5 Shocking Moments Caught on Twitch TV #1

From a thief who was caught red-handed to a home invasion caught on camera

Music used - Kevin MacLeod - Lightless Dawn

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  • BotheredThree

    Swat charge in the room... few seconds later..."Terrorists Win"

  • Dublin

    The Swat is there and the PC is just like: Bomb has been planted xD

  • Dead gamer


  • mokka herrman

    3:46 "Terrorists win"

  • tatumGtatumG

    throws small flaming box in bin full of papertries to put out now bigger fire with cardboardPlease I want you to think just for one second. Please. I beg of you.

  • John Connor

    Pretending to be in a wheel chair?! That's so very low..

  • Adam Davis

    Its always the minecraft streamers that burn things down

  • Foxy Thunder

    How much you wanna’ bet it was the neighbor who called in the “noise complaint”?

  • Justin Timms

    We took our dog to the fish shop

  • Roque Vasquez

    Swatting should be treated as attempted murder. In the USA the police will shoot you and then ask questions later. This is the reality of it. This boy was very lucky to live another day.

  • You Bored Bro Gaming

    I like how the neighbor, even though there was an expensive computer right there, went for his shoes first XD

  • why yes

    i thought asians were supposed to be smart

  • majorxdf

    He didn't start the fire, It was always burning since the world's been turning.

  • Leon Draw

    where did he go for the water, a block away lol?

  • ImEspinoza

    Ya so we took our dog to the fish shop because he loves meeting new people

  • Craig Harrison

    ive never seen a slower reaction to a fire in my life...wow just wow.

  • Hector Valenzuela

    3:00 Guy: i think we are getting swatted what in the worldGame: affirmated

  • Pollatent

    “What about this is funny to you?” “Nothing”Terrorists Win

  • c s

    One small reason why you would like to be a streamer;Your fans can save you

  • Silver The Hedgehog

    Being swatted, game says "terrorists win" FML

  • Dire

    gets robbed at gunpoint during a streamMean while the chat: lol. Hahaha. Pretty legit! Agreed!

  • tony ferro

    That man could be a hit man here's noise "that's S.W.A.T."

  • Captain Youseff

    Imagine getting swatted and from your computer the swat team hears "THE BOMB HAS BEEN PLANTED"

  • DarkOwo

    * house burning down *Minecraft: * Lava Noises Intensify *


    Who's ready to sing the campfire song song!?

  • Mlg Banana

    Why would you call a swat team when u can order a pizzaedit: thanks for the likes :D

  • I Love you

    Oh? My lighter's on fire? Let's just throw it in the bin..

  • Banapoodle

    6:10 as you hear lava noises in the background lmao

  • TheBoe-Eyes

    *swat team comes in*Terrorists win...

  • Ikonik SamsungS10E

    5:44 you can hear lava noises from Minecraft while the blaze is going

  • The Father Of The Bassline

    4:02 that mic was placed there at the right time ;)

  • John paul Lazaro

    The miencraft guy thinks a cube can take out fire in real lifePs.the cube was the cardboard box

  • Brayan Ortega

    Getting Swatted. Backround:Bomb Has Been Planted!

  • Haytite Gaming

    That streamer who started the fire should have dumped the water onto the BLANKET instead of the fire so he could put it on the fire and smother it.

  • Brandy bubs

    Stole the guys shoes.... really

  • Subbot#24014 Tau

    fire startput into bin full of paperthe put more cardboardDude why are you

  • Shakir Munik

    Swat team walks inBOMB HAS BEEN PLANTED

  • Chrysi Chrysi

    Now we finally know what the weakest point of the asians is:Playing Minecraft.😈With that valuable information, we can take over the world again, Pinky.🐀

  • Pansii

    put your hands up!stand still!walk towards me slowlyW h a t

  • c s

    Imagine what it's like to be watching this happening

  • Salsa Dude

    Is that easy to call the Swat team on anyone? that's just plain stupid and more security measures should be implemented to prevent this, come on!

  • tortue71

    I don't think that a fire extinguisher would do any good when you are trying to put out a fire with cardboard....

  • CUMBICA1970

    7:20 "It's not clear if anybody was injured." The genius guy and 2 other family members suffered minor injuries. BTW the guy lives in the coastal city of Niihama, Shikoku Island. Luckily he didn't burn down his two story house (just charred a bit the outside wall of the 2nd floor.)

  • iStrxFinq

    i hate how some cops are like so forcefully talking with an accent like "get om the groundget on the GROUNDGET ON HE GGGRRRHHOUND

  • Versed

    Perfectly timed moment: 5:43(While watching fire you hear lava sound from Minecraft)

  • Daniel Teunissen

    That cop that moved the web cam should be fired on the swatting video

  • Twitch.Main- 189


  • SpeedXaaa

    tried to use cardboard and a dry blanket to extinguish it...oh my god why

  • E_404

    "Burnt down his appartement while steaming Minecraft"That escalated quickly

  • Roseh77

    I got anxiety big time for that fire

  • ディアスジェレミー

    In the fire scene, I would've immediately run for nearby water and throw it in the fire the minute I see fire starting to form.Who else would've done the same?

  • Ronald Raiden

    5:00 Absolutely no idea how fire works...

  • Brawler Coco

    Put lighter in bin full of paper Covers that with cardboard Get a cushion and starts blowing more air toward the fireAnd I thought Asians were smart

  • koila maoh

    Sucks about twitch, your neighbor can swat you if he knows and rob you at the same time.

  • Hellodan Games

    10/10 job by the neighbor making sure to get right up close to the camera so the police could see his face nice and good

  • Fionn

    Swat 1 : Get on the ground Swat 2 : Get on the ground!Swat 3 : GET ON THE GROUND!!!!!!!!!

  • Liam Gallagher

    With all the money Twitch makes, they should personally increase and pay for much tighter security measures to protect streamers personal information

  • Kit Wilson

    Swatting... seriously people.....prank calls to emergency services in Australia gets you arrested!

  • LordturK

    Swat: GET TO THE GROUND 3:46 game: Terrorist win

  • Ryan

    "Robbed at gun point during a home invasion"Don't be black, don't be black."Got awn da grawnd nao!"God dammit.

  • Richi3e Bouquette

    00:00 ●━━━━━━─────── 10:39⇆ㅤㅤㅤㅤ◁ㅤㅤ❚❚ㅤㅤ▷ㅤㅤㅤㅤ↻How did I do this???

  • Gringo Espana

    If you burn down your house by "accident" like that Japanese guy then you don't deserve to have one.

  • TheEpicMen77 7

    Sadly rolly ranchers got swatted once sad😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

  • Game On Your Face

    "Terrorists win"😂😂😂😂😂

  • Polar Bear

    Sets paper on fire.What a normal person would do: Bring some water or put a Wet Cloth over it.That one streamer Tries to extinguish it with dry cardboard ThAtS hOw FiRe WoRkS

  • Suharsh Majhi

    then *- people actually helping streamers incase of emergencynow *- FFF

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