SKYRIM MODS - TOP 100: #100-96 - Uncapper, Uniques, & Interface Skins

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100 - Skyrim Community Uncapper

99 - Unique Uniques

98 - Customizable UI Replacer

97 - When Vampire's Attack

96 - Lanterns of Skyrim

Note: Due to slight changes in the positions over time, the specific positions in our list may vary from the above, but they'll be roughly the same.

Original list -
(We stopped using this list due to it's bias towards older mods. Mods released in 2011 through to early 2013 had the advantage of a highly populated modding scene, which lead to exaggerated endorsement numbers. Because of this, the list contains several out-dated or obsolete mods.)

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  • Tommy Wiseau

    If you have Immersive Citizens, When Vampires Attack and Run For Your Lives are unnecessary.

  • AyeYaCuz

    "Hello and welcome to Brodual", legend has it that these words make your PC crash. Cursing you with new mods.

  • XyerDark

    I honestly prefer disabling Vampire attacks completely as I think it's fairly stupid that Vampires would do a suicide attack on a city like that instead of trying to lure people out or sneak into their homes, like a Vampire would.

  • SrammVII

    vampires attack stray arrow from guard hits you you:"nah It's fine, just a flesh wound"stray arrow/chain lightning/fireball aoe effect/etc... From you everyfuckingbody: "GET HIM!!"

  • Kevan DJ

    Bruh, make your vids 10 mins long so you can get those advertisement, you deserve it.

  • 『Accelerating Fiction』

    And i can hear the crashing.

  • Percy Kong

    4:40 "City walls will now be lit."

  • Sleepy .Time

    Twenty episodes to get to #1 at Brodual pace? This series should wrap up sometime in mid 2019.

  • Stephen Ward

    Isnt this #100-96, not 100-95?Id probably change the title because by the last episode you have #5-0 which would make no sense.

  • Sovetskiy

    It's amazing to see such a devoted modding community still releasing new mods for Skyrim all the time. Though, I just find it disappointing how for this near 6 year old game, to try these mods and enjoy the game, we go through the same areas and questlines we are so accustomed to. Mods like Falskaar help the problem, but it's like you've played the game to death already and then more mods come which you would have preferred playing with from the start. I can't wait for Skyblivion and Skywind; I still play Skyrim when I feel like loading it up, but those two would put me on the TES Hype Train again.

  • KryptonicMatter

    Last time I was this early 911 didn't appear on the news yet.

  • Mr Dub

    You're content quality is honestly unrivaled, and has been for years. Thank you Brodual for all of your hard work.

  • Mohammed Alhuri

    0:56 destruction 948 level 17

  • waifulhu

    What was the armour shown at 1:26 ? looks so majestic OwO

  • UncannyVaughan

    2:49I want it to have zero impact so I'm not going to install it. Sheesh that interface is fugly.

  • Phil N

    Great video. Enjoying this series. That outro scene was hilarious btw.

  • Christopher

    Where's the mod where I can have my beard long enough to sweep the ground???

  • Ahsan Zaman

    Thank you so much for making me laugh so hard.

  • Ricardão

    m'aiq is from brazil but m'aiq understand and Like so much your channel

  • Chaotic Neutral

    Haha the ending is like "dance for your life!"

  • InsaneDire

    Nice improvement from the first episode, Kudos! I was really scratching my head when you presented 'Immersive First Person View' instead of 'Enhanced Camera'.. Don't get me wrong, IFPV is very good, IF you have the patience to set everything up correctly. Enhanced Camera is plug and play.. Nice series through, I really enjoy it!

  • delve

    Dammit, Brodual! Your video gave me a hard on again.

  • The Traveler

    0:57So, basically from baby Goku to baby Broly.

  • ffann100

    I really love uncapper mod: It allows your character to stay at specialisation he has chosen at the beginning and still continue to be in progress with it. Much better than zeroing all the mage points to continue lvl up but as warrior or thief, i mean would you do the same if you were your character - study magic for the whole life and then leave all the studies and experience behind to become a warrior/thief you are not disposed to be? Stupid and meaningless, isn't it? Plus it's so boring and unrealistic to be a freaking specialist in all areas, especially if you care about your protagonist's individuality. P.S - Can't wait when it comes out for SE

  • Mr. Sarcastic

    This is a great new series, specially for someone who is planning to start a new playthrough of Skyrim, so we could now which are best of the best mods, since there are so many mods out there, so you cant follow all of them, and there are more and more coming out every day

  • Bárdos Roland

    3:20 what this mod? (with the guardian.)

  • TheBread Fetish

    When I saw unique uniques I instantly started downloading it

  • Fish Head

    brodual in some of your videos u guys have the enemies hp guage over their heads allowing u to c all your enemies hp at one i was wandering which mod that was because i havnt seen a spotlight for it or any mention of it at all it was just in the video

  • King Explosion Murder

    I really like this series! Going to make sure to download every mod.

