Top 5 LESSER KNOWN MODS for Skyrim Special Edition

Skyrim SE nexus is filled with well known quality mods, but there are a lot of great overlooked mods as well. In this video I picked 5 mods that you might didn't heard about. Check them out.

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Skyrim Molten Armor and Weapons:

Customizable UI Replacer:

Floating Damage:

Beasty Greatsword:

  • James Tomlin

    Nice showcase, loving that accent and editingKeep it up

  • Nury Mykael

    After 200 mods my game decided that i can't pick female at the character creation.....

  • Dylan Hewson

    Will you be making a Video on your mod list and how to set them up?

  • Edson Fonseca

    If i could make a sugestion of lesser know mods for a next update. (It's still a project, but overrated) I would indicate you to test out BUVARP.


    If your on ps4 a good alternative to the molten lava glass mod is the "re-color" ads quite a gew different color options for all weapon and armor types, also, if pair that mod with the "jewel weapons pack" mod it gives you quite a few different options for ALL weapons and armor.

  • rode ❶❶

    pls can you tell me your 3d pco configuration

  • The Grouch

    And of course they all are Nexusmods exclusive, right?

  • kalisperis

    Oh cool! When can we expect the Combat Mod Overhaul installation guide? :D

  • Ryan Pennington

    Anybody know where I can order a cheap gaming laptop or PC just for Skyrim/fallout I'm not a graphics whore but I do wanna have the ability to add more mods..currently on Xbox 1

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