Skyrim: Dragonborn - Secret Bow!

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I'm back with a secret bow for Skyrim: Dragonborn! Enjoy ;D

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  • Jason Brody

    how do you get him to unequipped the bow

  • Luna The Doggo

    I am going to go get this

  • josh wesley

    I can't get the bow&I play on xbox360

  • Max Hobbs

    Let's take a moment to recognize that he's wearing a dwarven helmet with shrouded armor

  • RoeGi 1337

    you talk like u got a dick in ur mouth

  • JJ Runswick

    what is the armor and bow and arrow in the thumbnail for this video? how do you get it?

  • Isaac Rexroat

    he never shows up for me 😡

  • Charlie Tackett

    Can't u just kill him??

  • Bunker Gamer

    1. Voice2.advertising?

  • HollyBananaCake

    I tried and he just had an ebony bow. I can't kill him either. Help!!!

  • rindoue dragonus

    That isn't a secret bow, man what a gip, the title should say "Location of a Unique Bow"

  • Damian Winchester

    are there any special crossbows.

  • BlueTurtle Games

    give him a dagger bring an enemy towards him then buy the bow

  • Bael Zepar

    that npc had a ebony bow to steal/sell -.- No Ty

  • Adam F

    Um... Smoke literally everyone that plays skyrim knows this bow exists

  • SteelZ06

    I use Daedra Two-handed sword.

  • Robert Silvers

    Reverse pickpocket an iron dagger onto him. Then punch him in the face. He'll equip the knife and attack. Then hit him with a level 2 Bend Will shout. He'll stop being agressive and you can now buy the bow.Also, yes, netches do count in the kill count.

  • XxFresh SkyrimXx

    If you have already meet the guy in the can you still see him in there?

  • Gray Gameing

    Yes u can kill netches

  • Austin Murre

    Is it a permanent blessing?

  • Joshua Tamer

    Get the NUKE BOW and set it off in Riverwood or something....

  • Sharpy RokOut

    just kill the guy. one less merchant.

  • Ardin Boer

    Me: If its the glass bow of the stag prince again i'm quitting skyrim altogether.DAMNIT

  • Twan Lorenza

    Dude didn't have it for me???

  • Jared Robinson

    Areals bow has a max damage of 50+ so ya just saying

  • LintyScorpion29 _

    spiders and mudcrabs ARE animals though...

  • tjsones

    You're a fairy. how much to get my duck sucked?


    ive watched smike for seven damm years you bastards better thank him for what he does for you.

  • ArchFiend

    i think the thumbnail is better than thebow

  • Panic! at the ChemicalBoy

    Can you just kill him ?

  • Vincent Williams

    What Bow, Arrow & Armor are in the thumbnail? It kinda looks like a cross between Ebony&Glass!?Does anyone know?And how to get it??

  • Ronnie Thomas

    how much does the power get up to send does it stay

  • Amanda Jazenboski

    could you just kill the person with the bow???

  • killoway502

    Also is that solesthiem?

  • Dylan Flynn

    easy tip to lose the stolen tag on any items, get black market ability from hermaeus mora, sell to dremora merchant and then buy it back

  • Kasen and stratton playz

    do you get to the cloud district very often???

  • Tim de Graaf

    You can also reverse pickpocket him an iron dagger, then attack him at close range so he Will attack you with the dagger, then use bend Will on him to calm him down, then ask him if he has anything for sale and he Will have the bow for sale

  • Lieuwe de Wolf

    Does it increase permanently or is it jsut when that bow is equipped?

  • TheGreenGamer

    Cool story bro.Have you heard of a normal Daedric bow?

  • TheKingSpartacus

    I sell it to the fence(Tonilia) in The Ragged Flagon and i bought from her... But it's still stolen goods. Does anyone know anyway to remove that stolen mark from the bow?

  • getmboi74

    so do you have to kill 20 animals every time before you kill one person?

  • Ailuro Skins

    I love hunting in this game. I used to hunt deer in Oblivion for their venison, which helped with alchemy, of course. Now I hunt all sorts of animals in Skyrim for hides & pelts. It's so much fun, and can be kind of relaxing if you don't feel like doing dungeons or quests. XD

  • Demon FromSun

    yeah I'm just gonna take it and then kill him.

  • KookieSlayer500 Cookie

    He's not spawning for me

  • Xxkill ErBro's

    there was no bow for me

  • Gee The Sass King

    for me he only had the ebony bow even when i pick pocketed him.. help?

  • Nathan Roberts

    I went to that place prior to watching the video, waited til midnight and went there (after finding the note) and nobody showed up, i've visited multiple times after and nobody was there still. Can someone help?

  • West ThaGamerGuide

    I cant get the glass bow

  • Michael Sanchez

    they should made specail series that had like a chain on it and you hit the dragon and it have to land or stay where it's chained.

  • Bradley Perrine

    he don't have it only ebony bow even tried pickpocket no glass bow

  • Kirby Strong

    i have the game fer pc and ps3 how do i get this bow?

  • Harry Murray

    Good tutorial really helped me out keep up the good work and ignore the haters

  • Jon Schlesener

    What is the lock pick thing

  • Dazeencraft

    Will the power work even if I dont have the bow in my hands or inventory?

  • NW Aquatics

    Thist thand experianthse

  • Dev Lava

    Can you just kill him for it?

  • Angelo Fernandez

    can you do this on xbox 360

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