Skyrim - Enchanting Sucks, BUT not because it's bad


In our latest Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim video have a look at all the balancing problems with the enchanting skill tree.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is an open world action role-playing video game developed by Bethesda Game Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks. It is the fifth main installment in The Elder Scrolls series, following The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, and was released worldwide for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on November 11, 2011.

The game's main story revolves around the player character and their quest to defeat Alduin the World-Eater, a dragon who is prophesied to destroy the world. The videogame is set two hundred years after the events of Oblivion, and takes place in the fictional province of Skyrim. Over the course of the game, the player completes quests and develops the character by improving skills. The game continues the open world tradition of its predecessors by allowing the player to travel anywhere in the game world at any time, and to ignore or postpone the main storyline indefinitely.

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  • 2LiterJay MajorJackaFan3000

    All 4 of you dudes Scott Michael Drew and Camal sound the same

  • TheAnonymousMrGrape

    I don't want enchanting to be nerfed, I just want the unique items and artifacts they give you to actually be usable and worth it in the late game.

  • marshrover V

    I disagree. When you're at 100 Enchanting you should be a truly powerful enchanter, capable of creating magical artifacts to rival enchanters like Azidahl. I personally love that what I make is the most powerful, if I have the right skill. A master smith should be able to make incredible weapons. A master enchanter should be able to turn a stick into an incredibly powerful weapon. Personally, I think deadric artifacts should have more unique effects rather than being straight up better.

  • Dark Metal 62

    ENCHANTING MAKES THINGS TO EASYme: then dont use if you want a challenge BUT THE GAME IS TOO HARD WITHOUT IT!lol

  • Gotz the Ironhand

    While I respect your opinion and certainly understand them I don't play games for challenge. I almost always rp a god, literally. Dragonborn? Nope I'm a god who got transported to the wrong world and decides to have a little fun toying with mortals. Nerevarine? Nope also the same omnipresent god. The Lone Wanderer? A god laughing at all the fools who survived the apocalypse I engineered. Mario, Megaman, Cloud from FF7, the blocks in Tetris, a random piece of bread, a developmentally challenged child with cancer, the literal concept of clinical depression, all the same god involuntarily reality hopping from world to world learning the magics and abilities of that world in the hopes that one day he can consolidate all power in all worlds within himself, stop the cycle of awakening in different forms and eras he is cursed to endure, and rule all that is, was, ever will be, or could even be conceptualized as the penultimate being. This god once spent 1,000 hours in Skyrim simply smithing and living an average life in Whiterun so that he could grasp how in the hell it was possible for him to smith bone with a forge. This unsolved mystery eludes him to this day sadly... he may or may not have taken his frustration about this out on Nazeem. I wonder if there's a cloud district in Sithis realm?

  • EpicPanda

    "...the next Elder Scrolls great-great-grandchildren..." OMFG perfect!

  • Jusey1

    Have you played Morrowind? Enchanting is OP in that game too and makes artifacts useless if you decide to invest into the enchanting skill and collect the right monster souls... Don't say "Morrowind did it better!" when Morrowind have the same issues with enchantment just like Skyrim. The only difference is that Morrowind's enchanting requires very powerful and specific souls while Skyrim's enchanting is much easier to use.

  • Damn son where'd you find this.

    It's fine imo.Nobody forces you to create ridiculous gear with enchanting, alchemy and smithing mixed together. It's your choice to do it. Not to mention you need all of those 100 and very good clothes with very good smithing and alchemy and to get those you need to create many armor sets and enchant them one by one to make them as powerful as possible.Mine armor pieces stopped at 41% better alchemy and smithing each + wear bracelet with helmet glitch and you can have basically 82% better alchemy on your helmet.And with this outfit you can create enchanting/smithing potions...Nobody forces you to do that besides your own power lust. I got over 800damage miraak sword like that my previous gameplay when I wore full combat daedric armor.But I agree with daedric artifacts being garbage. With master or legendary difficulty later in game they are rather crap.

  • Dadan 2

    I don't want my god hood taken away. I'd just like other ways of achieving god hood.

