Skyrim: Top 10 Player Home Mods

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This video features the Top 10 Skyrim house mods!

Remember this is a list of our favourites, so be sure to include yours down below!
We've covered a ton of other great house mods that deserve to be in the list and you can find them all here:

10. Haven Bag

9. Dovahkiin Hideout

8. Rayeks End

7. Deus Mons

6. Silverfish Grotto

5. Legend of the Eagles Nest

4. Reapers the Dark Tower

3. Gypsy eyes Caravan


1. Dev aveza

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  • Yama Kazoo

    None of them will ever beat a sleeping bag, the wilderness and a nice warm fire!!!

  • Raith

    I kinda want this updated for 2016

  • TheBenchmarkBrothers

    I dislocated my neck, how do i fix it?

  • Zes

    I think we need a separate video for good small player homes. Every time I see a good player home mod, I get instantly disappointed when I find out it has a huge "hidden" underground area. That's stupid, let's not have that in every single mod please.I really liked the upgradeable breezehome, until I saw the hidden lair part. How about a simple cabin once in a while guys?

  • Sophie J Hunter

    If the Dev Aveza was an actual controllable ship in the water, I might consider it the best mod ever, but as an airship, I feel it goes against the lore and is too immersion breaking for me.

  • Sky Lord Panglot

    4:30 The girl on the painting though!

  • Brodual

    If you're looking for even more home mods you can find a link to our player homes playlist in the description! Thanks for all the comments, kind words and suggestions! :)

  • Randall Stevenson

    I've seen some rather impressive player homes, but they all share the same drawback.  you can't move your wife and kids in any of them

  • NegaDruid

    If there is one thing I want? A player home that is located in Hermaeus Mora's realm. With that kind of theme to it. An Apocrypha player home that is given to you after you complete the Dragonborn quest would make me so happy. The ones I've seen that have tried that haven't really made me too interested. Also I want a player home that includes shrines of Azura, Mephala, and Boethia as well, and Auriel while we're at it. Because blessings are awesome.

  • Scythe Scythe

    so someone made the advanced bag of holding found in home brewed D&D? SIGN ME UP!

  • Black Shard Productions

    Amazing as usual, Brodual!

  • Riley Butler

    I thought Sjel Blad was pretty damn nice. Really customizable, and it's a huge god damn castle.

  • AT 7897

    You should try becoming one of those people who review products on tv. Your voice would be good for that.

  • Liam Gray

    4:27 way to use the LOTR Elvish writing lol

  • Iona-Davina Jordan

    "Deus Mons" is essentially a livable copy of the Colllege of Winterhold. >.<

  • Jacob the Funk ✌️

    Have u heard of a player home called Jaggarsfeld, its amazing

  • Hat Trick


  • Dude

    The retching rest is easily my favorite player home it has basically everything you need and nothing extra :) I recommend it.

  • Alex Holden

    "holm" a million times.....

  • LeWolf TM

    I love the caravans <3

  • absol_89

    Could you review the Starburst Dawnbreaker series? :)adding different cool "on hit" aoe effect and stuns for the legendary blade

  • Jae

    Okay I actually spent 8 minutes and 21 seconds counting how many times he’s said “Home”.70 in total47 in the first 5 minutes.

  • symphonon109

    #3: Medieval Mobile Home. I love it!


    I am working on a castle home and town mod and this video really helped me see what I need to do to succeed

  • Comrade Cannabis

    the drunk dancing nord at the end made me lmao

  • Barry Jones

    Can you please do an updated version of "Sjel Blad Castle" :)

  • Candalf the Waxy

    Would of thought Elysium Estate would be in here, oh well.


    pretty nice houses, sadly you left out a really good one called Riverwood Lodge.. But knowing you,,, you already covered that ages ago im sure!  LOL Love your videos keep them coming! :D

  • LegitAdventurez

    Love it, always had trouble picking player homes

  • Button_ Pusher_

    Rayek's End is my favorite, very well done!

  • Dohvanetwork Smith

    so glad i found this video, i had seen deus mons a long time ago before i go Skyrim for pc, and couldnt remember the name

  • Mephala

    love the gypsy caravan it's an amazing idea for a home! just brilliant!

  • Super Cuttlefish

    This is a great video, I have picked my favorite of these for my game and they are awesome! Thanks for the recommendations.

  • Sky Queen

    I love the haven bag! :D. I personally really love though is the Leveler's Tower but that's just me ^-^.

