Skyrim: Every Armor (HD Textures)

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This video took tons of time to make :) likes or favourites are greatly appreciated :D

Ancient Nord Armor - 0:04
Ancient Shrouded Armor - 0:14
Armor of the Old Gods - 0:22
Banded Iron Armor - 0:32
Blades Armor - 0:44
Daedric Armor - 0:54
Dragonplate Armor - 1:03
Dragonscale Armor - 1:13
Dwarven Armor - 1:24
Ebony Armor - 1:35
Ebony Armor with Chainmail - 1:46
Elven Armor - 1:55
Falmer Armor - 2:05
Forsworn Armor - 2:14
Fur Armor - 2:24
General Tullius Armor - 2:34
Glass Armor - 2:43
Guild Master's Armor - 2:50
Hide Armor - 3:01
Imperial Armor - 3:11
Imperial Light Armor - 3:21
Iron Armor - 3:30
Leather Armor - 3:40
Linwe's Armor - 3:48
Nightingale Armor - 3:56
Orcish Armor - 4:04
Penitus Oculatus - 4:14
Scaled Armor - 4:23
Shrouded Armor - 4:33
Steel Armor - 4:42
Steel Plate Armor - 4:51
Stormcloak Armor - 4:58
Stormcloak Officer Armor - 5:08
Thieves Guild Armor - 5:17
Wolf Armor - 5:24
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    You have most the armor, But you missed allot of helmets and shields

  • Tim Wolber

    Congrats, you got me dizzy

  • kaede

    Once you get daedric, you can just stand between two dragons as they cower in fear xD

  • lucky plant pot

    "user joined your channel" ha lol

  • Josephine Weber

    I think the steel plate armor looks the best to me

  • xXTacocubesXx

    I like the ebony armor because it's neutral. It looks good both for a hero and an evil murderer

  • Entua

    Can't notice the improvements with the brightness slammed way up and that idle blur

  • Don't Ask

    This wasn't every armor in the base game, and he didn't have some pieces of the armors.

  • DenomityLie

    1:14 I thought "What? It comes with a tai- Oh."

  • Physco Social

    you missed out loads of robes D: i was looking forward to seeing them D: oh well

  • Weral

    Best video i've seen in years! probably my whole life! liked, fave'd, and subscribed!! keep it up <3

  • Renee Lang

    you forgot ulfric stormcloak the true high king of skyrim armour

  • fl333r

    @SheIIdon Thanks! I like how you showed in the description when the armor would appear. Wish you well in future video-making!

  • Korey Calderon

    based on looked glass is my favorite I never take it off

  • ZN

    I swear! I've seen this SAME EXACT comment!! With the EXACT words!!!

  • Commander Shepard

    After 5 minutes and 41 seconds of spinning around, I'm dizzy as hell :S

  • ymen1234

    woah,my head is still spinning

  • Kevin Scarpitti

    I'd imagine they're being used to light up the character better......

  • Magnus Anthun

    I know that feel, bro. I know that feel.

  • Dylan Nickels

    Ancient Nord Helmet mixed with Wolf Armor is my favorite combo.

  • Hoxton Hoxworth

    I love the Deadric Amor set, the Dragonplate set and the Dragon Scale set!!! fucking perfect!!!

  • João Soares


  • killerck4

    My favorite will always be ancient Nordic but I can never find as a low level any help

  • Broken And Stable

    2:50 Where do you get Guild Master's Armor?

  • DaKillaZombie

    I just got to certain level and bought it. xD

  • MrImperatorRoma

    Ebony, Dwarven and Daedric are my top 3 :)


    So happy love the wolf armor i have it on my redgaurd right now. 😄

  • 92ladderley

    I love the imperial armour and how Roman it looks, long live the Empire!

  • kooldragon3

    Great video. And Glass armor just looks awesome, it's one of my favorite armors

  • woah man

    You get it from Earlund Gray-Mane at his Skyforge. He sells it.


    So happy love the wolf armor i have it on my redgaurd right now. 😄

  • Bziot Adam

    0:08, TeamSpeak 3 voice, make me see who enter to my channel at TS3 >_>

  • Dean Cowan

    Ah I get you now, I thought you meant that the chance of the falmer having the armour is low

  • caliburcon

    @ADDICTEDtothisWEED Do the Thieves Guild quests.


    thats the stormcloak general's arnor at 5:15

  • Saayan Biswas

    My favourite cool looking ones are 1. The Daedra Armour2. The Nightingale Armor

  • skiba789

    he calls it "ebony armor with chainmail" fail :P

  • Dean Cowan

    Right, Im confused a again xD

  • 2Nin

    You forgot Mytical Dawn armor XD

  • SheIIdon

    i didnt forget them, this was for armor sets. i also didnt include every unique armor piece

  • athi jinx

    after watching this, the next video also felt like it was spinning too.or was it the phone? Or the room? 😵😵😵😵

  • Nate

    I like Ancient Falmer armor, It kicks ass when you're good with light armor.

  • Caio de Mesquita Dyer

    2:50 Assassins Creed Armor

  • StargateAdventures

    Imperial Studded armor? Thanks for the vid :D

  • SheIIdon

    no i didnt :P 4:33 silly goose

  • Severi Maenpaa

    Blades armor is the best

  • Joe show

    watching all that spinning made me dizzy ....

  • The Scottish Mutt

    Nice job, but you missed "Studded armor." ;)

  • Tim Panda

    anyone else feel dizzy lol

  • SheIIdon

    Thanks for being the 20% :P everything in this video is 100% obtainable in vanilla skyrim

  • Jonny Vue

    Good job. :) Totally love this vid.

  • SMthegamer1

    What about ebony mail (Daedric artifact)

  • BlueNight Productions


  • mister cool

    he skip Ulfric Stormcloak armor

  • The Blind Leader

    "User joined your channel" made me think I left my teamspeak on all all night and i had to check to make sure I didn't! xD

  • Andrew Edge

    i feel sick after spinning sooooo much!!!

  • SheIIdon

    You can download this pack from the steam workshop. theres a link to skyrim hd textures there! I do believe it updates all textures in the game, so ebony mail is most likely included. Thanks for watching!

  • Nickos The boss

    How did you get general tulllius armor 🤔

  • GovBip

    did that stormcloak armor have long sleeves?

  • scottnofriends

    Nightingale Armour <3

  • Jack Hamilton

    where do you get linw's armour

  • KharosIktelia

    Ah... I need to focus on less characters, I guess... around what level do you get these? My highest character is level 35 but he has Dragon Armor so Falmer and Blades armor would be kind of redundant unless I level-capped enchanting.

  • Broken And Stable

    Thought I might as well ask the person who knows, WHILE I search just in case I cannot find a video in detail.

  • Tsuru no Ichizoku

    The rotating of the view makes me nauseous. Nice video though.

  • MaxGvel

    I Personally Use the Daedric Armor ;D

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