Skyrim DAWNGUARD Walkthrough Part 4 (Secret Veil Treasures)

Skyrim DAWNGUARD Walkthrough Part 4 (Secret Veil Treasures)
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  • ESO - Fallout & Elder Scrolls Guides

    Stream Starts 9:25I will be Live streaming the final episode tomorrow!

  • seth cowling

    Does it bother you working against your.. fuuucking vampire in the backround.

  • Ryan Mangan

    "People just want me to kill Nazeem!"

  • Rose Darwin

    How often he calls Serana Lydia lol...we all know who is the one true bae.

  • RenownedEvil

    The falmer are blind but since all their other senses are heightened, they can detect you even if you have a high sneak skill and everything

  • Jeff Smith

    Dudes is Voldemort a falmer??

  • The Gardner of the field

    I am now sad bran the dog just died

  • Owen Pearl

    can please u do a top 10 tips video on how to be a good assasin

  • David Henson

    While watching this on my laptop i was playing skyrim doing what ESO was doing lol

  • Matthew Orvis

    It pained me to see eso leave behind all those gems

  • Dead Pool

    ESO I missed ur live stream but I love that u post it thx. I hope that ur channel grows bigger, and I love ur content and I love ur Skyrim guides I'm getting Fallout 4 for Xbox 360 soon. thank u for everything and I will continue to support u, keep making awesome content and keep growing ur channel From a subscriber

  • TRTL2fast4u

    lol wats funny he didn't notice that he called Serena Lydia

  • Chili's

    I wish snow elves were a playable race

  • Ed Parachini

    Moth's and Butterfly's are not the same thing.

  • Logan Duncan

    Cold? Master you live in the UK btw can someone tell me what time the stream starts cuz I'm always like 2 hours late every time

  • DOOM Marine

    but dovahkiin in the trailer wored the studded armor

  • Kieffer Curry

    Eso if you don't like this comment I'm stealing your sweet role

  • Ian Lawrence

    1:11:09 is part of the reason why I'm shit scared of spiders

  • Kermit

    Who has deathbrand armour I do

  • 43ketchup

    is it skyblivion you're gonna play??

  • Stephen Fogle

    Hey ESO are there any new Skyrim builds your planning in the future?

  • Roy Hartman

    Only array in hall of the dead!

  • OmegaZero

    ESO, you cheeky snake. I see that you have more than one head piece equiped 1:46:49


    The Vale saber cat looks like cringer from heman

  • Dodge_240

    What mod do you use to make night time brighter? TIA

  • RAMPAGE 9903

    He’s so abusive to her 😂

  • Robogecko40

    What graphics mods are you using, I know you are using enhanced blood- what else

  • Joel Heath-Clare

    It's serana not Lydia

  • Richie Torres

    The vision was a marked map

  • Vagiz Abrarov


  • TBC .ninja

    Your luck you will complete the dawngaurd I did it wrong 😔

  • Michael Warren

    do you know how to do the puzzle in skuldafn

  • bitter coffee

    esomore like e-achoo(I'll leave)

  • Paralyzing Idiocy

    You have crap navigational skills.

  • Zurzul Zurzul

    I was going to wach it but im to late😒

  • DayBrain

    i think dexion evicus is the guy who opened the elder scroll on alduin

  • Haks 86

    Those cloaks look so cool 😎

  • Russian bot

    I love your videos you're entertaining to watch 👍😊

  • y0ungunz

    The dragons never popped out for me I'm doing this at level 13

  • alec___s

    Please do dragonborn dlc in the near future

  • Logan Carter

    become a werewolf it's a good thing there are no negative effects you can be immune to all diseases

  • Skull_Gamer 87

    When did he get his ebony bow. What stream was it?

  • Henry May

    I becameA werewolf in the game because it's so op and you have 100 percent resistance to poison

  • Savanna The Lonely Smolbean

    "These caves must be massive"that's what he said

  • MrRaspBerry Games

    My Game glitched, when i got to the ice plain the two dragons didnt spawn really sad, :(, anyone Help?

  • Quinten Neeley

    I love using durniiver

  • AshGabe 18

    He called Serana - Lydia, more times than I can count and he didn't even notice xD lol

  • Ace C.C

    Death to all demonic monsters and Nazeems every were

  • Daniel Nguyen

    Stop punching Serana :(

  • Control ur Mind

    I luv Skyrim best game it never gets boring To bad I don’t have it on the Xbox one smh

  • HampuSZeroGz2

    What is wrong with the graphics in this walkthrough it looks worst then a black and white cartoon from 1940

  • Halo Thrones9862

    He keeps calling serana lydia

  • John Redman

    you are a cat person with a vampire companion and a story about magical moths sounds far-fetched...ESO, you hitting the sauce?

  • David Jeffery

    It's not Lydia!!!!!!!Stop calling her that!My feelelings can be explained by the video STFU by pink guy

  • HCHS63rdWilsonZombie

    Too bad ESO didn't find the shortcut in Darkfall Cave. It's just behind the little camp.

  • Blutige Tränen

    Igor Serena was my favorite part xD

  • Merlynn The Great

    you should do a video on the paragons. Or some videos on the little things in the forgotten vale

  • catherine peck

    Can you do side with the vampires and do dawnguard again

  • DEATH WOLF 771

    54:00 lol he called Serana Lydia, probaby would do that if i were in bed with serana

  • Chris Homesteader

    I know this is an older video, but I just recently started watching your channel. It's nice to put a face to the voice.

  • Sarutobi

    What's your player name for fellow Skyrim player?

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