  • Vraag Me Niets Ik Weet Niks

    I think Oblivion was even worse personally, full Chameleon, constant being able to cast cheap Invisibillity and 100% reflect spell/damage breaks the game far worse then anything you can do in Skyrim. Also weakness to magic + Three elemental damage daggers are insane in Obliv.

  • David Kampmann

    I dont think enchanting sucks. I think the Problem is that unique items have shitty enchantments. Regarding Magic using, again the Problem is that Magic is just too weak and to expensiv.Also dont say it is op, or bethesda will remove it from tes6 , Like they did with spellcrafting xD

  • the cock wambler

    The biggest problem with Skyrim is that being a mage is just quite simply not fun. You're either getting destroyed because you've run out of magika after like 2 spells or your just grinding the enchanting skill for like 3 hours until you actually have a chance. This could be fixed by slightly increasing the damage of destruction spells and decreasing the cost of all spells, except mabye conjuration magic as it's pretty balanced overall.They should also remove the cutscene death thing. whilst it's kinda cool the fact that when your on low health enemies will spontaneously kill you with a single hit is just frustrating and leads to a ton of stupid deaths that really weren't the player's fault.

  • Biff Buttcus

    You keep saying destruction mages NEED cost reduction enchantments but I don't agree. Firstly, if you're serious about being a mage, you're probably wearing a mage robe giving really nice cost reduction and magicka regen. Secondly, you have potions. It's not hard at all to take advantage of the alchemy skill by harvesting and buying ingredients to make a bunch of potions whether they're health, magicka, or fortify skill potions. It's really easy to get a bunch of ingredients and brew a bunch of magicka potions to have as much magicka as you want or need all while leveling your alchemy skill. You shouldn't be complaining much about running out of any stat since potions exist and are found everywhere.

  • Wingedshadowwolf

    Playing through skyrim in sneak mode makes the game pretty damn easy too. My first character was a Nord who soon became a stealthy archer, since that was an easy way to not die. As I leveled I mostly just used the enchanted stuff I found. The loot I found in bandit dens often surpassed the Daedric artifacts! After a while I got bored with easy sneak attacks, I started doing head-on fighting, I got pretty good with timing my blocks and strikes. (I still gotta be cautious around the briarhearts though!) So while you can do great things with enchanting, it's not that hard to become overpowered without it.

  • יגל גמליאל

    I would have agreed with you, if that game had co-op, or you could play against your friends.But skyrim is a power fantasy, catering for the desire of gamers to build the strongest character that would rule this world.It's even in the story missions - you save world, you end a civil war, you get to own every guild in the, yeah - enchanting and smithing might be broken, but they work along side the narrative of "be as powerful as you can be, and go conquer skyrim".

  • Znik

    They should have made it so that daedric artifacts don't lose charge,that way they'd be equal or better than enchanted weapons imo

  • Reiner Zufall

    I hear the same thing over and over again... daedric artifacts are worse than self-enchanted weapons, so enchanting sux... enchanting doesn't suck, it's the artifacts that suck. I played the game with a completely random character with sneaking for assassination, heavy and light armor, archery, enchanting and destruction perks, I made myself an armor to reduce my spell costs, increase the mana recharge and imbue destruction spells, but I never reached the "godhood" which is supposed to be such a problem. If I spam my fireballs I still run out of mana against some stronger enemies. The problem in this video is again the overdoing on something and blaming the game... oh yeah but let's exploit the academy to get some free training there... since exploiting is nothing that might be op and actually never intended... just play the fucking fame as its was intended and stop looking for godhood in single-player games...

  • WhyDoIHaveAChannel?

