Skyrim Mod: Character Behaviors Enhanced

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Character Behaviors Enhanced

Swimming Enemies

Sea of Spirits


Musical Lore - Nir Shor -
CC BY 3.0 -
  • Prince Salt

    Using sparks underwater? I bet that was shocking to see

  • Zephonius

    “It was like it was added by Bethesda themselves.” So broken, glitchy, and in need of a fan patch?

  • Andrei Pasquel

    "If you're a heavy brute you can find a way to higher ground"Its over Alduin! I have the higher ground

  • RedTeamReview

    when will you guys finally release the list of mods you use to make your game so fresh? come on now

  • Crimson Lance Guy

    Wow jumping attack. The modder is god among men.

  • Herman De Vries

    Damn, Brodual. My Skyrim is already unstable enough

  • Leto85

    No torches under water, I get that.But then came the flame spell.

  • Noob Gaming

    Good to see ya still kicking brodual.

  • Zachary Fluke

    I just wish they’d all work like they’re supposed to :/

  • General Penultimo

    Isnt a shock spell underwater quite dangerous ? 🤔

  • Lil Rize

    How the hell do you guys not have 1m yet? Brodual reviews are the best reviews if you wanna get a quick and complete run down of a mod

  • KrispKiwi

    "Not compatible with FNIS" DAMNIT

  • The Traveler

    You taking notes, Bethesda?

  • LordNifty

    I have FNIS and the "Preview file contents MAX COMPATIBILITY - 1st Person All features - 3rd Person Mounted Casting Only" version of this mod installed, and they both seem to work fine.

  • TheAlmighty Blob

    I forgot you even existed

  • James Lagan

    This is the type of stuff that should already have been there.

  • Zyrus Smith

    Oh, hey. Brodual released two videos in the same year. That's weird.

  • Cezar Percembli

    Heeyyyy maaaannnn Havent seen you in a whileee!!!!

  • MrNetrizhul

    Stop, stop he's already dead.

  • SonofRiggnarok

    2:22 So it's glitchy and modders have to fix it?

  • DeeZ Nuts

    SSE Version is hidden. Does anyone have it from before it was taken down?

  • Raid

    Skyrim Modding community is wonderful

  • Donnie Joe

    Yo...this is kinda neat.

  • LeoByron

    Behaviors mod hidden by author at the moment until it can be fixed.

  • Spicy Chicken God

    It took this long to make the game have underwater combat like Oblivion's, we finally made it, we finally made the game playable!

  • Random Games

    Whats all ur mods man please make it into one big file and put it in the description including graphic enb stuff

  • Dario Apollon

    0:24One almost took off my left nippletitHere, take a look-

  • i was in Auschwitz

    0:45 "you can't use a torch which just makes sense"Yeah because making fire Spells underwater makes any more sense than a torch

  • Fergus Shaw

    Yay another Brodual upload!

  • king miller smith

    Hey Brodual, where's the remaining top 100 videos? AFAIK you stopped at 56?

  • Jesse Eastman

    The charging power attack feature is genius.

  • Durin The_Deathless

    Port to Xb1?? Cant find mod for Xb1.


    Hidden file on SSE ;-;

  • WolfWarlordJake

    There any mods that allow you to gain experience from attacking dummies?

  • caboose22320


  • Dee Haytch

    Perhaps I could throw in my two cents and ask for a glance at a mod called Skyrim Chocolate?Maybe even TTRSO for Skyrim SE.

  • Mota

    "As if it was made by Bethesda" Hey, that's not very ni-...Oh, you meant it as a compliment?

  • Marios


  • Fleivor

    omg i've been waiting for these mods for years

  • Little man

    * Magic Casting *Hmm, I think I'll get it."Like it was added by Bethesda themselves"Already deleted

  • RedWolfCRO

    when are you going to continue with the top 100 skyrim mods


    Damn, I was on board until I heard it's not compatible with FNIS, which is required for More Draconic Dragon Aspect.

  • yowza234

    Hey Brodual, is the footage you're using here from SSE? If so, what FP camera mod are you using?

  • The Goddamn Batman

    beautiful mod. i'll need that fnis patch though

  • Octo

    This mod also makes it so a gust of wind can kill an enemy 1:46

  • Alexander Rüffer

    casting lightning underwater...

  • Ken`ecchi

    Damn... brodual videos sure asking us to reinstall skyrim. Its a trap

  • Sarah Rogers

    Damn yall should make ES6

  • NinthArcher

    A very nice looking mod, but unfortunately being incompatible with FNIS is just a deal breaker for me. I really hope he makes that patcher.

  • SpindelyShankz

    My husband watches your videos all the time. I alsways thought it was 'BroJewel"!!! Lol madness

  • StaticShock-EN-

    will Feint and Block work with two-handed weapons?

  • Trance Emerson

    how does fire burn underwater? the answer is easy. it's magic.

  • Long Tran

    I'm curious, How is the se edition now? I haven't tried to see if the skse 64 works with many mods yet

  • Esteban Failsmore

    Now you can play as Archmage from wc3.

  • Danshiii

    Seems nice mod, but buggy. And finally what i take from this videos is.. "Display Enemy Level" which not reviewed in this videos 😂

  • Hazzball Gaming

    I can see an exploit right there...lure your enemies into the ocean, consume a water breathing potion and wait for them to drown :):)

  • Enakin G

    for some reason in vanilla skyrim fire spells can go underwater anyway.

  • Pete McD67

    Brodual love your channel but will you ever switch over to Skyrim SE and its mods and leave Oldrim behind? I Love the stability of SE and will never go back to Oldrim.

  • Maxime vigneron

    I think unarmed underwater combat would be a cool option!

  • radsylph/3 videos de anims al dia o talvez no :v

    how to transform skyrim into monster hunter ?

  • Lore Nerd

    What mod displays the level of your enemies?

  • Tungsten Kraken

    Thank you guys so much for continuing to support my favorite game!!! :)

  • Kostadin Hadjidinev

    You can't walk or swing underwater

  • Peyton Spain

    "added by bethesda themselves?" You mean broken?

  • Corey Herndon

    I use the water to get away from enemy's xD

  • That weird shy guy

    How about old kingdom? Some of the coolest texture mods out there for Xbox at least, ( not sure about ps4). They’re weapon/armor retextures that look fantastic

  • Whittos

    are you guys still doing the top 100 skyrim mods series?

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