[HD] Skyrim:How To Get Erik the Slayer As Follower VERY EASY

Erik the Slayer is a young male Nord which is from Rorikstead which is in Skyrim. Erik the Slayer dreams to be a adventurer. Erick The Slayer lives in Frostfruit Inn which his father.
1.Go to Rorikstead
2.find erik he will be in the frostfruit Inn or on the farm
3.talk to him and say you will persuade his father to make him an adventurer
4.Talk to his father he will be in the frostfruit Inn and presude him to let him adventure and give his father the money to buy the armor be need for erik
5.talk to erik and say that that his father approved of him leaving
6.leave the town and come back later
7. erik will be in the Inn and you can made him your follower for 500 Gold
8. now he can be your follower!
  • Ian McFenny

    Sad story behind this guy, he was based off a kid who had cancer and loved oblivion, he went to tour Bethesda offices and saw some of the earliest looks of skyrim. Bethesda was so kind to include his oblivion avatar in the game. He died a day before skyrim came out. May he slay dragons in whatever afterlife he may be in.

  • Ian McFenny

    "TriviaHis name is derived from Erik West, whose internet alias was "Immok the Slayer," a visitor to Bethesda's HQ during Skyrim's development. Bethesda was so impressed with his knowledge of Oblivion that they gave him an in-depth tour of Bethesda studios and decided to create a character named Erik in his honor. Sadly, Erik died of cancer in May 2011 (before the release of Skyrim,) hence Bethesda immortalized him in the form of Erik the Slayer." Quote from elder scrolls wiki

  • Acquisto

    A long time ago I had Erik follow my good female primary character. In a companions quest it automatically kicked him out of my party and I expected him to walk home. He didn't. He disappeared, and I searched all over for him and never found him. I started using Aela and eventually married Aela, and after the wedding I looked and I saw Erik walking towards the door. I quickly ran but he went through the door and disappeared. I went outside and he was gone without a trace. Hundreds of hours of gameplay have gone by since.Tonight I was running around with Aela, and walked by Helgen. I then find Erik standing around outside, still alive, still using the circlet and bow I gave him that long ago. He was alive the whole time.

  • Solen o

    R.I.P Erik West, at least you got to play skyrim before everybody before you died. We wil always remember you as the adventurer and badass player you are. Live long in Sovengarde, may your triumphs be sang in the mead halls and a cup be raised in your honor

  • KManAlpha

    Good job editing out the loading screens.

  • Portal Pup

    When I did this some guy randomly popped up and said " do yourself a favor and don't have any kids, there good for nothing", idiot.

  • Ty YuZekken

    I never hired Erik before I would just use Lydia mainly but I decided to use Erik and hes freaking awesome! He's the best follower in my book. He killed a giant by himself, the giant even attacked him and made him fly but he didn't die XD

  • The Golden Waffle

    ROAR-RICK-STEAD that's how you say it

  • escucha/listen mi playlist

    A long, long time ago...I could still remember how that music used to make me smile...And I knew if I had my chance, I could make those people dance, and maybe they'd be happy for a while...

  • Isaac Vincent

    I didn't have the money to hire him. But guess what, two dragons wanted to attack the village. After, I had the money. What a coincidence.

  • Shovon Rahman

    So even after buying the armor you will have to pay him 500... Then it's better not to pay.. Tell his father to buy for him... It will have the same result and save 450 golds.

  • Taecos

    me to erics dad: LISTEN HERE LET UR DAMN SON BE A FRIGGIN STALKER aka follower

  • David Santos

    Erik has passed away to sovringard but he lives on in spirit.

  • Haziq Zaini

    Took him with me to find the Elder Scroll and he died .-.

  • Luke Eberl

    I had him he was boss the I looked behind me and he was gone havnt seen him scince where would he be barried

  • Aaron Crumbley

    FYI: if you beat "Dawn Breaker" mission, he (or any follower) will get stuck in the temple and you have to go retrieve him. 

  • Mack Williams

    Anyone else noticed how he's like Luke from Star Wars?