    Does anyone else not care to much about this and will still use enchanting

  • Threadnaught

    Balanced in Oblivion and Morrowind?Someone didn't pay attention when playing those games. Skyrim forces you to hunt for items with specific effects, which can encourage the dungeon crawling.Oblivion requires that you do 7 quests or buy DLC before being allowed to use a filled Soulgem and money to buy the effect you want from almost any Spell merchant and then put on whatever effect you want on your gear. 100% Chameleon? Easy!101% Reflecct Damage and +50% Spell Absorption? Not so easy, you need specific gear and some Sigil Stones. Also boost to Intelligence using Soul Gems or direcctly to Magicka from Sigil Stones can give a character up to 900 Magicka without exploits. 800 is just enough that while using the Apprentice Birthsign, you can infinitely cast Fortify Intelligence+Magicka 100 Spells with a duration of 120 seconds. You could easily give yourself over 2000 Magicka thanks to Oblivion's broken Enchantment system and this will be more than enough to one shot Sheogorath or melt Mehrunes Dagon.Morrowind had it even worse, you could cast from your weapons, clothing and armour. Instead of having something lame like +10% movement speed forever, you could give yourself +3-300% movement speed for 60 seconds with a very quick cool down. The first is not too shabby for a bit of relaxed exploration, the second is perfect for traveling and getting out of fights. In addition to speed boosting, there's teleportation items, flight, items to boost miss chance items that boost Spell Absorption chance, passive health regeneration even during combat.And to top off how broken Morrowind's Enchant Skill really is? The only chance you have to fail, is during an item's creation. You never fail when casting from an existing item as long as it has enough charge. How to boost your success rate? Enchant some items with a short term Fortify Intelligence effect and cast just before each Enchanting. You don't need to finish any quests or find any gear, you just need to buy the Spells and get a filled Soul Gem, then you're ready to Enchant whatever item you want as long as it isn't already magical.

  • Gudder Games

    A whole video where you invested all this time and thought, and you still got it all wrong. It's not enchanting that's op, the daedric artifacts are under powered, and for good reason. Skyrim is a SKILL based game. You're meant to level your skills, not rely on gear you find in a dungeon. You want that, go play WoW. If you don't want to level enchanting, you don't have to, you can skip it, and just upgrade the enchanted gear you find by leveling smithing. The higher level you are, the better enchanted items you should find. This process is harder though, because you'll finally find those ebony boots, but they're enchanted for sneaking (example of the problem). Skyrim offers a lot of customisation, not Bethesda's fault if you can't take your Morrowind nostalgia goggles off while playing.

  • Cars Simplified

    Very good points, hadn't thought about it that way! I always gravitate towards alchemy, smithing, and enchanting, and I guess this explains part of that.

  • Greg Chavez

    See i understand, I really like Volundrung but it was kind of crap with its enchantment. The only daedric artifact i really liked because it was so unique was spellbreaker. All of the daedric artifacts in skyrim just feel lacking,

  • Marcion of Sinope

    Enchanting doesn't suck, the option to only increase health, magic or stamina sucks. I never understood that, but the system definitely doesn't work without enchanting. But I agree with the quest items only being good for show or breaking down if you're enchanting up, it takes away from the desire to quest for cool items.

  • P2 6e

    I killed karstaag on lvl 66 with no enchanting(legendary,no mods,without marked for death)

  • gurunext

    Skyrim's game balance is SO BAD that i was forced into modding it. Only to find out that Creation Kit is that much worse...Full story: Conjuration & Alchemy are already nerf worthy and already break the game. While Enchanting & Smithing require mindless grinding. Not to mention the stupid enemy rank system making Bandit and Bandit Outlaw 5x different in power. I've tried to change these only to find out how Armor Rating works and... I just want to go make my own game/engine now, yuck.But if enough people want I might "try hard" to dive into every little thing that is possible with Creation Kit just to bring Skyrim to a proper balance. Including the rethinking of Enchanting.

  • Radavvadra

    Well Smithing is also overpowered in Skyrim and in fact Destruction can compete with non Smithing upgraded weapons in terms of damage. IMO the real issue is that destruction is under powered there is no way to buff damage to spells to the same degree as with physical weapons and as stated in the video destruction spells just cost way to much to cast even with cost reduction perks Destruction is weak enough that Conjuration is the real damage dealing skill for pure mages in Skyrim simply due to cost effectiveness summoned creatures can deal continuous damage for as long as they last for no extra magicka and though using bound weapons is technically using combat skills to fight these spells deal much higher damage relative to magicka cost than Destruction magic. Damage dealing shouts also share the weakness of destruction, Fire breath Frost breath and Storm Call deal damage low enough IMO that it doesn't justify their cooldowns you are better off just using Unrelenting Force and then killing them with a weapon while they are knocked down.

