Skyrim - Unobtainable Weapons & Armor


In this video I show you Skyrim's Unobtainable Weapons & Armor!
Let me know if I left any out!

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Peace out and I will see you in the next video!
  • Dalton Davis

    shout out to my grandpa its the only way he can hear

  • LightningBlaze100

    I believe the Tentacle Book is from the Dragonborn DLC and is designed for a cutscene, and not for wearing.

  • The Tooth in the Back

    Correction: Karliah's bow is obtainable. If I remember off the top of my head you have a .01 chance of pickpocketing it from Karliah after you wake up from her shooting you with the paralysis arrow and Mercer "killing" you. You can obtain it by being prepared and bringing pickpocket-chance-increasing gear. It is one of the best and arguably the best bow in the vanilla game.

  • shadowhunter 198

    Zahkrii Do Dovahkiin -> Sword Of Dragonborn

  • Death Strider the Shadowscale

    Your character was bald because it's a glitch with vampirism with hoods

  • TheDelta0seven

    torture's hood is now avalable in the special edition

  • Nots0go0dgam3r

    Falmer supple bow is unobtainable? I think I have a glitch.

  • RoxyLuffer

    The Torturer's Hood is available in the Special Edition, Time for a new Unobtainables video 8D

  • Drew Gazmik

    The Zephyr Bow shoots 30% faster than a standard bow. Also if you add mods, the zephyr turns into a compound bow.

  • santos turcios

    I've gotten the falmer supple bow it shouldn't be on the list

  • Hjalmar Selberg

    its summerset not summerrest

  • Adam Tittle

    Briarheart Geis is obtainable. It's at that waterfall-jumping place on the body of a Briarheart, guarded by two Hagravens.

  • Ace Clover

    Actually.. The ancient falmer is obtainable. You can get it from the snow elves by killing the vampire snow elf and lotting him. Its when you are about to get Auriel's bow.

  • der Deutsche ODST

    Kind of hard to pay attention when your elf has nocturnal's apperal on

  • Onça Pintada

    Actually, if you have the dawnguard DLC, u can forge nord hero arrowat the skyforge, but only if you have completed the companions questline, camel.

  • Hyper

    Funfact: A follower can pick up the Dwarven unobtainable arrows.

  • The dragon knigth

    You can craft the nord hero arrow at the sky forge after the compagnon questline and with the dawnguard dlc.

  • Josue Negron

    You really couldn't show the executioner armor?

  • king medusa

    Nord Hero Arrows are unobtainable Nord Hero Weapons tier of gear, which are meant to be made at the Skyforge in Whiterun after completing the final quest in The Companions Quest Line.But because something went wrong with the game, they became unobtainable :3

  • that guy at the hamburger store

    Theives guild hood doesn't work if your a vampire, I'm pretty sure. Poopy

  • Ο Θεός

    The hoods dont work because you are a vampire lol


    Wtf are you talking about supple falmer bow being unobtainable? I'm literally looking at it on in the inventory of my non-modded or hacked xbox360 character.

  • VoxCudaRadio

    Zahkrii Do Dovahkiin would've been a badass drop from Alduin tbh

  • Ghi102

    Why you didn't try to Fus Roh Dah the dovakhin weapon?

  • Adeadmonkey 123

    I have the broken staff

  • UglyDiaper

    but i have briarhearts geis

  • Ben Roberts

    I was able to pick up nord hero arrows while fighting the ghosts in the tomb of ysgramor while doing the companions quest

  • William Snow

    Can you enchant the invisible sword and if so... maybe that would reveal its shape or at least a basic outline ;)

  • namn

    i couldve sworn i had seen the nord hero arrow before...

  • Josiah Goodwin

    Being a vampire makes the thieves guild hood bug out

  • halo1989100

    This is an older video I understand so I'm gonna say this for you turds in the back. You DO NOT have any of these items. You CAN'T get them. They are unbotainable because they have different i.d.s so SHUT UP.

  • caden Macdonald

    I want that room of treasure, I’m an Imperial, I like shiny things...

