Elder Scrolls: Skyrim - The Full Story

The birth of a hero in a world of chaos, the story of the Dragonborn against the destruction of Alduin.

Hey guys! This is the full release of the series in its 2 hour entirety like I promised. If you have already watched the 8 separate pieces then you have already seen it all, this does not add anything new. This is the video as it was presented to my patreon supporters more than a month ago.

It took me an entire month to do this, from the planning phase to script writing, all the way to the editing. It was a very lengthy process but i am very satisfied with the result and i hope you are too! Enjoy :)
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  • Shirley Curry

    This was superb!! I loved they way you used the eyes. I loved the way you constructed the story. And I loved your voice and commentary as you told us the story!! Again....superb!!!

  • ThibautVDP

    "Dragons like mountains"-Dovakhiin

  • TheAnnouncer

    Dragonrend makes dragons have an existential crisis. That’s both sad and extremely hilarious.

  • Son Of A Norse

    Only took 7 years to make

  • Pao Wow

    Pls do this for the other elder scrolls games too. This is just too good to stop now.

  • Cosmic Horror

    Skyrim: Special Audio Book Addition!


    You deserve an Oscar mate

  • Daren Paz

    DUDE STORY TIME IS LITTTTTT keep it up! You should do Morrowind for sure!

  • Actually

    Like if esbern's still stuck :(

  • H Junior

    Can you do the DLC's story please

  • Malavita

    I didnt realize this video was 2 hours long until I was 1 hour in, so good I lost myself in the narration

  • DevL eQu

    i know what im going to watch every night when i go to bed

  • Draco de Anglicus


  • dimapez

    when dragons fight they are in fact talking to each other? Talk about civil discussions turning into flame wars in a heartbeat...

  • MellowDarkflower

    2 hour long video on the lore of TES? Son, no amount of Halo sequels, money, friends, or porn will ever get me this excited. Except TES VI of course.

  • ThatguyQ

    You make the best Elder Scrolls lore content. I've only been following you for about 2 years or so, you are highly underrated and deserve 1 mil subs. Hope this video helps catapult your YouTube career to the next level, and get you that 1 mil subs. Keep on keeping on man! - Just another fan

  • Hegestege

    Oh no, i was just going to sleep..

  • Ravathiel

    I think the most stupid and funniest thing with the Blades was I recruited (I forget his name) the guy from The Companions who's a wolf into the Blades.only then for him to try and kill me for being and Turning into a Wolf.

  • Abbes Da Aimmer

    Doctor: You have 2:05:53 to live.Me:

  • DarthMorius

    I'm the Commander of the Guard in Whiterun :D

  • skate witch

    I can't play skyrim bc i broke both my ps4 controllers, and my ps3 version quit working out of nowhere. This will do just fine, thank you

  • Daniël Fuhres

    Awesome summery of the main quest in story form. ^w^And I agree to your thoughts of the dragonborn not having killed Paarthurnax. I mean, he is the only Dragon that is actually an ally of the Dragonborn. Aside from maybe Odahviin after capturing him in that trap. And of course the enormous Bone Dragon that is bound in the Soul Cairn called Durnehviir. And the remaining dragons that are on the throat of the world that celebrate the end of Alduin.I am still sad that the Dragon you can ride on when you travel to the final battle with Miraak, dies during the battle though. Poor Sahrotaar...And I think that Alduin`s soul was recalled to Akatosh to be cleansed and be set right and too return to his true task. Which will probably be a long time. ^^And seeing as Alduin is the END of time for the world. He will return, but probably will not be the antagonist. ^^He will probably return when teh developers will find the need to reboot the series. xP lol

  • Loli Dragon

    Im saving this video after i finish skyrim.I just started playing skyrim a few days ago and im loving it !!

  • Joshua Kemmett

    Oblivion OR Morrowind Next! Please

  • J.Delireny Arts

    You made this tale so awesome. I love the way you used this eyepair to talk to the viewer. Thumps UP!

