Skyrim Builds - The Blademaster

A Redguard master of blades in the lands of Skyrim. Enjoy the build and if you want to see more be sure to subscribe to FudgeMuppet :D


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  • Mikk

    Michael:We didnt die we just didnt have WIFIMe:THEY ARE THE SAME THING!!!!!!!!!

  • Zoper

    All of your builds are so good that I can't stick with a character for more than 5 levels

  • Andrew Boehm

    Actually, a little known fact is that the stormcloaks weren't the first to oppose the thalmor. There was a rebellion in Hammerfell that, with courage, determination, & perseverance, drove the thalmor out of hammerfell. This could be a possible RP motive for a redguard joining the stormcloaks, to replicate a successful rebellion and possibly ally Skyrim and Hammerfell against the thalmor.

  • Mr. Soup

    Wow! what mods do you use for killscenes

  • Derpy Dan

    Would be nice if fudgemuppet remade this build since it doesnt really have a backstory and maybe give details on what his opinion on factions are other then the thalmor, Empire and stormcloaks

  • Scorecatron

    Could you guys make a grey warden-like build?

  • Zamil Bahri

    I supposed to be doing differential calculus, but here I am.

  • BattleCat

    Can somebody tell me how this character can survive melee combat without armor on? I mean that's gonna be a lot of deaths and I really am interested in this build. Meow!

  • Cinemaddict

    I'm playin one kind of like this except my character is a nord that was born in hammer fell and raised by red guards and came to skyrim to fight thalmor

  • Acid Trip Steve Dude

    Glad you Guys are Back, And How about a Build That Focus's on Shouts Mostly.Who agree's ?

  • Zinet Kurtović

    it would be cool for the blademaster to be a dual wielder. He could find the deathbrand armor and the two swords and just be awesome.

  • Sean

    Having no Wifi = basically dead... XD

  • Scott Yi

    1:34 most badass kill I've seen

  • Harrison muse

    GREAT BUILD I replaced the ebony great sword with the ebony blade

  • Antz Gamer

    man. all this imperial/stormcloak debate biz is gettin too much. I have one word people: Wuuthrad

  • tyler milroy build either one will do...............................................

  • BrandonGaming

    "We didnt die, we just had no wifi" ... Thats pretty close to being dead these days :P

  • Austin Thompson

    3 builds in one week? Dammmmn it feels like Skyrim week all over again

  • RB6_Jackal

    2:03What is this shout

  • Finn Cunningham

    Watching this exactly a year after this was uploaded

  • pmurph2112

    Hey guys! After the Skyrim playthrough, do you think it's possible to do a Dragon Age (Origins, 2, or Inquisition) playthrough?

  • Josh Van Den Broeck

    Well hammerfell successfully pushed back the aldmeri dominion without the help of the empire

  • Fungi Joe

    1:29 - 1:33 was THE coolest kill cam EVER

  • Koichi Ahegao

    if the stormcloaks could organize and become more powerful they would certainly put up a fight against the tgalmor.

  • ColonelDoYouReadMe

    How eerie that I just recently finished playing a Redguard blademaster build. It certainly feels new to use both onehanded and twohanded on the same character, but I was using T3nd0's Perkus Maximus, which was amazing for the build. Both melee weaponry trees made the other skill more useful to some extent early on in the perks, so it wasn't hard to utilize both weapon types.I played it as sort of a blademaster/tactician build, trying to defeat the enemy as effectively as possible. For this, I used a lot of different shouts. The main shouts were Aura Whisper to find out the enemy's numbers, Disarm to gain an edge in melee combat, Dismay for when there are too many, Elemental Fury obviously, Marked for Death to help decimate any enemy, Storm Call to swiflty eradicate any cannon fodder, Unr.Force, and Whirlwind Sprint to close in quickly. Other skills used were Sneak and Light Armor, the Scaled Armor fit the best for him.Some mods that were pretty much essential for my build were, first off, Individualized Shout Cooldowns (which anyone should have regardless of build) and T3nd0's SkyRe Race module. With said module, Redguards gain an amazing ability called Sandstorm Charge, which slows time and lets the player move faster than everyone else for 15 seconds. It lets you decimate almost any enemy from the moment they discover you.This is my take on the blademaster.

