Radioactive Triple Shot - Top 5 Skyrim Mods of the Week

Kevin VanNord models some trendy, transparent glass armour and finally learns to shoot three arrows at once, allowing him to dispatch Gargoylus with precise location damage.

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Check out this week's mods:

Realistic Transparent Glass Armors and Weapons v3 by mikegemini

Locational Damage by Kahmul

Nock to Tip by lfostelr

Skyrim Radioactive by Rose Rosenberg

The Disturbed Realm by lagrie

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  • Legendarymeek13

    Happy birthday 2 years and a week late😆🙃🤔

  • Xraiderxslayer

    Where were they based about?

  • Leon Ley

    I don't have a date I'm 13

  • j5kx

    Wow, this was literally a year agoDamn, I miss this show

  • medieval_ kings

    ha ha I am watching this in 2016 I thought it was funny wen you wear 2015

  • TheEpic RageQuitter

    How do you get the glowing effect like that on enchanted weapons

  • Theo DeV

    would like to point out that the "glass" items in skyrim are actually Malachite which is a copper hydroxyl carbonate. so in reality wouldn't be as horrible as they make it sound. while it wouldn't be ideal it would still be semi-functional as both a weapon and an Armour.

  • Lewis Aldridge

    Happy Birthday Cam!!!!

  • Lord Fordo

    First people are like "What! Where is Top 5 Skyrim mods of the week!" Know you are like "People still like Skyrim?" What a loud of idiots! If you don't like it, don't watch! As simple as that idiots!

  • Senpai Slayz Overlord

    "Hot sexy dates"Lol Seb is goals

  • Suakey LP

    Ihr seid echte Hurensöhne :)

  • MikePlaysIt

    "Have you ever been to the Cloud District? Hmph, I doubt it. There's a huge dead guard in the way..."

  • patrick garibben

    I miss this show so much...

  • Elle Bauhaus

    I checked basically everyday during that whole two weeks...

  • Brandi Perry

    I know good weapon kevin the ebony bladr

  • subzero1456

    I always thought the glass armor in skyrim is like Amorphous metal or transparent aluminum or even google metalic glass. So it's actually a metal that looks like glass but isn't really glass. Just in skyrim it would be more of a natural thing than manufactured.

  • The Russian Narwhal

    you guys should do fallout mods.

  • Anthony Villella

    How do I get my inventory

  • Jamie Shaw

    get down with the sickness

  • Brandi Perry

    I love glass armor (machelite armor)

  • melkorsheir

    The year 2000 is finally here!

  • Donovan Tibbs

    Hey cam and seb, can you pretty please tell me how you downloaded mods on skyrim for Xbox, I really want to try, or send me a link to a video or something to show me how, please answer back or someone else can tell me how when they comment on this comment

  • Jamie Shaw

    get down with the sickness

  • Nick Dalton

    I love how no one has said anything about the "2 million dollars" comment. Last time I checked, the exchange rate of pounds to dollars has never been that high.

  • Anti Eternum

    The first mod isn't even "realistic".  "Glass" in the Elder Scrolls game is made up of Malachite, which is an actual type of copper that is colored green in real life.  If it was actually realistic, it'd actually be copper in color and not transparent.

  • Agung Sony

    Eh, could you guys do the bagserk mod on skyrim ? it's based the old anime called Berserk.

  • JunkTouch

    i know a lot about skyrim... glass armor IS NOT actual glass, it's malachite, therefore NOT ACTUAL GLASS

  • King Duck

    Glass is actually quite strong. It is 4x as strong as brick and could be a feasible armour.

  • trueshadow64

    people still play skyrim? lol

  • orest kendzora

    can anybody help me i downloaded sky ui skse skyrim redone and requiem skills and perks and i realized that the fortify alchemy enchantment was turned into something else

  • Ross Salvage


  • Vaunomax

    5 more days til this game comes out guys

  • Cael Bravery

    I noticed Cam was on about a quick dodge button, have you tried TK Dodge before? Might be interesting for you guys to check out.

  • rmsmith122198

    There needs to be a multiplayer mod for online play. Not like Just Cause 2, but more like you and one friend can start a multiplayer campaign where it is mostly the same except a few cutscenes would be changed to fit. It would be hard to make because you would need to make it so the players can kill eachother, can go in loadscreens separate (so that one guy can be in say Riften and another somewhere else), and mission objectives are shared (so it doesn't end up like Elder Scrolls Online).

  • ColonelDoYouReadMe

    I got so hung up on what you said at the beginning, that 8000 pounds equals 2 million dollars. I looked it up, and 8000 pounds is roughly 12.000 dollars.Am I doing something wrong?

  • Toby Sloan

    what's the mod they use for the inventory?

  • WavySafe

    How Do They Get Such Smooth FPS!?

  • Bunk Anon

    if your playing skyrim on pc and you press ~ and type tgm and when you do that you will never die in the game

  • clawdywins11

    I'm still waiting for a top 5 fallout new Vegas mods of the week. C'mon guys.

  • Agentepic25

    Glass weapons and armor in skyrim aren't even glass. It's a metal in the game called malachite, which isn't glass at all. It's a metal. The developers just wanted to call it glass because their weird. But it's not like having actual glass stuff, it's just a normal metal that looks weird with a weird name.

  • Grayson Phillips

    Can & Seb (or other youtubers) could you tell me how to run skyrim script extender on skyrim, with steam? I have tried before and can not get it to work, and would like go know how so I can get some of the more advanced mods.

  • Facts, News and more...

    QUESTION FOR CAM AND SEBDo you give me permission to make a mod called Hogarth VanNord, he will be kevins cousin and have funny quotes from your show

  • CrackKills1212

    8,000 British pounds does not convert to 2 million USD, its more like 12,000 USD.

  • tapp3r

    That arrow/bow mod should also make the arrows rest on the right side of the bow while aiming, for further realism. 

  • Hayden Eastwell

    Get a Halo Spartan armour mod and make Kevin fly in from orbit

  • Totalferdox

    don't mind me just a lonely gamer

  • Iam swiss cheese


  • Dayimo Arakashi

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY FROM THE Roblox Building Club!!!

  • Ty Cleary

    You guys are legends btw who is Kevin van nords wife

  • michael jenkins

    So did i miss a memo? Or has this been canceled? Where did they go?

  • CD Henderson

    You should do a mod called lock overhaul where you can smash locks auyopick locks and some other cool things. Its more of a helpful mod than a mess around mod.

  • Chuching 124

    I'm Irish and the day this is Published is my B-Day

  • Nightmare Doctor

    (pause at 11:12) is that a glitch roof in the backround or a frozen dragon

  • Drunkonmtdew

    i got skyrim the day this video was released

  • Sean Thompson

    How is this still a series?

  • Matthew Jenkinson

    I wonder if there's a transparency mod for other armours like stahlrim.

  • popcornfralla

    It's about time! I needed my fix.

  • MegaTran1001

    Seb was being an oversensitive prick this episode. Put Lucy in his chair and that should lessen the occurrence of pms to once a month, instead of every few moments when Seb tries to be witty and fails, then overcompensates and nasally speak over Cam with disdain throughout the show. 

  • dksstompin

    Did the show get cancelled?

  • Zak Roberts

    What is a good armor mod that i dont have to craft? ideally i just want to be able to pick up the armor and put it on.

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