Skyrim- Secret chest has all spell tomes!

(Tutorial) Very easy and simple to do. Found under Solitude's Blue Palace. Includes all the spell tomes and more in the chest!
  • I R

    Thanks for all the feed back, hope this helps out. Feel free to ask for more videos and you can request other games.

  • Sean Freeman

    I liked the info in the video but as some constructive criticism it might be valuable for you to learn to edit your videos more. I.e skipping through the failed attempts and talking over it a few times rather than once so it comes off less rambled. Still liked video, only commented because I'd like to see more better quality videos from you

  • DJ00F 00F

    Each vendor in the game has their own chest that contains all of their purchasable items, you can do this with every shop in the game if you can find a way through the walls.

  • Lucas.Reasere Heatherton

    It doesn't have them all.

  • Magic Dragon

    This isn't every spell in the game, but thanks! This really helped me in my mage playthrough.

  • JoshdePosh

    I liked the video, it was actually very helpful, so thanks. I'm concerned about why a Argonian would want to help the Stormcloaks, it makes no sense. Ulfric treats the Argonians like slaves.

  • Nony blank

    Quick tip if you go over to the right between the notch on the wall and the right side of the bench it is easier because you have more area to stand on and can just walk down the little line it should only take on try and can be done in seconds

  • Johnny Martin

    Hey what level are you?

  • Crispin Roundtree

    "so it won't get tooken back from you" yes boi

  • The Isaac Francisco Channel

    I'm not going to try it. ik it works tho. I've done the same type of glitch but at Hogwarts lol (in game school of magic) and i was shocked i really got some sick ish like Deadra hearts, black soul gem, and tons of other stuff but OMG the spell tomes are all destruction from low level to expert. i really like the flame wall. search a video of that glitch and make your own video so your subscribers can view it too

  • Yamedo

    platter platter on the wall

  • Fry8000

    It was actually more funny than educational :-)

  • jack shepherd

    i doesnt contain half of the spell tomes dont liedislike

  • TheStoned Rock

    It's probably easier to use a do not delete chest you can find one in the riften alchemist shop by going through a wall

  • brook bouvier

    Thank you so much ! Just to help others : It's way more difficult if you're using full character view.Also be careful bc in the ultimate edition there is a weird af woman that tries to give you back the plater evrytime you purposefully drop it ahaha

  • Frost Tiger

    Who bought the game to become a mage?

  • coolbeans

    3:16 “Watch your feet we just cleaned there” Lol

  • Petr Finifear

    thanks i play a mage with high destrution

  • Pombo Amarelo


  • UselessDood

    After 32 in game hours, speak to the merchant this chest belongs to, (I think it's the Jarls wizard) and the chest will refill.

  • Fanon Nation

    It wouldn't be worth doing if the items are all in the red.

  • Anthony Klinaftakis

    Is your real name cory?

  • Mason Armstrong

    not even close to having all the spells. depending on your skill in a school of magic, you will get higher level spells.

  • Candlelight Productions

    I can't get this to work on VR...any tips?

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