  • Austin Lawliet [Green Spootan]

    But if you're a all around mage using for example necromancy, destruction and restoration you're incredibly op but if you're using destruction alone not so much but enchanting can fix that but that way you can also be an all around mage and enchanting and that truly makes the game too easy.But enchanting and smithing should also be able to do this since my Knight build uses steel plate armor and the iron greatsword but if you couldn't enchant and or smith it it'd ruin my roleplaying there's not really a good way to fix this from what I know or can figure out. I think it should be just like this but i you don't wanna be overpowered or on par with higher level gear using lower level gear. I almost never smith or enchant anymore unless I'm playing a warrior on legendary.

  • Vincent Gurbacki

    Maybe just make daedric artifacts better... honestly most of them are terrible

  • RedTeddy Entertainment

    I think that a large issue with the unbalanced nature of the game is the oversimplification of the statistics system. If attributes such as those found in Morrowind and Oblivion were brought back into the game, we could see more potential for the other skills in the game. "Oh, my wizard is burning through Magicka way too quickly. I guess I should spec into intelligence and willpower." Or "My warrior can't take a hit and moves too slowly, endurance and speed need to be raised." I miss that system whenever I play Skyrim and often find myself going to Oblivion for the role-playing freedom that I crave. So in short, I think that Skyrim tried too hard to become streamlined, and game balance suffered for it.

  • Elroid Tiereon

    I think Enchanting works in Skyrim because the game doesnt requires lots of strategy: the higher damage wins.If the game could include more strategy, having more incentives to use different elements (like potions, enchantments, and unique items) to be able to survive.Darksouls works because, besides being difficult, it requires strategy, as the gameplay needs it.

  • charles good

    see if they would actually make the College of Winterhold more beneficial the Mages and things like that like naturally upgrading your Magic you wouldn't have to worry about enchanting and you could dump your points in the house all the werewolf gives you extra abilities and vampires there's just not enough foot behind the Mages which that seems to be the case in Skyrim because most people hate magic in the game play so basically I guess my argument would be that it's and Warriors game

  • abb criss

    First I must point out that I think you miss understood the destruction thing, the game constantly tosses robes rings circlets and neckless at you with 50-90% reduction costs. This was intentional and important. It was done to force mages into cloth armor. however if you wanted to invest in Enchanting (exploits and bugs not withstanding) you could eventually place them on armors. overall I think they did well with enchanting. Its only overpowered if you use some of the bugs/exploits but if you grind it naturally it never really feels that way. for the most part until you reach late game your are still finding enchantments better than you can make unless you power leveled it. Something very few do on their first few playthroughs.The dagric weapons point I feel is more the fault of the weapons being rather meh on their own rather than enchanting being simply OP. For example I have only done one playthrough that focused on vanilla enchanting and I never really find myself using any of the artifacts outside of the brief period after I first got them until the novelty wore off. what I do think caused problems is how you get new enchants. I would love to see the return of an enchant crafting system rather than this (mostly) RNG mess with only a few good ones you need to collect. The other major thing that broke this was the over abundance of black soul gems even before dawngaurd and Azura's star now if more than just weapon enchants were drained these could be implemented but with how it is you may as well not even need to re-fill weapon enchants and that's only if we ignore the power buff on initial creation. What would have been a better idea is being able to continually power up an enchant over time with more and more gems rather than just needed one grand soul when you make them.I don't watch to many of your videos outside of your lore ones so you may just normally be hyper critical in this style of video to truly get at the core and find that polished Dimond in the ruff and if so then you can ignore most of what I said barring the magic cost reduction as I do feel that felt like a much more natural way to encourage the usage of "mage attire" without just giving a bunch of blanket buffs to them like in the restoration tree.

