Skyrim: SE ENB's - Benchmarking FPS Loss

In today's video I'm benchmarking Skyrim Special Edition ENB presets to see what kind of performance loss you can expect. All the presets will be linked below as well as all the parts I used in this test. Just so its known my Skyrim install does have many mods enabled but they are generally just texture and game play packs that have a negligible affect of FPS.

ENB Presets:
Phoenix Vivid:
Sin Xtreme:
Re-Engaged ENB:

Lobby Time Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

full specs:
Intel i5-7600k (OC 4.8Ghz)
Corsair H100iV2 CPU Cooler
MSI Z270 SLI Plus Motherboard
Gigabyte Gaming G1 GTX 1070
16gigs G-Skill Ripjaws DDR4 RAM (2800Mhz-OC)
700watt Fatality PSU
NZXT S340 ATX Case
Windows 10 Creators Update

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  • Firemanaf

    Hi, just stumbled on your video on my recommend list. Very nicely made. You sound professional when you speak. Great job! I want to say, thank you for the kind words on the Re-Engaged ENB. I am glad you like my ENB. I take it you were using the Dolomite Ultimate Preset? Where you using the most recent one V4.1? Yeah I can see my ENB having the biggest FPS hit compared to the others especially if using the Ultimate preset. My ultimate preset has a DOF shader that also includes SSAO. The other ENBs are not using that. The SSAO is the big hitter. That is why in Riften and Solitude you saw bigger loss was due to all the AO being drawn out. But, I do feel is worth the hit especially when you see the different with that effect off. You really notice the lack of good AO in vanilla SE. Again, great video. Liked and subscribed.

  • Aaron Barber

    I stumbled upon this video right after the Fallout 4 one, great job again!

  • Jakub Novotny

    This is exactly what I was looking for, thank you for your great analysis!

  • Reactem

    this is bs, i loose 30fps with re-engage

  • MistahSquishy

    If you play on 1440p, can you use 4K textures? I'm new to everything lol

  • Parturnax Dovakinovich

    I think people who have such a computer configuration fps should not care... I have an AMD Radeon 5 1400, 8Gb of memory and a Radeon RX 460 /4Gb GDDR5 / graphics card and am comfortable playing at high settings with most enb. But the video is indicative of the load that some enbs put on performance. Author thank you!P.S. / Translation-online/.

  • #1 FanBoy

    Did these benchmarks include ENBoost?

  • The Man

    I use ENB called nvidia ENB and stay close to 60fps most of the time except in grass areas like falkreth area but i also got lot of grass and tree mods installed and they fps killers too

  • Bob Cratchit

    Based on your data, I assume you would not recommend using an ENB with my g1610 processor and gtx 650 graphics card lol.

  • Mr Copycat

    You just got a new subscriber.

  • Joao Roncete

    Do a ruvaak dahman video for se

  • kasey demerchant

    City's and towns i get a zero fps drop but walking in the woods I drop to 30 or lower at times feel like the woods are by far the best place to test the fps lost

  • Sgt Nooodle

    I am a complete novice in terms of computer terminology and recently started pc gaming. I bought the Asus Predator Helios 300 laptop which I knew would have overheating problems and a dark monitor. I used a guide to undervolt my cpu with throttlestop and I believe I also overclocked my gtx 1060 with MSI afterburner.The point of the above is that I am playing Skyrim SE on ultra settings with only about 50 mods, most of which don't effect performance. I can consistently stay at about 58-60 FPS using things like vivid weather's, RLO, and a few minor texture mods in most places but sometimes drop to the 45 range in areas like Riften. However, the second I used an ENB (I chose NVT), my FPS dropped as low as 12 and wouldn't go above 20. Didn't matter if I chose the highest quality version or the performance version, my FPS was unplayable.Is there any reason for this? Is this a VRAM issue? Did I go too heavy on the undervolting or is my overclocking potentially wrong?Again, I barely understood what I wrote above. Please let me know what info you'd need to help me, if possible. I appreciate it.

  • The King of Funk

    Thanks for this m8. I have a 7700k, 1070ti and 32gb of ram with Skyrim SE installed on SSD and playing at 1440p. I am getting fps drops from 60 down to 48/54 at certain spots in cities and around bridges with Rudy enb. Was really ruining the immersion. I have a load of 4k mods installed. Anyone got advice on boosting performance? Turned the shadows down to medium and the shadow distance down to medium.

  • Julien Scheen

    Hi dude, wath is the mods you used to get the bodies continuing to bleed, i had it but forgot the name :/

  • Hackz

    Great video for checking out ENBs based on performance

  • Apollo _

    Which weather mod did you use?

  • Γιωτα Τσαλικη

    i use rudy and i have 22 why??? and my pc is really good. Can someone help

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