Mortal Kombat 11 - Shao Kahn Find Out What Happened to Mileena (MK11)

Mortal Kombat 11 Shao Kahn Find Out What Happened to Mileena (MK11)

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  • carrastealth

    Mileena wanted to die so she could be with her father. Then they bring her father back without her. And D'Vorah still lives. If Mileena doesn't return and bite her head off at some point, it was all for naught.

  • Doll Face

    How hard it is to kill D'Vorah? Just use a Raid insect spray!

  • June

    Someone better tweak the timeline and bring back Mileena 😤

  • Hyacinths

    I'm starting a rebellion that if anyone comes across a D'vorah online, show no mercy to her and fatality her without hesitation.She deserves it.

  • Ghaztie Plays

    If Baraka is back, why not Mileena :(

  • JumpMan

    Who else wanted to see shao Kahn fold D’vorah like a omelet

  • Rizo Charlie

    No one: D'vorah: THIS ONE

  • Birb

    The way D'Vorah's head moves gives me nightmares.

  • WesternWOLF

    Dvorah has got to be everyone’s least favorite character now

  • Dennis Tan

    Jade: I'm hereShao Kahn: BISHH I'M THR MAIN ATTENTION MOVEEE3:18

  • lebolyon 69

    Seriously they kick out the best charismatic female character of MK?

  • some Random

    I getting sick of D'vorah killing major character of the MK roster first it was baraka (thanks to the all powerful Ed boon he is back), second was mileena and damn she didn't have to go down like that, and now the third one is scorpion.No f*ck that somebody kill this bug

  • The Peach-O-Show

    Shao kahn: what game are you playingRaiden: I am playing Mortal Kombat 9

  • A TinyFoxッ

    Jade: Im here.Shao Kahn yeets JadeShao Kahn: Shut up no one cares, I want the attention

  • applesplicer

    Mileena is my favorite character and it makes me feel better about her death when Shao Kahn expresses emotions about her.

  • Bubble Tea 123

    *See's Kitana*My waifu!*Liu Kang hugs Kitana*My waifu?

  • Messiah Gray

    Tbh I really wanted Shao Kahn to kill D'Vorah

  • JM Ong

    Kahn shoving Jade out of the way to deliver an ego-speech is the most Shao Kahn move anyone could ever pull.

  • Don

    I love how Shao Kahn just pushed back jade by the neck lol 3:20

  • Ace

    Kotal banged mk9 Jade?Damn, up top bro!

  • Christopher Murray

    That mileena picture though is beautiful 😍

  • The Programmer of video games

    So shao kahn does care about someone other than himself?

  • mileena mileena

    SKarlet:Eron black:Baraka:Kano:Shao Kahn: iM bAcK bItChEs!

  • Tyler Durden

    Kronika could have simply brought back mileena so its the game developers that didnt want to

  • Mohammed 3aziz

    7:38 what if kronika dindn't came out & shao kahn kill Dvorah.....Story mode mode would be 100000 times better

  • It’s FreVz

    Shao Kahn joined the chat: Shao Kahn left the chat

  • Lmao Clan

    ”OH SHIT! IT’S A BUG!”*only true memelords know that reference.*

  • Onyxx Drako

    I'm sad too. Mileena is one of my mains and it is sad for her to be gone. No more sai stabbing :(

  • levian

    full offense, the slimy bug lady needs to stop breathing. ✌

  • Jicczy

    No one:Not a single soul:Mileena: COME CLOSER

  • Uncle Tzeentch

    Its stupid because they could have brought back Mileena as easily they brought back Shao Khan.

  • akirra92

    4:31 Kotal Kahn: I play my Trap Card! Liu Kang!

  • Kenneth Sanson

    makeup artist: how much highlighter would you like?Kronika: Yes.

  • Terrance Turner

    That's what happened to my girl? That's the death the gave her? Bruh, really?

  • Adlan Haris Animet

    I really hope Mileena will return in the next Mortal kombat game

  • M K

    Mileena not being in the game is the reason I aint buying mk11.

  • nintendofan19176

    1:08People from the past:*does an epic entrance like knowing what is happening Also people from the past:what is happening?

