Skyrim: Dawnguard DLC Walkthrough: ENDING Vampire Quest Line - Kinkred Judgment w/commentary

Skyrim: Dawnguard DLC Walkthrough: ENDING Vampire Quest Line - Kinkred Judgment w/commentary

One of the Biggest DLC's of the year, so excited.

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  • FudgeMuppet

    hey if you're looking to really give your vampire supernatural powers like the lore says they have, swing by my channel and check out my 'necrowarp enhancement'! :D

  • Veronica Fulton

    When I fought the Vampire lord I turned into a werewolf, and Serana end up killing me after I won the fight

  • okannam

    Why didn't you use a sword? Also, what difficulty is this on?

  • j0hke

    I already stated in the last video that I'd like to see you go back to the creepy place of souls and tell her to go Serana's mother its safe to go back to the main world. Also I think you can fix the corridor leading to the garden, which she rebuilds so I've read. Great vid man, so crazy how fast its over.

  • GrandRiser

    I thought the ending if we joined the vampire's side would end up destroying the Dawnguard castle, fights off the troll and kill Isran.

  • Jesse McCree

    I just finished this fight on highest difficulty and it took me ages, then my jackass brother runs up and turns off the xBox

  • GameRiot

    Annoyingly if your with Serana the Vampire Lord is a lot weaker. Barely does any damage

  • GameRiot

    nothing happens dude just says one different line of dialogue then fights anyway

  • Slade Wilson

    i killed harkon spamming the wabbajack

  • Ugandan Pizza-Police

    It's a little too late, but it would have been much more helpful if you had gotten the dawnbreaker

  • Jake Dragonfire

    bravo man bravo make more videos like a vampire lord rampage

  • SpardaLDK89

    where can I sell elder scrolls of sun, blood and dragon after the vampire questline ?

  • Christian McBrearty

    It would have been way easier if you had spoken to the snow elf and asked him for more sunhallowed arrows like he told you to.

  • j0hke

    Oh and use the playthrough where you were on the Dawnguard's side. Just because I know that I'll be on their side when I get the DLC for the ps3.

  • Ninja X Prime

    How come you never use Fus Ro Dah? It's great for when enemies crowd you.

  • ken54608

    no one gives him the bow because they get so attached to Serana they dont want to kill her but it makes no sense to keep serana alive if your a vampire

  • Rina Andayanti

    I thought if we sided with harkon, we will kill valerica and sacrifice serana instead of killing him...

  • Garrett Dominick

    what about if you went to the castle before and tried to get in. But during the quest it doesn't let you in?

  • Jack White

    Why u no vampire in this vampire's quest

  • Jack White

    In ur next videos plz speak up a little bit louder. All i hear is mumbling. Im not a hater or beening a troll. Im just a guy who is trying to help u out. Cool videos. :)

  • FoxyWhite

    Really? Well that's just about supremely lame lol. Loved the vids though, definitely subscribed

  • FoxyWhite

    Did you forget you were a vampire lord too?

  • LinkFrieson

    This was easy for me because I use dawnbreaker and the bow so it was the perfect vampire hunting pair of weapons

  • amiangilau

    come on why wont anyone give him the bow i want to see that!!!!!!!!

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