Skyrim - Unobtainable Clothing & Jewelry

In this video I show you Skyrim's Unobtainable Clothing and Jewelry!
Let me know if I left any out!

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Peace out and I will see you in the next video!
  • FudgeMuppet

    Great video! Nice to see fellow Australians in the elder scrolls community

  • Ace Ride

    the issue with the hoods is because you're a vampire

  • XPsilocybinDream

    looks like the executioner is part of the dark brotherhood

  • TheDarksoul01

    Don't you get the Amulet of the Elder Council during the DB quest from the guy wanting you to kill the Emperor?

  • GiantDad

    if you wear nocturnal's clothes as a male, your body with morph into a female shape

  • kill a coppercab

    The psiijic set should have been obtainable they're just to nice looking Another great video (as always)

  • TurtleBro

    you can get the focusing gloves in game no console commands

  • TXF

    I never understood why game companies have fully coded and functional items in the game, that aren't overpowered or broken, that the player can't get. I mean, if it's fully coded and functional, and it doesn't break anything...why not add it somewhere in the game to obtain? It would only ADD to the game, giving you more stuff to get.Same with anything cut from a game. If it's still coded into the game and works, why not leave it in? Even areas. I remember Fallout New Vegas had a fairly large Vault-looking area related to Benny's room that you couldn't get to because the door to get there required a key that wasn't in the game. It's the route he takes when he runs away. But the area itself is still there if you use a console command to access the door. It's mostly empty, but it's a fairly large area. There's also, I believe, one door that leads to nothingness. They could have easily locked the door to nothing, and added a few containers down there, and an easter egg or something, and left the area in. It would have taken barely any extra work, and added a new area to the game. It just seems pointless to make and code fully working stuff, just to disable it in the game, even though the coding for it's still there. Even if it doesn't add much to the overall game, more is better. In the case of the hidden area in New Vegas, they didn't even really disable it, they just locked the door and never added a key.

  • Larnexea

    EDIT: Forgot to mention in case someone asks, Unofficial Skyrim Legendary patch is a PC only modification.Btw just leaving this here for people that are watching this older video. Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Patch fixes Ancient Falmer Crown. Here is the bug fix info from change logs: The Ancient Falmer Crown (DLC1IvoryCrown) will now be available when Arch-Curate Vyrthur is killed. It will now also complete the set bonus for the ancient elven armor. If you've already defeated Vyrthur the crown will be laying on the ground where the battle took place. Based on data in the CK (the item is playable, can be tempered, and has armor-addon records for Argonians and Khajiit) the crown was also given a suitable armor rating. (Bug #14881)

  • Sashi_Me

    I think the thing with the leather hood is a glitch. It happens when you put on the theives guild hood on a vampire character.

  • Rhys Black

    Focusing Gloves are obtainable during the College of Winterhold questline, I think.

  • Nigel Thornberry

    You can buy college robes from radiant raiment

  • Kasai

    You are my favorite and most IUnique YouTuber ever! When it comes to skyrim u r amazing! I love your skyrim videos so much. :)

  • Alex Oelkers

    You actually can pick up the Executioners hood in the beginning of the game on Skyrim Special Edition.

  • Luneistara

    +Camelworks Gaming Focusing Gloves I believe can be obtained through a quest in the college, then again I could be wrong.

  • willian cavallari

    The amulet of elder council is briefly obtained during the dark brotherhood quest. It is given as part of the payment for killing the emperor.

  • Carl Vitek

    You do a good job on your videos man. You've got a new sub and I really hope your channel keeps growing.

  • Georgi Dimitrov

    Dear Camelworks, I know that you will be a great youtuber in the future with thousands of subscribers! ( I am one of them :3 ) Keep doing this awesome work! I just got back to playing Skyrim because of you my friend!

  • Omnisi

    I'm pretty much 100% sure that the summon arvak spell is not unobtainable. you get it if you talk to a lost soul when you enter the soul carn with Serana. He asks you to find his horse, and when you find the item Arvak's skull which is guarded by bonemen and bring it back to the soul he teaches you the spell.

