brotherhood's penchant for hoarding tech, cybernetics would likely be considered just a tool, like any other.

  • Dan Scott

    IF Maxon were to have cybernetics, it would not be hypocritical at all. The Brother Hood exist to horde advanced technology and use it for themselves. Since Cybernetics are just a form of tec and are not considered to be independent and sentient like true A.I., then its no problem at all. Synths have true AI, meaning they can think and learn without any input from a human being if left unchecked. Cybernetic implants just do what they were designed to do and thats that.

  • La Levesque

    In Fallout New Vegas the dead sheriff and his wife in Primm are a reference to the movie Once Upon A Time In The West.

  • Ulysses ThePagan

    I think it's possible that the Maxon terminal entry was cut content. It could have met to be used when the Sole Survivor is given the orders to kill Danse. The Sole Survivor could use the knowledge of the fact that Maxon is a cyborg, to persuade him that he's being hypocritical.

  • Brian the Trainer

    Elder Maxson does have a scar on his face and looks like it was stitched recently, maybe he could be a cyborg

  • desmond boyce

    I always thought that the maxson thing was in reference to the advanced armour and weaponry the brotherhood used

  • Platinum Symphony

    Fairline Estates kinda looks like the dream world where you murder everyone with that mask and knife in fallout 3.

  • David Wells

    Seeing as how Bethesda loves dropping easter eggs in that direct us toward movies and other games, the postman could reference the movie mentioned by other commenters. I've always thought of such out-of-place individuals as perhaps the remnants of the Institute's program that led to Nick Valentine. He was given the memory of another individual and thereby took on the attitude, skill, and knowledge of that person. Perhaps the mailman was one such synth, lost in the wasteland, until finding the remnants of a mailman or post office and decided to take up what felt most familiar to him. Or maybe he's a crazy person who decided he was the new Fallout mailman! What's their motto? Like...come rain or snow or radstorm, or...deathclaw...Something like that.

  • Smith Jones

    Wow, at 5:48--I never considered that Maxon may be a synth himself, being replaced time to time by copies that have been manufactured to match the human aging process.  A distinct possibility given his hatred of synths.

  • Alteric Jeske

    Oxhorn covers things like this much better and actually gets to the bottom of the "mysteries" of locations like these.

  • CrackingCody

    Uhhhhh Synth AI and cybernetics are nothing alike, thus it wouldn’t be hypocritical. And Maxon looks FINE? Lol you DO see all the scars on him, right?

  • Jordi

    Do more videos like this one, also Fallout 4 is a great game like Skyrim

  • R3troRod

    4:32 murdered a deathclaw to death

  • Andrew Howland

    The Elder Maxon quote is just referring to all the brotherhood of steels advanced technology that they use. Also the brotherhood has no problem with cyborgs, Star Paladin Cross from Fallout 3 was a cyborg and she was one of the highest ranking members in the Citadel.

  • David Kellin

    Your character is George W Bush? LOL!

  • RedX 2104

    I know this might be late and i might also not get an answer but i must answer the mystery with the vault tec guy.As you know the chinese(CCP) had dropped the nukes and was part of annihilating the world. At the time both Factions the US as well as the CCP had some sort of tension between them and as you can hear on the TV that: Quote "Our exclusive coverage of the volatile situation in China" meaning that China as the loosing party in the war was ready to open fire. I mean a submarine was already in the town. Vault-tec feared that China might launch a nuclear attack. Which is quite reasonable to believe if you are close to defeat someone with nuclear weapons in their posession.So the Vault-tec guy probably knew nothing but was ordered to convince soldiers to sign up for the vaults they were building. I mean if he knew he might have chosen to find shelter somewhere instead of waiting to get murdered to death ;)

  • Jscrib Ravoli

    It’s so weird hearing Quinlan because I have a friend named that and he first time I played I got so confused.

  • storm of shadows-682.049

    Is it just me or does fairline Hill look like the village in fallout 3 where you save your dad

  • majomember1000

    The dead postman is an easter egg for the postman movie. This is like the 10th video without factchecking

  • RIPGlider

    The vault TEC salesmen new something because some of the bombs WAS DROM VAULT TEC (Plot TWIST XDDD BUT seriously the made some bombs fall)

  • SirPimpsAlot

    Is it just me or does Fairline Hill estates look a lot like tranquility lane from the simulation in fallout 3???

  • Anton Quintus

    Elder Maxton is a synth. He remembers everything, and wants to wipe out the institute and all other synths as well so he can fulfill his psycho power trip. As is seen, the brotherhood also seeks to eliminate all life forms that have enhanced survival characteristics, like gouls, feral and non, and supermutants, so anything else on the planet that can even come close to challenging him better look out!!

