Skyrim: Top 10 Player Home Mods

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This video features the Top 10 Skyrim house mods!

Remember this is a list of our favourites, so be sure to include yours down below!
We've covered a ton of other great house mods that deserve to be in the list and you can find them all here:

10. Haven Bag

9. Dovahkiin Hideout

8. Rayeks End

7. Deus Mons

6. Silverfish Grotto

5. Legend of the Eagles Nest

4. Reapers the Dark Tower

3. Gypsy eyes Caravan


1. Dev aveza

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  • Raith

    I kinda want this updated for 2016

  • Zes

    I think we need a separate video for good small player homes. Every time I see a good player home mod, I get instantly disappointed when I find out it has a huge "hidden" underground area. That's stupid, let's not have that in every single mod please.I really liked the upgradeable breezehome, until I saw the hidden lair part. How about a simple cabin once in a while guys?

  • Yama Kazoo

    None of them will ever beat a sleeping bag, the wilderness and a nice warm fire!!!

  • TheBenchmarkBrothers

    I dislocated my neck, how do i fix it?

  • Brodual

    If you're looking for even more home mods you can find a link to our player homes playlist in the description! Thanks for all the comments, kind words and suggestions! :)

  • Sky Lord Panglot

    4:30 The girl on the painting though!

  • Arma

    I didn't played Skyrim for like a year, I spent over 1000 hours in this game.But now, looking at all this awesome mods there is only one thing to say...FUS RO DAH!

  • Black Shard Productions

    Amazing as usual, Brodual!

  • NegaDruid

    If there is one thing I want? A player home that is located in Hermaeus Mora's realm. With that kind of theme to it. An Apocrypha player home that is given to you after you complete the Dragonborn quest would make me so happy. The ones I've seen that have tried that haven't really made me too interested. Also I want a player home that includes shrines of Azura, Mephala, and Boethia as well, and Auriel while we're at it. Because blessings are awesome.

  • Sophie J Hunter

    If the Dev Aveza was an actual controllable ship in the water, I might consider it the best mod ever, but as an airship, I feel it goes against the lore and is too immersion breaking for me.

  • Scythe Scythe

    so someone made the advanced bag of holding found in home brewed D&D? SIGN ME UP!

  • sky 104

    You should try becoming one of those people who review products on tv. Your voice would be good for that.

  • Randall Stevenson

    I've seen some rather impressive player homes, but they all share the same drawback.  you can't move your wife and kids in any of them

  • Alex Pedro

    No Jaggarsfeld with its sorting system and trophy hall? :(

  • Fred Plewes

    any console gamers here because skyrim is getting mods soon?

  • AmandaJoyMusic

    Have you guys tried Dragon Cliff Manor?  Or Sjel Blad Castle?

  • Riley Butler

    I thought Sjel Blad was pretty damn nice. Really customizable, and it's a huge god damn castle.

  • deathbladefromhell99

    sjel blad castlebiggest player stronghold I know oflots of customizationdragon guarded vaultlots of followerscustomizable guards (they are in their underwear til you go into the customization area and put armor and weapons on the manikins) ((mine all have serious enchantments since its on a mountain and they have to battle trolls and random dragons))full staff that will cook you food, make you armor, make you weapons, go hunting, go search for ingredients, go mining, can hang banners to declare your allegiancethere are a few different throne optionsa slightly buggy gladiator pitthe crafting areas have named individual storage that when, for example, you use the smithing anvil it will auto loot all things related to crafting armor and weapons and when your done it will put everything back for you (this is handy when you have over 10k of each material) ((yes I used console to get that much into the storage))

  • RustingWithYou

    With #4, does it send you back to Helgen and wipe all your skills if you don't have a warhorn?

  • Th3DeathDog

    I really love Jaggersfeld, the sorting system is genius, you should check it out and do a spotlight on it.

  • Candalf the Waxy

    Would of thought Elysium Estate would be in here, oh well.

  • yung dnny

    +Brodual This video is amazing. Nice job guys Love all your mod videos.

  • Marcus Breed

    I want that carriage but I'm xbox

  • derpypony477

    Elysium Estate is my fav home. Decent sized, beautiful interior, good back story all in all, best house.

  • Sky Queen

    I love the haven bag! :D. I personally really love though is the Leveler's Tower but that's just me ^-^.