  • sorry wut

    The thieves guild hood texture won't show up because of a bug related to being a vampire. I'm not sure if there is a patch for this or not

  • Logan Schroeder

    Camelworks I just want to say good job o actually replying to comments most youtubers dont. Also where are you in these videos it is a cool place.

  • Exodus

    What mod is that cellar mod?

  • Thomas Geltzer

    the amulet of the elder Council is in the game

  • Lexi Johnston

    I was just watching the video, no big deal, then when the stand by screen comes on, I hear celldweller. I give 10/10 stand by music choice.

  • Michael Ankner

    Focusing gloves can be equipped in a College of Winterhold quest

  • Deven Hattabaugh

    The leather hood might look like that because you're a vampire I have the same glitch in my character with any thieves guild hood but when their normal and not a vampire it goes away

  • Void __Tuber

    Um....what concule commands do u do to make u wear armors that u can't get with normal commands cause I want karliah's armors but I can't get it

  • POOTis Master

    ID of this room and ID bandages, please

  • Aiden Rhoda

    the amulet of elder council is found in dark brotherhood quest in which some guy will give you a hit on some random guy with some occult oculus armour and you go to the thieves guild to check it's price

  • Kill Kill

    The Elder Amulet Does, while you are in the dark brotherhood quest, you get it.

  • David Pavlas

    Don't you obtain the Ancient Falmer Set by looting the snow elf you kill during the Dawnguard questline?

  • von_Kartoffel

    You can get the Executionhood at the start of the darkbrotherhood quest when you need to execute someone!!!


    7:31 i have those gloves i found them in a cave a giant voice told me to do something then gave them to me

  • Darthplagueis13

    The amulet of the elder council is from the dark brotherhood quest and given to you along with the objective to kill different people and in the end the emperor. You then have to visit a member of the thieves guild and first ask him what it is and then sell it to him.

  • William Acors

    amulet of elder council is in game

  • Josh Guillen

    The amulet of the elder council is obtainable in the dark brotherhood in a quest further toward the end.

  • Michaels Vlogs

    Greybeard robes can obtained with all perks in the sneak skill tree

  • Michaels Vlogs

    I'm sorry you need all pickpocket perks 😊😀😀

  • Lord of all bad videos, and potatos

    you can get novice robes -_-

  • Max Fernando

    the focusing gloves are in game you get them through a side quest in  the mages guild

  • Bor Productions

    Nice whistle camelwork.

  • Zeyo

    The amulet of bats you showed actually is different. On the vanilla amulet of bats, the ability basically says that the bats perk on your vampire lord form is enhanced to do more damage. The dawnguard vampire lord amulets that were left out of the game seem to imply that rather than unlocking the abilities as you proceed through your vampiric playthrough of which you could access through the favorites menu, you would equip these amulets and rings to change the spells and powers you used in Vampire Lord form. This amulet of Bats would have let you use the Bats ability, which is pretty much the Vampire Lord version of Whirlwind Sprint.Also, if I'm not mistaken, the Amulet of the Elder Council does appear ingame, however I don't believe you can equip it. It appears in the Dark Brotherhood questline.

  • The Joker

    those dark brotherhood clothes are obtainable without any mods or cheats. when you play the DB quest when the sanctuary is attacked you can find the dead bodies of gabriella and another guy (don't remember his name) and they will have those clothes on them. then simply loot them and take the clothes.

  • Whiterun Guard

    You can get the college robes in game. And I swear I've seen the novice robes, too. The Amulet of the Elder Council is called the "Jeweled Amulet" I think. You get it during the Dark Brotherhood quest line. Also, another one in game.

  • riicky83

    If your doing this on pc why are you not using the console command TFC to toggle to free camera for a better view of your character when you show the clothes?.

