8 Harrowing Moments We Didn't Want to Go Through With

We've all had to overcome challenges in games, be they tough bosses or tricky puzzles, but the hardest hurdles are the moments where you have to do something you hate in order to proceed. Consider these times we were left with only two options, do the horrible thing or eject the game disc and throw it in the bin, and we seriously contemplated doing the latter.


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  • Ayan Haider

    I'm really surprised that you guys didn't put Red Dead Redemption on this....is what I would be saying if there was any harrowing decisions near the end, but I think we can all agree that John Marston lived forever having fun cowboy adventures.

  • Jambr0

    The MGSV is made even worse once you find out that Dr. Emmerich was the one who released the parasite into mother base.

  • AstartesGaming

    Was very surprised to see that they eye surgery bit from Dead Space 2 wasn't on this list

  • Vocal Vortex Studios

    nothing breaks a heart faster than a loyal comrade saluting before death

  • Captain Legend

    You guys should leave timestamps in the description for extremely spoilery episodes so that it's easier to skip over spoilers for games we might be playing.

  • et Han of Astora

    Speaking of Metal Gear Solid, what about Metal Gear Solid 3? The Boss reveals the truth about your mission, yet you still have to kill her. It's made worse by EVA's message at the end that tells you even more about how she wasn't the bad guy.

  • melodysymphonystar

    Well, you know, if the answer isn't Nolan North, then it's Troy Baker.

  • Lorias

    How about the evil ending of Infamous 2 where you kill your best friend. It's not even a slow death they make you hit the "shoot him" prompt 3 or 4 times.

  • dekkubo boo

    the companion cube always wanted to be a heavyweight boxer

  • Yastaav Padia

    You forgot to add Ride to Hell: Retribution. The whole game was a harrowing experience we didn't want to go through.

  • ReverendTed

    How about the end of the 2008 Prince of Persia? No, no, no; I just spent the entire game fighting to seal away the world-ending dark god. I am not going to undo all that just to resurrect Elika, who willingly sacrificed herself to complete the ritual and will be VERY upset with me if I DOOM THE WORLD to bring her back.

  • Zero Attention Gaming

    That section of mgs5 was one of the hardest hitting moments I've ever experienced. If you check the stats every one of those soldiers is picked from your best staff. Snake doesn't want to do it and the player is given gameplay reason to empathize beyond the story and emotional impact.

  • N. K.

    Well for me it was the hardest to kill Adawale in assassin's creed rogue, I've spent quality time with him in AC4 Black flag, so much so that I cried when he died by my hand.

  • Mahmoud Schahed

    What, no Dead Space eye-gouging? Slowly stabbing a needle into your own eye? Oh hell no, I absolutely did not want to do that!

  • JLAR 17

    Good thing Red Dead Redemption didnt have a reson to be in this list. The game ended when you got back your family. There were no other missions after that...NO OTHER MISSIONS I SAID!!!

  • Cool Beans

    How about the torture mission in GTA V? Pretty messed up...

  • ThePonz87

    what about almost every Telltale Walking Dead ending? ç_ç

  • khamjaninja

    Lucy Stillman was my favorite Assassin's Creed character among the future, modern-day, Desmond's Scooby gang. But only by default. Because she was the only person I found bearable and might be okay hanging around in real life. Shaun is ... They just tried way too hard to make him that dry witty British goofball sidekick. He's basically a knockoff Stephen Merchant. The problem is that the dialogue isn't intelligent enough to support that kind of character - so he just comes off like a jerk with a British accent.Rebecca is your stock "computer nerd but cool" tech geek support character, female variant C, with optional addon: slightly punky hairdo. She wears headphones in every scene because she's the tech nerd. That's how you know she's the tech nerd. Also, her voice was so nasal, that I just want her to blow her nose.And Desmond is ... Desmond. Blandest of the bland. No personality traits whatsoever. They tried to make him more interesting in later games - they absolutely failed.So Lucy - she seemed normal. She had the best voice actor of the group, too, which helped inject a tiny bit of personality into her character. But she also had the most expensive voice actor ... which is why she's inexplicably killed off and then they retconned everything to make her evil all along.

  • Blake Wilson

    Here is a great one bio shock when at the end it explains everything and you have no free will

  • purplerains

    DUDE, the decision at the end of Mass Effect III--I did not feel I had the right to change artificial and biological life by combining them against their will, even though there are things about it that are amazing and futuristic and beautiful in some ways, BUT, destroying the reapers meant DESTROYING the geth. When I realized that I heeemed and hawwed so much. It was so painful, I worked so hard to help the geth and identified so strongly with them.

  • cycobear86

    What about the evil ending of Infamous 2? You literally zapped your best friend with electricity not once, not twice, but three times!! Each time, you see him draw closer to death. Severely heart-wrenching to say the least.

  • Jacob cummins

    What's Mikes problem with Shaun Hastings? He is the best!

  • Jaxsoccer 101

    *Top Ten Anime Betrayals:1: Throwing the companion cube into the pit of death

  • Andy Mcp

    You think i play games to have fun?? Haha there's nothing i love more than a game leaving me feeling totally hollow, oohh yeah thats the good stuff

  • KWally07

    Stabbing Lucy wasn't expected but it was the right thing to do, she was a Templar

  • lilmurf000

    Brothers, a Tale of Two SonsWhen you're forced to bury your brother.

  • Brandon Miller

    What about nearly every decision in Mass Effect 3, especially involving Mordin?

  • Alex Kim

    Mordin's renegade choice in Mass Effect 3 "I'll stop you if i have to" :( That was the day I stopped playing games as a renegade ass and started only playing as the good guy.

