The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim FULL Walkthrough No Commentary Gameplay Part 1 Longplay (PC)

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Full Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 Longplay No Commentary/Without Commentary 1080p 60fps Ultra Settings PC. Includes all Cutscenes, Gameplay, Boss Fights, Ending.

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  • Lunitaproductions Santana Lorenzo

    If i can't play the game, i can watch it :D

  • it's a mystery

    the most impressive part about this is that his game didn't crash while recording this.

  • Hi

    Wow.. I put this on to fall asleep, and I woke up right when it ended. Top notch asmr lol

  • Kasey Corcoran

    Jesus. thought you were never gonna take his gear

  • jim janssen

    your not fucking legolas so use a dagger or sword at close range instead of a long bow.

  • massive koala

    1:39:17 - 1:39:40 lmao shooting arrows at nothing XD


    u earned a sub bro keep up the good work

  • Clorox Bleach

    I remember when these graphics were actually good to us...

  • Micah Jackson

    storm cloaks rule people

  • Ethan Tillett

    thx man i didnt watch all of it but just the parts i needed thanks i subbed

  • Lauri Karppinen

    kinda thrustrating cuz u didnt know how to sprint or fast travel. good video otherwise

  • Noko Online

    Great video, I usually always have this playing on one of my monitors while grinding games. One thing I wish that was different tho was how you would cut the video and then appear in the areas, wouldve been nice to see the run there. Sounds lame I know, but this game is relaxing to watch. Thanks again for the upload!

  • Purple Drunk

    well thanks MrBlockzGaming for this, good work

  • Evangeline Torres

    lol he picks up her body like a doll

  • Iairon

    thanks for this bro,love to watch no commentary gameplay. keep doing no commentary videos and your channel will probably blow up

  • Astra In Your Area

    Thinking back to when this game came out holy wow its still keeping pace with Black Ops and Overwatch!!

  • Bruno Podestá

    try to defeat the ebony warrior :p

  • Carson Smiley

    I liked the video I put it on as back ground noise but I noticed you need to take your time lockpicking but u earned my sub

  • Leif Erikson

    Ok ok you get a like, and a sub based on that archery skill at 1:40. Like a boss. The best was that arrow that went up 10 feet landed on the stone road, and bounced. Looked like you were looking at it like wtf how do I use this thing

  • Darlene Peretto

    Thanks I wanted to get this and didn't know if it was good. I subbed BTW if u could play slime rancher iT would be great

  • Jameson Lovegrove

    Playing this on the Xbox One doesn’t look half as good as this version.

  • Day Doo

    It’s a lot like fallout but in a wired way

  • kr0ya

    This is my lullaby every night

  • Kenneth Johnson

    Game makes me wanna cry the graphics,music,detail!Amazing game but it's sad to know it just a game. ;(

  • jeremihda1 Fans Unit

    you know bows do a lot more damage than 2 handed wepons ever would

  • Bella Isom

    OK. Am I the only one that loved it when they kept shaking their head yes and no? 😂

  • ToDreamOrNotToDream

    Uhh, I wanted to press 'E'...

  • blu

    This is exactly what i was looking for. Some people watch Netflix in bed, other hear some dank music to sleep. I booted up a Skyrim Longplay... You're awesome, man.

  • Guilio McEwan's Space

    my 1st and last game I ever platinum' of the best games I've played.

  • Delray Sherfy

    This must be hard not dieing in a hard game

  • Noah Drutok

    Any one still watching 2018?

  • Sangte Guite

    nice video man really interesting thanks

  • Sangte Guite

    why are you jumping around in 38:35 or something?

  • Network|Valerka|Portal

    I can't explain what i feel

  • MattTGM

    longest video ive ever seen

  • World Roamer

    the superior feeling of using the mouse...damn i hate analog stick!!!

  • Taylor Manning

    whoa seven hours!? did you play this straight like the whole 7hrs?

  • moocowtrinity

    Also when he was fighting the first dragon he wasn't charging the arrows enough so they just fell on the floor in front of him

  • Axgoodofdunemaul

    Thanks, now I know what the game is like.

  • Lauren Thomas

    I like the video but you could have not moved the camera back and firth basically every time you jumped

  • Francois-Marie Arouet

    Hong Kong sounds like an interesting country. Is it safe and free from communist Chinese censorship and oppression? There are so many 50 cent Party Chinese communist type commentators on here its a real problem!

  • Carlos Miguel Arriesgado

    and stop taking ur time on the clothes just cut that shit out from the video

  • Viking Viking

    5:49:19 poooooor Lydia

  • Maxel The Necromancer

    So, did you play 7 and a half hours continously?Damn, even I can't do that


    Seriously he doesn’t even know how to shoot an arrow

  • Jaylon Jackson

    1:39:21 am I the only one who found that painful to watch😕🤔

  • Retro106

    Wait, he’s only on level 12? My friend’s on 63!


    MrBLOKZ i dont undstand how you did the word of power thing like all you did is click the menu

  • - Rykursar -

    is he pretending to not know what he is doing?

  • Chris37k 97Urg

    Skyrim and CSGO have something in common....Both were released in modern era but have graphics from 2000s

  • Chris37k 97Urg

    OMG!They walk slower then a turtle😂😂😂

  • Daniel Warner

    at 6:15:00 roughly, where did you all of the sudden get a Daedric Battle Axe..?

  • loganzo gamer

    When you was trying to shoot the dragon with the bow and arrow you was shooting at the ground

  • TriHard 7

    And again best 7 hours spent this day LUL

  • The Vegan Punk

    Ive never played this. Is it 1st person only? Or can you change to 3rd person view?

  • Sushobhan Karekar

    4:44:30 personal timestamp

  • ian gowran

    Who's watching this high 😂😂

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