Skyrim: Dragonborn - Secret Bow!

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I'm back with a secret bow for Skyrim: Dragonborn! Enjoy ;D

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  • James Orbe

    If I kill Nazeem with this bow will that add to the effect.

  • Tastee

    Oh my god..Who cares if he has a lisp or not?? He made this video to show you guys something you ungrateful bastards

  • Dank Tank

    Pick pocketing? That's illegal. Can't you just kill him for it?

  • FvknJason _

    why did you make the bow completely different looking on your picture before you click on the video???

  • markus dahle

    bound bow is good enough

  • Bolt Man

    how fun hunting in skyrim....... "your hunting a majestic Elk one moment then next your running half way across skyrim"

  • Mad Macer

    OH MAY GAWD, THE INTRO!!! The bow has one-hit kill on foxes! O_O

  • Cromlech616

    I would like to hear you say "the sunstone at Sothsheim" 10 times really fast

  • Grandmaster Dirty Dan

    0:23 and thats when I quit the video.

  • Luna The Doggo

    I am going to go get this

  • rindoue dragonus

    That isn't a secret bow, man what a gip, the title should say "Location of a Unique Bow"

  • Jeremiah Pilkington

    The 3 unimpressive shots at the intro were more than enough to entice me to watch the rest of the video-

  • Lucas Grathouse

    It seems like everyone who makes Skyrim videos has some kinda weird speech impediment.

  • Sharpy RokOut

    just kill the guy. one less merchant.

  • Legendary Vanilla

    I found the note without the dlc

  • Hapmaplapflapgap

    I was like "this bow gives stamina and Hp? Perfect for my unarmed heavy armor!" (yes i have multiple accounts, and this actually rocks xD), but then it turns out it only works when equiped.

  • Matthew Bauman

    :( thought it said secret BOWL.

  • MrDark 2

    deadric bow i think its the best in skyrim

  • SyynkSniping

    Put your tounge back in your mouth

  • Nate Van skike

    Wow thass a really amasssing bow. What a great experienttthhhh

  • gojart destani

    wich is the most powerfull weapon in skyrim?

  • Lawrence van Rijn

    My Dragonbone bow gives me 600% that damage, with deadly aim an Dragonbone arrow will take 350 damage per arrow no secret bow required.

  • heroherobaby TV

    can you disanchant ? (english bro wt*)

  • Justybeats

    Thsifern thsakatash 😹😼😸

  • kinko761

    lol I once was hunting a bear and it ran into a lake and I was on a rock above and I shot and it went into cinematic mode and I was like ohh cool I got it and as it went in to the water I happened to shot a fish swimming xD that was pretty funny

  • KookieSlayer500 Cookie

    He's not spawning for me

  • Lisa Marie Holland

    Can you. Just kill him to get it

  • TheLapisLord

    I stole it, but I got sent to prison and lost it. How do I get it back?

  • halored gaming

    why can't kill him and take it

  • AnonyGuy

    can you disenchant it?

  • awesomejim123

    so its basically just a glass bow that can give you 25 extra health and stamina if you have it equipped? nah thanks the only time i use a bow is when im not losing any health

  • Trey Trevor

    Thank you! I did not know that and I have many played hours.

  • Cem K

    auriel's bow i think its the best in skyrim 

  • Jason Sowell

    Thanks for posting this man! I'm definitely gonna pick up this bow. Very informational video, thanks!

  • Neal Hartman

    Speech therapy. Please.

  • Nytrus

    "an awethome little bow that i found, it's in thoul thtone."

  • Zack West

    Most strongest Bow in the DLC Uses is for hunting

  • LxckyCX

    Cant you just do this?hit him and when he tries to shoot you with his bow use the disarm shout and take it? PLZ REPLY

  • Nik Amirul

    Meh,my bow has 32 damage,it's DragonBone XD

  • Stef LCH

    Your lisp is so distracting

  • AnonyGuy

    can you disenchant it?

  • Martin Li

    How do you slow down the time before you shoot?

  • Robomarston

    or you could just kill the merchant if he is killable

  • Jared Robinson

    Areals bow has a max damage of 50+ so ya just saying

  • steelinggull758

    we're exactly is the place

  • JeffJason 21

    I did this and didn't find bow

  • S Turk

    What the hell is the dragonborn dlc?

  • PatrickRob82

    I'll stick with my dragon-bone bow, thanks.

  • Shotty Cans

    i love your accent, you sound like prismo

  • Cradman

    Nice gold amount, :P 1337 h4x0r

  • tom lynex

    That's a lot of gold

  • Gallant Doffy

    Can't decide if i want to use the bow or become a wizard. .

  • Teemu Setälä

    when i found that bow and start to kill animals i found out that trolls count as animals :D

  • Surefire28 ?

    I didn't know how to meet Falas until now this helped

  • Robertism

    Yes the bow does work on netches

  • Adam Donaldson

    Couldn't you just kill him for the bow??

  • Ethansuckateverything Yea

    Or use the disarm shout and take it.

  • İlker Gür

    1:37 how can you acquire Misdrection? with no perk points on other perks?

  • TexIncorporated

    i think there is a level requirement for this cuz he didnt even have it on him for me

  • Coinbeggar

    Stat Trak tm Glass Bow, gaben plz.

  • robert homero

    Did anyone notice his carryweight

  • Rusty Jones

    Not a bow that I would use, but it is a bow I never heard of until now, you get a like.

  • Eric Hernandez

    I'm so very sorry about what I'm about to say bro but you sound GAY AF Hey guys it's Fmike here


    Why pickpocket when I can just kill him?😈

  • David Calderwood

    All he had for me was an Ebony Bow. Don't get me wrong that bow is awesome but why doesn't he have the stag bow?

  • StoicSauce 14

    There is a hidden chest with tons of awesome loot to sell and 750 gold I markarth. Go down to de river and go to the first brick wall. You will see two stones sticking out of the wall a little bit further than the rest . go to them look down and go back and fourth until you see search chest. This still works on PC and console I did it today.

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