  • The Cook

    Fudge Muppet I was wondering as you did the pyromancer and cryomancer could you do an electromancer?

  • Andrew Lopez

    They should make a shadow scale

  • Nathaniel Little

    There are some excellent redguard type armours in the Immersive Armours mod, too, for those who use it.

  • Old Longfellow

    "only a united empire can defeat the thalmor" lol i love this excuse. guess what? the empire already went up against the thalmor fully united and at full power and they got crushed. thats why hammerfel declared independence and thats why skyrim wants independence. the empire is a weak sinking ship.a new power is required to defeat the thalmor. the empire must die so that tamriel can unite once more against the thalmor with the dragonborn leading the charge

  • Comrade Callum

    Eminem=Rap GodDora=Map God Usian Bolt=Lap GodAero Chord=Trap GodThis build=Stab godYou=Fap god

  • B4B Gaming/Reactions

    Made a pretty close khal Drago and a decent mountain but not wanna do a orc mountain to play on the new rodrick strong zombie like mountain we've seen in show. Anyone looking to share backstrories and just talk role playing in skyriim add Bluntz4breakfas on Xbox. Awesome stuff fudge!!! Love hearing these diverse stories leading up to game start and beyond. I've tried glass warrior and took a while to get him all glassed out but i tweaked my role play to where he went through sort of a weakling phase far as underpowered gear and weapons just so when I got all glass I put it on all at once to make a cool transformation. Just Sharing my stories :) add me on Xbox guys.

  • Teague Zell

    Tch. Screw that. They don't need the empire. All they need, is for the Nerevarine to return, and put down the Thalmor Empire.

  • Xav Pip

    2:01 Bandit: "IMMA BIRD"

  • Stephen Floyd

    Can you guys redo this build in SE?

  • Chantelle Jandrew

    remake this build it has so much potential for a backstory!

  • Danny Stokes

    Rly late comment but I just started this build and it is 👌

  • Omiah Andasola

    All of your builds are why I have 13 characters

  • Cody Brannen

    i love watching your vids FuddeMuppet

  • Caleb Washington

    so this is basically a swordsman build

  • The Console Overlord

    2:55 I never knew frost enchantments could summon Ice Spears.

  • Caleb Washington

    wait if the build is manky agility why use a two handed sword

  • Caleb Washington

    fudgemuppet i love this build i am playing as a two handed swordsman because two handed weapons do more damge but i dont like how he join the stormcloaks long live the emipre boi

  • Csb22 2016

    only the stormcloaks can defeat the thalmor because the empire is too weak and was already defeated by the thalmor then creating the white gold law which banned the worship of Talos which only the stormcloaks can fix because their growing strength and numbers

  • Snuttran

    Micheal sounds so bored XD

  • Řëđ

    What choice will he take in the quest given by the A`lkir warriors will he had saddia to the warriors or will he kill the warriors?

  • Phantom Zone 40215

    This is my build I level one handed two handed and smithing that's pretty much all I leveled

  • bertie brooks

    Hey anyone know the mod or whatever was used to the killcam at 1:30

  • Some Guy

    "We didn't die, we were just in a living hell"

  • Fluffy Bunny

    why is he helping the thalmor by joining the stormcloaks if he hates the thalmor

  • Cardi B is my Role Model

    can someone tell me how he's doing all these cool finishers with the swords please

  • allaniiverson

    Hey FudgeMuppet, what difficulty do you play on?

  • Stephen Easters

    2016 this is my build that im starting on monday thanks guys

  • Kargath Bladefist (WoD)

    The Burning Blade clan is suing u lol

  • Emo Specter

    Wi-Fi problems happens every time

  • Lacey Bivens

    Idk why but i love watching these iv made many charters a archer tank mage ex- these remind me of them

  • schindler jean-louis

    I will use the minter hunter build for my orc Bullark

  • schindler jean-louis

    I like this build will be good for my redgaurd Tyreke

  • Prince Dark

    Rune based build? Some like a "Rune Slayer" that uses sword and runes

  • saurer1

    What mod is used to retexture the ebony sword and greatsword? Looks way better, please let me know!

  • Bikeaholic

    no wifi is pretty much dieing

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