10 CRAZY Things Skyrim Players Have Done

Skyrim has had millions of players, so it's only natural that a few have done some crazy things. Here are our favorites.
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  • Shirley Curry

    Wow!!! Thanks for the mention Gameranx!!!

  • Silent K

    "so who are you" I am dovakhin, slayer of dragons, archmage of the college of winterhold, master assassin of the brotherhood, renowed thief, a werewolf adventurer by night....or Tom if thats too long.

  • Captain Jurgh

    How to do some crazy thing in Skyrim:Step 1: Give giants a hug at under 50 level.Step 2: Weeeeeeeeee

  • Yuichirō

    One does not simply quit Skyrim

  • Heko

    playing skyrim on my friends computer and accidentally discovering he has a sex mod installed.


    the craziest is not have played skyrim

  • Levi Nemec

    "He now plays for the Sacramento Kings"Shoulda just kept playing skyrim

  • Wolves_brigade *

    I killed an elder dragon with a knife and fork which does 4 damage in total. I took me about 1-4 hours and A crap ton potions

  • AardvarkLord

    So, this isn't Skyrim, but I thought it was awesome. There was a guy who had a boxed Collector's Edition set of Morrowind and, while he was playing Skyrim there were gunshots in a nearby apartment. After things cooled down, he went back to his room and found that not only had a bullet hit his room, not only had it hit his Morrowind Collector's Edition, but that set was between him and the bullet. Morrowind literally saved his life. After writing about it, Bethesda sent him a fresh copy signed by a bunch of the staff and a signed Statue of Azura. There's an Imgur post around it somewhere, though it'd take me a bit to find it.

  • Matthew Palmer

    50000 bucks on a basement, still has a tiny ass tv.

  • DAN[GER]

    Number 11: People who killed Paarthurnax. Those monsters.

  • This Is A YouTube Channel

    The crazy thing is that the baby with the Dovahkiin name doesn't born with bugs or crazy physics when his mom disables him V-Sync



  • Ronnie Ronster

    I used to make arrow in the knee jokes,but then I took an arrow in the knee.

  • EE Ehrenberg

    A guy sent the amount of bottle caps to Bethesda that one of the fallout games cost in dollars, and Bethesda sent him the game.

  • StormSurge

    When Bethesda doesn't realize that all we want from them is Elder Scrolls, and yet they keep releasing new or rebooted games and think we'll support them just because of the Bethesda company name.

  • Bahb Fletcher

    Not exactly crazy.... but definitely nerdy: My son and I pre-purchased Skyrim on Steam, and on 11.11.11 we got up early, had sweetrolls and coffee for breakfast, and played Skyrim all day long, and then for the rest of the weekend. After checking out some of the food recipes in Skyrim, I went shopping on 11.12.11, and made a loaf of sourdough bread to eat with our grilled leek stew for supper, which gave us enough health stats to play long into the night. I wasted the next 4 months of my life, every spare moment playing Skyrim. I bought a hooded bathrobe that looks somewhat like the Hooded Monks Robes (but actually more like Obi Wan Kenobi's robes) that feels right when playing Skyrim. Can't figure out why I am still single???

  • Unixornian

    Skyrim was released on 11-11-11That's six 1s in a rowIt was released in 2011This video was made in 2017That's six years later than 2011This is a sign that Skyrim was the number 1 game for SIX YEARS

  • Karl Olson

    My weirdest and coolest was probably walking into my new therapists room where I'd be talking about my family issues, and looking at his walls and they were covered in skyrim posters and he had a bunch of other cool stuff like that, like a power armor helmet, and for an hour we talked about stuff but he made references to video games to make it easier to understand lol

  • TheFreeToaster

    The craziest thing Skyrim players may ever do is finish the story.

  • Noble 12

    While i was playing Skyrim i did a spell but the volume was so loud i shat myself

  • RadwinTRR TheRedstoneRepeater

    i'v played Skyrim for 5 years now. I have beaten the game like 100 times and i'v done a lot I have went to every prison killed every dragon and shouted every shout. and guess what? I still play skyrim! I LOVE THIS GAME SO MUCH!!!

  • zoutig.

    top 10 craziest things skyrim players have donehe stopped playing it

  • Elisabeth Lyonheart

    Skyrim Grandma is so awesome.Also it's impossible to quit Skyrim

  • Tyrion

    11. Using your horse to walk up an 80* angled mountain

  • Scott K

    I used to take arrows in the knee but then I became an adventurer like you.

  • Love Gestapo

    Omg my son was ALMOST born on 11/11/11 and only born on the 12th by a few hours! Of course, I wasn't quite playing Skyrim yet :P

  • Semaro sceru

    10 crazy Things Skyrim Players have done: adopt a pet.

  • WorldWalker128

    Never found Meeko. I DID find a Troll that drowned himself and had a suicide note on his body in Oblivion, though. He wrote that he wasn't scary enough to bully people into paying the self-imposed toll at the bridge you find his body under.

  • Wafer Waffle

    kid: mom why is my name Dovahkiin? mom: So i could get every game from Bethesda for freekid: ( ° ͜ʖ͡°)╭∩╮

  • Arsenal 4732

    The kid named Dovakin is hilarious

  • Marco Venustus

    Number 3 reminds me of when I played a lot of skyrim to forget about my girlfriend's passingpassing through my life and leaving me and hurting me

  • 3 speed tachanka

    Don't lie, if play Skyrim or fallout, you were a hoarder.

