Skyrim Hearthfire Guide

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  • Goopo

    I think there should be a house that you could build in the Riften hold, because the forests there are awsome and pretty.

  • James Benedict

    Kinda sad that u can't do this near Whiterun

  • madcapper6

    I think that poor mudcrab just wanted to be on youtube.

  • That1stGod

    Anyone else come back here cause of the remastered?

  • S3PT1M1

    have to say, as much as i love hearthfire and everything it brought into the game,it is REALLY fkin tedious to build and furnish a completed house. like i would argue that building all the things is a waste of time, one that for the life of me, i cant leave unfinished. will i use this container, do i need another barrel, no it!

  • x NiGhTmArE x

    am i the only one that wants to know what house is in the thumbnail?

  • BlackBirds93

    The mudcrap made this video lol

  • robinchwan

    so are any of these real estates a long ways away from any skooma dealers? i don't want mah kids to become addicts!

  • John Matthew

    Haha the mudcrab's like "hey men what's u-" dead.

  • dono istabish


  • readlol

    Crap. Just spent 5000 gold in whiterun

  • Garrett Wilson

    I am Blood kin to the orcs, why cant they help me build a fence around my House T.T Dang Giant tried to kill my kid.

  • Mad_Happy Plays

    maybe that's why I had a giant in my back yard one day.... Didn't know I live near them

  • Jahkiboy

    don't like the weather? use the Clear Sky's shout.

  • Zoë O'keefe

    this video was very very helpful!! unlike some of the other ones lol, thank u so much~dark elf looking to part-ay! 😝😘🌈🌈

  • CT

    SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME! i cant find the lady in falkreath please help!

  • TheRunningElite

    the dawnstar jarl won't let me buy the house location

  • Michael Undas

    Howse... totally Canadian bro! LOL

  • pilotdavis

    I laughed way too hard at that mudcrab

  • Synthra Official

    I don't have the tables at Lakeview Manor. I used to but suddenly I don't anymore!

  • Anthony Jordan movies and more

    I love how you use a house that's nothing like any house you can build in the game for the thumbnail

  • I’m Six

    Uh for this do i need to become a thane for falkreath?

  • Selly Wooz

    In Falksreath you can go to Tekla or Nenya! Just if you have some problem ^.^

  • Becky Millard

    Hey thanks! I didn't know you could buy them all.. Also I liked this Vid as no spoiler on what they actually look like :DMUDCRAB

  • Cyndy Lucas

    Thanks I didn't know how to start

  • rand purple

    mrbenjy77 sad i lost my house

  • ziji helium

    You seem like the sort of child who I'd emigrate to avoid.

  • Left Sock

    Can you build a large house or medium house ? All I see in this video is small house.

  • Paul Traumiller

    For Marthal do you have to be the Thane?

  • SoulCharizard

    The problem is that I don't have money... I miss the the microsoft points... Oh wait, I didn't have much for that too...

  • CrispSword56 Music

    it is only 5 bucks and check out TheModGlitch channel for xbox free DLC tutorial for free DLC i did for dawngaurd and dragonborn i bought hearthfire

  • bobswolfie2001

    Hey. You should do a playthrough of the Hearthfire "Realistic Skyrim" challenge. I have a video about the rules on how to play on my playthrough and what the challenge is about. It would be awesome to see you play it.

  • SoulCharizard

    I want Hearthfire now ;-;

  • austin prince

    At the lake view manor your wife can get kidnaped by bandits XD

  • senjiklyomasa

    the seckond house is locaked near 2 cryps i kep haveing drouger show up at my house the bodies kinda pile up quick

  • Darksydephil100

    did anyone else see the dead bodies at the beginning

  • pepsipower1999

    This hearthfire dlc is much better than i thought i thought it would be boring and a waste of money but now i'm considering buying it

  • Stone Shaver

    okay so I found her and she isn't a steward yet sooo yea.

  • Stone Shaver

    and do you have to be thane to get a home? in falkreath

  • Stone Shaver

    I don't see the person for falkereath

  • Draconic Arachnid

    I got hearthfire for 5.00

  • Daniel Higgins

    Tryna teach videos bitch lol classic

  • Shane McEntire

    so do i have to complete the main quest first or is it as soon as i get the heartfire DLC

  • DragsBlock

    please help me tekla doesnt selle the land for me. se doesnt eaven talk to me

  • XboxGurrl

    You hav a nice accent:)

  • Bobby Ranger

    Hmm. This is the only DLC I haven't really gotten into yet. Sure I've done some of the peripheral stuff like marriage, adopting an orphan etc. I'll try out the meat of the DLC.

  • William Ohaire

    excellent I built all three of them but haven't completed two the lakeview is complets all the hangings etc

  • TheBigEyedKitty

    90$? It says $60 on Steam o.o

  • Chuck Norris

    I accidentally killed the bitch that sells you the wood, before getting Hearthfire. I hate my life.

  • Elizabeth Smith

    I got it for $90.00, is that a bit of rip off?

  • Floid The Volt

    If you buy them all at a different time it costs less. SOO not cool bro..

  • Elizabeth Smith

    i just got the legendary addition, it includes heart fire, dawn guard and dragon born How cool is that

  • EasyPeax

    Where do you get sawn log..?

  • WarWithReality

    Go do the Dark Brotherhood questline. You'll earn ALOT of money there. :)

  • __-kaneki__ ken-__

    were am i going to get 5000 gold

  • trevor smith

    What kind of armor do you have ?

  • Nick

    I have the same house i went behind it fus ro dah'ed randomly in the wooded area and like 100 red dots came u on my map xD.

  • Badger emergency responses

    Do i have to do the missin of the note of the jarl of whiterun

  • MrAsianKid

    You have to do misc quests for the Jarl, usually like 2 quests which only take up to 10 minutes each. Then you will get the option to buy the house. =]

  • Paco Nevarez

    I'm trying to teach videos bitch lmao

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