  • Cookie Potato

    My theory for why those vampire amulets exist is because the devs while creating the vampire lord form either didnt want or didnt find how to implament the skill tree for vampire lords and so made these amulets to change your night powers because some of them have give you powers that already exist in the vampire tree

  • Lady Breton

    I love the Psijic order clothing. Also, I'm one of those weirdos that wishes Nocturnal's clothing could be used on a dude without their figures looking female. o///o

  • Souls Of War

    I am only half way into the video and there has already been a gag and cuffs. It's making me think of BDSM

  • TheDark WiseMan

    Seranas hood is made not like the lether or thiefs guild hood becouse the ather two look that ugly only on vampires

  • Ayvah Madeline

    I actually obtained the "fine raiment" from the wolf queen's (dead) body but I had to press the "loot all" button extremely fast. You can say I glitched Skyrim. And I play on un-modded console so there is no way I could have gotten it from console commands, and I am soo poor I don't have a PC, or a memory stick.

  • Tom Cureton

    Not sure if anyone has said it yet but the Amulet of the Elder Councill is given to you by Amaund Motierre as preliminary payment for killing the emperor in the DB quest line, but you don't see it because it is sold for credit pretty much as soon as you talk to astrid

  • kazuto kirigya

    the amulet of the elder council is the one you sell to delvin Mallory during the dark brotherhood quest the silence has been broken it does appear in your inventory during the quest but you cannot wear it and can only sell it to delvin Mallory to complete the quest

  • Ace Clover

    Fine Raiment is obtainable with two things: Potema’s ghost and the chicken effect from the Wabbajack.

  • Vulpes Fox

    I know this is an old video but I gotta say this.... I college robes are obtainable

  • QuissleQuassle

    I believe the amulet of the elder counsil is from the Dark Brotherhood questline, were it is part of the payment to kill the emporer, but I don't think you can wear it.

  • Milgos 69

    12:05 its possible to get while dark brootherhood quest line But u need to give it to thieves guild to continue

  • Vollick

    we wonder why the file is so large.. all this crap bethesda left in the game

  • Coma

    +Camelworks The prisoner'a cuffs are basically obtainable. If you Type "EnablePlayerControls" at the beginning when you leave the carriage, Open your inventory and the cuffs will be automatically equipped. And if you unequip the cuffs before ralof cuts them off you can keep them.

  • ChokingPoint

    Thieves hood, leather hoods etc. makes your head bald because youre a vampire not sure if you know this already but im just letting you know i don't know if there was an unofficial patch to fix that its been a long time since i last played skyrim but im 100% sure that you being a vampire cause the hoods to make you bald.

  • GBRyker61

    You can get the College Robes in-game. You can find them at Radiant Reimant in Solitude.

  • Oki-O

    you can get a fine raiment, i have it on 360. when your about to kill the wolf queen save and use the wabajack on her and if she turned into a chicken kill her quickly. it doesn't happen all the time but it works half the time. hope this helps

  • Neo

    I wanted to be an absolute pro, it's a different enchantment for the amulet of bats, the other one drains life while this one uses bats as a night power in vampiric lord form EDIT: The other one also has red jewled, while this one had Green jewledEDIT: This one also has a bit different skull texture

  • Matthew Greenfield

    I feel like the Hooded Green Robes should be worn by the priests and priestesses of Kynareth, it just seems like they are very foliage themed.


    You can obtain focusing gloves by stealing them and the illusion master on the colleague of winterhold have them

  • Implycation

    The college robes are actually obtainable during the quest in the thieves guild where you break into the east empire company

  • Hollie

    You absolutely can get Seranas hood. I know because i always take it from her and she always spawns a new one.

  • FRESH tidez

    IVE HAD THOSE FOCUSING GLOVES ON 360 ALONG TIME AGO BUT IDK IF THEY WERE CALLED THAT I WAS 11 now im 15 it was when i was new to the game back when it came out i just remember the design

  • Asher

    the vampire rings can be stolen from different people following the vampire story line if you accept be a vamp lord

  • Sorin

    Not sure if it's been answered, but the amulet of the elder council is found in the Dark Brotherhood questline, where at one point you get it as a payment, and give it to someone and they will give you a note of payment, for 15 thousand septims/gold

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