  • Athena

    #1 player home: Thornrock

  • Ian, Milo Van Arsdel

    Pinewoods Cottage and Dwemer AquariumTwo more AWESOME house mods!

  • Youtube Account

    Love the top 10 videos <3

  • Shower Power

    Amethyst Hollows DreamworldFucking beautiful! And some extra feature i love :D

  • TheWarburner

    Great video, though this was very helpful, I'm still looking forward for the SkyRe series. I don't want to take off my obvious incompatible mods and start a new character for something I wont even like. (Though I liked it long ago, i'd like to see how it;s changed.

  • dirtyboles

    I thought 4 would be my favorite but then I saw 1 and I blew my mind

  • Marco Witteman

    most of these make my game crash on loading the saveanyone have an idea on how to stop this from happening?

  • David Awesome Pants Tucker

    Dang, I thought that the picture used for the video was one of the player homes

  • August Kongstad

    Nice mods how the animations on that airship be so smooth

  • deathbladefromhell99

    sjel blad castlebiggest player stronghold I know oflots of customizationdragon guarded vaultlots of followerscustomizable guards (they are in their underwear til you go into the customization area and put armor and weapons on the manikins) ((mine all have serious enchantments since its on a mountain and they have to battle trolls and random dragons))full staff that will cook you food, make you armor, make you weapons, go hunting, go search for ingredients, go mining, can hang banners to declare your allegiancethere are a few different throne optionsa slightly buggy gladiator pitthe crafting areas have named individual storage that when, for example, you use the smithing anvil it will auto loot all things related to crafting armor and weapons and when your done it will put everything back for you (this is handy when you have over 10k of each material) ((yes I used console to get that much into the storage))

  • Jim mij

    Wow, what amazing creativity.  I'm tempted to get all of those.

  • Charles

    Dat dancing guy at the end xD

  • Eriksonix

    I love having alot of player homes in my game just so i get to look at more buildings out in the world xD

  • Heck That Skritt Hurted

    ): BYOH isn't on the nexus anymore... i was really looking forward to building over a river like in the vid

  • Melissa Lethco

    i'm planning to use the Gypsy caravan with the become a Bard mod so I can travel around normally to other inns

  • Richard Ryan Gomez

    I'm looking for a certain house that my children can live in <.< >.>

  • 1Greninja WolfBossDeath

    Thanks for uploading, it really added to my list of mods that could make the game more enjoyable.

  • motaz turk

    brodual!!! i love you!!! you made me get into skyrim again and i love it!!! keep up he good work!! also try jaggersfield!!

  • ecceau fx

    You missed Aemer's Refugee continued, one of the best when it comes to design, simplicity, and functionality.

  • Suruga Kanbaru

    The nexus community should get together and design me a new house irl. ; )

  • Alex Lusio

    The Caravan is one of the most creative mods I've ever seen.. amazing mod

  • Drunken Dionysus

    It's a great list, also nice introduction.

  • Jobela Halog

    You should do a updated one of these because there's some amazing house mods out there since 2013

  • PandaBearJelly

    "The home... The home... The home... The home... The home... The home... The home... "

  • MikhaiL

    i m playing a mage so dev aza looks cool

  • ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    4:25 Those are the words on the one ring...

  • Mike Madar

    I'm glad to see the Haven Bag get covered. For me its one of the top 5 mods that I can't play without anymore.

  • Kevin G

    Haven Bag is AMAZING. :D Even moreso when you realize you can just carry it around with you and use it whenever you wish without having to travel to it first.

  • NegaDruid

    Dev Aveza is my favorite. Pure bliss to have and ride around in. I'd love a bit more of a quest leading up to it, but hijacking it from the Thalmor is really really fun.The other one I use is Aemer's Refuge. Its basically a far better made Dovahkiin Hideout. The Dovahkiin hideout, with how old it is, is entirely unworkable and causes serious errors to your game. But Aemer's refuge lets you go from any of the vanilla player homes to any of the others. Its huge, beautiful, and convenient. With everything from a deep Atronach Forge to all the Standing Stones collected in one big room for you to swap with. All the shrines, including Nocturnal, too.

  • Colin Frink

    Hey, can you cover the daedric Mage armor?

  • GamingWithDragons

    Thanks so much for making these videos. I love all the great content people have created for Skyrim. Your videos have allowed me to get a feel for various mods before installing them in my own game.

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