Radioactive Triple Shot - Top 5 Skyrim Mods of the Week

Kevin VanNord models some trendy, transparent glass armour and finally learns to shoot three arrows at once, allowing him to dispatch Gargoylus with precise location damage.

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Check out this week's mods:

Realistic Transparent Glass Armors and Weapons v3 by mikegemini

Locational Damage by Kahmul

Nock to Tip by lfostelr

Skyrim Radioactive by Rose Rosenberg

The Disturbed Realm by lagrie

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  • Linguini

    Wow, this was literally a year agoDamn, I miss this show

  • Green

    i know a lot about skyrim... glass armor IS NOT actual glass, it's malachite, therefore NOT ACTUAL GLASS

  • Elle Bauhaus

    I checked basically everyday during that whole two weeks...

  • Lyra

    Glass is actually quite strong. It is 4x as strong as brick and could be a feasible armour.

  • melkorsheir

    The year 2000 is finally here!

  • Devin Gordon

    "Glass" armor isn't actually glass, it's Malachite, a light but hard metal that has a similar appearance to glass

  • Lewis Aldridge

    Happy Birthday Cam!!!!

  • JackH_

    Glass armor is made out of malachite, not actual glass. I wonder if Frey's sword is transparent. That would look awesome.

  • Sean Thompson

    How is this still a series?

  • rmsmith122198

    There needs to be a multiplayer mod for online play. Not like Just Cause 2, but more like you and one friend can start a multiplayer campaign where it is mostly the same except a few cutscenes would be changed to fit. It would be hard to make because you would need to make it so the players can kill eachother, can go in loadscreens separate (so that one guy can be in say Riften and another somewhere else), and mission objectives are shared (so it doesn't end up like Elder Scrolls Online).

  • James Bowling

    Rip top 5 skyrim mods of the week

  • Duvesa Lekio

    I missed this series CX for 2 weeks. I needed my mods XDDD.

  • LoboChefe

    For the love of god, PLEASE do a live stream at the live event! I would love to be there if i could!

  • Matymus The Awesomous

    Firstly!YES ON YOUTUBE!! MWHAHA!! <3 Thank you for saying my comment!Secondly, there actually is a mod made to allow you to become the High King of Skyrim soooooo YOU COULD DO IT!!AND if you really want a lord of the rings themed vote you could have the mines of moria Revised TO TOP IT OFF here's the link to the Become the High King Of Skyrim Mod

  • SwarlesBarkley

    I spent the last two weeks feeling incomplete

  • dyeno

    BEST SHOW ON THE INTERNET <3 <3 <3 <3 KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK <3 <3 <3 <3 

  • Ali Salehi

    whereeeee is MY Elder Scrolls 6 ???!!! :'(

  • clawdywins11

    I'm still waiting for a top 5 fallout new Vegas mods of the week. C'mon guys.

  • Agentepic25

    Glass weapons and armor in skyrim aren't even glass. It's a metal in the game called malachite, which isn't glass at all. It's a metal. The developers just wanted to call it glass because their weird. But it's not like having actual glass stuff, it's just a normal metal that looks weird with a weird name.

  • Bunk Anon

    if your playing skyrim on pc and you press ~ and type tgm and when you do that you will never die in the game

  • Jason Ross

    Did they stop making these? Its been a super long time since they've uploaded.

  • Remember My Face

    It is now April. Where are they new videos?

  • Kolton Robertson

    Damn this made me want to go back to 360 and play Skyrim too bad I have ps4 now can't wait for elder scrolls 6

  • Vaunomax

    5 more days til this game comes out guys

  • MikePlaysIt

    "Have you ever been to the Cloud District? Hmph, I doubt it. There's a huge dead guard in the way..."

  • hey i'm fine

    i still love skyrim its my favorite game

  • AntiSkillshot

    The first mod isn't even "realistic".  "Glass" in the Elder Scrolls game is made up of Malachite, which is an actual type of copper that is colored green in real life.  If it was actually realistic, it'd actually be copper in color and not transparent.

