Skyrim: Dragonborn - Secret Bow!

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I'm back with a secret bow for Skyrim: Dragonborn! Enjoy ;D

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  • Tastee

    Oh my god..Who cares if he has a lisp or not?? He made this video to show you guys something you ungrateful bastards

  • James Orbe

    If I kill Nazeem with this bow will that add to the effect.

  • FvknJason _

    why did you make the bow completely different looking on your picture before you click on the video???

  • Cromlech616

    I would like to hear you say "the sunstone at Sothsheim" 10 times really fast

  • Mad Macer

    OH MAY GAWD, THE INTRO!!! The bow has one-hit kill on foxes! O_O

  • Jeremiah Pilkington

    The 3 unimpressive shots at the intro were more than enough to entice me to watch the rest of the video-

  • Dank Tank

    Pick pocketing? That's illegal. Can't you just kill him for it?

  • Grandmaster Dirty Dan

    0:23 and thats when I quit the video.

  • Bolt Man

    how fun hunting in skyrim....... "your hunting a majestic Elk one moment then next your running half way across skyrim"

  • Stef LCH

    Your lisp is so distracting

  • rindoue dragonus

    That isn't a secret bow, man what a gip, the title should say "Location of a Unique Bow"

  • Justybeats

    Thsifern thsakatash 😹😼😸

  • iamrichrocker

    another youtuber with way to many subs....

  • Jason Sowell

    Thanks for posting this man! I'm definitely gonna pick up this bow. Very informational video, thanks!

  • Teemu Setälä

    when i found that bow and start to kill animals i found out that trolls count as animals :D

  • Cem K

    auriel's bow i think its the best in skyrim 

  • Lucas Grathouse

    It seems like everyone who makes Skyrim videos has some kinda weird speech impediment.

  • kinko761

    lol I once was hunting a bear and it ran into a lake and I was on a rock above and I shot and it went into cinematic mode and I was like ohh cool I got it and as it went in to the water I happened to shot a fish swimming xD that was pretty funny

  • Dragonking1984

    so far i have yet to find a bow that can match the power of my dwarf enhanced crossbow. (it's enhancement is that it ignores %50 of enemy's def). at it's base it does almost 100 damage add to that the damage from my soul fire enchantment (basically it's fire enchantment and sole steal enchantment combined) and any choice of bolts. (steel or dwarf bolts, with fire, ice, electric) finally top it off with my perks from the archery tree and some other trees and you end up with a weapon that can one shot just about any enemy. oh and thanks to my smiting i can make more ammo cheap (metal+firewood just like the arrows. add fire. frost or void salt for respective aoe effect. fire=explosion frost=ice blast void=electric blast)

  • MrDark 2

    deadric bow i think its the best in skyrim

  • Robertism

    Yes the bow does work on netches

  • markus dahle

    bound bow is good enough

  • 0ddMonk3y

    PETA would be very pissed if they found out about this bow

  • heroherobaby TV

    can you disanchant ? (english bro wt*)

  • Matthew Bauman

    :( thought it said secret BOWL.

  • Lisa Marie Holland

    Can you. Just kill him to get it

  • Turco949

    The most fun I had playing this game was when I was really wasted, I took all my armor off and used only a wooden sword as a weapon. Now, that requires skill and a lot of stamina (for running away from danger 99% of the time).  =)

  • SyynkSniping

    Put your tounge back in your mouth

  • JeffJason 21

    I did this and didn't find bow

  • KookieSlayer500 Cookie

    He's not spawning for me

  • Nate Van skike

    Wow thass a really amasssing bow. What a great experienttthhhh

  • Gallant Doffy

    Can't decide if i want to use the bow or become a wizard. .

  • Luna The Doggo

    I am going to go get this

  • robert homero

    Did anyone notice his carryweight

  • Nik Amirul

    Meh,my bow has 32 damage,it's DragonBone XD

  • Sharpy RokOut

    just kill the guy. one less merchant.

  • killoway502

    If you kill him, can you still get stag bow?

  • Eric Hernandez

    I'm so very sorry about what I'm about to say bro but you sound GAY AF Hey guys it's Fmike here

  • David Calderwood

    All he had for me was an Ebony Bow. Don't get me wrong that bow is awesome but why doesn't he have the stag bow?

  • StoicSauce

    There is a hidden chest with tons of awesome loot to sell and 750 gold I markarth. Go down to de river and go to the first brick wall. You will see two stones sticking out of the wall a little bit further than the rest . go to them look down and go back and fourth until you see search chest. This still works on PC and console I did it today.

  • Rusty Jones

    Not a bow that I would use, but it is a bow I never heard of until now, you get a like.

  • TexIncorporated

    i think there is a level requirement for this cuz he didnt even have it on him for me

  • Adam Donaldson

    Couldn't you just kill him for the bow??

  • gojart destani

    wich is the most powerfull weapon in skyrim?

  • Neal Hartman

    Speech therapy. Please.

  • Surefire28 ?

    I didn't know how to meet Falas until now this helped

  • tom lynex

    That's a lot of gold

  • Angel Mowza

    That green tint screwed me off

  • Alexander Hughes

    can you just kill the guy for the bow because I don't have high pickpocketing what so ever

  • Lawrence van Rijn

    My Dragonbone bow gives me 600% that damage, with deadly aim an Dragonbone arrow will take 350 damage per arrow no secret bow required.

  • LxckyCX

    Cant you just do this?hit him and when he tries to shoot you with his bow use the disarm shout and take it? PLZ REPLY

  • killoway502

    Also is that solesthiem?

  • Nytrus

    "an awethome little bow that i found, it's in thoul thtone."

  • Legendary Vanilla

    I found the note without the dlc

  • awesomejim123

    so its basically just a glass bow that can give you 25 extra health and stamina if you have it equipped? nah thanks the only time i use a bow is when im not losing any health

  • MysticGames

    what is the dragonborn dlc

  • Jared Robinson

    Areals bow has a max damage of 50+ so ya just saying

  • Tonya Webb

    Thank u u r the best man alive

  • Cam77891

    Is it Smike or Thsmike?

  • Shotty Cans

    i love your accent, you sound like prismo

  • PatrickRob82

    I'll stick with my dragon-bone bow, thanks.

  • İlker Gür

    1:37 how can you acquire Misdrection? with no perk points on other perks?

  • Ethansuckateverything Yea

    Or use the disarm shout and take it.

  • Trey Trevor

    Thank you! I did not know that and I have many played hours.

  • Zack West

    Most strongest Bow in the DLC Uses is for hunting

  • TheLapisLord

    I stole it, but I got sent to prison and lost it. How do I get it back?

  • AnonyGuy

    can you disenchant it?

  • halored gaming

    why can't kill him and take it

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