  • Julian Craft

    Like:Mileena Dislike:Dvorah

  • Ozymandius 8

    Mileena became much more sexier with her lips in MKX, but I would not want her to give me head though😂

  • Sirhc Qynn

    Why does d’vorrah only appear when it’s convenient for the bad guys

  • Ignacio Saavedra

    The face Liu Kang has after Kitana's hug, is the most priceless face in facial capture history.

  • Michael mike

    I love shoa khans hand gesture when he says that he’ll soak the sands with kotals blood is it just me

  • Steven Moutoux

    Shao Kahn: what game are we playing?Raiden: I have to consult the elder gods

  • Bandit2k

    Did y’all forget it’s like 1000 milenas

  • Iron Avenger

    He’s as pissed about it as we are. Can’t say I blame him.

  • Eli global

    Why D'vora did Mileena like that Shame on D'VORA

  • Sergіy Sergіyovich

    Mileena - millenium 😘D'vorah - the void 😈

  • Johnny Gonzalez

    Shao Kahn talks and sounds exactly like Ganon from those Zelda cdi games

  • Cartman1138

    Ironically I played as mileena to defeat Shao Kahn in mortal Kombat 2.

  • YaBigBoii II

    “Shao Kahn finds out what happened to Mileena” plays entire scene of the Kollesium

  • Jason Bumpus

    People Only Shao Kahn cared about1. Mileena 2. Kollector3. Goro4. Noob 5. Quan Chi

  • Give your meat A gold ol rub

    I guess imma put skarlet on the sister’s list now.Even though she’s not important in this video, imma just put here in.MileenaKitanaJadeSkarlet.

  • lawrence massaro

    that's my fantasy the whole sqaud skarlet,jade,kitana and mileena together one day that's my dream 😍😁

  • AbdullahNC

    i would really like to see cassie cage use raid on D'Vorah and it actually working

  • Lapis

    I wish mileena came back but she didn’t 😭😫

  • Odd Freaks

    I keep forgetting Kotal is banging Jade

  • Dino Mulalic

    D’Vorah: Kills MileenaShao Kahn: Stares in Hammer

  • dragon2000

    0:36 strangly aroused and not proud of that

  • Kendall Smith

    One on one kotal Kahn vs Shao Kahn...Shao Kahn wins Flawless victory fatalityIt's only the truth

  • Cerberus123

    Wow. This is the first time I've rooted for Shao Khan.

  • Mav Griffin

    dont watch the first min while eating trust me

  • IcedCoffee

    6:40 Oooh getting cuddly here my beloved ship?Edit: 6:41 Wtf are u doing with ur hand? ;-;JUST HUG HER

  • bossshun9

    Well, it is pretty simple: Mileena died and since she has numerous clones of herself, the new one wasn't awaken at the time of her death. In the last Mortal Kombat, she didn't get any time to fight since the time line got hectic. Yes, there were others that should be introduce but that's what happens when you screw with time. So, now that everything has been slammed back into reverse, we now have a chance to see Mileena, Shinjuku, Ermac, Reptile, and many others have a chance to have a new future.If all else fails, just get Flash to fix everything.

  • Colren Limit breaking potential

    Shao Kahn: You will die!Cdi ganon: You must die!Listen to those side by side and don’t tell me they sound similar

  • jerry_jeremiah

    Y didn’t mileena jus bite dvorah in the face.💀🤦‍♂️

  • Cristian Ramos

    Kotal Kahn: If you are all here does that mean that...Jade: I am here Kotal!Kotal Kahn: I was gonna say reptile but you're cool too, I guess.

  • Giorgos Hadjinikolas

    0:36My Friend who saw this has a Picture But Didn't know it's a scene: what is this fan fiction!Me: it's not fan fic d'vorah is just lesbian

  • Oi, meu nome é betina

    ;-; Esse beijo da D"vorah foi de matarLITERALMENTE.

  • Mocha Tea

    Tbh Shao Kahn can’t even hold is weapon.

  • Seven

    D'vorah: kills MileenaEVERYONE DISLIKED THAT

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