  • TobascoCatMC

    :( sad gog dam you cancer why did you have to take a life from an innocent elder scrolls fan why????

  • TobascoCatMC

    Roarikssted in danish :P Rorikstead in english :P

  • nowerornever

    Erik the slayer is based off of a guy named Erik west. He had a lot of knowledge of oblivion, so he actually got a tour in the Bethesda studio. Unfortunately, he died of cancer before skyrim got released :(

  • Bear Man

    Lol I killed him dam it

  • board skate

    thanks helped a lot (:

  • cornelis fernstrom

    i havent found his body yet.i think may have killed him a long time ago.

  • AlecHernan

    Aww I can't sacrifice this guy in that shrine..

  • Noah Dornan

    Thx finally I have a new follower!

  • Cherryacre Triplex

    kind of hoping I haven't killed him... yet

  • UpForSoda

    Erik is the 2nd best two hander in the game! He has 605 health! Dishes out damage. (Put light armor only his light armor is 100 level) he's better than mjoll the lioness.

  • NachoBrotherReborn

    I kinda sacrificed him....

  • Fancycrab

    Dose he follow you for ever?


    Does he die easily or is he like Lydia?

  • salvijukas500 salvijukas500

    WHERE IS RORIKSTED? Please reply!

  • PokéGamer15

    considering lydia died on his doorsteps, this was a great help!

  • Grieg Neill

    Cheers this really helped me out

  • Albin Hasselström

    Now I have a guy with daedric armour running behind me! Great video but you shuld buy a better mic :D

  • alakazam fam

    Ok so I hear all this rabble about how Erik is a tank but when I play he is puny. I gave him Dragonscale armor (upgraded to legendary) and an EbonyGreatsword (upgraded too). He can deal out good damage but I can kill him so easily. I will kill him in 5 hits on expert mode with my daedric sword. It's only 54 damage too. Either my Erik is buggy or he is extremely over rated (which i'm sure hes not) And i have done the wabbajack glitch on him so he should be maxed but he still isn't good.

  • MoChiGi

    I checked the wiki for Skyrim for ya and it doesn't look like he can. Usually in the descriptions it tells you if a follower can be a steward it doesn't mention it anywhere. The wiki has info on all followers aswell def somethin to check out.

  • BeastGr33n

    a Question Why evryone has fkin backpacks???

  • Marco J

    thumbs up if you have deadric

  • Silver z34

    I can't find Eric !

  • ButteryToast

    The only hard part is how much gold you gotta spend lol

  • Brody Wyatt

    Thanks for saying his abilities. lots of help

  • Kacey RULES

    It helped me cause I needed someone to sacrifice

  • Bas Waaijer

    In any wiki they point Erik the Slayer out as a 'barbarian' (2H user), mine for whatever reason, has 100 invested in one-handed perk and only 49 in two handed. I was wondering what was going on because his damage was lower than mine even with a set the same as mine. I have no clue what is going on.

  • Aruanamic

    Is it OK to give him steel armor and jarl ulfric stromclocks sword with an elven shield and dwarf bow

  • Hazybrush 871

    first time I meet him I was like oh my gosh my character s name is Eric and he's Erik I need him as a follower but I thought he won't follow you

  • Flexible Burrito

    how do I get him back I lost him

  • CheatoMosquito

    You’re saying the name Rorikstead horribly wrong, the guy in the very beginning of the game that tries to run and gets shot says “Rorikstead, I’m from Rorikstead”So it’s roar ichs stead

  • Clay Kent

    "I like him because he is a young nord" U sound gay af

  • Kiarah Shannon

    Yay I have serana and Erik as followers

  • John Marston

    Erik west shall live on in sovengarde

  • Emmanuelle

    You can also use intimidate if you don't want to pay

  • Hendo

    I can't talk to his father about it :(

  • Quabequer

    I do a quest with somone and he go somewere! Were he is!?

  • Raphael Proulx-paradis

    is Erik have good skills to heavy armor and two hands weapons skills 

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