  • Nephtali Sykes

    The reason the daedric artifacts and a lot of unique armors and weapons suck is because they are either leveled, meaning you have to avoid a quest until you hit a certain level for the best variation, or like nightingale sword isn't effected by smithing perks which super sucks.

  • Finnian Quail

    So, you're saying?Enchanting is not enchanting

  • Pa1eDrake

    I don’t use enchanting because I never level up the skill, I don’t play mages often, this, my characters can all be narrowed down to use a few things, I either use dawnbreaker, Mehrunes razor, or the bloodskaal blade (no joke these are literally the only weapons I ever use.)

  • DeepSeaValkyrie

    Oblivion had it's own game-breaking enchanting feature. Chameleon 100%

  • Laboraty EWP

    So you want Enchanting to be A LOT harder/ more expensive

  • no

    yeah, you either play in a lower difficulty (which is boring) or you need the broken crafting system, which makes it boring regardless.I use ordinator and still it's OP

  • Tyler Howell

    “In elder scrolls 6 billions of years from now...” sad face

  • Fabien Dussere

    Comparing dark souls being successful due to difficulty while skyrim is actually 100 times more successful lol

  • Reverbose

    Even in Oblivion I made a ridiculously strong deadric dagger. I just used a lightning 20 damage sigil stone, now I can kill a troll in 5 hits.

  • o0Avalon0o

    I don't know if you guys are playing the game with HD mods, but I love every scene you guys make! It's mesmerising!

  • Simmcal

    I never used enchanting which is probably why I could never manage a magicka character either. Makes sense now.

  • Daniel Mack

    "...does the opposite of sucks..."So, it blows?bah dum tsss

  • _SP3KTRUM_

    I actually like how enchanting can make me into a god, but that's only because I absolutely need them with my difficulty mods (such as Wildcat).

  • The Hackdirtian

    Oblivion Umbra, my left foot. Dagger, enchantedSoultrap 1 sec100% weakness to magic 2 sec100% weakness to fire 2 sec20 pts fire damageDoes damage equal to 20x², where x is the number of consecutive swings. Level fifty ogre goes down in five hits. Xivali has absorb, so a few more. Pair that up with Azura's Star, and it's a walkover. I died once when using that weapon. One Daedra had a Mundane Ring.

  • Ryan Cier

    They could probably keep enchanting, and keep the powerful perks as they are now, BUT chill out on the Soul Gems. Make the scaling of them incredibly rarer the further they go up. In Skyrim, the damn gems were just tossed everywhere, and since they are the backbone and battery to enchanting, I can see how it's OP in ES V. TL;DR, Look to soul gem rarity and scaling to fix enchanting, not necessarily the specific perks you can do to your weapons. (totes just what I gather, I'm open to other ideas)--------EDIT: I'm referring to the gems, and am surprised he didn't here in the video, because they're what makes the weapon enchanted for a certain amount of hits, and once it's used up, it's used up (until you find another Soul Gem). Therefore, if gem scaling and rarity become more balanced with looting or what-have-you, then we could see weapons, enchanted as strong as they might be, where players would have to budget their swings (with swords, just for one example) with more conscious priority, since the enchantment wouldn't last as long, potentially, and so forth. I essentially wanna see a sort of Cold War of enchantments happen, where it would be last resort to use an enchanted weapon, if that makes sense.

