Skyrim - Top 10 Non-Human Followers!

Here are my top 10 non-human followers in Skyrim. Enjoy!

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  • LunaASiMR

    it bothered me when we went and killed the huskies. :/

  • Quentin Peladeau

    God i hate this guys voice

  • PersianinSweden

    How could you forget Arvak?!

  • Morales Lives

    The only time Shadowmere died on my game was when a dragon swooped down and tossed it off a cliff.

  • N7pirate

    Technically anybody that isn't a nord, redguard, Imperial, or Breton are non-human.

  • Juggernaut K. Captain

    I'm going to have to say that the rieklings are the very best pets you can have.1. They are more like people than pets; can be talked to and be told to pick up things off the ground or pull levers.2. They can hold a lot of your stuff; like pack-mules.3. They wear the effects and armor ratings of what you give them; though do not visually wear anything new.4. Depending if you have a long range attacker or short range, rieklings can wield the best bow&arrows or wield any great-sword you give them, which you can enchant and fix to have stronger damage ratings.5. Randomly, they bring backup of up to ~4-5 extra rieklings.

  • Wreck Wrack


  • Sara Coello

    shadowmere isnt even a follower

  • xTr4c3d

    arvak is better than shadowmere because infinite summons

  • Meloch Toloompa

    J'Zargo isn't human. He's number 1!

  • Kingof Hell

    for me shadowmere didnt respawn :(help pls i dont know where he died

  • KeybladeMaster Dovahkiin

    Why do you keep attacking your followers...??? It was extremely hard to watch you hitting Vigilance with that mace :'(

  • dan b

    why would you attack the pets :(

  • brent jones

    Shadowmere is a mount not a follower...

  • Slender Man/Douglas Mitchell

    The huskies in dawn guard are the best.

  • Silver Paladin

    Shadowmere fell down a metre or two and died and I've never seen it again. :)

  • Brett Bloody Hell

    shadowmere isnt a follower, he is a mount, he won't go into a cave with you like a follower will

  • Jonez

    I use arvak as my horse cause it is a spell :D

  • Anna

    Shadowmere is like any other horse except glowing eyes and more health.

  • KngAndrew03

    Shadowmere isn't a follower

  • johncio91

    My shadowmere disappeared when i was doing the civil war quest line. I was in one of the camps turning in a quest when a dragon attacked and then as soon as it was beaten another dragon attacked and after that one shadowmere vanished. And the entire wrest of the time i played the game it never showed back up.

  • Transform987

    barbas is not really a follower

  • J&RStudios

    I was surprised the rielkling wasnt higher up on the list. It reminds me of an ewok and its cool. Plus it has a high attack damage with unlimited spears, is also invincible, and is the only pet follower that has an inventory you can access. In my opinion, the riekling should be at least number 1 or 2

  • Rebel Gaming

    shadow mere is not invincible I killed him and never saw him again

  • Kay Nine

    "Even though he is dog"

  • Sabatheus

    I want Parthurnax as a follower. Hey, dad always said swing for the fence...

  • SoldierOFortune_PL

    best folowers are my horse and my sword ...

  • CrimsoN

    my shadowmere died to fall damage because my game clitched xD

  • King Fancy

    top 10 worst followers 

  • lucas fleming

    Top 5 most profitable dungeons?

  • Alduin the Anti-Dragonborn

    For some reason i always had 2 to 3 allied reiklings that always showed up at the most convenient of times. They spammed spears at enemies around. And i didn't order them to follow me. I guess they are dedicated to their chief.

  • jonas Hyldgaard

    the riekling warrior follower is by far my favourite. he can equip two handed swords and light armor. equip that sucker with dragon armor and weapon and he is invincible

  • DracoInduperator

    Where do we get Shadowmere, also what sword are you using?

  • Tabon yemek

    Lost Meeko during a bandit ambush this evening...RIP...

  • Nathan Kornfeind

    Top Ten Cities (Including DLC)

  • Gianni Brock

    Can you put any of these characters in your house?

  • derp

    my shadow mere died dying the imperials quest line and hasn't spawned back!

  • Megan McGuinness

    Shadowmere is not a follower

  • Enzo Ritter

    Hey should i buy the two skyrim dlcs for ps3?

  • Amaro

    I'd use Arvak instead of shadowmere if it didn't make that horrible loud dying horse noise everytime it despawned.

  • Mcafferty

    Please say in the title that the most of these followers are awaible in DLC's...

  • Paulina Garcia

    Shadowmere isnt the only horse that can fight. All the horses in the game fight. I got my horse from whiterun stables, when i was barely starting the game and traveling away from helgen. I bought that horse and i still have it. Im lvl 18 now, and i have a pretty strong horse.

  • Yick-Yack

    I love how when you were describing Barbas, you were explaining how amazing he is that he's invulnerable and very piwerful and all that with all the praising and then you're just like "oh yeah, also he can talk"

  • Captain Blackbush

    J'zargo didn't make the cut? These sands are cold.

  • Skenderaga Arbi

    This guys voice makes me cry but not in a bad way... in a happy way. I guess it reminds me of someone.

  • Ash_AKV

    My shadowmere died when it fell off a cliff and never respawned.

  • MinionOfDeth2112

    Arvak is awesome too. I prefer him because I can summon him so he counts as a spellbound creature rather than a follow.

  • jakebopple

    I'm assuming you don't mod skyrim, but it would be something I think you should consider for a top 10 list

  • Hope Marie

    Barbas should be number one .

  • Jewish Mom

    Should I get the dawnguard DLC or Drangonborn DLC

  • Kaliha Bhuiyan

    for the skyrim dawnguard quest if you side with the vampires you get a black skeleton horse with a purple fire mane and tail which is skyrims fastest horse he is from a side quest and he is from the soul cairn .You summon him with a spell too his name is Aardvark .also you forgot the dragon from the dragonborn quest line ,And also from the soul cairn you can get a dragon following the main quest who instead of having to wait for him to arrive you summon him instantly. Aardvark fights for you if he dies instantly summon him again and i think the dragons are impossible to kill. One last thing as a vampire lord you can summon a gargoyle. 

  • EMCEE Kaoz

    Serena killed my huskeys

  • Fenikkusu

    General Burnside made the list!

  • Static Airsoft


  • Logan Snowstomper

    should be called "Top 10 Non-Human Followers for DLC"

  • Dovahkiin

    Do top 10 mission rewards, please.

  • RobloxNoob6969

    I would have also put Arvak on the list, since he is a badass looking horse that you can summon anytime you want. But, I am guessing it wouldn't count as a follower since you have to summon him for him to do anything, instead of Arvak just following you around like the others on the list.

  • Svenner

    Hey Scelong died for me, and I could never find his body. How do I get him back?

  • Silent_Assassin

    would you keep the skeleton key or get the guild armor idk what to do

  • Overwatch93

    I had him before but i forget, how do you get shadowmere? Its when you go to the big grave yard right?

  • Dj Otsirave

    Srry have to disagree about Shadowmeer. He does not follow you on his own so there for not a follower. But I agree hi is great. I noticed he runs away from a lot of fights tho

  • Mell Bg

    for Vigilance I have to go where ?

  • Jered1O4Dinoman

    1:42 wait do I have to buy a dlc in order to get them as a follower?

  • asdfghjkl45

    forgot about gleda the goat

  • Aidan S

    Do top 10 best human followers with all dlc please there is no good vids for dlc followers also

  • Mandy Boyd

    I seen on the main video pic it showed two white Wolf's. How do you get them?

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