  • Henry Sumarwan

    Do the Dawnguard DLC please :)


    I started this playing before a week, i have to say I'm hooked!

  • CD Warrior

    Septimus isn't mad only because he read elder scrolls, though it doesn't help. He is mad in part due to his pact with hermaes mora, the daedric prince who hoardes knowledge from mankind, and offers it to them in exchange for either becoming his eternal servants in oblivion (miraak), gathering more secrets for him to hoard and/or losing their sanity (septimus). whether or not you want to serve hermaes is irrelevant to him. He is masterful at manipulating the world in such ways that you end up doing him favors because you need to accomplish what he wants you to for reasons that have nothing to do with him. Mora doesn't care for mortals at all and like most daedric princes, he just likes messing around with mortals. Daedra are essentially just gods who don't like mortals or mess with them. There are plenty of beings who are either neutral or like mortals present in the planes of oblivion as well. The 8 original divines are just the ones who participated in the creation of the world.

  • Muncha King

    I could play through the main story before this video is finished.

  • Snowskeeper Ferenczy

    "And Tullius, well, more just out of being generally a reasonable guy."SHOTS FIRED.

  • Narutoesret

    As far as my understanding goes, Ysmir is not a titel which makes you related to Talos. Ysmir is a Title given to any completly trained Dragonborn, or maybe the strongest currently known alive Dragonborn. The title of Ysmir is related to Talos in the way, that Talos was granted the same title by the greybeards after he completed their Training.Thats anyway how i understood the lore

  • matt richard

    I for one loved the eyes .. Great video..

  • lharchmage

    YSMIR was the name of an actual person in elderscrols lore. His name was Ysmir Wulfarth. He was thought to be a shezzarine and was one of the greatest nord kings. they give the title of Ysmir as an honor and to name Shezzarine's

  • dillbill2A

    I fell asleep with videos on autoplay. It came to this video and I woke up to see the eyes with the black screen that you use between game footage. Shit was creepy as hell. But stayed for the lore. Lol

  • DanB9 ???

    I played the story while watching this, really cool

  • Bernard Oliveira

    The Drangonborn does NOT have a dragon brain just a dragon soul and dragon blood. The actual reason he/she can understand the shouts is because when they absorb a dragon soul they also absorb the dragon's knowledge and understanding that is also why you don't need a dragon soul to unlock the Dragonrend shout.

  • JakezMad

    this is really cool. great work

  • Casey Jones

    me; how to make a high kingRhexx: Kill the imperials!Me: no just give Ulfric some skooma.

  • KceeKit

    I don't play Skyrim , but I enjoy these thanks for sharing😊

  • Canaan _

    I wish you could have become the high king. Take the fight to the aldmeri dominion and ascend as emperor

  • Joséphine

    When I killed Mirmulnir, he said "Dovahkiin? Nooo..".Does anyone know why he said that?Btw great video, I watched every second of it :)

  • rob Glaser

    What wonderful storytelling. I literally put this on as a bedtime story for my self ,a grown man,. You should make more like this of the other storylines ie: Cival war, both sides; thieves guild/nightingales; dragonborn; etc. I think you'd do a great job

  • Kalone M

    Bro you're narrative is flawless!!!I have to admit.... When I first seen 1:6:30 Parthonax I shield bashed the hell out of him...! I had no clue he was a dragon! The memories of 2012 😁

  • Cian McCabe

    Recently I finished my 3rd play through of the main story of Skyrim special edition but this time I did something different; this time I took issue with Delphine's insistence that I trust her implicitly despite the fact that she summoned me to see her so I left and did many of the other quests first including much of the college of Winterhold story and the civil war and so when I ultimately went to Sovengarde to fight Alduin I was quite offended to find that Traitor Ulfric there along with all the soldiers his oh so just war, had killed but in hind sight I suppose that means that he genuinely believed that what he did was for the best though I still think he was dishonorable killing Torygg the way he did.