  • Michelle E

    I had no attachment to the Companion Cube until she used the term "euthanize" and then I INSTANTLY didn't want to do it!

  • Mathieu Pr

    P.T.'s entry better be just called "Progress"Edit: Meh, close enough

  • two legs

    I legit cryed during that mgs5 bit

  • WizardOf


  • cyde79

    In Portal you CAN just throw a regular cube / box down the pit if you carried one over from the previous level, doesn't have to be the companion cube.

  • Hisha1303

    Remember OFF? That weird RPG that got very popular on tumblr a few years ago?If you've played it chances are there were several points were you really didn't want to do the thing, but the encounter with Hugo is probably the worst one....I just put the fight on auto for this one.

  • Kevin Peters

    For me it was Wolfenstein: The New Order.So who is it going to be, Fergus or Wyatt?

  • TT TheEmeraldSword

    Middle Earth: Shadow of War, The Bright Lord mission. Jesus staved it off from the games release to a week ago, just having fun Talion action, ignoring the happy little quest icon in gorgoroth

  • InnerSilence123

    what about killing Paarthurnax ??

  • Khama Nkhoma


  • IkeFanboy64

    A harrowing moment for me would be from 7 Days to Die when you get Raphael's Treasure map. It's stated in the Map's note that the map was meant for someone to collect his goods and use them to save his son. However, the only thing the player can do is loot the treasure, not bother with saving Raphael's son, and have to live with that burden for the rest of your life.Granted, I don't see much practicality with trying to save a life with lumps of silver and a blueprint for leather boots

  • joe schmo

    The ending of splinter cell convictions co-op campaign. I'd usually walk right into the other players melee attack because I just can't bring myself to kill someone as cool as Kestrel

  • UCanBeMyBigBoss

    Everytime P.T. is brought up, i cry a little.

  • Warp Spider

    Im so glad someone found a glitch to save the companion cubeI have never felt more sympathy for anything except maybe roombas

  • Timothy McLean

    How about Hitman? Agent 47 is just a man trapped inside a cycle of cruelty, wanting to return to the Italian countryside to his garden, but he keeps being drawn back to the violence, forced to kill target after target, until...why are you all looking at me like that?

  • Kaylanie Cordova

    The Walking Dead first Season Episode 5 end. Admittedly this might not count because it’s at the end of the game but you have the decision of either telling Clementine to shoot Lee or leave him to die. Either way, Lee dies and the final cutscene plays. I wanted to die with him honestly.The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 1, killing or leaving that poor dog to die. That dog’s pain filled whines were horrible. I honestly cried with that one, even if he bit Clementine.

  • Idan B

    Stitching up Clementine's wound in Telltale's The Walking Dead Season 2.Just.... ow.

  • The Anarchist

    I haven't watched it yet but the ending of mass effect 3 is probably on hereEdit:it's not???!!!

  • Lady Onikara

    Elder Scrolls: Oblivion Dark Brotherhood purification quest.

  • Chris Macknight

    As soon as I saw Venom Snake on the thumbnail I knew what was coming. I'm writing this when the ad is still playing. But I know.

  • AlphaChocolateTruffle


  • susansparrow

    End of Mass Effect 3? Pretty harrowing. OH OH LA NOIRE! Gets me every time, poor Cole Phelps 😫

  • Damned Eyez

    The Heavy Rain bit...the game wouldn't let me do it fast enough. Seemed a no-brainer, but it made me hesitate, etc.

  • SuperBeavers

    Walking into a bloodfly infested apartment in Dishonored 2

  • Blythe Westchild

    Hearing the cheery piano music and any of your voices really brightens my moodEven if the subject is harrowing.

  • Justin Helms

    What about Dishonored’s Lady Boil?All she did was fall in love with a manipulative man and she has to either be murdered at her own party or be shipped off to a private island of a stalker?Like of all the targets in Dishonored she’s the least deserving of her fates.

  • stephen gilpin

    What about Clementine stitching up her own arm in Telltale's Walking Dead season 2.

  • FearfulSuggestion

    Both of the heavy rain jokes

  • Robert N'zengou-Tayo

    The correct answer will always be performing eye surgery on yourself in Dead Space 2. Your fictional eye wants as much to do with it as your real eyes do.

  • devin bailey

    you guys nailed this list

  • sterling7

    Going into the coffin in Half-Life 2?

  • Kyo Bear

    What no Metal Gear Snake Eater? Literally killing THE JOY?!?!?!

  • Laurasaur XD

    Damn. Does every videogame character look like Andy??? Why have I not realised this before?

  • Corbin Weinmann

    1:09 wait IS THAT WHEATLY

  • Amokriin Prolgiid

    What about Telltale The Walking Dead Season 2 where the game literally forces you to stitch up your own arm, with multiple button prompts, while watching and listening to the pain in little Clementine's voice?

  • Jack Palmer

    I'm 40 seconds into the video and already I know you missed a major one. The torture scene in GTA V.

  • Caitlin RC

    Selecting to save Arcadia Bay and having to watch Chloe die again... (YES I MADE THAT CHOICE COME AT ME JANE)

  • TheVidzWatcher

    In MGS V I didn't want to play that mission where one of your buddies permanently leaves your team.

  • Mumflr Pumble

    Legit just do the mission to cure your men

  • Christian McCou

    TWD season 2 Clem sewing her arm??

  • Anxietyprimev69

    The sounds Ethan makes when he cuts off his finger, god. That’s the worst to me; I absolutely cannot see other people in pain.That, and stuff with eyes.

  • xxDrain

    Mordin in Mass Effect 3.

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