  • Jeff Quincy

    You're so underated man i wish that people would appreciate u more

  • MunkeyChips

    Good call, guys. I look forward to the rest of this and the other new content in the works!!!

  • Jelix69

    that dance with vampire in the end lol :D

  • Marcus Aurelius

    Holy crap I've never seen the customizable UI replacer. Thanks!

  • Red-Rook

    You know wut kids, April Fool's Day, is a Troll's favorite holiday... 😣😧😒

  • Elmore Evans

    I absolutely love the updated structure. Good stuff, guys!

  • Benjamin Rose

    damn earliest ive been ever

  • The Nuker

    I don't get the attraction of the mods that make skyrim pitch black at night, it doesn't effect npc's ability to see you, and with the lack of large very light heavy cities like we have in the modern day, with the size and closeness of Tamriel's Moon's skyrim would be a pretty easy place to see at night in. I do use climates of tamriel and use like the 2nd darkness setting which makes it comfortably darker than vanilla but not so dark I have to throw fireballs at what I'm trying to look at to be able to see it. and skyrim's light sources are terrible for trying to see with, the torch radius is abysmally tiny and the fact that the light itself is in your face makes skyrims rather bland and unhelpful eye adjustment effect work against you.

  • Alex Milchev

    I recently discovered this channel and damn do I wish I had a better PC.

  • AJ Bradley

    Dammit I already have all these

  • FinalFrantasy

    You have my ear, citizen.

  • Luke Norton

    would you ever consider releasing some sort of mod pack, or guide of your own personal skyrim. I mean every single one that you would use in a personal playthrough.

  • The Witness

    I wish I can have install the mods on my skyrim but mods are illegal in my country because its offensive to our gods.

  • Lucius Avenus

    Looking forward to the series guys, thank you!

  • Jay'Von Ro

    Thank you for the awesome vid! :)

  • chris winter

    Doesn't Immersive Citizens keep ill equipped, weak NPCs from fighting Vampires or Dragons?

  • Elz_41

    Please do a vid on the Clockwork mod if you haven't already. It's incredible.

  • Chivels

    I love this series, Brodual.

  • ThieflyChap

    Not sure what I look forward to more, the mods or the outros. ^ ^

  • keenan Reaper

    i have a serious question will unique uniques effect the zim's immersive atifacts mod?

  • Avrysatos

    Thank you for putting the SE link for mods when there is one available.100 Never been a fan of uncapper.99 Unique Uniques is awesome 98 Mehhhh Ui replacer is meh. But matter of time widget is the best thing ever and it is one of the things i miss in SE. 97 When Vampires attack is ESSENTIAL if you don't want dead npcs everywhere.96 I prefer Claralux...but that might be because it just came out for SSE and i'm adoring the shiny.

  • Grey

    I really respect Brodual taking feedback and improving on it, it's rare to see that through the whole of Youtube. Thanks man for that, full respect for you.

  • Bob Dole

    What mod to hold the two handed sword like at 3:32 ?

  • Terre Oak

    Please showcase Voyage to the Dreamborne Isles, it's a very deep and beautiful quest mod, hope you see this!

  • Dank Potatoes

    3:35 Zombieland intro music plays in the background

  • MostlyPonies

    When Vampires Attack is made redundant when using Immersive Citizens, which I'm sure will be on this list.

  • Noob Gaming

    All these mods were very immersive espeacially unique uniques you have my like

  • Arthfael Online

    Arthmoor and Enai However you spell the last name are my favorite mod authors for Skyrim

  • Ysgramor

    No doubt that this is the best mod channel in YouTube!

  • DoctorDoctor

    Great series. Good change from the first episode.

  • pathogenofdecay

    1:52 ANGI!! :'D <3Angi is one of my all-time favorite NPCs and is one of the most unique and useful. Please look for her at Angi's Camp near Ancestor Glade in the Dawnguard DLC or southeast of Falkreath if you don't have Dawnguard or haven't yet discovered Ancestor Glade in your current file.I'm actually playing as Angi in my latest file (thanks to the Race Menu Mimic plugin) and I headcanon that she was a Blade in hiding because of a theory one of my friends had.I have a Facebook page dedicated to Angi, too, but I promise I didn't make this comment to advertise it. lol x'P

  • Drake Natsu

    i cant figure out the customizable ui replacer.

  • Josh Stewart

    This top 100 is going to kill my game! You made me want every mod on this video. I think I'm gonna need: a) A beefier PC b) a miracle from Skyrim.

  • The Boss

    Just figured I would let you know you guys are the best mod channel on YouTube. I hope you never stop uploading.

  • Mateus Folletto

    I would put CAIO over When Vampires Attack and Run For Your Lives, since it does the same thing and adds a lot of content.

  • ohigetjokes

    Glad you're doing this! Shame it's with oldrim tho.

  • XL. Limited

    Somebody link me the thumbnail art pls

  • Sercupa

    Can I get intro name, please?

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