Mortal Kombat XL - All Fatalities

As you can tell I don't like D'Vorah.

* All Brutalities -
  • Sarcasm.

    No D’vorahs were harmed in the making of this film

  • Pixel Donkey

    D'vorah has blue blood so youtubes bots wont think its violent and demonitize it

  • Lil Acy

    My favorite part was when he did a fatality on D’Vorah

  • GameZone

    It's obvious that we all hate dvorah

  • Ethan Cavallo

    People can be so creative with the way they kill people

  • Avocad6

    They all have incredibly weak necks in the MK universe.

  • Rebecca Joyner

    I don't know why I find these so Satisfying.....

  • David santarelli

    D’vorah has left the chat

  • Firechameleon38

    Klean up on isle D’vora

  • DisIsMarcoBoi

    Watching these all before MK11

  • Collin McClellan

    Came here after the D’Vorah reveal to make myself feel better

  • iPROxPR1DE

    Why are people calling her D’Vorah when her REAL name is Bug Thot???

  • L363ND_ W0LF

    Sonya: Yeah I'm just gonna wear your skull on my waist It's not big deal

  • Gustavo Leal

    Dude you must really hate that character she sucks I know

  • William Broadhead

    18:32 when someone touches my easybake oven...

  • Latiel Bobadilla

    Goro commenting on Cassies picture is gold.

  • ZekeTheKid

    He used the same character to not get demonized from all the HUMAN blood

  • Evgeny Yakunin

    2:32 I laughed so hard

  • Keela Cahill

    Alternate title: "D'vorah gets bullied for half an hour"

  • Daniel savage_boi

    Rename this video mortal kombat x all fatalities on Dvorah

  • bruh

    face being melted off by acidGUH RAAERRR

  • *Darkhood45 *

    She killed mileena and hanzo so I can see why.

  • Idk XD

    Nobody:Not a single soul:Goro: GORO!

  • Jean

    9:27 Bulimia Wins... FATALITY

  • JayGamerShow

    She killed my fav MK girl so best vid on the internet ^^

  • Wandering_MSF_Soldier

    24:02 trust no one, not even yourself

  • Grizzledwarveteran23

    22:16 how yo aunt be hugging you

  • Meme Filled

    I see the Alien is a huge Queen fan

  • Emirhan Dalmis

    6:30 RİP D.VORAH +1 LİKE

  • AllTheWorldsWonders

    9:25 uhhh okay then...

  • Tj Wolftooth

    19:18Jeff goldblume? Is that you?


    Am tired with D’ovrah because she touched Cassie cages: spaghetti

  • Architect

    Mom: *watches son play innocently with action figures*His imagination:

  • Pennywise the dancing clown

    I am satisfied because Dvorah killed baraka and he is a classic she deserves this

  • igrok iz Tomska

    Don't like d'voraSorry i am is rassian and don't speak inglish

  • Noob Mata Pros

    El fatality de jason es el mejor sin duda

  • Ded Man

    One of leather faces finishers should be wear he kills them in a brutal way then wears the opponents face

  • Hey Its Maddie

    I can tell you really hate D’Vorah…😂👏🏻

  • Shut Up Joseph

    D’vorah cant seem to catch a break...Even from herself

  • Dirty Noob X

    Mileena's second fatality is my favorite.

  • Jeremy Schep

    is this because of what she did to Mileena?


    So satisfying to see D vorah die after she killed (Mk 11 spoilers)Hanzo Hasashi.😢

  • Omae Wa Mou Shindeiru

    Mileena will always be my favorite 💖~

  • DJZOMBIE 2323

    D'vorah: this one reported your channel😂😂😂(nice video by the way)

  • CyleronX

    Remember, family friendly content

  • Manases Sanchez

    24:54The worst,most ridiculous and unrealistic

  • Stephanie Martin

    This was actually so satisfying to watch :)

  • John Wick

    D'vorah murió más veces que Krillin :v

  • D-Shark Barnes

    Me when Devora kills Scorpion in the new mk:

  • Austin Kniga-Bartlett

    Now THAT'S what I call a bug killer!

  • Zboy 115

    Came back to MKXL to brutalize D’Vorah after she killed Hanzo in MK11

  • Nice

    I'm glad you chose D'vorah to be brutally murdered

  • Oscar Garcia

    18:10 I love how Johnny cage say. here's Johnny. Get his names johnny

  • ۵Peachy۵

    9:27 We all love a skinny thiccccccc legend

  • Campbell Louden

    I actually never knew about the Corrupted Shinnok fatality so thanks for that!

  • demon dude

    Just to be sure 1,000 D,vora's were harmed during this video. I mean 99k

  • Hobo with a shotgun

    28:37 that's how you squish a bug

  • Dongmei Qi

    Lol, Kenshi didn’t even realize that he killed D’vorah! 😃

  • pervy sage

    Man Mk x still holds up with the graphics today lol

  • Ethan Tank Lee

    8:46 this one got her face bitten off 😂😂

  • The C Fat

    8:40 When you have corn on the cob for dinner

  • Anna Hedberg-Jensen

    It's always awesome to see how they improve on each fatality with each addition to the franchise.

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