Skyrim Hearthfire Guide

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  • Jacob Coombe

    I took the one in dawnstar and after 2 hours of gameplay, I come home to Lydia beating the shit out of a giant...

  • madcapper6

    I think that poor mudcrab just wanted to be on youtube.

  • James Benedict

    Kinda sad that u can't do this near Whiterun

  • Surpeme_DooDoo

    I think there should be a house that you could build in the Riften hold, because the forests there are awsome and pretty.

  • That1stGod

    Anyone else come back here cause of the remastered?

  • Eishiro Sugata

    "Tryna teach videos b¡tch."

  • robinchwan

    so are any of these real estates a long ways away from any skooma dealers? i don't want mah kids to become addicts!

  • S3PT1M1

    have to say, as much as i love hearthfire and everything it brought into the game,it is REALLY fkin tedious to build and furnish a completed house. like i would argue that building all the things is a waste of time, one that for the life of me, i cant leave unfinished. will i use this container, do i need another barrel, no it!

  • x NiGhTmArE x

    am i the only one that wants to know what house is in the thumbnail?

  • BlackBirds93

    The mudcrap made this video lol

  • dono istabish


  • John Matthew

    Haha the mudcrab's like "hey men what's u-" dead.

  • TechMage299

    im looking for some nice real estate, but i don't know if i want to raise my children near a sacred altar

  • CT

    SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME! i cant find the lady in falkreath please help!

  • Syed Akhmal

    2018Still play Skyrim hahah

  • Jahkiboy

    don't like the weather? use the Clear Sky's shout.

  • readlol

    Crap. Just spent 5000 gold in whiterun

  • Yoll963

    From Russia with love.

  • Andrew ALV

    I lost my Serena and cant find her

  • Zoë O'keefe

    this video was very very helpful!! unlike some of the other ones lol, thank u so much~dark elf looking to part-ay! 😝😘🌈🌈

  • Garrett Wilson

    I am Blood kin to the orcs, why cant they help me build a fence around my House T.T Dang Giant tried to kill my kid.

  • pilotdavis

    I laughed way too hard at that mudcrab

  • TheRunningElite

    the dawnstar jarl won't let me buy the house location

  • Steve Bour

    wow the console graphics are pretty horrid

  • juraj libic

    thank you from Slovakia

  • Mad_Happy Plays

    maybe that's why I had a giant in my back yard one day.... Didn't know I live near them

  • Fart Party

    What armor does he have on?

  • Sigma

    I did dawngaurd and dragonborn first then did hearthfire at the end of dragonborn I had 90,749,115 septimes stored in my houses chests.

  • Michael Undas

    Howse... totally Canadian bro! LOL

  • iiTz Immortal

    It sounds like he is saying hoes not house

  • CrazyXplotionz

    I can find the girl inside falkreath

  • Mc Smelly todger

    cant find woman i have dlc but

  • GoneFishin

    So you CAN buy all 3 houses, correct?

  • HowToProject

    There is treasure hunters over beside the lake be careful they are hard

  • Cyndy Lucas

    Thanks I didn't know how to start

  • rand purple

    mrbenjy77 sad i lost my house

  • Spoicy Deemer

    Guys I need help, I have legendary edition and I can't buy any of the houses, it doesn't have the option what do I do?

  • Synthra Official

    I don't have the tables at Lakeview Manor. I used to but suddenly I don't anymore!

  • Sk8troop

    I can handle a giant just not a mammoth

  • Garrett Drudik

    I built my house near Falkreath and I did not think it could be in a shittier location. Vampires to the south, a necromacer to the northeast, and a wolf den like 30 yards to the west. Yeah, real nice place to raise a family.

  • Prank CC

    Uh for this do i need to become a thane for falkreath?

  • Zayto

    If anybpdy wants to be an awesome person today can someone tell me the weapon & location of it cause i just started getting back on skyrim and that looks really cool 😍😍😍

  • Demarrious Bishop

    How do I tear the house I’ve built down?

  • Da Jaguars fan

    ...don't think I want mud crabs knocking on my door every God dang two seconds,and I don't know about how having a FREAGIN necromancer as a Godd DANG NEIGHBOR I think I'll live. In morthal don't rely like any of the city's tho

  • DangerousGranny

    I got three lol. One has a storage room, Armory, and greenhouse, another has the enchanting rooms and an other is my family home with kitchens and beds an shit

  • egglizabeth

    you sound like jonesy from 6teen

  • Steven Him

    you missed the book. its +1 conjuration 

  • Yung AlphA

    HELP i just bought hearthfire and it is not in the downloaded content i tried to redownload again but it didnt work oh my skyrim is bought in america and the hearthfire is the europian version maybe thats the problem but plz help me

  • Choose Beware!

    Help me! Hearthfire Dlc is not working in the game.other dlc's are aslo not working.Please Help me!

  • Wayne Waite

    I found her walking around town and she wont even talk to me

  • Wayne Waite

    That chick didn't show up for me at falkrach

  • Stealth BOSS101

    Hey, that Conjurer was their first

  • a human

    jeez my pc runs skyrim better that this video

  • Fail Marine

    1:29 traveling in skyrim compressed into 5-6 words

  • le Me

    Imagine sleeping peacefully then some wanker comes in and asks for a house

  • Red Dean

    "Really? Is there a wizard down there? I will kick his ass dude c'mere"

  • Chris Leung

    Lakeview Manor is gonna be my bachelor pad/man cave for work, with the Armory, Alchemy Tower (for the higher view of the lake than the Storage room), and the Greenhouse.Windstad Manor is gonna be the family house, with Bedrooms, Storage, and Kitchen.Heljarchen Hall is gonna be my cabin/vacation house up north, with Library for cozy reading, Trophy Room for all the bears I hunt up in the woods, and Bedroom for guests.:)

  • TheManlyVIK

    Title: Hearthfire GuideThumbnail: Non-Hearthfire house

  • Copacetic

    I don't get this game. Your house (or 'hoose' as you pronounce it) is pre-designed, you just have to spend hours gathering the tons of stuff to build each step. I've only got it a day ago but I'm starting to suspect that it sucks :(

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