SKYRIM SPECIAL EDITION Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 - INTRO (SKYRIM Remastered)

Skyrim Special Edition Walkthrough Part 1 - Skyrim Special Edition Gameplay Part 1 - Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition Intro 1440p Xbox One Gameplay with Commentary & Impressions Throughout
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Winner of more than 200 Game of the Year Awards, Skyrim Special Edition brings the epic fantasy to life in stunning detail. The Special Edition includes the critically acclaimed game and add-ons with all-new features like remastered art and effects, volumetric god rays, dynamic depth of field, screen-space reflections, and more. Skyrim Special Edition also brings the full power of PC mods to consoles. New quests, environments, characters, dialogue, armor, weapons and more – with Mods, there are no limits to what you can experience.
  • MJ Grxxn

    Rule No.1 for a new Skyrim play through:Never, ever, kill 'The Chicken'.

  • luke fernandez

    my mom said if my comment gets a like I can have a potato

  • Dr0xly

    2009-2011: Minecraft2011-2017: Skyrim2017-2019: Fartnite

  • ScarVipe

    Some people say Remastered looks like The Witcher 3.... They seriously need a pair of glasses

  • KennyTheFirst

    runs into a group of spiders, draws weapon, and clearly sees themhadvar: Whos there

  • NicksDomain101

    Is it just me or do the graphics look the same

  • Mashed MAYO

    Hell, it’s 2019 and I play this

  • Amber Lynch

    Skyrim is my favorite game ever! Iv'e completed it 5 times now I want Skyrim remastered, the graphics do look a lot better and now it doesn't take an hour to turn round haha!

  • BoomBoxJava

    No matter what side I choose I'm never a good guy in skrim lol

  • Phil Boutle

    Thank you so much I have been waiting so long for a good gamer to Play Skyrim cheers Ash age 11

  • Jonah Babei

    Who else literally had a heart attack at 31:18 lmao

  • Bushido Dragon

    I really don't see the difference in graphics or custom

  • Paranormal Activities

    What is improved ? ....Water textures and chickens

  • Xealz

    just searched for this, since its on 40% discount on steam till 2nd april 2019

  • Joe Cardarelli

    I don't see much of a difference XD

  • Harvey STEWART

    I always found Skyrim’s intro so so weird. Amazing game otherwise, but I don’t see why you would get executed for stealing a horse. 😂

  • American Patriot

    Only thing that really pissed me off about Skyrim is entering building loading screens

  • 20HAIB

    the moment i saw him following Hadvar, stopped the video and bye bye

  • ckhong

    just need to wait for 64 bit skse.. will play again of course.

  • George Frye

    I love your walkthrough so far please do a full game series

  • Adalard Richter

    I'll love the subtle hello at 33:15

  • Chris Korol

    must be nice my skyrim game and all my pc games are all slightly shaky when i pan my camera. its almost as if everything is slightly jiggly or quaky

  • ZulaYT

    I love this game so much! All Elder Scrolls Cant wait for VI Argonia:D

  • B.J. Davis

    I have never played skyrim but I have played fallout 4 and I love so I'm guesting this will be awesome

  • Stay out

    I love skyrim I can’t believe you are doing this 😃

  • IatsuNIA

    copied and modified from @MJ Grxxn's comment Rule No. 2 for a new Skyrim play through:Always watch skyrim playthoughs made my @GameRiot

  • ChistoBot 9000

    i play the new versión today in my PC at max settings,and,i can tell you there's no big difference between this version,and the original

  • S A N S

    When the start of the game is a meme you know it will be good

  • Dustviper 20


  • Small Child

    Goes through eye selection, finds all black eyesNopnonopenopenopenopeSOMUCHNOPE

  • Lord Torque

    I liked SubscribedAnd I just love your videos;)

  • Caiden Matt

    love the vid bro this is anamazing game

  • Fuk

    Screw the imperials! STORMCLOAKS

  • Liam Vezaj

    i love you Bethesda but come on, how is this a remaster?

  • Penni Darrah

    lets see how mane things ive killed hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm1: ive killed 2 dogs2: ive killed 2 children3: 1 chiken4: 1 store manager5: and ive killed 3 gaurds 6: the 1 gaurd was by accident ive killed 10 things and ive never got attacked lol

  • YoLo FaDeZ

    You should have went with ralof

  • Caden Seidler

    This game rocks and thank you for giving us such awesome content

  • Jack Ware

    Pick me man I've never played though

  • Logan Mckinlay

    I love your vids by the way keep up your good work PS please can I have it for ps4

  • David Dlamini

    i thought it was going to be different somehow, Like the mods on (skyrim journey)......different weapons and suff..... like big dragons on journey that you can't even outrun,,,,,,,,,they dont like the player to get close to them, they bang their tails on the ground and topple you ,,,,,, awesome but sometimes unreal ....uhh

  • Thomas Panks

    Your the best for walktroughs I've found so far

  • Nathan William Barber

    keep up the good work mate

  • Tamameow

    i barely see the difference on graphics lmao what a scam

  • Jumbo Hippo

    I love skirmish so much I beat the game at least 20 times

  • Madison Bird

    this is my favorite game of ALL TIME.

  • petrucci15

    omg its frustrating watching you play! lol.....get on with it!

  • Lawrence Geronimo

    Lokir: sees ralof as a stormcloak Also lokir: sees ulfric Lokir: wait if they captured you......

  • A Garbage Bag

    Skyrim was my favorite game on the 360, I'm so hyped for this one, especially with the mods!

  • Dexter Chenault

    I've waited so long for this

  • Michael Jackson

    This game is still the best SKYRIM ROLES FOREVER!!

  • Sky Fox Of Chaos

    I took an arrow to the kneeme: YOU TOOK AN ARROW TO THE KNEE BOI THATS A NECK

  • rocknroll _ai_bot

    Remember how the game would freeze once he said step forward?

  • Dtrain vans

    I have never played skyrim should I buy the special edition

  • Farendor

    Is skyrim a single or multiplayer like wow?

  • PigZora

    Yes skyrim is here but never ever hit a chicken or everyone will be salty

  • Quiff

    Skyrim is one of my fav game in my entire life

  • Josh Fellows

    Riot. your walk through on Fallout 4 got me into the series and all the other great Bethesda games. Keep up the good work 👍

  • Vinny Doran

    Yes please make this a series!!

  • ŁoŁiEating

    Oh flashbacksI remembered slaying the dragon in 2012, that was beautiful

  • Carlton Willis

    I've been so excited for this!

  • Cristian Mancillas

    Skyrim is so successful on every platform it's available on. And now the Switch

  • Thund3rman80

    I would love xbox 1 skyrim

  • Irman Insani

    I like your video, keep up the good work

  • maiK

    WTF, it looks like normal skyrim..

  • The Row

    Wait Ralof talks about Vilod but he says "Justice" and doesn't even notice Ralof.

  • Emilio Estaves

    im so hyped to buy this man!

  • BeastlyProductions

    Oh YEAH I want sky rim remastered 🤓

  • Assassinfreak30

    good stuff! just got a new subscriber.

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