The Senile Scribbles: Skyrim Parody - Night Mother

The Senile Scribbles: Skyrim Parody - Night Mother is a deleted scene that unfortunately never made it into the original animations. I'm really happy to have finally been able to circle back to it and complete the skit!. I hope you guys enjoy :) --- (Easter Egg Hints/Answers Below)

*1 Easter Egg:
*Egg 1: (Love Rocks)
(find the answers at the bottom)


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*Easter Egg ANSWERS:

*Egg 1: (Love Rocks) 1:05 Notice the hand on the assassin's stomach change to a different gesture?! I bet you thought it was the hand gesture for rock... It's actually sign language for "I Love You".
  • Psycho Zebra

    That message in the first loading screen was the best middle-finger to all those guys in the comment section of that one video who kept arguing that the door was supposed to keep draugr in.

  • FeyWinter Fox

    The really messed up part is the fact that all of us can see that totally happening! LOL

  • UndertaleFanatic456 Sans

    "Wait, where the hell is Cicero?" laughed so hard XD

  • Zack Reid

    Its canon that Cicero oils the Night Mother

  • Annabelle Pries

    You should do an episode were the Dragonborn adopts kids and tries to raise them

  • Rethious

    My favorite loading screen is where it says "One moment your hunting a graceful elk, then your chasing across tamreil like a madman.

  • Melody Datri

    Man I wish this series would return. I love it so much.. nothing has ever made me laugh more than these videos. 😫😫

  • Layanrd Bloom

    As much as I Love Cicero, I can still see this happening and it disturbs me in a very humerus way

  • Komodo

    "I look like a gay ninja"

  • gumptiousGamer


  • Morgrim DarkHeart

    Well now the coffin has 2 stiffs in it.

  • Nimr Al Nimri

    One-Handed level 100 time for the real deal.

  • Jeremy Prinzen

    And i thought Cicero couldn't get any creepier...

  • Jose Leal

    "woah woah hold on a sec....where the hell is cicero?"  freaking made laugh so hard

  • Dr_ Corvus

    Love that little rock gesture on the brotherhood armor at about 1:07

  • Aurora :3

    r u still mad about that door thing? sorry i didnt think u would actually do some of that stuffomg😂😂

  • Bryan Grantom

    Stopped literally everything I was doing to come and watch. Was not disappointed

  • Blue Lick

    Oh boy here goes Cicero oiling the body again.

  • shutdown.exe


  • Collin Rucinski

    Thanks seanzoz for uploading this. Your videos are the reason why I appreciate animation so much. Every time you upload it makes my day, thanks for all your hard work!

  • Astbjorn Asgautur

    I missed this! I'm so glad to see it again!

  • tony turner

    Cicero got tired of upgrading his "One-Handed skill tree" and went for the real thing;)

  • Brynn Sievert


  • GleamDragon

    you know your humour is dark when you laugh at this

  • Xeras Mordis

    watched it at work, got in shit, still worth it

  • Evelyn Brooks

    gets notificationinfernal screeching and fangirling and squeaking

  • Jack Rice

    Where the hell is Cicero 😂😂😂GOT ME DEAD 😂 💀


    this was cool you should make one about fighting alduin

  • djtinersliksons afk

    evry time I play skyrim I can't take night mother seriously I keep opening the coffin to see if cisar'o is in there.

  • Animal Care Wellness Center San Bernardino

    The poor innocent children that watched this video. 😂😂

  • Draugen

    "Oils it. Preserves it. ** it!" - Cicero

  • Kilt Gaming

    Someone Lied!someone told the guard poor Cicero is...

  • Kobi-One Konobi

    Now I wanna see how the Dragonborn would deal with Valerica in this series.

  • Sparks Legends

    Now we know Cicero is into necrophilia.That explain all the time he spends with the Night Mother.

  • Elite_Kobrah

    lol the Dark Brotherhood uniform did a rock symbol

  • Ty Elbrink

    The initiates hand on his outfit makes a rock on sign it's pretty cool.

  • Clammy

    Cicero is my favorite character so this was awesome

  • Semih Budak

    ...Is there singing in the Void? Dancing...? Surely the Dread Lord will at least allow poor Cicero to caper...

  • Dylan Beto


  • Trux X

    Please do more Senile Scribbles, holy shit this is top quality humor.

  • DBZ Expert

    You think he's getting all the "hard to reach places"

  • Louie Macorncan

    woah woah woah, where the hell is cicero?

  • Leng Thao

    well now we know why the night mothers mouth is open and why her neck is broken.

  • Live Love Play

    Thanks for revisiting the series. I revel in each installment and rewatch it periodically.

  • Darryl Minaker

    LMAO "look I had no idea you actually gonna do some of the things--" IM DEAD

  • Zerometo X

    You should do with Ebony Warrior

  • Brodini Got Magic

    I was not expecting that! I can't breath! 😂😂😂

  • Combat Kool-Aid

    Videos like this bring genuine joy to my life

  • Omar سلوم

    I want to play Skyrim again but my save file got corrupted and now I can't save :(

  • Deutsche Hierarchie

    Ooh this soo has to be freaking canon. given how obsessive cicero is about the night mother and how pissed he gets when he finds out he is not going to be the listener. You just know he must have been dying to bang her this whole time.

  • Kiri Rose

    She's dead, HOW COULD HIS HANDS BE COLD???

  • Star Glitter Glow

    "Where the Hell is Cicero?"Yeah, that sounds about right.

  • Nordic Nightshade

    sometimes when I play skyrim I randomly remember something from this series, also I watch all of these every few months and I LOL every time. love it <3

  • SimplySaon

    You deserve so many more subscribers! Love your stuff x

  • Sweaty

    ..."the tomb keys and doors are meant to keep the draugr trapped inside. Please disregard the tomb escape tunnels and the 200 Draugr you passed along the way." xD he's got a point

  • kakashi hataka

    Can you make a joke that's not funny, seriously you are freaking hilarious

  • Sethierot

    that one Frane with the Metall Hand gesture xD Sneaky move but nice :D love your work :)

  • Thescelo

    Bloody amazing. 10/10 I hope you make more :)

  • Dutch Van_der_linde

    Where the hell is cicero, how do you think of these! 😂


    at work.. don't care. Senile Scribbles time.

  • NCR Trooper

    The hand on his stomach does this 🤘 very quickly.

  • dvanw6

    Anyone else notice the Assassin's hand symbol for a second went bull horns/rock onEDIT: Oh it was I love you in sign language

  • Carlos Quintana

    1:06 look the hand on the assasin's uniform

  • Michelle Nich

    as soon as I saw this I clicked it harder than I've ever clicked before.I think i broke my mouse

  • Cryscorde Ultimasunt

    Comments for this video:33% "I love this series. I wish it would come back."33% Quoting Dovahkiin's last line and/or mentioning "oiling in hard to reach places".33% Mentioning how the Initiate's uniform does a rock sign.1% Original comments. Like if you agree.

  • Stupid Elephant

    Me: oh hey I don't remember watching this one>sees posted 5 hours agoW H A T

  • not nico

    The door keeps Draugr from defiling the inner sanctum, I'm pretty sure, dude. The only ones allowed in there are the most trusted Draugr who have their own tombs in there.Escape door is non-canon and even if it was canon, it's hidden.

  • Luis Aguillon

    thank you seansoz sincerely😂😭

  • Blackuhnese

    Honestly never clicked on a video that fast.

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