Skyrim Remastered Console Mods - 5 NEW AWESOME Mods to Download ! (Xbox One/PC)

Skyrim Remastered Console Mods - 5 AWESOME Mods to Download ! (Xbox One/PC)
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Skyrim Console Mods Playlist :

Check out the Skyrim Remastered PS4 Mods & Xbox Mods Below!

Cheat Room (XB1)
Adorable Females (XB1)
Cloaks & Capes (XB1)
Artorias the Abysswalker (XB1)
The Temple of Time (XB1)

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Console Mods Cheat Menu/Console Commands Equivalent :

Console Mods info :

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  • High Kicks Asian

    Can you just make a video on the top cheat mods so you can stop featuring them on these count downs? I'd much rather see more armor, follower, texture, or quests mods.

  • Muddy Pupps

    Why is everyone typing 'first' like they get a reward from it

  • Dyelahn

    when GTA dies for your channel so you wanna become MxR mods

  • ryan bennett

    None of the listed mods are on PS4,So,You are turning into MxR mods?

  • Johnathan

    I love these so much please keep doing it

  • Joel Erazo Gaming

    A cheat room for PS4 is Hearthfire Building Materials I believe that's what it's called but when you go to the falkreath manor there is a trapdoor that leads to the room with everything in it from vanilla game and DLC

  • Skyrim Bandit

    Those females look like they bench press 80 gorillas a day

  • PhYScOtiC GaMeR

    hey twodynamic can u do a top 10 ps4 mod video


    Hey what's up guys nigr Fraget here

  • Sasquatch

    So not that I have much against any one console, so calm down console war kids, but why are you covering PS4 so much? why not just do xbox and ps4 the same?

  • ehg wanted

    does anyone else not like the female overhaul... I just feel like it just makes the face smooth abs the regular textures are better

  • Just me!

    There's also a Dunkstein and Havel the Rock Johnson mod.


    "Artorias is super tough!" I just shouted him off the cliff :p

  • Aeons of Blight

    Omfg you could totally role play a Gnome sorcerer haha

  • Patrick Riding a Seahorse

    PS4 has Skyrim mods?!?

  • Chee Nou Lo

    Dang I use the cheat mod too much....gotta stop but it's so good.

  • Mo Serrieh

    How do you get mods on Xbox one?

  • RAsplez 98

    what is it with creeps and their "better females" or "less female clothing" mods. if you get off to a bunch of pixels, there's something wrong with you in the head

  • Titan_filmz69

    Oh so you fight artorias is hard to fight in SKYRIM BUT 10X HARDER IN DARK SOULS

  • danimetal Roricllo C

    Me caga esos tipos que hacen sus videos pero jamas te dicen en que lugar se ubica ese lugar es muy castrante

  • Dizzy On The Track

    where is the cheat room

  • Marco Gomez

    how you noclip! in xbox one

  • Jackel501

    this is very minor but i wish their is a mod removing kajiit and argonian tails

  • DPTY. Skye

    Is their any mods that can spawn in enemies or npcs

  • Nicholas Watson

    Those creatures that you have fighting each other they can get out of that cage it's not locked

  • J Tails

    Did I hear that wrong? You said the master sword was fairly balanced and when you picked it up it did 300 damage xD

  • Jack Breedy

    how do you actually get into the room itslef , i cant find how to

  • amanda wyman

    any idea if the vampire bat travel mod coming to x box one???

  • Jacks Rectum

    7:21 "you can get the master sword which in terms of damage is fairly balanced" damage of the sword is 300

  • epicsonic plourde


  • impactedlion

    this series you've created actually are good for beginning skyrim off easy

  • FelixTOONS

    I really can't find this hidden grove..

  • MR BlackandWhite

    God I hope immersive armours come to ps4

  • Andrew Davis

    maybe a stupd question but do i need a paid ps plus membership to download mods?

  • LuiMaster131

    Sorry, not making fu ... just love the way you say spell !!

  • Robert Elson

    +TwoDynamic do texture mods disable acheivments

  • driftracerr34

    These mods are awesome. Can't wait to download them.... oh wait. I forgot that I own a Shitstation 4. Never mind then. -_-

  • BooBomber 64

    5:01 that's racist

  • ??? ???

    Do you have Geiger counter

  • ImDaBreadnButter

    Good video!!!! I post daily skyrim too:)

  • RitzBitz

    Just a heads up if u download a cheat mod that lets u change your race it will reset your perks.


    I pray those capes are on ps4

  • Lukasz Holz

    habbibi nice to see you back ^^

  • Ralf

    Hey everyone I just started making Skyrim Modding content on my channel and I plan on making a series out of it! My first episode should be out as of right now so go check it out! :D

  • Tom Mendez

    @2Dynamic can you please create a real life weed drug mod for fallout 4 please I will appreciate it

  • 3L's

    where the download link @

  • IcyWolfdoneson

    you sound exactly like eso

  • Captain Nemo

    Is it possible to port Noble Skyrim to Xbox? (I know PS4 doesn't allow external assets which sucks). Is it even possible hardware wise? It doesn't seem so since it's just a simple retexture.

  • Emin Muhammed

    if you read this have an awesome day :D

  • Johntavius D Long

    Can someone point to author of the mod temple of time I wanna see if I can get my hands that legend of Zelda soundtrack or see if he can important the full soundtrack into the game kind of like how they did it with the witcher 3

  • Jay A

    Fr stop putting in cheat mods they aren't fun

  • fashion it jobert

    The only mod I want is very useful dragons

  • Tiny Rick

    No apocolypse spell pack

  • Donna K

    what armor is that during the temple of time mod?

  • Saxsi Gamer

    Woh! What grass mod is he using? In the beginning of the video the field of grass looks good

  • Hot Dog

    PLEASE HELPMy Adorable Females is NOT working! I have my load order PERFECT! Its organized and everything! Ill even disable or delete all my mods except Adorable Females and ot STILL WONT WORK!! Please help me and save me from all this confusion.

  • Aaron Nelson

    Yes keep it up my dude! These are great and I can never find such good mods on the actual mods screen. Very good content! 👍🏻

  • Blank9890

    hey man are you gonna do another fallout 4 season pass giveaway? i mean even if not please do some more fallout videos with the mods like when is the next one for ps4

  • DaNibba_gt

    Can the cheat room be used on PS4?

  • James Baratta

    Keep up the good work! will you do any livestreams?

  • BiohazardPie

    Nice vid love your content

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