  • Kevin Sullivan

    Magical glass is not outrageous, but yes, make it look like glass.  And Ebony is worse, since Ebony is actually a type of very expensive wood...

  • Theo DeV

    would like to point out that the "glass" items in skyrim are actually Malachite which is a copper hydroxyl carbonate. so in reality wouldn't be as horrible as they make it sound. while it wouldn't be ideal it would still be semi-functional as both a weapon and an Armour.

  • Lexx Alolia

    well if the heavy armor being buoyant is such a issue behold "Heavy armor Drowns"

  • S Turner

    I always thought of glass as kinda like obsidian. It was called volcanic glass and it was said that when the aztecs used the Maquahuitl (obsidian lined club/sword) to behead a Spanish horse with a single blow.

  • Gamer Cell

    6000 pounds is 9000 bucks

  • EdgeOf1996

    8,000 pounds is 12,000 dollars for anyone who couldn't pick up on their sarcasm 

  • dstebbin

    Ok, the Glass Armor has a perfectly legitimate lore-friendly explanation as to why it's such a good armor.According to the lore book "Light Armor Forging" (which you can find a copy of at Embershard Mine, on the work bench), it states that it's "glass" armor, only in name.  The material used to create the armor is actually a hard metal called malachite (that's a rock in the real world, but a metal in the TES world).

  • Throttle Kitty

    Glass armor isn't made of glass, it's made of malachite, it's a glass-like metal that is lighter then aluminum but harder then steel. 

  • trueshadow64

    people still play skyrim? lol

  • LittleRedHatter247

    this is the first video i've watched in 1080p 60frames on my hd macgod it looks good

  • The Russian Narwhal

    you guys should do fallout mods.

  • Dr. Darko

    Awww, an hour late to the party. Damn.

  • UKFB 9712

    But it's not regular glass, it's not transparent, it's solid, it's a form of obsidian, which is glass.

  • vityanikiforova

    Elessar is Aragorn, guys. It's his king-name!

  • OvenHut

    Holy shit I love Seb's hair

  • Milfsted

    A street performer once sang a song to my mum and dad, who were walking down the street, it went like this:“Lady in the fedora, that man holdin' ya hand does adore ya”Interesting story for you

  • Helumi

    It's clearly not actual class if you make it from malachite and moonstone...

  • Mike Mouse

    Good to know your alive guys... Also thank you! I am the sexiest person on the Internet!

  • Tyler Cone

    "Remember that guy who got you this job?" Kappa Classic, love it.

  • Matthew Jenkinson

    I wonder if there's a transparency mod for other armours like stahlrim.

  • Stax Maye

    Aaaaah the explding chickens are back, glad to see the shows not dead heres to many more hours of Kevin Van Nords daring do and happy birthday cam! :D

  • vgdevotee3

    I know glass has been ridiculous from the start, but how much outrage do you think there would be if Bethesda changed it now after all this time? Crystalline armor might be a better concept since it implies non-brittle yet beautiful resilience. But it should've changed before Oblivion if it were ever to change at all.

  • Totalferdox

    don't mind me just a lonely gamer

  • Jeckylll

    Eh, could you guys do the bagserk mod on skyrim ? it's based the old anime called Berserk.

  • darcraven01

    Im pretty sure solid glass is stronger than you give it credit for...

  • WavySafe

    How Do They Get Such Smooth FPS!?

  • Hazmick

    but glass stuff isn't glass, you use malachite to craft it

  • Dean R. Throckmorton Jr.

    Dued I would so bring my girlfriend to your live show. That would be the best valentines date EVER!

  • Rhysyboy daniell

    If this is the Matthew Kaye I know he is a free runner and goes do Basingstoke 3run rave every last Saturday of the end of the month come join at active life centre Basingstoke England

  • Danny 'The Motor' Potter

    I've seen the gamespot twitch account but there has not been any Skyrim played, why don't you take it over for one day and play skyrim and let the viewers tell you what quests to do?

  • Cael B

    I noticed Cam was on about a quick dodge button, have you tried TK Dodge before? Might be interesting for you guys to check out.

  • AdamShenpai

    i got skyrim the day this video was released

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