  • JaymzIsUS

    I was smoking while watching this and I came up with a lil theory. So like where would Macready keep his son while he's off getting his shit for him? Since his wife's dead and all. I'm thinking little Lamp light. I have no evidence except he said he's at the one place he trust or person w.e. and he's from there. Either there or someone he knows at big town. Cause like there wasn't much in between from him leaving getting married having a kid and leaving. Idk just a thought

  • FrostyWalker

    For number 3, if this is a canonical thing, judging by the condition of his uniform, maybe Zetans abducted him and dropped him back to earth? Im pretty sure mothership zeta nor any other instances of the zetans in fallout games told what happened to the bodys after they were abducted and killed. The uniform looks too clean to have been recent, plus the lack of blood under his body suggests he might have been abducted pre war, and just recently dropped back to earth.

  • Hunter Kiddo

    the 2nd one was stupid. The Brotherhood have all the advanced technology at their disposal. Power armor, laser weapons, etc. He doesn't need cybernetics for technology to enhance his capabilities. The gouls in the first one are explained in the game by a journal, too.

  • TJ True Justice

    I wish my laptop could run Fallout 4, unfortunately with only 4 GB of RAM I will have to stick with New Vegas and non-special edition Skyrim. Maybe one day I'll stop buying games that don't work immediately (Fallout 3) and will save up for a new computer. But by then they will have made Elder Scrolls VII and I will have already bought Elder Scrolls VI only to discover I can't run it either. Then again isn't Fallout New Vegas all one ever needs?

  • Xaveston

    Anytime I explore the commonwealth now and see something strange, mysterious, curious, etc I always think I hope Nate finds this and does an video of it (Sadly forgotten half of what it was I found, there was one house in Nuka World just after the Red Rocket settlement with an ghoul named Rachel whom killed herself because she felt that she was starting to become feral, she didn't want to make her partner suffer and left him an holotape.

  • Curtus Clifton

    How can u murder something 2 death if u murder it isn't it already dead?

  • Redwolf 149

    I've literally just found a mystery in fallout 4 that you haven't covered yet. Really I'm baffled and slightly amused, plus maybe creeper out. It's on the nukaworld powerplant roof, go into the open pipe. I have no idea what that dude was doing or how he got there, really it's just weird.

  • Ajar Pigeons

    Reference to the movie postman 7:06 it’s a post apocalyptic world where this guy makes a delivery company and people all around join in to help. It’s a amazing movie I highly encourage you to watch it

  • Chris Fox

    Vault Tech caused the great war. I never knew about that dialogue though, those two things combined actually makes it more understandable how he ended up with less sanity than most non-feral ghouls.

  • Pazuzu Deamon

    How about the man with the vault Tec van random quest. If you read the book for the game. There a guy driving around in a working van. If you found him you'll find him dead with a chest in the back of the van with random loot. But how did he get the van working?

  • Spellsaster 134

    Maxsons enhancements might be implants like the ones you can get in fallout new Vegas that would explain why you couldn’t see them because they are practically invisible

  • Pancakes

    Regarding Number 4 (the Maxson one), I don't think Quinlan means that Maxson is cybernetically enhanced or anything. I think he means advanced electronics as in Liberty Prime, Power Armor, etc. Sorry if this kinda took the mystery away from it, just giving my take on Quinlan's file.

  • Matthew Cameron

    The postman is literally a head nod to the movie the postman...

  • DonDorscha

    Cybernetics are entirely canon in the BoS. In FO1 by Interplay you can get cybernetic upgrades from a doctor in the BoS bunker as long as you are a member and have the caps to pay (and the time to wait to heal). Obviously then the Brotherhood wouldn't have an issue with cybernetic enhancement so its perfectly feasible that Maxson is enhanced.

  • Kevbo2040

    While I definitely love seeing Fallout 4 videos, I kinda laughed at that Maxson one, I gotta admit. I'm pretty sure the Brotherhood of Steel having the largest cache of power armor, laser/plasma weaponry, vertibirds, the Prydwen, and a functioning skyscraper sized mini-nuke tossing death machine, kinda constitutes him being 'aided and enhanced by technology', while still remaining human himself. Still, nice video!

  • Francisco Flores

    Walking dead reference locking them up thinking they can be cured?

  • Koala Tux

    What if the postman was a victim of another alien ship similar to Fallout 3, and found a way to escape the ship.

  • Hilario Hernandez

    This video could be renamed "5 examples of bad writing in Fallout 4"


    Im pretty sure hes just talking about power armor by saying help from advanced technoliges

  • AssassinEmbers

    As for the vault-tec guy he knew what was going to happen cuz vault-tec told him so it was his job to get people to the vault 111 before the bombs fell read between the lines it adds up

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