  • Exantius E

    Imo the argument that mages needing enchanting to be viable being a flaw of enchanting is nonsense. It's a problem of the destruction spells being too weak. If enchanting wasn't a thing, destruction would be completely nonviable, period. The point that it makes quest rewards and artifacts unnecessary is true, the same goes for smithing since it's possible to craft a full set of glass gear at level 20, which is leagues ahead of anything at that level, while dragonbone equipment overshadows everything, especially when combined with enchanting. As for the difficulty, that's a stupid flaw in the game, the same problem was present in Oblivion but even worse. Basically the problem is enemy strength scales on your total level, and not on your combat skills, and the game seems to believe the player would automatically prioritise combat skills and ignore the supporting ones since the difficulty curve is so steep. Enchanting merely makes beating the difficulty curve bearable, since again, without it the later levels would be ridiculously difficult with no way to make your character stronger to combat this, disincetivising players from touching supporting skills and only leveling up combat oriented ones since overleveling your character would be so punishing. The solution to this would be to tie the difficulty of the monsters faced to some sort of combat level that depends on the player character's combat skills so that you could level up the support skills without penalty if you wanted an edge without making the enemies mire difficult, or simply making enemies' levels static and dependent of the location they reside in, not the player level, just like Morrowind had and many MMORPGs have, then scaling back the power of enchantingTldr I'm for reducing the power of enchanting, but other things would need to change as well to compensate, especially the cost of spells and enemy difficulty scaling

  • Adrian Smith

    I thought you were going to talk about how in-lore enchanting is horrifically evil ever since we learned about where trapped souls go.

  • Lucas Sabatini

    Your forgetting that you can't do the grinding early though I do agree with you

  • Flithy Nobeard

    Alright, so I'd say that enchanting is supposed to be strong. There's no logical reason it wouldn't be. I agree it sucks, but that's because I think simply increasing stats is lame and magic has so much more potential than that. Personally, I'd make enchanting (and magic in general) have a higher barrier to entry and buff all unique artifacts in the game, alongside giving them legitimately unique mechanics that make them fun, powerful, and novel relative to a simple enchanted war hammer. I also think Daedric artifacts need to have much bigger quest lines associated with them and have a much larger impact on play throughs, but I'm not gonna leave that there for now because holy shit once the "Here's how I think Skyrim could be better" train starts up it don't stop and no one wants to read 15 paragraphs detailing how I'd change a plethora of the games features.

  • Aethus

    I don't think that Daedric Artifacts really need to be super powerful. If you're into eating dead bodies, killing your allies to power up a bloodletting blade or like summoning daedra warriors on the spot, then those are good for you!But the Daedric Princes aren't gods, they aren't meant to give you all the power, they give you a trinket, and if you're gifted enough in Enchanting to surpass the abilities that those artifacts have, then you can easily create your own god-like tier weapon. You're Dragonborn, the first in the fourth era! You can accomplish great things, so what is wrong with forging a god-like weapon to take down everything? (On a side note, I understand that it's frustrating to NEED enchanting to help play a magic class, but I've never really been amazing at managing mana. So I can imagine it can be frustrating for some people.)

  • Albion Nika

    You forgot the Alchemy - Enchanting combo that makes you SUPER op.

  • Dabuddah453

    Counter point:The reason why they give you enchantment to God-tier is to give you, the Dragonborn, a role-playing experience to craft your own legendary artifact of a weapon.So that you and your mace, Butt Crusher 10,000, can take down the dragons with the satisfaction that your weapon will outlive yourself.

  • pyromaniac000000

    Modes. In Fallout New Vegas there is the hardcore mode, making every aspect of the game more challenging and realistic. This shows they can put in one option that blanket changes the entire game and experience. Therefore they could create a mode maker for the next Elder Scrolls, where you can set your perimeters. You want a super challenging everything is impossible mode? Go for it. Super OP and godly? Sure thing! Magic OP melee worthless? Why not? Custom sliders that can change the effectiveness, on just you. Set how fast you want to progress, how you want to play, and any other stats you want.

  • Borderguy342

  • Ethan Miller

    You know in the Elder Scrolls lore people becoming as powerful as Gods or flat out becoming gods is a thing that happens. I believe it's called chim.

  • Immortal Vela

    I never understood how enchanting could be OP when even with perks if i enchant my chestplate it gets only 20% of the effects. Enchantment says increase health by 50 but when i put it on another piece of armor its only like 5 or 10 points.