  • Eva Vox

    Shirley Curry brought me here! I adore that woman. 🏆

  • HanzGrozny

    #5 quitting Skyrim what heresy is this?

  • Gale Amblem

    "Hey dad, why am I called Dovakhiin?""Free videogames, son... for life..."

  • Emily Hill

    never played skyrin.... i was going to go buy it but then i took an arrow to the knee

  • One Nutty Boi

    I just started Skyrim and i'm in Whiterun rn. I uh... I have a long way to go

  • CickenNuggetFaggot2

    A B S O L U T E M A D L A D S

  • Silent Song

    Shirley Curry is the purest thing in existence okay

  • Thor Boysen

    I can't imagine my first feelings when i will watch the very first published trailer of The Elder Scrolls VI...!!! Maybe it will be like my reaction to Skyrim (with goose bombs and tears in my eyes at the end...)! By the way, it was really really cool and nice what the people of Bethesda did to the poor man that lost his sister...!!! That was really touching! A Skyrim book with all the autographs of the team...! Such a lovely and nice idea!!! That (among countless other reasons) is why i LOVE Bethesda...!!!

  • Eszmeralda Kovács

    I worship this game <3

  • Trippr

    Number 8: Finishing the Game

  • Matt Kacar

    I thought meeko was a wolf so i killed him

  • Michael Vine

    Using console commands to create a cheese bomb in Whiterun.

  • Xong Yang

    I pounced and killed Nazeem on my way out of Whiterun after drinking Aela's blood. He was in the way. It was satisfying.

  • Ein Walroß

    I did some pretty crazy things in skyrim. One time I put the difficulty up to adept.

  • Drakan R

    "is there anything potatoes can't do?"Ireland, that's what they can't do

  • Adaire Wolfe

    I broke my left leg rock climbing, and instead of lugging around an ugly cast, I had my boyfriend carve me ebony boots from skyrim out of ebony (wood) and reinforced then padded the inside. I then felt great about walking around and wondered how many people took second looks and commented about it. How many people scorned it and how many people laughed, and how many knew the reference lol.

  • Xander Hebert

    I don’t know why but my game glitches and now my character is vaccinated against bone break fever. I have it, but it drains 0 points of stamina so all it does is make me immune to the disease until cured

  • TheDecepticondude

    Using the TakeNotes! Mod, I have written a journal of my character, detailing every single in-game day and all that has happened in it, even mundane events, on a four-year-old save file that has seen a lot of mods installed and uninstalled, the game installed and uninstalled on several computers, and getting broken countless times. And it's still on-going even now.She already has her own backstory, unique characters that only exist in her version of TES V.Just finished the Main Quest last week (After FOUR FCKING YEARS SINCE STARTING THE SAVE), and I'm trying to immersively start Dawnguard's quest before Dragonborn, and after that, start on Beyond Skyrim: Bruma.And as much as I want to start a new character, I can't because I have to finish her story, dammit!!

  • Staxie

    That last bonus lmao, THERES AN IRL DRAGONBORN OUT THERE! xd

  • ConmanOfficial

    The craziest thing I did was killed a bonehawk with an elven bow from a mile off (i did the measurements)


    Shirley Curry is a LEGEND

  • Your Local PyBro

    "I can say that, im a bird."

  • Dajean Mcmullen

    Lol 2017 still talking about skyrim

  • Josh White Racing

    Anyone else finish the stones of barenziah? I was so pissed I couldn't put that thing on.

  • Syko Not-Psycho

    After 6 and a half years of playing I still find new things in Skyrim.

  • Arbbym9er

    4:05 Uhhh, I definitely thought Utah was a pretty cold place?

  • Frank James

    The Companions sent me to beat up Danica Pure-Spring

  • VeroZ YT

    Hope u dont get murdered TO DEATH

  • UaeNimr01

    u wana know how many times i've bought a copy of skyrim.1. the normal copy on ps3 when it came out. i sold it cuz it was ruining my social life and my grades in college. i still ended nowhere.2. a used copy of the legendary edition on ps3 from gamestop.3. a new copy of the legendary edition on ps3 cuz the used one wasn't working properly after i raped it for weeks nonstop. thx gamestop.4. a digital copy on the ps4. it was on sale and i couldn't resist.5. another digital copy but this time on steam cuz i finally gave up on console and switched to The Glorious PC Gaming Master Race. plus it was on sale too.6. skyrim vr cuz i dont have a life.

  • Jamie Moore

    Now imagine when Skyrim gets ported to whatever system they use in Ready Player One when that becomes reality.Earned gold.. order mead.. wait for drone to deliver mead.. relax in tavern with friends, mead, and the bard singing. Then continue the adventure.

  • Large Abdomen

    It's amazing how long Skyrim stays relevant.

  • Music_And_Art

    "Is there anything potatoes can't do?"

  • D. R.

    Weirdest thing I have done on Skyrim is taking 4 years and a little under 600 hours solving the real function of Kagrenzel. Roy would be proud!

  • aciSd

    nope. bethesda never challenged anyone. they just searched for the coolest thing ever made skyrim-themed. this channel is misleading.

  • Aurora Tiger101

    The craziest thing a player would have to do is play the game 100% through, in all the possible ways. Storm-cloaks, Imperials. Kill Cicero or not, help him or not, kill asterid at the beginning or not, kill paurthunax (spelled wrong) or not. And all that other crap.

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