  • Suruga Kanbaru

    The nexus community should get together and design me a new house irl. ; )

  • 810Deathgambit

    no sjel bald castle? list is invalid lol

  • Isa

    Drinking game, every time he says "home" you'll take a shot

  • Fabian Bellmann

    Sjel blad castle is also a good Player Home in skyrim.

  • Peter Stewart

    What the hell? How did Sutvaka Fortified Estate, Castle Orlok, The Dawnspire, and Sahrot Od Dein all fail to make the list? Orlok may be a matter of taste, and Sahrot Od Dein be more than some people want, but Sutvaka / Dawnspire are incredibly well done houses with tremendous detail and are both rather unique. Certainly all better than BYOH...

  • MLG Frog

    I really like "Sjel Blad"

  • bobby winicher

    The best player hope on Skyrim in my opinion is shel blad castle

  • TheNoice Sven

    Which of these are the most lore friendly also how big is Rajeks end?

  • ForeignLoveLetter

    I got the sack, also there's a mod that makes the well in Whiterun a house as well, should have included it!

  • Jacob the Funk ✌️

    Have u heard of a player home called Jaggarsfeld, its amazing

  • The Drunk Knight

    I really do like the gipsy caravan mod, it's a cool idea, but for immersion, it doesn't really make that much sense... Why would you want your bed outside the caravan instead of inside? I'm using frostfall, can I even sleep without freezing?

  • JayDawn

    How many times can you use the word home. "The home is a home with this and that which makes it a unique home" Haha jk good vid


    I am working on a castle home and town mod and this video really helped me see what I need to do to succeed

  • aristein88

    Leveler's Tower is still the best by far (IMO).

  • smcfadden1992

    What is your thumbnail from? Would be an awesome skyrim city.

  • Ian, Milo Van Arsdel

    Pinewoods Cottage and Dwemer AquariumTwo more AWESOME house mods!

  • Don Hinds

    Could you update this its been awhile. Thanks :)

  • Sean Berkinstoks

    pretty nice houses, sadly you left out a really good one called Riverwood Lodge.. But knowing you,,, you already covered that ages ago im sure!  LOL Love your videos keep them coming! :D

  • Jae

    Okay I actually spent 8 minutes and 21 seconds counting how many times he’s said “Home”.70 in total47 in the first 5 minutes.

  • predator 200

    I think number 2 is cool

  • Nathan Errington

    No clockwork Castle :(

  • Mephala

    love the gypsy caravan it's an amazing idea for a home! just brilliant!

  • arbington

    Gypsy Red-Eyes Caravan? I love that card!

  • Super Cuttlefish

    This is a great video, I have picked my favorite of these for my game and they are awesome! Thanks for the recommendations.

  • awevfx

    Deus Mons = Gods Mountain

  • Walk 'n' Roll

    On Reapers The Dark Tower, the teleport pads have Elvish text from LotR.

  • william freigang

    you should try out castle sjel blad, it definenrly on steam, and maybe nexus. It brilliant mod with tons of crazy awesome features

  • The Row

    Can you do an updated version of this?

  • TonkaTheGreat

    If you have the DLC's, get Sjel Blad Castle. Nothing on this video even compares to the options you get using that mod, let alone the house itself, trust me.

  • Stefan Larsen

    Sjel Blad Castle? it adds so much to the game, in a addition to being an awesome castle.

  • Florp

    OOH THE CARAVAN INTERESTS ME, something.. I finally have interest in..Edit: oh.. wait.. no.. the eyes and paintings are ew..

  • Heck That Skritt Hurted

    ): BYOH isn't on the nexus anymore... i was really looking forward to building over a river like in the vid

  • Glitchie

    Deus seems to have crashed my game, I had to uninstall it :/

  • Kumori

    That airship mod would get a lot more intense if dragons reacted realistically to it and tried knocking it out of the sky.

  • crayset

    Great, just. So. Fucking. Great. I think my favourite is BYOH/Build Your Own Home. They are all so cool.

  • Jus So Deep

    Does anyone know what the player home in the thumbnail is?

  • TheWarburner

    Great video, though this was very helpful, I'm still looking forward for the SkyRe series. I don't want to take off my obvious incompatible mods and start a new character for something I wont even like. (Though I liked it long ago, i'd like to see how it;s changed.

  • Vitor Chaos

    Brodual's outro song: Dustsucker - Machinima Sound(you can find machinima sound at his description)

  • NiftyTV

    whispering waters is my favorite

  • Joseph D. Machado

    I'm surprised the Alchemist's Hidden Valley by Blary isn't one of these.

  • Commander Ding-Dong


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