Skyrim Hearthfire Guide

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  • Jacob Coombe

    I took the one in dawnstar and after 2 hours of gameplay, I come home to Lydia beating the shit out of a giant...

  • James Benedict

    Kinda sad that u can't do this near Whiterun

  • madcapper6

    I think that poor mudcrab just wanted to be on youtube.

  • That1stGod

    Anyone else come back here cause of the remastered?

  • Aidxn Tidwell

    I think there should be a house that you could build in the Riften hold, because the forests there are awsome and pretty.

  • Eishiro Sugata

    "Tryna teach videos b¡tch."

  • S3PT1M1

    have to say, as much as i love hearthfire and everything it brought into the game,it is REALLY fkin tedious to build and furnish a completed house. like i would argue that building all the things is a waste of time, one that for the life of me, i cant leave unfinished. will i use this container, do i need another barrel, no it!

  • robinchwan

    so are any of these real estates a long ways away from any skooma dealers? i don't want mah kids to become addicts!

  • BlackBirds93

    The mudcrap made this video lol

  • x NiGhTmArE x

    am i the only one that wants to know what house is in the thumbnail?

  • TechMage299

    im looking for some nice real estate, but i don't know if i want to raise my children near a sacred altar

  • dono istabish


  • CT

    SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME! i cant find the lady in falkreath please help!

  • Jahkiboy

    don't like the weather? use the Clear Sky's shout.

  • readlol

    Crap. Just spent 5000 gold in whiterun

  • Yoll963

    From Russia with love.

  • Garrett Wilson

    I am Blood kin to the orcs, why cant they help me build a fence around my House T.T Dang Giant tried to kill my kid.

  • Andrew ALV

    I lost my Serena and cant find her

  • John Matthew

    Haha the mudcrab's like "hey men what's u-" dead.

  • pilotdavis

    I laughed way too hard at that mudcrab

  • TheRunningElite

    the dawnstar jarl won't let me buy the house location

  • juraj libic

    thank you from Slovakia

  • Zoë O'keefe

    this video was very very helpful!! unlike some of the other ones lol, thank u so much~dark elf looking to part-ay! 😝😘🌈🌈

  • Steve Bour

    wow the console graphics are pretty horrid

  • MJ

    I did dawngaurd and dragonborn first then did hearthfire at the end of dragonborn I had 90,749,115 septimes stored in my houses chests.

  • Mad_Happy Plays

    maybe that's why I had a giant in my back yard one day.... Didn't know I live near them

  • Fart Party

    What armor does he have on?

  • Michael Undas

    Howse... totally Canadian bro! LOL

  • Synthra Official

    I don't have the tables at Lakeview Manor. I used to but suddenly I don't anymore!

  • CrazyXplotionz

    I can find the girl inside falkreath

  • HowToProject

    There is treasure hunters over beside the lake be careful they are hard

  • Garrett Drudik

    I built my house near Falkreath and I did not think it could be in a shittier location. Vampires to the south, a necromacer to the northeast, and a wolf den like 30 yards to the west. Yeah, real nice place to raise a family.

  • Cyndy Lucas

    Thanks I didn't know how to start

  • Sk8troop

    I can handle a giant just not a mammoth

  • iiTz Immortal

    It sounds like he is saying hoes not house

  • rand purple

    mrbenjy77 sad i lost my house

  • Spoicy Deemer

    Guys I need help, I have legendary edition and I can't buy any of the houses, it doesn't have the option what do I do?

  • Demarrious Bishop

    How do I tear the house I’ve built down?

  • GoneFishin

    So you CAN buy all 3 houses, correct?

  • Mc Wee winky

    cant find woman i have dlc but

  • Divine_Cow

    If anybpdy wants to be an awesome person today can someone tell me the weapon & location of it cause i just started getting back on skyrim and that looks really cool 😍😍😍

  • Prank CC

    Uh for this do i need to become a thane for falkreath?

  • KrustyKrabPizza Deliverer

    ...don't think I want mud crabs knocking on my door every God dang two seconds,and I don't know about how having a FREAGIN necromancer as a Godd DANG NEIGHBOR I think I'll live. In morthal don't rely like any of the city's tho

  • Bastard.

    I got three lol. One has a storage room, Armory, and greenhouse, another has the enchanting rooms and an other is my family home with kitchens and beds an shit

  • egglizabeth

    you sound like jonesy from 6teen

  • Steven Him

    you missed the book. its +1 conjuration 

  • Yung AlphA

    HELP i just bought hearthfire and it is not in the downloaded content i tried to redownload again but it didnt work oh my skyrim is bought in america and the hearthfire is the europian version maybe thats the problem but plz help me

  • Choose Beware!

    Help me! Hearthfire Dlc is not working in the game.other dlc's are aslo not working.Please Help me!

  • TheManlyVIK

    Title: Hearthfire GuideThumbnail: Non-Hearthfire house

  • Plague

    blades armour, scumbag

  • D K9

    dawnstar my fav one but I can't get it because i took the skull of corruption lmfao, absolute bollox.

  • Chainsawchuk1979

    So in order to build a house do I need to accomplish anything other than simply having the dlc? Do I need to be a certain level or complete a certain quest?

  • Sco&Zero

    You know you could've just used the clear skies shout to clear the rain and the clouds

  • Sophia Snuggles

    Looks like someone is a Stormcloak traitor...

  • leptic

    Pactur wont spawn what do i do

  • Glory to Russia

    The necromancer only attacks if you go up close to him

  • koenpostma11

    Can anyone help me tekla just says you want something from me? but I can't speak to her

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