  • Filipe Matos

    Puts the main story of this game in perspective, and just shows how much of a masterpiece it is. Planning on doing something of the likes for the oblivion and morrowind games? and for the expansions. not mandatory though, this one is masterfull as it is.

  • Aleksej Stankovic

    THANK YOU for the best lore video ive ever watched!

  • kered theonly

    Now that is what I call narration!!!

  • Anthony evans

    I fall asleep to this amazing tale and voice every night

  • Michael Anthony Brittain

    The voice is great for cleaning armour want a tough stain out Shout it out

  • Henry Sumarwan

    Am i the only one who hates both Ulfric, and General Tulius?

  • Ethan VanW

    Simply amazing. I loved the narration and it just brought my favorite game of all time to life. You deserve to be recognized a lot more than you have. I applaud you. 👏👏👏

  • Jonathan S

    Could you do one for Morrowind or daggerfall?

  • Leto85

    By overcoming his evil nature, Paarthurnax did the ultimate nofap.I can only respect that.

  • Überfat Kraych

    Septimus Signus was crazed by Hermaeus Mora he was stalking him and toying with him . Great vid tho Hugge lIk

  • SpenGameZ

    That was awesome!!! Please keep doing more. You have a wicked voice for this stuff!

  • Slowest Drummer

    It depends on which elves we live with. Traditional hot elves or Bethesda Elves?

  • bailien 11

    Good video love his vids

  • Sir Billius

    You got it wrong. The Empire didn't lose the Great War, it was a stalemate after the Battle of the Red Ring and the ferocious resistance against the Dominion in Hammerfell which left half of the Elven army in ruins.

  • Leto85

    MrRhexx, the Overlore of Tamrielic History and beyond.Your knowledge is so refined, and so is your editing of a heroic story that only may look simple at first sight.You've earned a new subscriber.

  • René Larsen

    Narrator: But that is a story for another day..Editor: But that is an Elder Scroll for another game..

  • XCreator Minigames

    You are amazing ! Way better than fudgemuppet, you talk slowling and clear, and you text are more elaborated. Keep this good work! Make more !

  • Thorus Zwolf

    The Stormcloaks may have surmised that they were being brought to Cyrodiil to be brought before the Emperor, but Hadvar, an imperial soldier confirms this.. in fact, at the beginning of the Game the carts holding the prisoners are coming back from pale pass road to Cyrodiil, General Tullius apparently gave orders to turn around and head to Helgen, a note in the nearby fort indicates that the pass was nearly unpassable due to avalanches, which is likely the reason Tullius turned the convoy....Hadvar also mentions that the Dragonborn was captured trying to cross the border into Skyrim and mentions you choosing a bad time to come to Skyrim... seems pretty cut and dry that he was just entering Skyrim at this time, and he wasn't captured at the same time as the Stormcloaks, they were captured 2 days earlier just outside of darkwater crossing in Eastmarch hold... the reason the Dragonborn was ambushed is most likely the soldiers from the before mentioned fort, were paranoid about bandit attacks against the fort and jumped him preemptively, then when Tullius' convoy showed up, they informed him about the condition of the pass and put their new prisoner in one of his carts

  • Milo •

    Stormcloaks rule. Praise Talos

  • Pice Of Knowledge

    do something like this for the dlcs ex: dawnguard, dragonborn

  • brothers in the woods

    Just another person passing through totally not a complete geek about it jk definitely am

  • Nathan Ragland

    I can’t believe I just watched this whole thing 😂 but hey it was well made and entertaining so

  • Fer Nie

    played @ 0.25 speed (drunk m0de) "ddddddoooooovvvvvvaaaaakkiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnn!!!!" This is why I work nights.

  • hunter stokes

    Still watch as I fall asleepEdit: listen I mean lol

  • Eduard Constantinescu

    Congratulations man you’ve done a great job on telling the story keep up the amazing work you deserve an Oscar

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