5 Shocking Moments Caught on Twitch TV (Part 1)

From a thief that was caught red handed to a home invasion caught on camera

Here are 5 Shocking moments caught on Twitch.

Music used - Kevin MacLeod - Lightless Dawn

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  • Salsa Dude

    Is that easy to call the Swat team on anyone? that's just plain stupid and more security measures should be implemented to prevent this, come on!

  • Ricez

    The music is creepier than the video itself.

  • PixelatedYT

    That guy Mister BIG, I bet that his neighbour set the whole thing up! So he called a noise complaint and then when they leave he robs the place? WHO AGREES?

  • John Connor

    Pretending to be in a wheel chair?! That's so very low..

  • TheBoe-eyes

    *swat team comes in*Terrorists win...

  • BotheredThree

    Swat charge in the room... few seconds later..."Terrorists Win"

  • Alyssa Condon

    Is it just me or is watching that flame grow bigger just terrifying

  • EmilyB3690

    "... threw it into a bin full of paper.""... bin full of PAPER."Baby, what is you doin'?!

  • Anaeliseianna


  • Fionn

    Swat 1 : Get on the ground Swat 2 : Get on the ground!Swat 3 : GET ON THE GROUND!!!!!!!!!


    and that is why you should always have a fire extinguisher.

  • Tomato Man

    3:24 is that thermite from rainbow😂😂

  • lil quickscope m

    Don't press read moreGive me a like

  • itzFED -LINAK-

    Who's ready to sing the campfire song song!?

  • ShotgunFelatio

    I went out and bought a fire extinguisher the day after seeing that dude burn his house down

  • Silver The Hedgehog

    Being swatted, game says "terrorists win" FML

  • Phillip Fry

    American cops are so extra...

  • AdrYT

    6:20 that's why you don't smoke, but I feel for him.

  • Bathtub_Jim

    Cardboard boxes and blankets are the first two things I would use to put out a fire. If I had shredded paper laying around or wood chips I would try those too.

  • Sillious Slicous Chico Sluttious

    Disconnected : You have been kicked due to inactivity.Arrested : You have been arrested for killings 2 people in CS:GO.

  • You Bored Bro Gaming

    I like how the neighbor, even though there was an expensive computer right there, went for his shoes first XD

  • YunuyFX

    Never use flint and steel stupidly kids

  • Uzair Khan

    There should be a law like no prank calling swat

  • QAzzi op

    That Japanese guy was so stupid I bet his mid was like...Amoyo shindane Nani!"Me but box over it me learn it from Minecraft!!"

  • dead gamer



    And that's why you don't smoke kids

  • Mlg Banana

    Why would you call a swat team when u can order a pizza

  • Richi3e Bouquette

    00:00 ●━━━━━━─────── 10:39⇆ㅤㅤㅤㅤ◁ㅤㅤ❚❚ㅤㅤ▷ㅤㅤㅤㅤ↻How did I do this???

  • Game On Your Face

    "Terrorists win"😂😂😂😂😂

  • Ninja Cyborg

    If my house was on fire I’d take all my gaming gear

  • 「oskar」

    lmfao he’s smoking and hes playing Minecraft I can’t anymore

  • Unicorn_Chibi Love

    Theres something called the Bill of Rights. In one of the amendments, it says that unreasonable searches or warrants are not aloud. On some of these, the cops are actually doing whats wrong.

  • Jacko Gor


  • IqbalZulk

    3:55 woooow this game followed Fowtnite Season 7 and had weapon skins

  • Albert Schmalbert

    "WhAt AbOuT tHiS iS fUnNy tO yOu?"Couldn't be because a bunch of pigs just burst into my house on an anonymous tip that I was holding hostages. They were so eager to get in and bust someone that they bust in and threw me to the ground, even though they saw me, the subject, sitting at my desk playing CSGo. PIGS. I know they were dying to shoot that guy.

  • Justice 2004

    Sadly rolly ranchers got swatted once sad😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

  • Bear Experiment

    "GET ON THE GROUND."gets on the grounddigs his boot into his back for complying completely

  • Mr. Chanel

    Put your hands up Put your hands up Hands are already up🤦

  • Timmy Savge

    Don’t press read more Dang u Savage

  • just watching Videos

    lmao put more paper on it good plan no one is that dumb i think he knew what he was doing i have been woken up before from a deep sleep with my bed on fire and instinctively put in out in secs panic mode looks like he wanted it to burn and the stream is recorded as prove he is just to chill about it all thank god for fire insurance. that i am 99% sure he has. Edit he seems to lay the two boxes in a way to help spread the fire faster instead of laying flat to stuff it out

  • Charlie Cook

    People in wheelchairs sometimes can stand for short periods of time so not sure about that one, police involvement or no...

  • WhatMeWorry

    maybe he was disabled, but was able to stand once he got the 1m facebook likes

  • anime girl

    That one guyShould have called 911 before the fire got biggerOof >~<

  • Expert YouTube

    Anime stuff while a fire is going on what in the world

  • J.T Clips

    We took our dog to the fish shop

  • Aaron

    firefighting 101: if a flammable object catches on fire, put it into a bin full of flammable objectsif those catch on fire, cover the flame with some flammable objectsif those catch on fire, get a glass of water and pour it onto the now massive fireif that doesnt work, try to put the fire out with a pillowif that doesnt work, pour a pan of water onto the fireif that doesnt work, just give up

  • Kid Nightmare 03

    Swat charge in the room FBI OPEN UP!!!!!

  • err0r

    Maybe you shouldn't give your address out like that

  • 5 Days A Stranger, The Remake

    Police got called for a noise complaint. House owner doesn't want to give them his name because he's done nothing wrong and was simply streaming on twitch.Police enter his house and arrest him for not giving them his name.Wait wait wait says the average normal person; don't you need a warrant to enter someones house in the first place let alone arrest them in said house.America : Naaaah man, it's all good dawg. Such "formalities" aren't necessary here in the "greatest country" in the world.Rest of the planet : Facepalm.

  • podak10

    Idiot japanese guy. Just use a blanket.

  • Red Panda

    Would that Japanese voice stfu?!

  • maria denis

    #1.00 the photo in the wall, right side is very horrifying and mysterious... Plz check


    👍 Like 👍 & 👍 Nice 👍 😆 👌.👍 Like 👍 & 👍 Nice 👍 😆 👌.

  • Uzair Khan

    Btw number 4 busted and a scammer and idiot

  • iiBrightBeaches Sunlight

    Person calls police on guy for holding people at gun point swat team comes in his room and sees no hostages or weapons swat team: GET ON THE GROUND!!!!! GET.ON.THE.GROUND. OHHH BUDDY YOU GOIN TO JAIL GET ON THE GROUUUNNNNDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!! BOI GET ON THE GROUND NOW !!!! BOIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII U GOIN TO JAIL!!!!!!!

  • tony ferro

    That man could be a hit man here's noise "that's S.W.A.T."

  • Mary Jane

    lol number 3 had minecraft lava in the background

  • SpeedXaaa

    tried to use cardboard and a dry blanket to extinguish it...oh my god why

  • Ricez

    Meanwhile teammates in the game don’t think him being afk is that bad.

  • XxFearExemptxX

    Terrorists win Lol I’m dying

  • John 0794

    Just out of curiosity. Can the first guy sue the police department? They arrested him for no reason and then they just close his door without letting him lock it first and as a result he got robbed.

  • unstoppable forces

    The appartmeant fire one got my heart pumping

  • Martin Montenegro

    You could tell that asian guy was in the "heat" of the moment

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