"Vampire lord, a werewolf, or a mermaid!" Lets Play Skyrim: Dawnguard part 22

I find the last shrine of water and get in to the inner sanctum. What wonders await for me here? Will I find the bow? Will I trap Serana in a room just for giggles? Will I become..... A mermaid?

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  • Avenging Angel

    "Lot's of bad guys here" says the vampire lord...

  • KingRuffin3000

    Who else thinks ita ironic that the Falmer who were once snow elves are now frozen.

  • Stephen Woods

    you sound kinda like h20 delerious

  • Tate H.

    Has anyone ever told you you sound like h2o delirious?

  • KingRuffin3000

    Also why is every hating on him he is pretty funny.

  • Kyle Sage

    i tend to preffer werewolf, never have to "burn in the sunlight" and never have to feed unless i want to.

  • Vince P

    You can feel the maturity emanating "I'd have a book saying big boobies hur hur hur"

  • Whilliam Blamet

    11:38 Going to the right spot: "Let's go the other way first" Then a skeleton just randomly comes running happily out of nowhere.BARELY BATS AN EYEI laughed my ass out of that one. Like

  • brian sheehan

    IMO Fully perked Werewolf > Fully perked Vampire Lord

  • Death Luna99

    i came looking ofr funnies i found funnies you got +1

  • Putrick Stir

    If you become a vampire, do you side against the dawn Guard?

  • Rosa Garza

    i saw the title of the vidow i was like ok a vampire a werewolf wait wtf a murmaid

  • Gus x Gaming

    he sounds like H20 delirious

  • austin bradshaw

    Vampire lord is weaker when she is your companion

  • blair newey

    He sounds like h20delirous

  • tinimeanie

    oh my god how do I become a mermaid lol

  • Nate Murray

    New sub cuz you are hilarious

  • Eruza

    "What is that grooos... ima take it" 😂😂

  • Tom Kimmel

    waste of 12 minutes.....boring and lame and the title has nothing to do with anything in the title.

  • Malachi Wolf

    vampiric grip was the best vampire lord power

  • Fantasm35

    yeah i think werewolves are far better looking than vampire lord

  • Frosty Cow

    He sounds like H2O delirious

  • pieguy fox

    Vampire lord has wing so they could have made it so you could glide with them or at least take no fall damage + u can hover and still cant glide

  • GucciPills

    Yeah but it's a mermaid you can go underwater and what about dragon born dlc I got water walking boots from that ha i can be Jesus

  • Tyrone Rasberry

    what is the spell called the one he used at 10:35-10:46 the two handed one?

  • Squarebody 318

    god I hate gamers like tht I makes me want to knock u out!!!

  • Chuck Easter

    I would have really like if u could play as a dwarf or a snow elf in dawnguard if u created a new person

  • Kairo H

    What armor is he useing?

  • Jaguar Paw

    I like the werewolf better because the totems of hircine give you the power to summon two werewolf when you howl

  • kiubaa94

    Vampire lord and werewold are both useless

  • Steve Lemon

    Vampire suck but then I Beckham a ware wolf soo better

  • Sunny | Shine

    Werwolf is much better and funnier than vampire lord :/

  • Eruza

    Odin you should shoot the falmers in the chest it still does splash damage and does more damage

  • michael james

    the only people who disliked expected a half naked mermaid and were getting horny

  • Sean

    the falmer frozen in horror cause they saw their grandma's naked body advertised on facebook lol jk jk falmer (don't worry i'll assassinate you all before it comes to that

  • Air

    Can I just say that I really like your videos. You don't obnoxiously swear and you have funny moments. Thank you for making good Skyrim videos and keep'em coming! 

  • ShoutsWillEcho1


  • A Mirthful Rodent

    He's not the best mage, but that armor makes me jelly.

  • Joon

    wtf... one million views?!?!?!?!?

  • Dustoe McDust

    How did this get over a million views?

  • Peter Pferdeort

    They shall now forever be known as : Churro Hunter.

  • Chad Mason

    you are a annoying commentator

  • Berg- volk

    God video. But The spoken English is very incomprehensible. Dislike. ;)

  • Miguel Medeiros

    1 million views because of a word ''mermaid''

  • a hiddin blade

    Yo dude my names Odin and my uncle is Thor

  • ErkkivGaming

    Im going to become vampire lordf but ı take arrow to the knee 😂

  • ehdollet


  • Dragonlord

    I subscribed 😀😃😃💀👻👽🎅🎅🎅🎅

  • The Odin Show

    Yes I did :D I didn't even know about the glitch until I was like 70 haha. I think the glitch takes out a lot of the fun from leveling and slowly getting stronger. Thanks for watching :)

  • The Odin Show

    Well first off.... Both the vampire lord and werewolf are good. Personally I think the werewolf is better but thats just me. To do the content I am playing and to become a vampire lord you need the Dawnguard DLC. Thanks for watching and commenting :D

  • The Odin Show

    Yeah.... I'm pretty dumb sometimes haha :D

  • The Odin Show

    To be turned in to a regular vampire, you just need to become infected when fighting a vampire in the world. To become a vampire lord, you need to download the DLC Dawnguard. Thanks for watching :D

  • The Odin Show

    Thanks man! I'm glad you don't think I'm dumb :D Thanks for watching and subscribing ;)

  • The Odin Show

    Dowload the Dawnguard DLC and side with the vampires :D The first few parts of my dawnguard videos shows how it all happens. Thanks for watching!

  • The Odin Show

    It's probably because I am almost level 73.... Or I am just THAT good! hahaha :D

  • The Odin Show

    If you mean school of magic its Alteration.

  • Philliwolf5

    Yeah, werewolf for the win. I like to slash shit up.  Takes less time, more to the point.  And I can run in the sun.  Nice vid though.

  • MrNobody878

    well thank you very much for answering and I know I'm going to choose the werewolf now because I know I can get it (+I get crossbows) and with the vampire I can only get the weak one where just get infected by fighting vampires which is by far not so good then the werewolf (maybe even worse than being human because of its disadvantages) thanks again for replying

  • MrNobody878

    I got a couple of questions and it would be awesome if you could help me: what is better vampire or werewolf? (don't have dawnguard because I just started playing) and also I know that the regular vampire is not good (you get attacked by everybody and it's not very powerful), but how is the vampire lord and how can I get it (where you can switch between human and vampire form, the one you're playing), do I need the DLC for the lord? please help. a msg or comment would be awesome.

  • Lord Gremlin

    Curiosity killed the time.

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