Skyrim - Unobtainable Clothing & Jewelry

In this video I show you Skyrim's Unobtainable Clothing and Jewelry!
Let me know if I left any out!

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Peace out and I will see you in the next video!
  • FudgeMuppet

    Great video! Nice to see fellow Australians in the elder scrolls community

  • Ace Ride

    the issue with the hoods is because you're a vampire

  • XPsilocybinDream

    looks like the executioner is part of the dark brotherhood

  • TheDarksoul01

    Don't you get the Amulet of the Elder Council during the DB quest from the guy wanting you to kill the Emperor?

  • GiantDad

    if you wear nocturnal's clothes as a male, your body with morph into a female shape

  • kill a coppercab

    The psiijic set should have been obtainable they're just to nice looking Another great video (as always)

  • Nigel Thornberry

    You can buy college robes from radiant raiment

  • KasaiTTV

    You are my favorite and most IUnique YouTuber ever! When it comes to skyrim u r amazing! I love your skyrim videos so much. :)

  • Rhys Black

    Focusing Gloves are obtainable during the College of Winterhold questline, I think.

  • TXF

    I never understood why game companies have fully coded and functional items in the game, that aren't overpowered or broken, that the player can't get. I mean, if it's fully coded and functional, and it doesn't break anything...why not add it somewhere in the game to obtain? It would only ADD to the game, giving you more stuff to get.Same with anything cut from a game. If it's still coded into the game and works, why not leave it in? Even areas. I remember Fallout New Vegas had a fairly large Vault-looking area related to Benny's room that you couldn't get to because the door to get there required a key that wasn't in the game. It's the route he takes when he runs away. But the area itself is still there if you use a console command to access the door. It's mostly empty, but it's a fairly large area. There's also, I believe, one door that leads to nothingness. They could have easily locked the door to nothing, and added a few containers down there, and an easter egg or something, and left the area in. It would have taken barely any extra work, and added a new area to the game. It just seems pointless to make and code fully working stuff, just to disable it in the game, even though the coding for it's still there. Even if it doesn't add much to the overall game, more is better. In the case of the hidden area in New Vegas, they didn't even really disable it, they just locked the door and never added a key.

  • Podunk Niggams

    The thieves guild hood texture won't show up because of a bug related to being a vampire. I'm not sure if there is a patch for this or not

  • TurtleBro

    you can get the focusing gloves in game no console commands

  • Sashi_Me

    I think the thing with the leather hood is a glitch. It happens when you put on the theives guild hood on a vampire character.

  • Carl Vitek

    You do a good job on your videos man. You've got a new sub and I really hope your channel keeps growing.

  • blazedoutdude

    the focusing gloves can be pickpocketed from Delvin in the mages guild. just saying

  • Georgi Dimitrov

    Dear Camelworks, I know that you will be a great youtuber in the future with thousands of subscribers! ( I am one of them :3 ) Keep doing this awesome work! I just got back to playing Skyrim because of you my friend!

  • harry webster

    Great vid as always you deserve more subs

  • blade n games

    U can get the focus glovesIn game through collage of winter hold side quest

  • Apokeu

    Focusing gloves can be pickpocketed from one of the winterhold mages.

  • Balbert Dickens

    What location is he recording this at? (DLC or mod)

  • Eric Rodby

    oh my god Camel. that wolf whistle during the nocturnal robes i wasnt expecting that OMFG IM Dead

  • Grimlon Cz

    Foucusing gloves can ve actualy obtainable ať colege od winterhold.

  • Void __Tuber

    Um....what concule commands do u do to make u wear armors that u can't get with normal commands cause I want karliah's armors but I can't get it

  • kcr

    Many of these you can actually get in the testroom (consloe command "coc qasmoke")

  • Backflippin' AFROdite

    what mod is this room fromalso great vids

  • 林聖偉

    I know this is an old videobut I somehow got the embellished robes during normal gameplay

  • Im Nibor

    you have 55,555 subscribersi just thought that was a fun number

  • J v k q e

    you can obtain the telvanni robes in gamesoz if its already pointed out im new

  • Ron900123

    What exactly is the building he is in in these videos? (ohh and beautiful videos camelworks always a pleasure to watch you videos!)

  • Mallory Jenkins

    dude you liying about the rings of vampiric grip I have those on xbox

  • jojam188

    I had a seizure thanks to that intro music.Thanks tho

  • Deven Hattabaugh

    The leather hood might look like that because you're a vampire I have the same glitch in my character with any thieves guild hood but when their normal and not a vampire it goes away

  • Logan Schroeder

    Camelworks I just want to say good job o actually replying to comments most youtubers dont. Also where are you in these videos it is a cool place.

