Skyrim: Dragonborn - Secret Bow!

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I'm back with a secret bow for Skyrim: Dragonborn! Enjoy ;D

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  • Luna The Doggo

    I am going to go get this

  • Bolt Man

    how fun hunting in skyrim....... "your hunting a majestic Elk one moment then next your running half way across skyrim"

  • rindoue dragonus

    That isn't a secret bow, man what a gip, the title should say "Location of a Unique Bow"

  • TheKingSpartacus

    I sell it to the fence(Tonilia) in The Ragged Flagon and i bought from her... But it's still stolen goods. Does anyone know anyway to remove that stolen mark from the bow?

  • Sharpy RokOut

    just kill the guy. one less merchant.

  • iamrichrocker

    another youtuber with way to many subs....

  • Bradley Perrine

    he don't have it only ebony bow even tried pickpocket no glass bow

  • Panic! at the ChemicalBoy

    Can you just kill him ?

  • Dazeencraft

    Will the power work even if I dont have the bow in my hands or inventory?

  • Gee The Sass King

    for me he only had the ebony bow even when i pick pocketed him.. help?

  • Jacob christopher

    He always has it equipped how do I fix this

  • Deez Nutz

    I have an ebony bow, with the archer guantlets I use, it's damage is 43.

  • Dylan Flynn

    easy tip to lose the stolen tag on any items, get black market ability from hermaeus mora, sell to dremora merchant and then buy it back

  • markus dahle

    bound bow is good enough

  • Abdul Jaffar Samaon

    can you disenchant it?

  • Angelo Fernandez

    can you do this on xbox 360

  • Kirby Strong

    i have the game fer pc and ps3 how do i get this bow?

  • Michael Sanchez

    they should made specail series that had like a chain on it and you hit the dragon and it have to land or stay where it's chained.

  • MidnaDarkwings

    So if I had the bow equipped, killed 60 animals with it, then unequipped it. Will the increase power of kill still count on the bow or do I have to kill 60 animals again?

  • Platnuim Gold

    I cant get the glass bow

  • Shawny Finn

    Can I just kill the guy and take the bow...? Does the blessing stay if you no longer use the bow?

  • NinjaChicken 563

    he's only selling an ebony bow, help.

  • Time Loop

    it's just a glass bow, dragonbone bows are much better.

  • JTS Gaming 17

    I love this guy I found and subbed to him because of fnaf

  • Trey Trevor

    Thank you! I did not know that and I have many played hours.

  • Random Mic

    I'm going to kill him and take it all

  • Jack Clizer

    Is this in skyrim special edition becuse I don't have it

  • Biscuit_420

    Ur voice makes me wanna kill my self

  • Jon Schlesener

    What is the lock pick thing

  • Robomarston

    or you could just kill the merchant if he is killable

  • Brian Fooks

    It's not working for me I can't see the bow in his inventory at all

  • Keizaal

    can i just kill him and take the bow?

  • Daves Aquariums

    Thist thand experianthse

  • KookieSlayer500 Cookie

    He's not spawning for me

  • Dev Lava

    Can you just kill him for it?

  • Harry Murray

    Good tutorial really helped me out keep up the good work and ignore the haters

  • TheManJordo

    Useless bow deadra is better

  • A Coloroado trap house

    can I kill him I'm barely lv 21

  • Greg Polkinghorne

    If like me, your pick pocket skill is too poor to steal the bow, try this instead. Go behind him and pickpocket, then give him a melee weapon. I gave him a spare iron dagger.Then go find a nearby enemy, shouldn't have to walk far, and bait them close to him. He will get up and pull out the melee weapon to attack them, unequipping the bow.Then as combat ends, quickly talk to him and he will have the bow ready to sell.

  • Alen Kapo

    is there actually a chance of him having the bow in his inventory? or will he always have it equiped?

  • Andrew DeMaria

    when I try he doesn't sell it and I can't steal it because he doesn't have it?

  • RAY GUN50

    just take the bow and run as fast as possible because there is no guards

  • Max Griffin

    Can you just kill him and take it?

  • steelinggull758

    we're exactly is the place


    i'd just kill him and take it

  • James Leak

    What's the armour in the thumbnail called?

  • Isayah Knoll

    I didn't know how to meet Falas until now this helped

  • Ethan Russell

    If you don't have the perk can you kill him to get the bow that way??

  • xRoyiC _

    the bow wasnt with him ><

  • Darth Marr

    I won't ask why he has a Stormcloak soldier/Hold Guard helmet.

  • 20%Smart

    what type of pick is that? oh and if i kill him instead, can i take the bow?

  • peter labrecque

    what level do you have to be to obtain it?

  • Alizair Heslin

    0:07 seconds in....arrow in the gluteus MAXIMUS!

  • Kreuzbein Doppelgänger

    I'm quite a high level character on Skyrim and I was wondering if that i find this bow now, will the damage of the bow be higher?

  • Adam Lewis

    It's a maelstorm bow ^^ everything is clear now

  • Loki King slayer

    it should actually work on Netch, I've used it before

  • Paul Williams

    The guy doesn't spawn on mine

  • GamerFI

    how it is secret if u just gonna tell it to us?

  • Razman

    definitely doing this now

  • Legendary Succ

    Stat Trak tm Glass Bow, gaben plz.

  • Rusty Jones

    Not a bow that I would use, but it is a bow I never heard of until now, you get a like.

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