"Vampire lord, a werewolf, or a mermaid!" Lets Play Skyrim: Dawnguard part 22

I find the last shrine of water and get in to the inner sanctum. What wonders await for me here? Will I find the bow? Will I trap Serana in a room just for giggles? Will I become..... A mermaid?

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  • Avenging Angel

    "Lot's of bad guys here" says the vampire lord...

  • And I started Runnin

    Who else thinks ita ironic that the Falmer who were once snow elves are now frozen.

  • Stephen Woods

    you sound kinda like h20 delerious

  • Rosa Garza

    i saw the title of the vidow i was like ok a vampire a werewolf wait wtf a murmaid

  • Tate H.

    Has anyone ever told you you sound like h2o delirious?

  • And I started Runnin

    Also why is every hating on him he is pretty funny.

  • Miguel Medeiros

    1 million views because of a word ''mermaid''

  • Vince P

    You can feel the maturity emanating "I'd have a book saying big boobies hur hur hur"

  • Whilliam Blamet

    11:38 Going to the right spot: "Let's go the other way first" Then a skeleton just randomly comes running happily out of nowhere.BARELY BATS AN EYEI laughed my ass out of that one. Like

  • Gus x Gaming

    he sounds like H20 delirious

  • Putrick Stir

    If you become a vampire, do you side against the dawn Guard?

  • brian sheehan

    IMO Fully perked Werewolf > Fully perked Vampire Lord

  • austin bradshaw

    Vampire lord is weaker when she is your companion

  • Newey’s the new 11

    He sounds like h20delirous

  • Tom Kimmel

    waste of 12 minutes.....boring and lame and the title has nothing to do with anything in the title.

  • tinimeanie

    oh my god how do I become a mermaid lol

  • Nate Murray

    New sub cuz you are hilarious

  • Eruza

    "What is that grooos... ima take it" 😂😂

  • Malachi Wolf

    vampiric grip was the best vampire lord power

  • Fantasm35

    yeah i think werewolves are far better looking than vampire lord

  • Frosty Cow

    He sounds like H2O delirious

  • pieguy fox

    Vampire lord has wing so they could have made it so you could glide with them or at least take no fall damage + u can hover and still cant glide

  • xNSx Hydra

    yes were wolf but vampire lord looks cooler


    Yeah but it's a mermaid you can go underwater and what about dragon born dlc I got water walking boots from that ha i can be Jesus

  • Tyrone Rasberry

    what is the spell called the one he used at 10:35-10:46 the two handed one?

  • 4 wheel deal

    god I hate gamers like tht I makes me want to knock u out!!!

  • Chuck Easter

    I would have really like if u could play as a dwarf or a snow elf in dawnguard if u created a new person

  • Kairo H

    What armor is he useing?

  • kiubaa94

    Vampire lord and werewold are both useless

  • Kyle Sage

    i tend to preffer werewolf, never have to "burn in the sunlight" and never have to feed unless i want to.

  • Steve Lemon

    Vampire suck but then I Beckham a ware wolf soo better

  • Sunny | Shine

    Werwolf is much better and funnier than vampire lord :/

  • Eruza

    Odin you should shoot the falmers in the chest it still does splash damage and does more damage

  • michael james

    the only people who disliked expected a half naked mermaid and were getting horny

  • ShoutsWillEcho1


  • Joon

    wtf... one million views?!?!?!?!?

  • Dustoe McDust

    How did this get over a million views?

  • cody ritchie

    I acualy thought you could be a fucking mermaid

  • Peter Pferdeort

    They shall now forever be known as : Churro Hunter.

  • Chad Mason

    you are a annoying commentator

  • Berg- volk

    God video. But The spoken English is very incomprehensible. Dislike. ;)

  • a hiddin blade

    Yo dude my names Odin and my uncle is Thor

  • ErkkivGaming

    Im going to become vampire lordf but ı take arrow to the knee 😂

  • ehdollet


  • Dragonlord

    I subscribed 😀😃😃💀👻👽🎅🎅🎅🎅

  • Stew-A-Rew

    Ok vampire fine..werewolf..cool...mermaid OK THATS AWESOME I CAN BE A FISH

  • Richard Malone

    My family got Skyrim for my brother since he doesn’t have it on Xbox 1

  • jek 21

    Vampire lord is strong but bot worth being vampire and being extreamly weak

  • Finny Gamey

    How the fuck can a argonian breathe underwater? It’s a reptile, they don’t have gills!!!

  • Miraak

    Ummm you do know werewolf's are better than voompoowers...right?

  • Soul & Ice

    Werewolf is so much better since you don't get a weakness when it's daytime and when it's night time people don't fear you... BUT I got vampirism somehow even though I rejected....

  • Ayden Dietz

    How did this video get almost 2 million views?

  • Zero *

    One time i head budded a dragon preist with wirlwind sprint, and he died

  • ShadowLink12375

    13:50 Top 10 anime betrayals

  • Kairanz dearo

    Vampire lord is to weak when you face high levelled enemies which is why I prefer the werewolf

  • The ProoP

    I dont know how I got here.

  • Funtime foxy

    Everyone saw the title reading it being like hmm vampire, werewolf. Wait wtf mermaid!! Since when have there been mermaids. Lol

  • Luis Celiz

    Am i the only one noticing his mana isn't depleting for shit and he's using incinerate

  • Leonardo Labbe

    CAN SOMEONE PLEASE ANSWER ME I'm a vampire in Skyrim but i don't have dawnguard to become a vampire lord i have to be transformed by harkon or Just being a vampire and then buy the DLC works

  • Travis Titus

    what lvl is everyone in 2017 anyone lvl 1000

  • Jervion Rick

    can u show us how to turn to a vampire lord

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