A review of recent mods that I found kicking about on the Steam Workshop, none of which are worthy of installing. (Except for maybe Azura's Club, that's pretty cool.)

1 - Azura's Club
2 - Bleach Mod
3 - Helping the Huntsman
4 - Frank, the Brother of Fred
5 - Bee Movie Script

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  • BalmoraBlade

    dear god there exists a person who can make a video without saying whatsuuuuuuuuuupguuuuuyssss and without all the cringy awkward jokes and saying AWESOMEE a lot. Thank you, this is really funny and nicely done!

  • Marko Petkov

    lol, I rarely get a good laugh from youtubers. Thanks.

  • ItsJustNeon

    I want more content from you, sir.

  • Bronto Scorpio

    the framerate part got me, good shit subbed m88

  • Austin Shelato

    the bee movie script is what brought me to the channel XD

  • i81u812

    make more videos those were great.

  • oddhate

    Simple, clever and funny editing combined with hilarious commentary.I crave, no, NEED more.

  • ♫ SlamminUK ♫

    So getting the bee movie script mod. Oh and new sub here. How often will you be uploading content?

  • Just Call Me Frosty

    You make me think of IHE. Similair voice, accent and way of telling.. You really take the piss with those ratings lol. love it.

  • Chocolate Milk

    By the way, what music do you use in your mod videos? Whenever I make mods, I listen to background music constantly. Generally, I listen to elevator music as it keeps up that "weirdass mod" mood. This is perfect music for that.

  • The Wanderer

    +RLSD If you are making another vid soon you should check out a mod that I posted today called Woodcutter's rampage it is a very overpowered mod. this is Chilipanda2 btw

  • MrJustinTheory

    Oh man you're a hilarious youtuber. Make more videos! I'd watch them over any other youtuber any day of the week!

  • Kris A

    I love that you used the arrows from the first video

  • Kevin Duran

    Yes sir,Your'e funny. The entire script from the Bee movie,That's probably the most useless mod ever lol lol lol

  • Zachary L

    I gotta say as simple as it is and as seemingly pointless some of the mods are, it somehow makes it even more amusing to watch! Looks like somebody earned another sub ;).

  • 52262

    that second one will be a console mod right?

  • 52262

    ahh vanilla bodies are so gross.

  • Austin Shelato

    this dude needs some more recognition his videos are amazing

  • Skyrim 101

    It would be cool if you did the Monster-Mounts MOD

  • Jack Mitchell

    What is that bow it's sick

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