Become the High King of Skyrim & ESO Code Giveaway - Top 5 Skyrim Mods of the Week

Dance! Dance for your king! Cam and Seb make Kevin a royal jerk, sentencing all they see fit to death by beheading! Also, this week there are ten beta keys for the Elder Scrolls Online to be won!

Become High King of Skyrim:

EWIs True Weaponry of Viscounts and Sirrahs:

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  • Tay Savage

    Please help me i have a ps4 and I’m wondering when will they ever make this mod for the console I’m using

  • Andrew Langlo

    do they have the High king mod for PS4?

  • Anwen Reed

    the leather is there so you can hold the sword above the hilt when swinging. Though, of course, Bethesda didn't make it so you change your grip when you attack

  • TheSnipingBear

    next time dont do a stupid fucking intro that lasts 40 seconds

  • Whybot182

    I downloaded the high king mod on Xbox One go to the warrens but Surgus isn't there, can anyone help?.. Thanks

  • steven buitenkamp


  • Eli Wilson

    Don't make people doing a permanent animation dance

  • Daniel Gallagher

    Becoming king of skyrim or even emperor just makes sense, being dragon born makes you closer to Royal than any of the rest and after possibly saving skyrim from miraak, alduin, harkon and many others you've earned the place. I sure wish they'd do some more dlc with the special edition coming out

  • D2 Hunter

    Did anyone realise that when they promoted that person to be jarl of markarth, it came out as Karl of whiterun

  • Eli Wilson

    "Kevin will become THE HIGH KING OF SKYRIM this week" backround STOP IN THE NAME OF THE JARL seems legit

  • Eli Wilson

    This mod is so fun!!! I made the vegetable kid from whiterun the Royal blacksmith, the daughter of the lady at the vegetable stand

  • Bennett of the lands of steel

    how the hell can you make two gladiators fight? You sentence one and you are teleported to the arena and you can't leave. so how can you get two?

  • Riot Ried

    the leather wrappings are to allow for the greatsword to rest on your shoulder without slitting your own shoulder. :-)

  • chris quaintance

    the leather strip around the blade was used so the soldier or knight could grab the blade and hit the opponent with the hilt, causing blunt force trauma instead of a sliced wound.

  • Cyrus Khalvati

    its so you can unscrew and throw a pommel so you can "end him rightly"

  • HeckoTheGecko

    The leather on the blade near the guard of the sword is there for another grip. German two-handers (Zweihanders) had the same thing, When in a situation where you would not have enough room to swing such a heavy sword, you would put one hand on the blades grip and one hand on the main grip, this made it easier to thrust with such a heavy sword.

  • android 227

    the leather rap is so you can grab higher up on the plate and be able to do a better thrust forward so you can stab your enemies more efficiently and with more Force

  • LtBloodwing Games

    What's the menu mode he's using ?

  • TheAustrian/RussianMusic Guy

    load the game again then he will spawn

  • Penworthy

    The leather is there so he can use it as a spear if he needs too or hold it by a different angle

  • robert yu

    how do i download this? because my horizon wont accept the highking mod.

  • Pool Tower

    Kevin Van Nord killed a Kevin Van Horde while wielding his Kevin Van Sword also eating a Kevin Van Gourd and play Kevin Van Chords to his favorite song by Kevin Van Lorde.

  • ZeroFighter22

    I hope the high king mod comes to xbox one xD

  • Sʟᴇɴᴅᴇʀ Mᴀɴ

    I have a claymore in real life, it's huge. It's about 5'6

  • Moejoedajoejoe

    Isn't it pronounced vycount?

  • Vakan

    Does anyone know if/when the high king mod will be available on PS4 & Xbox one?

  • Lewis Chesney

    The leather on the top of the sword is a half sword

  • Jake Pauler

    Fitting Excalibur was used to become high king as the legend doth decree.

  • Prime Minister of Green Team

    The leather bit on Billy Wallace's is what I believe is called a ricasso. It's a second handle that you would grab to better negotiate the point of the blade into the weak points on your openent's armor. See, unlike in video games, plate armor is really tough stuff and you simply won't be able to cut through it with a sword.