  • Menta Uchiha

    And the final item seems to be hermaeus morus

  • Camelworks

    +AJ PajunenY U NO LISTEN. The set I showcased in this video is  NOT obtainable. It is used specifically for the headless horseman, all three parts of the set have completely different item codes to normal steel plate armor. Also when it is worn, it makes your head invisible. The Headless Horseman is neither kill-able nor Pickpocket-able. Therefor The Headless Horseman's Steel Armor set (shown in video) is UNOBTAINABLE.+

  • Guitar and games

    The thieves guild HOODS will not work on vampires this is because it slightly alters your height and facial features

  • Aaron Barrilleaux

    Camel, the RiFF RAFF and Devin Townsend references made the video 12/10 would recommend

  • The Hylian Loach

    shout out for playing Dimmu Borgir's 'Eradication Instincts Defined for a split second and heavily distorted and altered.

  • kacey rae

    I heard infant annihilator!!!! Could only tell by the bass lol

  • Mindtrait0r Ω

    rocksplinter is obtainable, i have itand i think karliahs bow is obtainable? i think both are aquired through pickpocket

  • TrialEdition

    Title said Unobtainable Weapons & Armor me: df how did he got it if its unobtainable XD?

  • Darth Vader

    How does base damage work because it says like double the base damage

  • Autismus Praxovskyj

    You can get rocksplinter with pickpocket level 100 and few perks

  • Basyar Ajo

    I want zahkrii do dovahkiin to be a unique sword

  • Verquinn

    definetly saw and used the "nord hero arrows"edit- then again i play pc i never know whats modded or vanilla

  • Louis van der Kooi

    Rocksplinter is obtaineble in a city near riften

  • John 117

    You can obtain the FALMAR SUPPLE BOW

  • Xenorep

    Everyones saying they have this stuff but im sat hear laughing my head off because they obviously don't listen to the vid.

  • Darryn4342

    I've got a falmer supple bow😂😂

  • Steve Wright

    technically your companion can get the giants club

  • Dovakiin Dragonborn

    2 get steelplate armour kill urdgrith in banner Mayer

  • big gay retard man

    itsits general falx cariusnot flax

  • guilmon182

    "Ill-uh-(Canadian)sorry war axe"... sigh Ill-oo-zer-ee/ill-oo-zhree

  • Irate Gamer

    Zahkrii do Dovahkiin translates to Sword of the Dragon born

  • Makayla Serniotti

    honhonyour character is bald because she is a vampire

  • roachouse

    Could you reply with the console commands for these?

  • Joe Barbaro

    WHAT ROOM IS HE IN? (No spoilers, thanks. Just begun)

  • Paarthurnax

    His pronunciations are going to kill me. “General Flax” was the worst. Edit: never mind, T-sun was pretty bad

  • Insignatious

    This comments section has attracted an extraordinary amount of dumb people."But.... but.... you can get Steel Plate armor in the game!!!!"

  • SuperNinja187

    15:10 Dlc Dragonborn, its the black book look

  • Mryell

    This has probably been said in some other video, but I can't find it. Where is this showcased? (what's the name of the mod that adds the location he's in)

  • Lenny Lynch

    Illusory. You pronounced it like ill-oo-sore-ee Should be pronounced more like illusion

  • Glass Planet

    Props for the Devin Townsend reference.

  • Calvin Johnson

    Shoutout to the Infant Annihilator after the shields

  • Alex Courtman

    What Playerhouse mod are you using?

  • Yeah it's Aqua_R

    i coulda swore you can get the supple bow

  • Wuique

    General Falx Carius' Armor is really cool, I love the heartstone harness

  • XHaradorkX

    What armor is your character using?Also, what mod is that with the room and golden stuff?

  • LuMnOsITi

    Illu-sory axe, think illusion

  • Miguel

    I've seen almost all these before and you can. wear them

  • Grual

    Rocksplinter is actually obtainable. You can pickpocket it off of its owner in Shor's Stone.

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