Super Mario Maker, Team vs. Team Hot Pockets in 1:20:00 - SGDQ 2016 - Part 157

"Super Mario Maker, Team vs. Team Hot Pockets in 1:20:00 - SGDQ 2016 - Part 157" no description available.
  • CarlSagan42

    Thanks so much everyone! Lots of people put a lot of work into this so I'm glad everyone enjoyed the race! Huge shoutouts to Golden for his amazing job announcing, and all the level creators, players, level testers, hype crowd, people donating, audio people, and GDQ staff that made this another great event! It was a blast organizing this event once again, though it got a bit hectic at times xD Let me know if you have any comments or suggestions for next time! If we are invited back for AGDQ, the current consensus is to make the levels just a touch shorter/easier. We decided on having each team start each level together so that it would make the race more intense. For declaring a winner, with a strict point-based system, one team might win with several stages left to play, which might make those stages a bit less interesting since there's no hope of coming back. An alternative for declaring a winner might be to try something like giving a 5 second headstart on the final level for each level that team is ahead by. So if it's 7 wins to 3 wins, the team with 6 wins would have a 15 sec headstart on the final level (and we can make that one longer/more epic). Then whoever wins the final level is the winner. This would keep it hype to the end, but we'd have an actual winner declared.

  • Kerrmunism

    Whoever this "Anonymous" guy is, we gotta give him so much props because he donates in nearly every agdq and sgdq. Thank you "Anonymous"!

  • Orangepie86

    The best strat is to suicide 3 times to let kronic win

  • Michael Harbach

    Chronic beat so many of those levels lol what a god

  • jordanoh4

    Jordan (maker of Pit of Three Trials) here! Just popping in to say thanks so much to the guys at SGDQ and to everyone who watched and enjoyed this race. It was a blast to be a part of and I'm really glad so many people tuned in and donated! Thank you all! :D

  • therealmbassy

    streambig strats: rotate as fast as possible back to kronic

  • MythrilMan

    Expecting a comment?Too bad, WALUIGI TIME!

  • fla playa

    Chronic wins the whole thing. Dude pulled off like half the toughest spots.

  • Bloopiero

    Hearing Carl ask "Are you trying to cheese this?" when his life is all about cheese

  • Blinky Lass

    Way more entertaining than esports.

  • Sylvaeon

    I think Chronic's back still hurts from all that carrying XD

  • B-Bum

    The poor people who get these levels in 100 mario challenge.

  • plumbean

    did they notice that at 1:07:40 that the thing that's changing makes Dickbutt?

  • Gami Cross

    39:05 WAH~ WAH~ WAaaaaah~!

  • Ibun West

    Gotta give major props to everyone involved in this segment. Everyone was on point and made this among the most entertaining runs I've ever seen from any GDQ event.

  • Bloopiero

    When $1500 isn't enough for a closeup 😢

  • Jack Price

    "When I say hot you say pockets! Hot!" "Pockets!""When I say WAH you say WAH! WAH!" "WAH"

  • Archwizard Snim

    Kronicsauce is the god among men, can confirm

  • Joseph Marquez


  • Stefano Bisio

    Why watching a movie when you can watch this

  • doktarr

    Chronic was on fire the whole second half of this race.

  • Dreaming Angelus

    54:24 - Wait, like "Doki Doki Literature Club" Dan Salvato? :O

  • Jelmerlicious

    I had to resist clapping and yelling OOOOH! because I didn't want to wake up my whole family.

  • MncDssctn

    It sucked that BigJon (GameJ06) couldn't make it because he was sick, he's like the most entertaining speedrunner of all. But the pure skills from KronicSauce just blew me away.

  • Assassinboy 990

    I think the real MVP for this run is the crowd, they where the best part.

  • JoyStick ASMR

    Its annoying me how team streambig is watching the other teams screen

  • DodoRebirth

    I recognise a rule change. Last time the race wasn't decided by points but by whoever beats all the levels first.Well, I'm not complaining, it helps concentrate ^^

  • ImperiousViking

    I like the fact that they do each stage as an indivuidual point, instead of the total speedrun like they did last time. this way there is more suspence.

  • Bradyn Capron

    Frickin Chronic's a monster

  • mizuhonova

    Who is this Chronic guy and where can I see his videos?

  • 34CE

    Holy...Chronic is a beast!

  • Toonsie

    It was Kronic Vs. Hot Pocket, and StreamBig's amount of screenlooking was just wow, period but still, very good GDQ

  • cody;

    New drinking game : Take a drink everytime you hear WAH

  • AG Kaiju

    1:06:12 for the Waluigi donation. Love it... I mean, WAAAAAAAAA!

  • chunnin33

    Chronic was like hold my beer and clutched out so many stages, holy sht

  • Inaccurate Prophecy

    "Easiest game I've ever played." - Pcull444444

  • ragepoweredgamer

    27:30 It sounds like she says "the S and M community". My ears perked up. Didn't think they were into vidya.

  • Xander Morrison

    So, it's the team of streams vs. the team of memes...

  • Scooter

    Kronic is definitely the MVP here, his playing abilities are god-like.

  • Thalegor

    25:50 round about for the start

  • Bobburt

    I must've missed it. When did this Waluigi WAAH thing start?

  • JC Alex

    Needs a "Waaaaah" counter

  • AT7outof10

    That Dickbutt level, though...

  • hip indeed

    This was honestly my favorite part of this SGDQ. So many surprises, clutch wins, the comeback, and some really entertaining levels. I hope Mario Maker's around for years to come.

  • mjsbaby21

    58:50 literally just killing themselves to let chronic go

  • maxloyer6

    Streambig 1 kronic 6 hp 4

  • Chris Pieters

    New yearly 7 day event, Mario maker done quick, these races are awesome

  • Mach68

    1:03:28 That was the turning point. won it right there.

  • Daconti StrYKR

    What an amazing comeback from

  • Webberjo

    26:15 That hammer was magnificent.

  • Adam Johnson

    Damn that was so damn good. Chronic was killing it.

  • dsadams17

    The epic comeback on the fourth stage...holy cow.

  • TKsuperturbo

    Who's the person doing donations? Her voice is amazing!

  • MunMun MurMur

    I wonder if Chronic's back hurts from carrying this much.

  • massivepileup

    Wait, why does Hot Pockets not have red coins in Dreamteam...?

  • SugoiSmallFry

    I'm loving the Waluigi hype during the wall jump segment rofl

  • Johiden Wolf

    I'm sad Dram didn't play this year.

  • Rodrigo Henriquez

    They read my donation :D

  • THe NoMaD

    Streambig -7 Hot Pockets -4... But everyone's a WINNER.

  • Ozziw162

    Is it just on my end, or is the sound not synced with the video? Tried to watch the video on both my PS4 and on mobile, same problem on both.

  • Giovanni Spada

    Sethbling's stage is actually entirely done with Command Blocks

  • mahram

    No winner? Can't say I agree with that decision, but the video and the race was fantastic just like AGDQ's.

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