  • Lucas Spanos

    this highking mod makes alot of sense because in the lore the dragonborn is suppose to  atomaticly become high king

  • Ronan Clark

    does anyone know if this will be coming to xbox one? does it need skse

  • nik tebby

    what sword mod is he using ?

  • Evan Abel

    It has leather so they can gripthe blade and use different attacks

  • Sharon Subhan

    The leather wrap and strap was made from the skin of an Englishman I think I herd this on QI

  • Lunar Divider

    choke up the grip and now have a shorter sword, which can be effective in certain areas

  • Daniel Hettinger

    When wielding "William Wallace's Longsword", also known as a claymore, it was highly uncommon to place both hands on the handle because the momentum would take over and make it very difficult and tricksy to wield due to the weight of the blade. The leather on the blade served to allow a hand to be placed higher up, putting more of the sword under one's control. You can see the same thing happening (though no one's actually gripping the blade) with the steel greatsword. 

  • Charlie Platt

    The league of 20 random beggars to make some random elf high king

  • Light Shade

    Main problem i have with this mod is im a male argonian and i married ulfric stormcloak and im the new high queen...

  • crazzy brooother


  • johnathan totton

    Excalibur was a real blade it in a English museum

  • evan shankar

    Bro the planet isn't Tamriel the planet is Nirn!

  • Joshua Hariharan

    william wallace's sword looks like the demo's eyelander

  • Ryan Cross

    The leather is there so you don't cut yourself when you rest the blade on your shoulder

  • Caleb Kopp

    This boy said he was going to prank me...Unforunately, I am the High King of Skyrim.

  • derek Brogan

    leather is to grab the blade and have better control over the tip so you can get it into the cracks in armor

  • vlad rudenko

    ughh guys... The planets not called Tamriel, Tamriel is just the continent. Nurn is the name of the planet, or plane as they call it...

  • AwesomeDude110

    what Armor mod/armor mod is he using

  • TomahawkWolf

    you can hold onto the leather part when you sprint into battle its easier to hold the blade

  • Bombing Potato

    That moment when you make the kids into slaves in the mines

  • Mystic GameWorks

    Can someone please tell me what armor was in the slide card for the first weapons mod?

  • Martin Lzsky

    Cheers for the video content! Sorry for butting in, I am interested in your thoughts. Have you heard the talk about - Patlarny Wise Earning Principle (search on google)? It is an awesome exclusive guide for mastering elder scrolls minus the headache. Ive heard some great things about it and my buddy after a lifetime of fighting got excellent results with it.

  • gtabro1337

    > promises Become the High King of Skyrim in the title> starts with some random shit > no annotations to skip to WHAT WE ALL CAME FORfuck youP.S. 5:42

  • Jake sydenham

    The leather parts for half swording and murder stroke Google it

  • Celtic Jedi

    i was wondering if i can put these mods on my xbox 

  • The Death God

    where is highreach because i am high king with no city

  • Andre Luiz

    the scotish claymore (william wallace's sword) have a leather tire atached to the lower part of the blade, because sometimes due to it's size the blade get stuck in the enemy's armor or cuirass, so they atached the leather tire to make it able to grab that part of the blade to push it out of the enemy's body know... losing the hand

  • Cerberus litter box!

    My god I hate their stupid voices, we aren't here for your commentary, we are here to see a showcase of the mod.

  • Benn

    What mod makes the vanilla armor/clothing look so good? 

  • Colin Buddz

    claymores were use4d as stabing weapons, not slashing

  • Grace Morgan

    Kevin Vanord perfect high king

  • Darkpony13

    If only they punished nazeem

  • PsYcHo4MuFfInS

    Can sb please help me? I installed the high kng mod and it works nearly perfectly but I can't kill Jarl Elisif... I already killed Ulfric but it doesn't work on elisif and I tried everything (and yes i set her to "not essential") If you can help0, please answer :)

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