Skyrim - DAWNGUARD Walkthrough - Part 1 (Special Edition DLC)

Skyrim - DAWNGUARD Walkthrough (Part 1)
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    START 7:55Tune in tomorrow for Part 2!

  • Foster Films

    you should do hearthfire so we can see you buy all the house plots and do missions to upgrade your house and adopt kids and get a wife

  • Starkiller

    Do you know what you should do??? You should start your own Oblivion Gameplay Series... I'd love to see you play Oblivion.

  • o.p.t3

    Dang. I missed it cause of school

  • levi lewis

    What mods are you using? And are they on console as well?

  • Krazy Bananas

    I went to sleep right before the stream started ugh

  • Nathan Smith

    You should do a Necromancer build for the Vampires!

  • Omega

    you'd think fort dawnguard would be near dawnguard but noon you gotta drag your ass down to riften and walk your ass to the fort

  • João Vitor Scherner

    Someone know what mod he uses for this hairs?

  • BlastingGink

    lol like if you still play skyrim on 360 in 2017Edit: Thanks for 200 likes

  • Mel Parnell

    why did he not choose vampirewow

  • Riley Cureton

    Then do the companions questline

  • T Cates

    I literally was starting the first mission for the vampire lord guy and walk into a town n get attacked 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Roger Eisnaugle

    I tried playing as a vampire once. They are about the weakest creatures at low levels, and everyone hates you and wants you dead. I had to reload the game to before I became a vamp, because I was trapped in a cave, and the locals wouldn't let me out. That was enough to convince me that that wasn't the life for me. Silverhands are pretty rough on werewolves too, and they travel in packs.

  • ShiftlessSoul

    Get headshot through the neck-ESO 2017

  • Mikey Angelo

    who else was bothered that he didn't take the crossbow from the orc at the front of the fort

  • Adrian Johansen

    could you do some videos off cam, I think it would create more immersion during some gameplay. I mean, you have a pretty face but its distracting from the gameplay :) if not, maybe turn down the opacity or brightness

  • Anakin Shark Suerink


  • J.W. B.

    LOL, you are hilarious.

  • Jimmy Is maith liom Sarah

    I made a mistake and became a vampire I haven't done any of the quests and am wondering is there any way to now join the dawngaurd I can still enter the fort and they don't attack me and I am a werewolf now but there is no quest for the dawngaurd. I'm wondering is it already too late or is there a way to turn this situation around as I said I haven't done any of the quests but I did continue on with other quests so loading a save file isn't an option. A answer would be appreciated even if it's not what I want to here

  • Cerberus Gaming Max

    im a battle mage who do i choose

  • Horny Aleks

    yo where can I get that pic of Serana on the thumbnail?

  • Sean Delaney

    When I played this there was a dragon priest by the word wall

  • Foxytv ?

    Gunmar is in solstheim

  • JS Gaming

    You could probably use the telekinesis spell to get them potions on the other side of the iron fence

  • Sebastian Myburgh

    Ard sanguine dragon's part of a mod

  • spartan 4670

    what do I do if I approach the castle and nothing happens, Serena won't talk to me and I can't continue the quest line, please help

  • Lil Savage E

    dude i swear you make this game look so fun and im a big fan of skyrim playing it as im watching this lol

  • Tony Jarvis

    Lol I shot that vampire in the elbow

  • Duck Emmott

    11:53 what the hell dude. he ends up joining the dawngaurd and you could have been best-buds.

  • Darth Smoot

    I would side with vampires just to have Serana as a companion.

  • Bismo Funyuns

    Bloody enough for you outsider?

  • HipsTer_Miraak 63

    you know eso, you're a cool guy and all, but i really dont like how you change serana's hair, like wtf serana's hair is the most iconic thing about serana, and you're gonna change her into a Jap character?!

  • Dat Dam Cat

    gunmar is glitched for me. he asks me to help him kill the bear and then just stands there. i can't continue the dlc please help anybody i've tried everything.

  • Vladislavs Pastuhovs

    Ugh, now I wanna play skyrim again, cya later

  • T Cates

    For some reason that happened to me where guards attacked me for no reason 😂

  • Scotty Whitis

    Oops I missed the shout

  • Yuki _

    thank fuck i dont want to watch a vampire playthrough its so boring and edgy

  • Razvion

    At 34:50 you say you cannot get the potions, you are wrong, have you ever tryed to fus ro dah them ?You are only Lv26 and finished DB and TG ? That is impressive !

  • Anonymous

    The nightingale armour is my favourite armour

  • Cris Paul

    Wait what’s better Dawnguard or Vampire

  • Ethan S

    Why doesn't he aim at the head?

  • ElizaGamingwithJoel

    I know I may be late(Very), but there is dawnguard armour dotted around the castle.

  • Bagel Boy

    Why does Serena wave her arms around like she's autistic when she talks.

  • Cristian Faison

    Am I the only one that wanted to have little vampire children with Serana??

  • ???

    Vampires are way better than dawnguard

  • Cathy Eaker

    You have ESO edition stamina DAMNIT

  • donkay

    Go cast your fancy magic someplace else.


    You are really awesome


    I profer the vampire road get more stuff and become a vampire Lord.

  • Noel Montañez

    Why does he look like Pewdiepie??o.O

  • ᴘʟᴀɪɴs ᴏғ ᴏʙʟɪᴠɪᴏɴ

    42:44 Oh my gosh, ESO IS OBI WAN KENOBI!

  • Justin Windham

    Thats why i like fallout 4 so much they made every follower so unique and they almost always speak their mind during dialouge which is more realistic than just a follower just sittibg therr

  • Omar Zahid

    Dawnguard - the only faction that doesn't treat us like a weakling in the start

  • MrRaspBerry Games

    40:41 Omg so relatable Hahaha dodge skills 9000 that happens so much hate that

  • Nazeem cloud district

    30:40 bottom of the screen only lvl 25 yet damage 81 ceossbow and finds ebony bow....🤔🤔

  • TtsBeast

    I love all your vids and they help me out very well thanks for bringing my day good

  • Km Ca

    This dlc is still a better love story then twilight

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