24 Fun Things to do in Skyrim!

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  • Death2508

    I clicked on 1080p. Can I have my cookie now?

  • Ramm Stein

    ahhhhh i just want to erace my skyrim memories and play it all again like i never experienced it

  • RaptusHellwolfe

    "Revisit your hometown." Well, I guess going to Solsthiem is the closest I'm going to get to Morrowind...

  • Panic Wolves

    "You have commited crimes to skyrim and her people. What do you say in your defense?" - " FUS RO DAH!"

  • Knug3n

    Nr.20: actually, helgen isn't your hometown! It's the town were you where about to be executed

  • [ REDACTED ]

    Helgen isn't your hometown, it's the town which you were being executed.

  • UnderDog

    17. deal with the pest issuekills a darkelf

  • Dominick Brown

    Is that the PC version?

  • James Wood

    this is so bad its good

  • Emily Yanzer

    there was a moment where i was in Solitude and i shouted by accident. A guard came up to me and asked me to top shouting because it's scaring the citizens. No joke, one of the options was "I'M NOT SHOUTING. ALL DRAGONS TALK LIKE THIS." XDD

  • Qiuubby

    20: Revisit Your Hometown,But Raven Rock Is So Far Away From Skyrim!

  • Heath Skinner

    I know this doesn't matter too much, but number twenty is inaccurate, Helgen is not your hometown, just the place to were taken to be executed.

  • Shaelyn Benack

    History lesson! When a guard says, "I used to be an adventurer, but then I took an arrow to the knee" is referring in which he got married and wasn't allowed to go explore the dangerous world of cruelty called Skyrim.

  • The13thLoneRanger

    It's December 2014 and I am still playing Skyrim. Can't wait for the next Elder Scrolls game whenever it may come and wherever it may be! :)

  • Zoro the Meme

    13 isn't even in skyrim.....its in a totally UNrelated game

  • K m8

    Number 1: you ARE a dragon

  • The red dragon emperor don

    1:00 she likes cocks I guess

  • greeny7177

    Trying to burn someone's house = no fineKilling chicken = 50 guards attacking youSKYRIM LOGIC!!! 

  • Bastion

    revisit your hometownbutbutbutAnvil (Cyrodil) is soooo far awaaaaaaay

  • Jakob Johns

    Pfft, kill with your fists? I played the entire game with my fists! Literally, there's perks for it and everything. It's all about smithing actually

  • Pacho Stan

    More like "retarded stuff to do in skyrim"

  • Ó Slattarra

    Not parkour pro, it's free running. :P

  • Cerber

    well then... he's an orc.

  • Max Snodgrass

    That wolf got rekt at 2:58

  • Nirzer

    But [Insert any province of tamriel] is so far away!

  • EpicPie9121

    helgen isn't your hometown :/

  • Gio Canox

    If you hit a child on your head there are 40 gold pieces, if you kill a poor man on your head there are 40 gold pieces... there's something wrong

  • Jedi OMG

    Skyrim gets boring when you've completed all the missions but this made it fun again

  • Clemical The Creature

    Lol I did the werewolf thing XD except I did this one thing so I had a lot of werewolves with me. So I had a werewolf army killing people in towns x3.

  • Declan Pajtler

    You have serious frame issues

  • Eclipsed Time

    xD at 1:21 the Horkers are walking in beat with the song!

  • captainwhiteshadow

    lol, I like "Hit a child"

  • Lord Jub-Jub

    0:48 no game was ever meant to contain so many walruses.

  • Dylan Olson

    I bet you think that's your home town, because in the intro the dude Said "atleast you'll die in your homeland" if your a nord. If you knew anything about the elder scrolls, you'd know nords are primarily from the father land of skyrim. Dick

  • 1lapmagic

    25. Record a video at 12 FPS

  • RaceCake

    Hey, here is a really fun thing to do in skyrim:PLAY THE GAME.PS: You have such a good FPS, congrats ._.

  • James Random

    You should do one of these videos on the skyrim remaster.

  • Doctor Letra's Let's plays and other shit

    Deal with larger pest issues..............

  • Liam Sullivan


  • Fred

    u find hitting children in a virtual world fun?

  • Cesiah

    Hit a child and take the gold back oh fuck u

  • joey writer

    Nothing like a good decapitation in the morning.I'm not talking to myself, your talking to yourself.

  • Audrey Arocha

    1:06 Well legends say dragons reach IS supposed to hold a dragon in it

  • Ryan Pallot

    Number 25 send nazeem to the cloud district

  • StatMax

    Steps of fun in the world of elder scrolls, 1 make a kajit character go to elswer and be a house cat...that freaking fus ro dahs a ton. That commits assassinations.

  • Tony Ahonen

    Guys! If you look closely at number 13 you see that it isnt skyrim:D

  • Jovial Giblets

    If you need a list of things to do in Skyrim then Skyrim is not a game you should be playing.

  • Σcκz

    You should rename this to "24 things people already do in skyrim"

  • ColeYote

    But Elsweyr is the second farthest province from Skyrim...

  • 19smooshes

    the only video on this channel, he could of gotten 100,000 subscribers by entertaining his knowledge of youtube!

  • Neko Thika

    What this shit video ? Some time wasted ....

  • Josuto Rudupra

    U take the coin and the bucket? :P

  • marcus porter

    The becoming a dragon had to have been a mod.

  • full otaku

    god I hate the minecraft bit

  • charlie ward

    guess i have done everything fun in skyrim then

  • Schoolgirl509

    The way the guy shouts is so funny omg


    Argonians is the best!!!

  • DamoTheGecko Buggy

    2 Questions. 1 How do you be a dragon and 2 is how do you be a werewolf

  • Flor

    2. Actually be a dragon... HOW CA YOU DO THAT?????

  • Kellen Westbrooks

    Dovakiins hometown isn't helgen

  • Phoenix Da Savage

    i have one that is sooooo funny see go to white run wait until the jarls stands then fus ro dah him into his throne

  • Joe Davis

    Helgen isn't dragonborns home town.

  • max musslmann

    Wow, i forgot how shitty skyrim without my mods looked :D

  • Jwheeh Hehehehe

    25. Quit making such shitty videos

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