  • Lord Robb Stark

    The elder council amulet is given to you as a quest item, that you later deliver it to Delvin of the Thieves Guild.

  • Brock Samson

    You do get the focusing gloves for a College Of Winterhold / Mages Guild Mission

  • Noir

    The Focusing Gloves are in the game for a quest

  • Golden Guides

    You can find college robes at the radiant raiment

  • Andreas Joe

    college robes findable in game in radiant raymonds in solitute

  • josh reynolds

    the elder council one is from the dark brother hood quest line

  • Daniel-Paul Roberts

    btw jarl igmund wears the embellished robes.

  • POOTis Master

    ID of this room and ID bandages, please

  • Asher Rockriver

    the amulet is in the dark brotherhood quest linebut not wourn bythe emperorfor more info look it up

  • LeeYeosung

    funny how the channel is calle camelworks but the picture in the profile pick is not a camel

  • Blitzshake481

    yo you play dnd? cuz if you do we should meet up and you be dungeon master. The Vampiric Rings were funny!

  • Brian Davenport

    @Camelworks the problem you are having with the hoods is caused by you being a vampire lord, I don't know why but it also happens with some in-game hoods, such as the Blackguard Hood from Raven Rock. Curing your vampirism should fix it. Keep up the "sensational" vids XD

  • Michelle Zweigler

    I have the execution hood on xbox360

  • Lauren Spencer

    Those focusing gloves are in the game they are just super rare the only difference is the name

  • Abigpuppy

    What in-game room is that where you record these videos?

  • robert anderson

    B the focussing gloves are able to be found in game at the college I let you find it

  • hend vanduijn

    You can obtain the leather hood when a thief tries to rob you and you have done the thiefs guild guest you can take it (it's mostly male robbers that have it)

  • Andrew Drozhilov

    pretty sure the amulet of the elder council was part of a dark brotherhood quest. Either the imperial guy is wearing it, or he gives it to you to give to Astrid. Im not totally sure, but that seems right. Oh and great vids. Keep up the good work!

  • Luneistara

    @Camelworks Gaming Focusing Gloves I believe can be obtained through a quest in the college, then again I could be wrong.

  • Rosemary Kolarik

    amulit of bats you can get that in the dawnguard quest

  • Spare Channel

    Fun fact: collage robes are obtainable, you can purchase them from the clothing store in solitude, that's where I got mine on my Xbox.

  • Navid Jalali

    You can buy college robes from radiant ramens

  • Brandi Perry

    u can get focusing gloves in game u pickpocket someone in the mage guild

  • CybuR

    The Embellished and other Royal looking clothes can be found in the Warehouse outside of Solitude. At least from my memory.

  • Stubby the Baby

    The focusing gloves look like the gloves from the side mission in the mage college that makes you wear tuning gloves to fix magic wells.

  • Chili Flame

    You get the Elder Council Amulet from Amaund Mortierre during the Dark Brotherhood questline.

  • willian cavallari

    The amulet of elder council is briefly obtained during the dark brotherhood quest. It is given as part of the payment for killing the emperor.

  • Mario Juarez

    I can get all of that by having dragonborn,dawnguard,and hearthfire dlc

  • jehan miedema

    the necklace is originally from oblivion.

  • meister0062

    You have the focusing gloves for a side mission in the college

  • Dr. Dee

    watching this episode i felt a little like on a shopping tv channel 🤣😅😇„next we have... and this looks really nice on the player...and next item which looks like this on the player...this looks really nice“ 🤣👍no offense! great video!

  • Omnisi

    I'm pretty much 100% sure that the summon arvak spell is not unobtainable. you get it if you talk to a lost soul when you enter the soul carn with Serana. He asks you to find his horse, and when you find the item Arvak's skull which is guarded by bonemen and bring it back to the soul he teaches you the spell.

  • Schwoopta Woop

    I'll come back to you about the elder council amulet Im currently redoing the dark brotherhood quest line. That is assuming I even remember to.

  • Vakrim

    Thats one way to look at the HeartStone.Praise be to Nurgle's Blessings

  • J Dog Meyers

    the college robes can be obtained at Radient Ramends in Solitude

  • Joseph Rhine

    in 2:03 I found the wristguards in the emperors ship

  • Exodus

    What mod is that cellar mod?

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