Skyrim Dawnguard: Walkthrough - Part 13 Touching The Sky

Part 13 of my Skyrim Dawnguard Walkthrough is the quest Touching The Sky.

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  • Michael Daniels

    you skipped half the tutorial thanks.. lol

  • Angry Baboon

    These dawnguard quests are very boring :(

  • Vergil of Sparda

    I have filled up my bottle 4 times,now how do i get in the glacial cavage exactly?

  • James Tucker II

    When they try to molest u then thu'um them away XD with force

  • ridgeline006

    thanks james awesome job

  • summerlandmisfit

    Thank you So much I was so lost

  • TheCRIMilitary

    thx that helped me with my game

  • William Harper

    I can't find the path to get to that glacial place

  • Ross Mitchell

    On this quest I found daedric gauntlets (Rank30)

  • Joshua"s Stalker

    that spell is epic katstagg can one hit giants and send them flying into the air

  • hairy milk

    Where's the diamond

  • Snow Ball

    Love your videos dude, I like watch all of them, great job!

  • MaximAmadi

    Watched again 2 months wasted by this game but as a mage now

  • NTCquinn

    You should get the Summon Karstagg spell. It is from the Dragonborn DLC and it is so strong that it can only be used 3 times.

  • Wendal Weed Wizard

    Jordan you are the best keep making videos

  • Ben Pearson

    Didn't know keith lemon played skyrim!

  • ND_Andy

    wow! i was fighting the frost giant and it one hit me lol

  • Jackshuty

    The portal isn't opening for me

  • maria 420

    Thanks Jordan that helped me a lot I kept passing that gap

  • Bryce Brown

    Ur voice/intro is annoying

  • singjai108

    Good video man. My least favoritle quest because going to that westernmost point I always get turned around and it seems endless. I don't mind NPCs talking though. One time while I was making potions Lydia and Vilja were talking about the skeever diet. Hilarious.

  • Marcin P

    You just missed exactly the part tahat i'm stuck in, how to get to the 5th realm

  • Bran Gal

    ONLY IN LVL 18 :'( bout to cry

  • Holly M

    I don't know how anyone can play these dark quests without the candlelight spell lol candlelight is probably my most used spell xD

  • DemLetsPlaysDoh

    11:25 I subscribed because this was funny.

  • Johnny Tidrick

    Very helpful Ty Jordan

  • FaiR RePlay

    What spell is he using

  • Adrian Flores

    What spell is he using?

  • Shaun Walkowiak

    Did this happen to anyone else I filled the cup up three times after getting in the forgotten vale and its telling me to go back into darkfall passage

  • Silvershadow999

    There was a faster way in.

  • DragonSlayer1Q2 22

    Can any one pls help me I have been playing the special edition lately so what happens is when I'm done killing his brother I get the bow then it doesn't tell me to do next I'm literally clueless doesn't assign me the last mission help pls I would be grateful and I will sub thanks.

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