  • Lasyltherni

    Another problem with Skyrim was item rewards that had different versions based on player's level. It's not worth doing much before level 46 from that perspective, and to be real, who is going to wait for level 46 to obtain a unique ancient sword made specifically for slaying dragons when the main quest rushes you through at every single dialogue that keeps convincing you that all you need to do had to be done yesterday, or the world is going to end?

  • Adam Xei

    We get Scott, Skyrim will never be as good a game as Oblivion.Would you stop dragging it threw the dirt, bethseda made a mistake,don't we all from time to time

  • Mike Barrella

    Totally disagreeIt honestly sounds like you're all about dps. Enchanting allows you to create so many more builds. And it's not broken because skyrim is designed to always hit you with different enemy types. You will always have some sort of a drawback.However max enchanting does allow you to cast spells for free so it is a bit unfair un that sense.But going back to my original point, enchanting allows for opportunity. You bring up good points that need fixing, but you do not explain why enchanting sucks at all.

  • Eric the Red

    Ring of the Erudite actually really helps for destruction builds. Firebolt + Impact + Intense Flames does wonders.

  • nessesaryschoolthing

    Please don't mistake whining for constructive criticism. Skyrim gives you basically limitless resources to make the kind of character you want and make them viable, especially in the editions with DLC. Enchantment is a tool, not a crutch, and practically every skill that's useful can also be made OP. Not everything has to be "balanced", especially in a solo game to be viable.

  • Zachey Mczachface

    I actually played a fun challenge character exploiting the crafting mechanic in this game to do exactly what you mentioned. Basically his shtick was that he couldn't take any skill points that weren't into a crafting specialization, so no warrior buffs, no armor buffs, no double summon or sneak attack boosts. All he could do was max smithing, alchemy, and enchanting, and then he had to creatively use all three of those to do everything in the game. I called him iron man, because he basically used buffed up armor and temporary buffs to change his role on the fly.It actually worked pretty well, I used enchantments, buffed smithing, and poisons to boost my DPS, while using potions to give myself rapid healing, stamina, or unlimited magic of certain types. I thought the concept was really fun, but I also understand why that's pretty game breaking if you use it alongside other perks. His one weakness was my refusal to boost his other skills, if he had those maxed he would have been broken beyond belief, and once high level armor came around he already kind of was. Especially when I used the enchantment alchemy synergy glitch to give every armor I had daedric stats.

  • Mark Anthony

    I didn't need enchanting to become a beast in several games. When I did use enchanting I was monstrous. It takes a long time to level up enchanting too. I do agree destruction spells cost too much.

  • SandPaperToYourDickTip

    I've never had this problem, literally ever. When I first played skyrim I mostly ignored enchantment until around level 65ish, and even then i didn't grind it and I still came out on top 9/10 times, albeit I usually played on normal or hard but very hard difficulty is called Legendary for a reason

  • David Blalock

    Honestly, I find so much of Skyrim out of balance.

  • TheHeadbangGuy

    I like the fact that you can get so OP in Skyrim that literally nothing can harm you anymore. I like when you can do that thing in RPGs. But the only way to do it in Skyrim is using enchanting. I think that you should be able to get just as OP using other skills. So basically what I'm saying is that you can either be Iron Man(craft your own OP gear and kick ass) or you can be Thor(be OP by using your warhammer). I just want to be able to be extremely OP. That's usually my goal in RPGs. I'm meant to save the world I might as well be a demigod at that.

  • Vherstinae

    I think that the daedric artifacts should have all had unique enchantments or effects that can't be duplicated. That said, I'll echo a lot of the posters on here that enchanting shouldn't really be nerfed so much as diversified. If you're going to invest all the time and septims into enchanting to get it to 100, not to mention destroying numerous items to learn the enchantments, you deserve to be able to use those enchantments.I really think that enchanting would have felt much less OP if you couldn't directly compare the effects to daedric artifacts. "Yeah, you can forge a dagger that deals chaos damage and casts fiery soul trap, but Mehrunes' Razor can instakill anything including Alduin!" That kind of thing.

  • The Bibleman

    Well boy, let me tell you about ridiculous snowball that is Alchemy + Enchanting...

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